Breaking Down
Breaking Down
Summary: Emotions finally overwhelm Katherine, making it necessary for Marissa to comfort her.
Date: PHD 178(10-14-09)
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Black Berthings

It's quiet in the Black barracks. Most of the Raptor crew are either on duty or asleep, perfect for someone to peek in to check on them or to move in.
Mimi's doing the latter. She's just a bit underdressed for the job, clad in a bright pink sports bra and matching athletic briefs, her hair braid-bunned out of her way. Most of her stuff is stowed away, and only her carrybag itself is outside its compartment. Standing half-stooped on the ladder of her bed, leaning across it, she's taking care of that now.

Kitty arrives, putting in what has become a rare appearance in the berthings as she hasn't slept in her bunk in several days, having come and go when no one has been here to gather clothing and such as needed and having found another place to sleep when the need arises. It's is the need for a fresh uniform that brings her here but she pauses, looking up as she sees Marissa, a slight frown drawing her mouth down and putting a faint crease along her brow. "Hi," she murmurs in as much as she's able to, mustering some kind of enthusiasm when doing so, "How are you?" Her locker's open and she begins to rifle through it, using one hand to do so while the other is used to unbutton her uniform's tunic.

Mimi glances down and smiles at the sight of her friend. "Kits, how are you?" she asks, keeping her voice down, her smile faltering at the tone of her friend's voice and the sight of her face. Still, she lets the question stand. "Need help?" Not just in the sense of helping her find things and dress, possibly…

"No, I'm fine, Marissa, thanks." Kitty pulls off her tunic once the buttons are fully undone, exposing the under-tank she wears under it. She puts the clean top upon her bunk and then a clean pair of pants is pulled out and set aside, placed atop the other garment. "So how have you been? Getting along alright, I do hope?”

Mimi climbs down, her bare feet making little noise on the ladder rungs. "You're sure? You look kind of down. And I know they're strict about how the bunks are made, but yours has a little dust on it. I don't think it's been used for a few days." The expression she turns on Kitty is more than a little concerned. "I'm not asking because I'm looking for gossip, Kits," she adds softly, lifting a hand to her friend's shoulder and squeezing gently.

Kitty sighs and looks at Mimi, the frown she had before deepening. "No, I am not fine. My life has fallen apart and I don't know what do to." Sniffing, she turns her back to get dressed just before the hand finds its way to her shoulder, the gesture accepted although it does cause her to tense slightly. "No, I haven't slept in my bunk in a while," she admits after a bit. "Been sleeping…elsewhere."

"What's been happening? I've been kind of absorbed in my training lately, so I'm a little behind the times," Mimi asks. She frowns at the mention of sleeping elsewhere. "You need your rest, Kits. What drove you out of here?"

Kitty shakes her head as she unbuckles her pants and steps out of them, those tossed carelessly to the side along with the tunic she's wearing. "Panda called Martin out for his having asked him for his permission to date me. There was going to be a fight but I guess it didn't happen but…" Taking a deep breath, Kitty looks at Mimi from over her shoulder. "I…I haven't spoken to Panda since then. I need to…" The subject of her needng sleep is shrugged at. "I sleep. Just not in bed right now."

Mimi's eyes widen. "Oh dear… Panda, you /rockhead/. Sounds like I need to have a talk with him. I mean, how would he feel if I asked permission to date him and /you/ went apefrak on /me/?" she posits, just theoretically. Despite the obvious affection in her tone when she mentions Panda.

There's a shrug given while Kitty reaches out, pants grabbed and put on now, the gray unders she wears quickly covered as a result. "I don't know," she answers tersely. "Probably would find it funny or something. I don't get him." The tunic is pulled on and buttoned up and the pins transferred as she adds dryly, "Are you thinking about dating my brother?"

"Maybe… perhaps if the issue were turned back in him, though…" Mimi blushes tellingly. "I'm sorry, Kits. I'd meant to tell you earlier that we're… close." Not exactly dating, but there's a definite tie there. And where would you take somebody on a date on this rustbucket, anyway? Would it even be a date, really?

Kitty draws herself up and she looks at Marissa, her fingers brushing over the rank insignia that rests at her collar. "You do realize that once your training is complete that you'll be an officer and it'll be against regulations for you two to be a…couple, right?" There's a warning tone to her voice, a notable pitch that is usually only heard when such things are said, a message of 'don't you dare go there' in a way. "I'd hate to see your career and that of my brother ruined because of a moment of…whatever."

Mimi blushes, but a note of irritation enters her eyes and voice. "Kits, 'a moment of whatever' is the last thing I'm after. I know I'm Aquarian, and I know I'm a Southern Islander, but that doesn't mean I'm loose." She doesn't speak about the 'official' issue of officer and enlisted. Perhaps it's entered her mind that it's serious.

Kitty rolls her eyes. "I wasn't implying that you were, frakitall. I just didn't know how to conclude it." Turning back to face Marissa, she looks at the pilot with a raised brow, her expression borderline amused. "Don't do a godsdamn thing to hurt my brother and we'll be just fine. And trust me. I'd be loathed if things were to go south as far as the friendship you and I have. But, like I told Lieutenant Leda yesterday, I have only one rule I expect to be followed…don't frak with my brother."

"Um… that's kind of what he has in mind," Mimi replies, trying not to laugh. "But hurting him is the last thing I want to do. Kits, I take his feelings as seriously as I take yours."

Kitty looks suddenly crestfallen and she begins to cry, her hands comiing up to her face as she bawls, partially out of shame out of how she lashed out at Mimi like she did while the rest of it is because of how hurt she feels. "I'm so scared P-Panda hates m-me…" she wails out, this being the first time she has said anything to anyone about her fear. It shouldn't be a surprise to Marissa that the thought of losing her brother's love would gain such an emotional response from Kitty but why would she possibly be concerned over this is anyone's guess.

Mimi blinks and her eyes widen again. She quickly wraps her arms around Kitty, holding her close. "Lords… Kits, you've been holding a lot in, haven't you?" she asks, drawing her friend to sit down on Kitty's own bunk and sinking down beside her. "Poor Big Sis. Just get it all out, love," she whispers softly, running a hand soothingly over the ECO's red hair.

Kitty sighs tremblingly, her shoulders slouching as she sniffles. "I verbally lit into Panda for s-something…" That best left at that for now, "…and that's when the blowup happened with Martin and I-I'm so sure that D-Dorian has disowned me…" Her shoulders are racked by a sob that clutches her body, the kind that is a near-hiccup, a painful inhale of air that has her hands slipping away from her face to rub at her stomach.

"Kits… if he'd disowned you, why would he be so quick to defend you?" Mimi asks softly, kissing her cheek. "'Cuz I'm sure that's what he thinks he's doing."

"I don't know," Katherine eventually admits. "I mean…I think it happened…maybe happened…afterwards. I don't…" Biting her lower lip, she looks at Mimi after the kiss and she whispers to keep her next words safely between just the two of them despite how the berthings is empty otherwise, "I'd kill myself if I were to ever lose him."

Kitty simply nods at first, the words eluding her for now. It takes a while before she can manage a mumbled, "Thanks," before she stands up, returning Mimi's hug as much as she's able to before she slips out of her embrace. "It'll work out, I guess," she concludes lamely before she gathers the dirty uniform, it set on the table instead of the floor. "Either Panda and I will patch things up or I totally misread this and every thing's fine or…I'll become an only child at the age of twenty-five."

Mimi is more than glad to hold that hug 'til Kitty won't hold it anymore. "It'll work out. And I'll speak to Panda if I get the chance. I've been busy lately, so I don't know when that'll be. But I'll make time for the big lug," she adds fondly. "I'd hate to see you an only child, after all. You have such a lovely glow as a sister."

A hand is raised and quickly waved, Mimi's suggestion causing Ktty to do so. "No…please…I mean…" Turned all around in her head, she sighs and gives up. She's not going to tell Mimi no as it's really her place not to do so. "Uh, I mean…okay."

Mimi giggles. "I won't say you put me up to it, Kits. You didn't. I'll make sure he understands that, too. But I'll make damned sure he knows I'm concerned for you both." She gives Kitty a quick little hug. "But for now, naptime. I've got sim work tonight." She clambers up the ladder to her bunk and slips beneath the covers.

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