Battlestar Constellation

Basic Information

The Constellation was a Mercury-Class Battlestar commissioned eight years after the end of the First Cylon War. It had a crew compliment of approximately 3,100 and carried the standard three squadrons of Vipers and one single Raptor squadron. One of these squadrons was the Jolly Rogers (VFA-103). The CAG was known as a young and hard-nosed type who tolerated very low amounts of bullshit in his group. He drove his pilots hard both personally and professionally.

  • Captain Elias "Hole" Key, CAG


This ship saw few patrols around the Armistice Line and mainly stuck to anti-smuggling operations and enforcement between the Colonies. It was an uncommon sight on DRADIS displays and spent much of its cruises far outside the normal shipping lanes.

Notable Events

  • Known for the capturing of Menia Wallace, a suspected drug kingpin, during a large transaction of illegal narcotics.
  • Marines and Raptor squadron participated in the freeing of hostages taken by pirates on a civilian freighter. Operation considered 'Classified' and never made public.

Character Ties

  • Major Danika "Torch" Vendas: Served five years aboard the Constellation with VFA-103 just prior to transferring to Cafferty Air Base on Aerilon. Set-up an advanced gunnery training program on board that the CAG eventually made mandatory.
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