Battlestar Triton

Basic Information

The Triton was a Valkyrie-Class Battlestar with a crew compliment at roughly 3,200 personnel. It belonged to Battlestar Group 39, carried the designation of BST-39, and was outfitted with the normal compliment of Vipers and Raptors. One of the Viper squadrons on board was the Black Widows (VFA-421). A recent Commander was known as a man who wasn't very tolerant of insubordinate officers.

  • Commander James Jonasson, Triton CO


The Triton spent alternating cruises exploring the edge of known space and the surrounding area. Its off-cruises were spent conducting patrols across the normal shipping lanes of the Colonies and performing SAR operations against stranded or damaged civilian vessels.

Notable Events

  • Numerous rescue operations conducted throughout its service life.

Character Ties

  • Major Danika "Torch" Vendas: The Triton was Vendas' first cruise nearly fifteen years ago. Oddly, it was also the Triton's first cruise as well.
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