Summary: Martin finally catches up to Jupiter in the game room.
Date: PH # 8
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Martin had a bit of an issue with Yuuri and Roubani, talking about fear in the Ready Room. Having left the meeting after a few works with some of the other pilots, Martin quickly changes and moves down into the Game Room to blow off some steam. Cigarette in lip and a bottle of soda beside him, he's circling around the billiard's table, looking for a new shot to make.
Samantha was quiet for most of the meeting, leaning, listening, but otherwise just getting to know the other personalities. The best word for the expression on her face now is concerned, and she wasn't looking that way about the Cylons. She steps into the game room, a fresh pack of cigarettes in her hand from whatever stash she and Martin have. She's packing it against her hand in a few swift taps so all the tobacco is tightly inside.

It looks like Willem is a lazy showerer. Or a lazy dryer. His hair's still a little wet and he thankfully does not smell like a spaceborne bison anymore(if anyone wonders why he was sitting by himself in the Ready Room, this might be a hint). With a battered half-pack of smokes in his hand, he makes his way inside the hatch and ducks into the game room, the closest thing to a slacker paradise this ship could ever house. Apparently he's not alone in his ideas. He looks about and blinks upon studying his fellow pilots, pausing for a bit and then continuing on inside, his forehead wrinkling a little as he continues to eye his surroundings.

The sound of packing cigarettes gets Martin's attention. That look of something gnawing under his skin fades as he sees Samantha and offers her an upwards nod. Cigarette dangling from his lip, he eyes back to the table and leans down to line up his shot, looking to send one of the balls into the corner pocket. To Willem and Samantha, he calls out. "I'm almost done if you guys want a game?"

Samantha smiles a bit to Martin, heading over to his side and resting her fingertips between his shoulder blades for a heartbeat or two. "Hey, handsome." Is her only greeting before she looks to Willem and shrugs, "Sure. Suppose I should get to know my new partner." She then pulls away from Martin, offering her hand in Willem's direction…"I know we both been around here for a bit, but not certain if we done this formally yet. I'm Lieutenant Samantha Passi… Case when we're in the field."

Upon being addressed by Martin, Willem stops in his tracks a moment and shakes the pack just long enough that one of the filter-tips slips on out. He shrugs a bit and brings it to his mouth, propping it between his lips and nods his head a little bit. "I've got to get some stuff together to show to Poet in a bit but I've got a -little- time to kill." He then goes quiet as he lights his cigarette with a beat-up nickel-plated lighter. He turns his head a little bit towards Samantha and strolls a little closer to the two of them, letting out a sigh. "I don't know why that briefing felt three times as long as it actually was." He then comments further to Samantha, grinning sheepishly. "Yeah, I was just going to say, I guess you're stuck with me for the time being. I take pride in avoiding pissing people off though, Lieutenant. Well, Case." He attempts a grin which isn't the easiest thing in this stressful, somber time. "Name's Price. Willem Price. Callsign's 'Rebound,' though."
Willem amends, "Oh. I'm a jig. Just got promoted from Ensign a few months ago before all..this."

"Once a dogfighter, always a dogfighter." Martin muses at Willem's note of not wanting to piss people off. "Dodgy and creative. Sounds about how I pegged you." Martin says, sending the ball towards the corner pocket. After seeing whether or not it goes in, he drags off of his cigarette and moves to ash it. Then, he applies chalk to the cue, moving to line up his second shot, watching them talk.

Samantha pumps Willem's hand a good few times, her grip strong but not forcefully so, just the grip of a woman who's used to working around Marines, strangely, so she puts up a good front when needed. "Well, Rebound, I look forward to saving your ass a whole frakking lot." She winks teasingly to him before her hand falls away and she finally opens her pack of cigarettes, pulling one free with her teeth and waiting to see if anyone has a light.

Samantha pumps Willem's hand a good few times, her grip strong but not forcefully so, just the grip of a woman who's used to working around Marines, strangely, so she puts up a good front when needed. "Well, Rebound, I look forward to saving your ass a whole frakking lot." She winks teasingly to him before her hand falls away and she finally opens her pack of cigarettes, pulling one free with her teeth and waiting to see if anyone has a light.

"Something like that. More like, I pick my battles carefully because I'm too cheap to fork over for ammo." Willem says with a rueful grin and a semi-crappy attempt at a joke/metaphor towards Martin as he makes the shot. He eagerly shakes Samantha's hand with, well, maybe not the toughest of handshakes ever but it's firm enough. He forks over his lighter as his first gesture of goodwill to his new wingman and continues, "I don't plan to be too much of a pain in the ass out there."

"At least not for us, that is." Martin replies, a small cloud of smoke rising from his nose as he looks over his shot. A little cold and cut off, he shoots, probably a little harder than he should have, but nonetheless is finishing up his table. Rising, he looks in their direction. "So…how did you think that meeting went, anyway?"

Samantha accepts the lighter, striking up a flame and letting it lick the end of her cigarette for a few heartbeats before she hands it back. "Bah…that's alright. It's our job to be a pain in each other's asses. Besides… we gotta show up Dash here, who will be brown nosing the Captain's tail the whoooooole time." Sam winks over to Martin, not exactly jealous but she's sure as hell not going to let him off easy for his wing assignment.

"Confidentially?" Willem got 'em, so he smokes 'em. Well, smokes his, in a couple slow drags and tucking his left hand in his pants pocket, leaning against the wall. That's better. "You mean before or after the beefing started?" He rolls his eyes a little bit and then banishes this expression as he accepts the lighter back from Samantha. "Yeah, true enough. Sometimes I have to remember I'm not an Ensign anymore." Smirking, however faintly, he continues on, pointing at Martin. "Ah, that's right. You got the Cap'n. Nice."

Martin grins a little, some of that ice draining from the sides of his face for a moment. He looks to them and rolls his eyes. "Oh yeaahh…lucky me." He rises from the pool table, moving to take another shot. "…now I just gotta find out if he stuck me there because he likes my style or if it's the babysitter seat." Martin smirks, shrugging a little as he goes to line up another shot. He takes it.

Samantha shrugs a moment. "People are scared. Some deal with it sensibly. Some deal with it by pulling out their dicks and waving them around for the world to see." Sam admits flatly, not sounding amused or otherwise, just a wee bit impatient but understanding as well. She takes another long drag of her cigarette, just leaning against the edge of a chair, her legs crossing right over left… "As for assignments… they're probably just trying to get everyone used to working with someone new, really."

"Yeah. That's the thing. We're all kind of…New. More or less. One of the things I reminded myself when I got this assignment." Willem comments as he shifts his weight from one foot to another, still leaning against the wall. "Interesting is an understatement. Anyway you're right, I know how those people are…" He looks back over at Martin. "I'm not being an ass-kisser here, the Captain seems like a decent guy, it should be fine, right?" He considers in a dry tone of voice though, taking another puff and exhaling, sending out a grey spiral of smoke up in the air. "Then again, my last CO was a complete and utter toolbox, bingo personality, bingo leadership, and smelled like rotten moonshine to boot. So I guess I'm easily impressed."

Did someone say moonshine? Jupiter opens, steps through, and bangs the hatch closed. She gives it a half spin, then heads toward the coffee, directly toward the coffee, and she does not stop for pleasantries or anything resembling her usual conversation. A hand hewn mug of some sort of earthy brown stoneware is held in hand, unglazed. It's big enough for two standard cups of coffee. You can bet it's about to be filled up.
"Oh yeah, should be fine as anything actually. I mean…I'm assigned to watch the Captain's ass which means he at least trusts me for something. Maybe it's…well who knows really? Could be anything. Maybe I just drew a short straw." Martin shrugs and leans against the wall, watching the two of them for a moment. He's about to say something when he sees Jupiter. "Hey…Peanut…where you been?" He calls out.

Samantha is about to say more, but then Jupiter comes in and she falls quiet. The slightly stern, cocky, disdainful look about the meeting that was on Sam's face now completely melts away into a gaze of both relief and concern. She just watches Jupiter and Martin for a few heartbeats, not saying anything yet, letting Martin have his piece with the woman first. SHe does lean over to Willem, though, and whispers rather softly. "…Martin's sister, Jupiter. She's…good people. Very good people. Been worried… I ain't seen her around much."
Willem's brow arches and he shrugs, stifling an amused chuckle which almost seems genuine in comparison to the forced humor he's been running with since the attack. "I guess that's how it works, then. We'll figure out the particulars, soon, I'm sure." He gives Samantha a once-nod, and then a second nod in comprehension as he ashes his cigarette and eyes the newly-arrived woman with a tilted head. "Ah."

As she's addressed by an old nickname, Jupiter's posture changes a little. She straightens just a little, and her grip on the mug tightens slightly, then relaxes. She doesn't move for a moment, but then begins to pour the coffee. Her back is all that's visible to most of the room. Her dark curls are slightly damp, probably from a very recent shower. "Around." Her reply is less than informative, but she hasn't been around the berthing much, usually just long enough to sleep, and her presence in CAPs and meetings has been largely silent and only physically present. Just another face in the crowd, as it were.

Martin simply stares at Jupiter. Brain stalling as he decides what's best to do, he gets a sympathetic look on his face and drags off of his cigarette. Looking towards Samantha and Willem, he steps over to them and gives them each an apologetic look to excuse himself. He offers the pool cue to Samantha before he trots over to Jupiter. Placing a hand on her shoulder, he lowers his voice. "Hey…" He brushes his hand down her back comfortingly. "…I've been going crazy worrying about you."

Uh-oh, this looks…well, awkward. At least, Willem looks a bit uncomfortable here for a second, his forehead wrinkling as he stubs out his cigarette in the makeshift ashtray nearby. "That reminds me. Take a raincheck on that game. I have to get something together for that little sit-down with Poet later. If any of you want to join for a little history lesson just hit me up. Bring snacks."

Samantha seems a hint surprised at Willem's withdrawing from the scene, but then she looks between Willem, Martin and Jupiter, and she nods to her new found wingman. "Be well, Rebound…" She murmurs to him, giving his shoulder one last pat before she herself heads over to a far table, scooping up a coffee up and moving to pour coffee somewhere that isn't by the siblings.

The mug filled, Jupes replaces the coffee thingie in the other thingie, and leaves the mug to sit for a moment, the heat seeping into the thick, rough ceramic walls. "You're touching me, Boner." The words are quiet. Good thing she's not a pirate, or those words would just go to a whole different place. Her knuckles, upon a closer look, are a little abused. She's probably been punching the crap out of some poor CMC grunts. So at least some things are consistent. "I'm okay."

"Yeah well sometimes we're siblings, allright?" Martin says, pulling his hand back from her slowly. Taking a deep breath, the nature of their troubled relationship is quite obvious. "J…I just…are you sure? I wanted to talk to you." He says simply, the younger brother in him coming out. "I'm not okay and I just thought we should talk…" About mom and dad being dead…

Samantha considers the door, coffee in one hand and cigarette in the other. As much as she'd like to stay with them both, she can feel something else on the air, and she begins to move towards the exit. This was not her place.

"Momma and Daddy are dead." Jupiter's words are… a little bit harsh. A little rough, and a little abrupt. "What is there to talk about?" All the same, her volume never increases, and the better looking Black (that's Jupiter, kay!) does not make eye contact with the younger Black (that's Martin, yo). She swallows visibly, and reaches for her mug of coffee.

Martin flinches and looks at Jupiter like she's a freight train coming his way. Blinking, his mouth opens as if to say something. Instead he swallows and freezes, not really knowing what to do. "You know what, Jupiter why do you have to be such a frakking bitch? I was looking for you to make sure you were okay." Martin shakes his head, gritting his teeth. "They might not be dead, allright?"

Samantha steps outside, but just around the corner, enough that she can hear if things get loud or violent, but she's at least outside of the room and giving them some semblance of space.

"Everyone's dead, Marty." Jupiter turns to look at him then, her eyes a little glassy. "Mr. Jennings down the block is dead, and so are all of those stupid bunnies. Mrs. Adams and her entire hybrid collection of flowers is incinerated or dying from radiation poisoning. They don't have any training. Daddy probably died in his slippers with the paper, and Momma in a mud mask waiting for Valencia to call because that woman is terminally forgetful and couldn't remember an appointment unless it was stitched into a pair of designer shoes. They're all dead." The mug sloshes a little as she gestures with one hand. "I'm okay. Okay!" The slight tremor in the mug isn't coming from her hands, so don't mention it.

"Damnit Jupter!" Martin barks, having just stubbed out his cigarette as Jupiter finishes her words. An angry look crosses over his face as he reaches out quickly and grabs her by the shoulder, trying to force her against the counter in the game room. "SHUT UP!" He barks, seething and narrowing his eyes at her. "Just shut up, damn you. Don't talk about mom and dad like that. Just don't. Allright?" He hisses angrily, a few cups clatter off of the counter and onto the floor as he stares her down. "You're not okay. You and I are NOT okay!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jupiter:Melee vs Martin:Melee
< Jupiter: Success Martin: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Though Jupiter takes a step back with the force of Martin's shove, she doesn't quite body fully against the counter. Her mug is put down forcefully on the surface with a thud, the heavy ceramic taking the impact with no visible signs of distress. "Wishful thinkin' won't bring them back, just like it didn't get you Jenna's panties in high school." The casual intonation of their parents death being on par with a slutty cheerleader's panties is sure to improve the situation.

Stepping through the hatch, Eddie has a cigarette dangling from her lips and can of soda in her hand. She pauses just inside, paused by the raised voices and punctuating the tension by popping the top of her soda with a loud TSSSST! "So that would be a no on video games then." She says dryly.

Samantha is actually standing outside of the hatch, just around the corner, listening to what is going on inside but not disturbing at all. She's trying to be respectful and not noticably evasdrop. She opens her mouth to try and warn Eddie, but it's too late.

Martin looks over his shoulder to Eddie for a moment, not quite knowing what to do, but his face is angry, exhausted. Lowering his head as he turns it back to Jupiter, he closes his eyes to try to visible control himself. "Jupiter. This is mom and dad we're talking about. I'm…" He pauses, narrowing a pair of slightly misted eyes in Jupiter's direction. "…can we be a family right now?"

The crack of the soda can is followed by a clenching of Jupiter's jaw. Whatever she was about to do or say, that sharp little sound distracted her just enough to change it to, "We're always a family, stupid."

Eddie raises the can in salute to Martin as he turns, then slurps at it in a noisy manner. To Samantha she merely gives a little shrug, then turns to leave. Apparently voyeuring on this tender family moment isn't her gig.

Eddie heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
Eddie has left.

Samantha is actually outside of the room, just on the other side of the hatch. She waves to Eddie as the woman goes.

Martin's eyes widen just a little, the amount of anger in him releasing for a moment. Taking a deep breath, he turns to see Eddie walk out, and then looks back to Jupiter. "Look…I know you're pissed. I'm pissed too. But we've got eachother okay and I know we sling a lot of shit in eachothers' direction, but we've got to stick together allright? You should have talked to me before running off like this. I was afraid you were gonna do something stupid, Peanut."

"It's a ship. Not a lot of running room, Marty." Jupiter shakes her head. "You know I don't talk about my feelings. This is just like any other tour, except when I see you I think about home, and when I think about home…" She closes her eyes for a total of three seconds, more of a really long blink. When she opens her eyes, her voice is under control again. "I can't talk about it."

Martin goes silent for at least a minute, not quite anything less than conflicted. He lowers his head a little bit, nodding it a few weak times before he leans foward, wrapping his arms around Jupiter in a hug. "…then don't. I just don't want to risk that being our last way we talked, allright?" Martin says, sniffling loudly, hugging her whether she likes it or not. "I love you, Jupes. Don't shut me out. You're an ugly bitch…" He says with a weak, awkward chuckle. "…you're…my sister."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jupiter:Melee vs Martin:Melee
< Jupiter: Bad Failure Martin: Success
< Net Result: Martin wins.

Professions of love clearly throw off Jupter's mojo, because it takes her several beats to respond to the hug. She smacks him upside the head. "Do that to me in public again, and I'll plaster that picture of you pissing into the back of the mayor's convertable with your pants around your ankles and the bikini top on." As if there's more than one photo of him pissing in the mayor's car.
Samantha coughs out a laugh as she hears that, hopefully it doesn't give her away but she couldn't help it!

<FS3> Jupiter rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Martin rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Martin smirks as he's smaked in the side of the head, pulling away after a few moments, Rubbing at one of his eyes with the palm of his hand, he chuckles loudly. "God that was a good time…" He manages, his eyes going to the corner of their sockets to glance in the direction of the door. He gets a small smile on his face, and looks back to Jupiter. "…you should come stay in the barracks with the Squadron." He says, taking a step back. "…that's what we're there for."

"They're there to keep me from getting killed." Jupiter notes. "Are you still banging that pilot? I will shave her bald if she oversteps my boundaries," Jupes informs her little brother. Maybe she heard. Could be.
Samantha bites her lower lip, mentally cursing. She was -so- overheard.

Martin looks back in the direction where he heard the cough from and nods quietly to Jupiter. "I think she knows to stay out from between us. I think the only people that don't wear MP armbands." Martin replies, a small smile tugging at the side of his lip. Seems he might actually like the girl.

"Oh, gross. When you get her pregnant, I won't be throwing a shower." Jupiter doesn't have a lot to say on that subject. She pulls Martin into a silent hug, wrapping her arms tightly around him. Much more quietly, too quietly to be overheard, she says, "You get in trouble, you call me, little brother."

Samantha winces a bit, finally just lighting up a cigarette. She really doesn't want to think about anything along those lines… so she smokes, taking a sip of her now cold coffee as she settles against the hallway's wall.

"Allright big sister. I will. If it ever gets too frakked up around here you come talk to me allright? I need you." Martin says and returns the hug before pulling away a bit. He doesn't even vocally address the talk of pregnancy. He merely shrugs. "…I'm going to go grab her out of the hallway and go find someplace to relax."

"Don't relax without condoms." Jupiter goes back to preparing her coffee, refilling the bit that sloshed out. Touching family moment over, she concentrates on caffeine.

Samantha winces as Martin admits that and she finally steps around the corner. "Sorry…I was… worried. Wanted to make certain you both got out alive, yanno…" Sam admits, sounding as if she actually feels a touch guilty about it all.

Martin shakes his head and winks at Samantha, looking slightly touched by it. He looks back to Jupiter. "That's not relaxing." He side comments before he steps over to Samantha and nods quietly to her a few times, mouthing the word 'thanks' to her.

"Potato," is all Jupiter says in reply, without turning around. Sip.

Samantha blinks a moment, wondering if she half missed something. "Potato?" She inquires, not trying to blush but her mind is going to dirty thoughts right now which… are rather strange. And involve vegetables. She takes out another cigarette before offering the pack in both Martin and Jupiter's direction…"And, Jupiter…it's good to see you around."

"Potato?" Martin says with a raised eyebrow towards Jupipter, tilting his head a little bit. He does reach out and put his hand on Samantha's hip, reaching up to take the pack with his free hand. Sliding out a cigarette, he hands her the pack back, fishing in his pocket for a lighter.

Jupiter waves them off and brings her mug to her lips. She grunts, but that's about it.

Samantha considers this, about to say something more, but she hesitates, concern still in her eyes for Jupiter but she doesn't really want to cross the line. Finally, all she says is a quiet. "Jupiter, I know you don't know me. Hell, I suspect you rather hate me, but I quite care about your brother and I care about you too… you two are lucky, you have something left… Doesn't mean there aren't others who care about you also." Her voice is flat and honest, no teasing this time.

Jupiter regards Samantha for a long moment. She lowers the mug a little. "I don't know you, so giving you the benefit of the doubt is hard for me. I don't respect women who frak within their squad. It goes bad, you tank the groove for the entire unit. You hurt him, I hurt you. Rank doesn't even enter into it." Cup goes back to her lips.

Martin nods softly a few times and looks down, letting Samantha say his peace. He respects her enough to not try to stop her. Lighting his cigarette, he moves to Sam's side, standing facing her to form a little T of human bodies. He cringes a little bit. "It's cool Jupiter, we talked about it." Martin clarifies, looking to Samantha's face for a sign of reply.

Samantha nods in affirmation to Martin's words, "Yeah. I sure as hell know what you mean, Jup. I… didn't really plan this. Neither did Martin. Hell, it all kinda happened on a bit of a… dare, I guess you might say. I'm not saying it's bad but… Neither Martin nor I went in looking for something in squad, dancing the edge of the frat rules. But… well, here we are. Should we stop things now, of all times, just because of what if?" Sam inquires flatly, earnestly curious of the woman's opinion./

"Never should have gotten started. You both know that." Jupiter shakes her head slightly, taking another sip of her coffee. She swallows, then lowers the mug just a bit. "We're not friends. Don't get familiar with me just because you're frakkin' my little brother, and I wont bust your balls every time I turn around to catch you spying on a private conversation. You're gonna leave the room, leave."

Whispering to Samantha, Martin nods to Jupiter and turns to leave. "Allright Peanut, I'll see you around allright? Don't go hiding anymore. I may need big sister advice at some point." He says, turning to leave, motioning for Samantha to follow him.

Samantha parts her lips to say something else, but she falls quiet then and finally just waves to the woman. "Be safe, Jupiter." And with that, she slips her arm through Martin's, heading into the hallway with him and taking deep, quiet breaths of her cigarette.

"Good hunting," is Jupiter's reply. The words are much more casual than the last. She likes her boundaries, does J. Black.

Looking to Samantha, Martin flattens his lips just a little bit, but gives her a light shrug, as if to say 'ehh'. A bit of the weight is from his shoulders now as he leaves through the door, leaving Jupiter alone in the Game Room.

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