Summary: Ajax manages to break Sam and Castor in the Bathroom.
Date: PH 36 (May 25th, 2009)
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Well that is good, less to worry about. Still the Padre comes out with a slight flush, from the warm water, he just soaked in as well as the quick bit of awkwardness, mainly as he was unprepared. Thank the gods he was not caterwhauling about. There's a look back to Samantha as Ajax pulls on his Boxers first, before the towel is tossed back to the bench. Already bending over for his pants and belt.

"Seems like someone had a fun night." intoned, as he has noticed how you are actin. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Samantha laughs a moment, finally pulling out her tooth brush and heading over towards the sink so she can begin going at her teeth…"Yeah… Martin treats me well." She admits with that flush of enjoyment still in her cheeks. She then falls quiet as she begins the nightly ritual of brushing teeth, washing face. She might have thought on a shower, still just being in her towel, but she's not getting there yet.

From the thick misty vapor that only a hot shower can bring Castor suddenly appears. He gets ready CAP, ah yes, Vampire shift, he takes a moment to towel off in the mist and then wrapping the towel around himself he moves and quickly changes into his duty uniform, he isn't on duty yet but he is getting ready, the man is fast, other than a flash of nice abs it is hard to tell if the man was even naked. He seems to be lost in thought about something as he isn't aware of what is going on around him.

"Well good." says Ajax, as he continues getting dressed after his shower, one hand smoothing through his short hair, feeling the damp, which he cannot get enough of. Yeah, a son of Poseidon through and through. "Just be careful." Eye up as he watches Samantha in the mirror before he is pulling out his tanks, setting them to rights. "You know," said softly "You remind me of a special lady I used to know. A damned fine Priestess." a chuckle "I find that Ironic, given the fact you're the one who avoids me the most..If I have you pegged for the right pilot." See if you're stuck in the head with the Padre he is going to talk to you.

Samantha's happy, post-coital glow pauses just a moment at the comment about the Priestess… She says nothing, but she spits out toothpaste hard into the sink. Toothpaste. How long will THAT even last? Not a necessity… but s piece of sanity. She rinses out her mouth quietly, some tension now running along her body. She nods towards Castor as he comes in, "Tinman…" she echoes in his direction before looking back to Ajax calmly. "Yeah, well…lots of look alikes in the world…yanno."

Castor snaps out of his thoughts as he hears a voice he visibly winces, and lets of a small "Godsfrakkingdamn it!" The PRIEST, the last person Leda wanted to see especially after being told he needed to go yell at the Lords, it irony of it all is how is that Leda is the one trying to smooth things over and make people feel better something Ajax does professionally. He does however try to be polite as he looks over at Samantha, "Eltee," He says noting the glow, "We need to get you bunny stickers for your helmet, sir." He says jokingly. "What kind of pilot do you have me pegged for?" He asks flatly but politely.

"She had a beautiful gift. The gods gave her sight. Not just sight, but sight of the divine. Best Oracle I ever met. My first year of Seminary." said as he trails on. One tank is pulled on before Ajax is looking to Castor. A bit of silence before he nods "Evenin' Lieutenant." said before he is walking over to the sinks with his dob kit in hand, that and his eye patch. "Her name was..Passi. That I remember vividly." a chuckle as he is looking to mirrior as his hand reaches in his left eye for a smooth piece of white marble. "She was the one who told me I should continue in my calling. Made a damned fine impression on me she did." a shake of his head and he simply plops out his fake eye and secures the eyepatch after cleaning the dead socket. "You remind me of her."

Samantha gives a half smile towards Castor at the bunny comment, shaking her head…"Gotta live while you're alive." And then Ajax continues to speak. Toothbrush finished, it actually drops from her hands. Fortunately, she's secured her towel tightly or that would drop too. The gods, if they are alive, have a horrible sense of humor. Any of the post-coital flush left in her cheeks utterly drains as she looks at the man, her expression suddenly hardening. "… well then, I'm sorry she damned you to… a life praying to nothing… sounds like a bitch to me. Manipulating people for the will of some made up fairy tales. Dead now, I'm certain. Look where the gods got her. Good thing I never knew her… " Is it a sin to lie to a priest? Either way, she stalks over to the shower now, opening one of the stalls and slamming it shut, her head and legs still visible.

Castor is glad that Ajax seems to be talking to Samantha rather than the pilot who is attempting to get ready for duty. He walks over to the sinks and he begins to shave though he does look over at Samantha as she mentions the big about the gods and he gives her a nod of approval. He then winces as he is now left covered in shaving cream and his backup just hit the head, okay, act natural and the scary Priest will go away. He starts shaving on the right side of his face.

Ajax chuckles at that small exchange between the two pilots, before he is reaching to put a small application of toothpaste to his toothbrush. A slight chuckle there after a moment as he finds himself looking to Castor in the mirror for a moment. Still there is no tears no look of shock from the Padre as he continues to brush his teeth before he is looking in the mirror, one hand moving to tug at a grey hair found. "Its pretty easy to do that eh?" called back to Samantha. There is no hiding whom he is talking to. A rinse and a spit before he is brushing again. "Easy for you to run like that from something biiger, and easy for you to pin so much anger on something bigger. Fact remains we all know there is something bigger there. And you know what its damned easy to be angry at them." a kiss of his teeth Clean and good. "But what is not easy. Is trying to follow them despite what hardships we come into. Trust me, I yell at the gods too and ponder their existence sometimes..but Its too easy for me to find hostility there…too easy to lie to myself." A sniff, for a moment "I might need a shave."

Samantha turns the water on, trying to drown out his words, but damned if the man isn't used to speaking in front of crowds. His voice projects. She's silent, listening… trapped by water and soap, or otherwise she'd probably be darting from the room. There is a moment which sounds like she's shoved her fist into the metal wall, but it's mostly drowned by water and the sound of others in the room. Finally, she snaps from inside the shower. "…Padre…I suggest you mind your own. Gods. Be. Damned. Business." And she continues angrily washing her hair. A look is shot over the shower stall door towards Castor… a brief glance of desperation. Help her out of this, her eyes say.

If Ajax is looking at Castor in the mirror he will see the visual snap, the puppy dog has suddenly snapped, though when Castor gets angry he doesn't shout or scream, he goes quiet and icy calm, in fact if Castor has a soul it must have just taken a vacation given the look on his face, "You forget Padre, priests are liars, the lot of them. You pray to your fluffy Lords and you tell people things will be okay. You Priests make promises that your can't keep. I remember when my parents died, it was all, everything will be okay and then it wasn't my brother and I lived on the streets for years fending for each other, where were the Lords then where were the Priests? They were pontificating while they picked at their bellies talking to gods that if real most likely don't give a flying frak." His eyes don't break contact, they are however just as unnerving as his cold tone. "So, don't come bringing me your religiousity and your self-righteousness and I won't find an excuse to bust your ass to the brig." The last bit carries a certain Aquarian word order and accent to it, country sounding tones are clearly heard.

"Lieutenant, believe it or not, but you and everyone on this ship is my business. I care for every single soul on this ship, whether they want me to or not." And the padre is looking straight in the mirror now. "I can handle hate thrown at me for my job- that's fine. That is something someone gets used to, when they have to bury shipmates. I am ok with being a Harbinger of Death everytime I come into the sickbay, and I am ok you being angry at the gods for your own reasons. We all have our walls and our bridges.." intones Ajax calmly and clearly in the Head. "But, I won't stand you talking ill about the only woman who helped me in one of my darker times, when I had no eye and thought I could only see bleakness in the future. I will not stand here like a frakking fool for you to belittle a woman who gave her entire life, only to have it ended out. She died in her sleep before th' last sermon she was to give. Alone in her cell at the Gemenon University. I was to give the benediction that day. And now her work frakking forgotten, by everyone, even her family gods rest their souls."

Quiet again before he is looking over towards Castor "As I said, son." no malice in his voice. "You can hate my calling- an hate the gods. Its easier than forgiveness or seeing fault where it lies. And in that instant, it does not lie in the Lords, or you, but in the fraility of man. We're broken things, and its the lords that try their damnedest to help us. But sometimes, things happen we cannot control, or forsee. Horrible frakking things." quiet again

"Life is not easy, and we lose things and each other. So its easier to hate..I cannot help that no one came for you or your brother, an that is a frakkin shame. But I also know, that you survived, and given your circumstances it is something." A pause as he turns on the water to wash toothpaste from his mouth, but the emotion is held back, coiled there, easy to see. "The gods favor you for some reason Lieutenant, and that is where the cruel mystery lies. Why any of your family had to die to get you here." A breath "As for the brig. You are welcome to try it son. If it gives you something to focus your hate on so your soul can heal, then frakking do it."

Samantha says nothing. She says utterly nothing. But when the news about her grandmother comes… whether she's willing to fess up to the relationship or not… there is a sound of cracking from within the shower. What she's broken, be it the lock on the shower stall, her shampoo bottle, or her fist…isn't really clear. The water continues to flow, Sam's back to the room, her dirty blonde hair looking almost brunette now beneath the suds of water. This is definitely not a regulation length shower but how in the world could she leave. So exposed, both physically AND emotionally now. She says nothing… staring at the wall, letting the water run down her hair and back….

The Aquarian's anger is still there and he is cold, the Priest may have hit something with the broken things, though he'll never know, the funny thing is the contradiction of it all, Castor has said something similar to other people on the ship. However when Ajax says the gods favor you, Ajax hits a nerve, he manages to get something out of Leda that no one else has, the full truth. "The gods favor me, yeah, that is what the oracle said when Pollux and I were born. One of us would be great and a hero of some kind and one of us would die and I'm here to tell you, Pollux was a great man and I was the frak up, took me an extra year to graduate from college and then when I got into flight school I watched how he taught nuggets how to fly. Pollux was going to go places and he was going to be a real hero. Pollux who helped me survive on the streets and who kept me sane. Pollux who never gave up hope and who never gave up on others. Pollux who was going to ship out to the Atlantica. Pollux who died in a landing accident and what did the Priests do. They told me that everything would be okay. They pointed to what the oracle said. They talked about how lucky I was. I live every second of every minute of every hour of every day trying to live up to the man he was supposed to be because Pollux was a good man and because the wrong brother died. So if the Lords favor me they have a funny way of showing it." He takes a breath though he hasn't moved not one muscle, nothing, the Tinman apparently is present.

The Chaplain is silent for a moment. Listening as he hears the breaking sound and he turns-looking back to the showers. A step and he is moving that way, And stopping just short of where she is showering and moves to sit on the bench. Eyes looking to the curtain, hard before he is speaking up softly. " I wish. I wish her grand daughter could have been there. Loved her dearly and spoke well of her. She said one thing, that I never would have believe if I have not seen it with my own eye.." silence "She told me of a dream she had, always brought it to me when she talked over her grand daughter. Told me the destruction of life as we knew it- and that he own flesh and blood was wrapped in it. Nothing but hate, anger, an bloodshed." quiet. "No girl should grow up like that..She joined the military-probably blown to frak by now, but she wished she would know love. Philos, Agape..All" And he turns his head to Castor

His ship has so many holes and he only so many fingers he can use to plug the holes. One day th' dam will break-he knows it. He's seen it in his own sleep, but its always brushed off. Nerves, fears. Nothing more. "Lieutenant..I am sorry that you think that and do not see what worth you have." a pause "Heros an great men are not always born, but they are made through what their life shapes them. I doubt the wrong brother died, for each man and woman must go at their time, when it will be..and the ways of the gods are not always clear or understandable…But they have a purpose, and we would not be here in this room now, if we all did not have that.."

Samantha has calmed, just a bit, though listening to Castor's story is rough… it at least means she's not thinking back. She finally turns the shower off, this time with her left hand, the fingers of her right hand rather numb from two loud slams into the metal of the shower stall. She grabs her towel, carefully wrapping it around her goosebump ridden body, having let the shower run cold at the end there. Picking up her discarded underthings and delicately balling them into her hand, she ducks out of the shower, moving for the door…for the escape.

Castor notes the breaking sound and the long shower and his eyes drift slowly over to the showers and then to Ajax he is loyal to the air wing and that is what causes the Tinman to suddenly disappear as signs of life come back to his face, "I'd reckon you are aiming below bellow the belt which isn't going to help you right now. Padre, if I were you I'd best choose my next words carefully." His tone gives a slight bit of offering to Ajax, "On Aquaria we have a saying, 'Right now your moving in deep waters.' Which means, you are moving in a dangerous direction. Now, I'm not going to blow up and hit you. As frakked up as it is maybe the Oracle is right because Pollux wouldn't do it and neither would I." He offers in Sam's direction, "However, Case, well, she might and I'd rather not have to drag my naked eltee off of you, hell, if Jupiter or Mooner were here they'd probably help."

Ajax won't stop Samantha from running. "You can't run from whatever is hurting you forever Lieutenant, because one day when you're not ready it'll catch you least expect it, and it'll do more harm to you than it ever could." and the Chaplain rises smoothly before he is looking to Castor

"And you hold so much anger at yourself, that one day it'll eat you up and you'll die young. Your brother wouldn't want that, and neither would I. Mourn, lament and rail, You and the gods have to have a come too meeting, son. Because you'll die soon if you keep that rage in you." Matter of fact before he is chuckling to your next words. "Lieutnant. I am dedicated to Poseidon. No deep water makes me fear. Th'god made me for Hurricanes, lad." the Areleon accent never fading. "I was made to drown." and if laying into him would break that cycle of rage in you, then slug away. He won't call the MP.

Castor moves to finish shaving he looks over at Sam and notes that he will have talk to her later about all of this and in a normal situation he wouldn't let it go, but this isn't the time or the place. So, he will let Sam have her moment though the lack of a smartass remark bothers him because it creates a bigger sense of gravity making all this even heavier for the pilot, if Ajax broke Sam there will be hell to pay. He then looks to the Priest and says, "Yeah, you're moving in deep waters." His tone isn't unfriendly but it is more matter fact. If nothing else the pilot has explained himself to Ajax and so the awkwardness is gone. He looks over at Sam, "Eltee, you think you can help me out? I've got a question about the duty rotation." His tones to the woman seem to indicate, 'you wanna get out of here'

Ajax washes his brush in the sink before he is looking back up. Sometimes to become better, you have to break and burn only to rise stronger and fiery from the ashes. There is alook over to Castor. "There is no moving, Lieutenant. I live there." and with that he snatches up his dob kit and goes back for his towel. A look as he passes Leda in the mirror. "Gods keep you, Lieutenant. I pray for you..I pray for all of you." and he turns leaving the head soon after.

Samantha shakes her head towards Castor. "I… am just going to bed." She states flatly, not saying good night to either of them, just trying to escape while still clothed and with some part of her dignity in tact. She double times it down the hall back towards the berthings…

Leda is broken allright, he then takes a moment to put his hand against the wall on both sides of the bathroom mirror and he lowers his head briefly before he turns his attention over to the pilot that is or was Case. He has to become the puppy dog again, he has to put on the Pollux face, and he has to get to CAP. "Rest well, Case." Leda then waits till the room is clear before he looks down at the sink, hands pressed against the wall, has just been rattled a bit and he says softly as if to reassure himself, "You're name is Lt. Jr. Grade Castor Leda, you were born on Aquaria, you are a voice of hope and you are working to be what your brother wanted you to be."

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