Battlestar Atlantia

Basic Information

Battlestar Atlantia was one of the twelve original battlestars commissioned during the First Cylon War, representing the colony of Picon. She had a crew complement of approximately 3,200 and was unique among her peers in that she carried not one but two Raptor squadrons.

  • Commander Virginia Mattis, CO
  • Colonel Arthur Ballard, XO

Notable Squadrons Aboard

  • Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron Three Nine (VAQ-39: Night Owls) - Captain Mira Pent, CO
  • Early Warning Squadron One Four Three (VAW-143: Hawkeyes) - Captain Nolan Laramie, CO


After the Armistice was signed, Atlantia found herself putting out fires across the Twelve Colonies. Her Raptors found themselves in particular demand, developing a reputation for excellence in search-and-rescue operations in harsh environmental conditions.

Notable Events

  • None yet.

Character Ties

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