PO 2nd Class Blake Donovan
Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper as Blake S. Donovan
Name: Blake S. Donovan
Alias: None
Age: 31
Hair & Eyes: Dirty Blond hair & Blue eyes
Faction: Deck - Aircraft Tech
Position: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Colony: Aquaria
Play Times: Varied
Timezone: Central

Biographical Info



Blake Donovan had a pretty normal childhood, growing up with scraped knees, kissing little girls on the playground, and sibling rivalry. He got older, and the tricks only evolved to broken bones, making out with Pyramid cheerleaders beneath the bleachers, and being in constant competition with his older brother, Justin. He learned a lot of things growing up with a hands-on father, like how to take a punch, how to fix an old broken down clunker in the garage, and the key points of camping. His father, Henry, worked two shifts at the local factory, but always made time for his sons. His mother, Cythia, was able to stay home with the kids when they were babies, and took part-time work at a bank when they entered school.

Education & Pre-Military History

Blake really didn't have much going for him besides the fact he was good with women and good with his hands in high school. (Not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily related. Although. Maybe at make-out point.) He was an average student, and only by the grace of scholarships for those majoring in becoming teachers, was he sent to college. Community, at that. He scraped by in his classes, and finally got his degree, immediately turning around and getting the position of shop and automotive teacher at his old high school. He'd never get nominated for Teacher of the Year award, but his students seemed to like him alright.


Blake didn't enlist until he was 26, bypassing an opportunity for officer's training school despite having a four year degree to work with his hands fixing aircraft for the Navy, relying on his strong mechanical background. He started out in a garage on Caprica, and was eventually stationed on the Kharon following a promotion to Petty Oh 2.


  • Used to be a school teacher.
  • Rumored to be commitment phobic.
  • Likes to compete. Over just about anything.


  • Knows how to set up a mean still.
  • Can make a metal napkin holder or a wooden paper towel dispenser practically with his eyes closed.
  • Knows how to pitch a tent, clean a fish, and cook a decent meal.
  • Working with his hands


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