Battlestar Orion

Basic Information

The Orion was a Mercury-Class Battlestar commissioned just a few years ago, one of the newest, most sophisticated of the Battlestars. Heavily and well armored, this is one of the larger Battlestars, able to operate with a smaller crew even despite its size. Specs: Crew Complement: 2000 Enlisted, 500 Officers. Air Wing: 180 Vipers, 60 Raptors.

  • CO: Read Admiral Philip Yuuri
  • CAG: Captain Stephanie "Shaker" Baker.
  • Marine CO: Captain Gregory Maxwell.


Deployed mostly along Colonial shipping lanes, the Orion was known as a bit of a party ship, an easy duty to pull (unless you're in the wing or the marines.) The branches there traditionally had a little friction between them, due in large part to the one upmanship common in their wing v marines. Both the CAG and Marine CO had a rep for being rough on their squads, with a few folks throwing around the word tyrant. The primary objective of this hulking Battlestar was to be a silent hulk, guarding the commercial and military vessels moving between colonies. It docked in a lot of different places, and its crew is probably one of the most well traveled between the Colonies of all the major vessels.

Notable Events

  • TBA.

Character Ties

  • Lieutenant JG Jupiter "Fingers" Black - served just under 4 years with the Orion's Air Wing. This is where she earned her callsign, and a rep among the pilots for being a little reckless with her personal life. Something in her second year changed, and she also developed a rep for being a hardass around marines. Her transfer off of the ship was sudden and a surprise. Most of the Orion's crew still have no idea where the hell she was shipped off to, or why.
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