Beginnings of Recovery
Beginnings of Recovery
Summary: Fenris gets ready to be released into light duty with some clothes provided by Yuuri
Date: PHD03 (April 20)
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The recovery room is alive with noises from all kinds of medical machines. Propped up against the medical bunk of Fenris, is Yuuri - wearing his offduties. He's still snoozing quietly, knees bent and his head resting against his arms.

Having gotten waylaid the night before, Mac had never gotten the chance to stop back in to check on Fenris. Finally managing to clear some time in his schedual, he heads into the recovery ward, a small brown paper bag clutched in one hand. He's not at all surprised to see Yuuri sleeping at the side of the Lieutenants bed, in fact he'd pretty much expected it. Reamaining as quiet as possible so as not to disturb those sleeping, he steps near to her bunk to see if she's awake or not.

The hostess, meanwhile, is staring at the ceiling again, considering all that's transpired, all that's been inferred, and what she suspects. Her array of Yuurigami Vipers as split into tandem formations on her belly, apparantly her thoughts took her away from maneuvers. The peripheral movement gets her attention, her eyes flicking that way before her head lifts from the pillow, "Good aftermoon, Prophet."

Normally Yuuri is a light sleeper and would hear anyone coming in, but today is different. The dark rings around his eyes are heavier, and his breathing a little ragged. Trails of sweat glisten against his face.

Cygnus keeps his voice pitched low so as not to wake Yuuri who looks to Mac's eyes as if he needs the rest, though his tone is warm and full of concern, "Hey, how are you feeling today? They going to let you loose on the rest of us sometime soon?" A smile tugs at his lips, "Should be be starting to be afraid?"

"Yes. I should be getting released sometime this afternoon, I believe." Fen replies softly, "Pending Seemoe's approval." She sits up to a point, propping herself up on her hands with a glance down at her slumbering Wingman, "Anyone made of woodpulp or grabbing a stick in the simulator should be. I'll be on light duty and restricted sims for two more weeks."

Well if it isn't the voices it is Fenris' movement that causes Yuuri to stir from slumber. His head slings back against the mattress of the bunk and his eyes flutter open, noticing Mac. With mouth slightly ajar in a partial yawn, Yuuri turns to Fen, "Hey Mud, sleep well." His voice is like sandpaper and those heavy bags could remind anyone of a raccoon on Scorpia.

"I'll take note of that and plan my sim time accordingly." Cygnus chuckles a bit. "I'm glad you're getting released though. It's never fun being stuck down here." He's more than grateful to see that Fenris' condition has improved since the last time he's visited.

"Yes." Fen returns to her wingman, "You could use more." But, since he's up, she carefully moves her little Vipers off to the side and, fiddling with the leads of the monitors and such, she manages to sit up, swinging her legs down. She looks to Cyggy, properly situated, then, "There aren't many ways to be useful down here." she admits.

"Never fun?" Yuuri's brow arches toward Cygnus, "Bro if you saw what happened lastnight, you would definately know how much fun Mud was having.." Yuuri starts to chuckle, "If she could find it humorous. My wingman is a like this stone-cold sheet of ice waiting to kill the next enemy that crosses her path." He looks at Fenris and climbs to his feet only to settle next to her on the bunk, "You want me to run to your locker for some offduties?"

"Yeah, yeah," Mac replies with a smirk as he teases Fenris, "I see what this is, you just wanted some R&R while the rest of us poor stooges have to work our tails off." Now that Yuuri's awake, Cygnus hands him the paper bag, "I figured your ass had grafted itself to that chair by now, so I brought you some stuff," He shrugs out. Inside are a half dozen apples and a brand new pack of fumarella cigarettes he's somehow managed to beg, borrow, barter for or steal. A grin creases across his features as he brings his friend up to date, "The wall of ice? Nothing new there, bro." He points a finger at Fenris, "Mud's been like that as long as I've known her."

"We served on Solaria together." Fenris clarifies, "Pay attention if he tells you something before a mission." she says looking back to Yuuri. She looks at her gown, then nods, "Real clothes would be good, thank you." Her attention is drawn to tbe bag for a moment, then up to Prophet's face, "You've been busy."

"Thanks." Yuuri offers with a smile towards Cygnus as he opens the bag, "Oh food and cigs." He digs a hand within the bag and pulls out two apples. He shines both of them on Fenris' shoulder before handing her one. "Like skimpy stuff I saw in Jupiter's locker, or your sweats?"

Cygnus laughs at that, "Do I get a vote?" At this point he even goes so far as to bat his eyelashes in mock innocence, "Because survey says… skimpy! Sweats are so last year." On a more serious note he replies, "I have been busy, though not in ways I want to be. I'm really sorry I didn't make it back last night, Mud. Chaplain's department has been pretty busy since the other day."

"I trust you." she returns, looking sidelong at Yuuri as he uses her on the apples, then accepting one the the fruits of their labor. There is a quiet moment and she looks to Cyg at his response, "I understand. A lot of souls traveled the Styx that night, it's to be expected." She looks up, then, "We'll speak later."

[Intercom] Sheridan says, "Lieutenant Cygnus to the Ward Room. Lieutenant Cygnus, please report to the Ward Room."

Cygnus reaches over to give Fenris a gentle pat on the arm then nods to Yuuri, "Apparently there's no rest for the wicked today, I'll come back and check on you when I can," He tells them both as he heads quickly for the hatch.

Yuuri sinks his teeth into the apple still waiting for a solid response on the articles of clothing. "Looks like his job got a bit more livelier than he anticipated a few days ago. Hell we got smashed off Brosia in the game room with this strange tech."

"Strange tech?" Fenris wonders before taking a bite of the apple with all of the appreciation of a machine. Munch-munch-munch. "He was a good stick. Lords willing, he will be again." Chomp.

"Better than me?" Yuuri quirks a brown brow at Fenris, questioning her.

"Time will tell. He was in a different wing, but I never overheard anyone speak badly of his flying." Fen takes another bite, chews, swallows, then, "Though it's been two years since I was aboard Solaria. Things have happened to him, since."

"Alright, well I want to be here when you try walking." Yuuri states flatly, "I'll go grab you some sweats." He reaches behind Fenris and pads her back gently, "From the recovery ward to the sims. I can already tell we are gunna be Aces when you get flight status back." Lips offering a smile as he stands up, nearly cracking his head on the ceiling of the bunk, "So you think I atleast got scanned by the Doctor lastnight?"

"Your transponder registered, I'm relatively sure." Fenris jargons as he rises, "If I'm not fluffing paper in the meantime, yes." The apple rises to her mouth and she pauses, looking up at him, "Thank you."

Yuuri nods and heads towards the hatch, "Be back in five..By the way, that conversation we had earlier." He pauses at the hatchway, not looking back, "You mentioned rare cases, have you cared about anyone before? Or atleast been in a relationship?" Typhys doesn't wait for an answer, maybe he doesn't want to know or perhaps he's giving her time? Regardless, Yuuri slips through the hatch and disappears.

A while later, Fen has since finished her apple, holding the core between her thumb and index finger for lack of receptacle in reach. Her other hand is still of limited mobility from the sensors attached to it, but enough to gently poke at the padded bandage at her side.

"So is this wingman business like all access?" Yuuri announces entering back through the hatchway with an arm load of Fenris' offduties. "Like free show with bragging rights?" His wink can't be missed and that dashingly charming grin riding ear to ear.

Fenris's eyes turn his way as he speaks and she slips the apple core between her teeth and starts unfastening the little shoulder ties of the gown. It falls predictably, exposing the things most folks want to see, and the bevvy of scars exposed when she was in surgery, including past surgical scars and the small grouping of bullet holes both front and back. Her hand, the free one, is extended Yu's way with a, "Panties." Assuming he grabbed some.

Yuuri laughs and sets the pile of clothing onto the medical bunk. Yup he's a guy, icey jades sneaking glances at his wingman's body. "Inbetween the pants and shirts." He reaches a hand to pry the apple core from her mouth, "You know that guy from the CIC would be trying to engage you right now if he was here." He settles down next to Fenris on the bunk, "Those questions I asked earlier.." He waves dismissively, "I figured I'd rather not hear them, atleast not yet. Maybe after a few hours in the sims or when you get status back."

Kai, like any good Captain, has an uncanny knack for showing up at the most unexpected moments. He's just stepping into the recovery ward as Fenris is disrobing, with a few books tucked under one arm. In his blues with the top two buttons unfastened, he's likely just gotten off duty, and heads for the Lieutenant's bed.

Mudguts continues with her dressing, starting at the bare essentials and working her way up. Her teeth release the apple core without hesitation or regret and so liberated, she answers, "As you wish." She stoops over for a moment with panties in hand and falters, shaking her head a bit as she straightens. She blinks twice, then, "Captain."

Yuuri's hand finds Fenris' shoulder and slips under it for support, looking over his shoulder at the Captain, "Sir." He rises from the bunk and stands behind and a little off to the side of Fen, eyes more concentrated on anticipating a fall instead of taking in the beauty of her body.

Kai politely averts his eyes, though it's a far cry from being awkward or shy about it. He's been a pilot in the colonial navy for thirteen years, and a married man besides that; half-naked women are hardly a shocking sight to him. "Lieutenants," he greets crisply. The books are slid onto a small table beside Fenris' bed. "As promised," he adds with a little quirk of a smile.

Fenris's hand drifts to her temple for a moment, then, "Thank you." Her attention turns to Kai and she nods her head very slightly, "Thank you, sir. It looks like the Seemoe is going to release me to light duty tonight, with limited sims, if there's anything you need me to do." She draws her foot up to thread it through rather than duck down to the same end. She draws the panties up to the knee, then brings her other leg up for the same. Yeah, she's been in co-ed berthings too long to care about the 'ohnoes!', herself.

Yuuri continues to hold up Fenris with a hand in her armpit. He leans in and whispers something before snickering and drawing back some. "Let me tell ya Cap, I think Mud here will be back in the cockpit sooner than the Doc thinks." Wait the Doctor is coming back tonight to release her? Yup Yuuri knows exactly where he'll be tonight. Being the true wingman and never leaving his leads side..except for that gorgeous Doctor.

Kai's hands are slid back into his trousers' pockets, once the books have been delivered. Never mind that she won't need them tonight. "That's excellent news. I'm just in the process of reviewing CAP and wing assignments, and sim schedules. I'll let you know, as soon as I hear from the CAG that you're to officially be put back on the roster."

Yep, Fen'll be getting papercuts this week. Meanwhile, gown removed to bare her past scars and the ne bandages on her side, she slides down carefully to try and draw her panties up from her knees, while Yuuri supports her under one arm. She looks to the Captain and says, "What's the word on Wolf-two?"

Yuuri rolls his eyes at the pace Fenris is going, reaching down with a finger and slipping it under the elastic band along the outside of her leg. He lifts it up to her waist. He remains silent as the conversation seems to be between the Captain and Fen.

Kai's dark brows furrow slightly, then smooth again. He's still, out of politesse, watching the deck plating at his feet rather than the woman getting dressed. "The LSO is meant to get back to me on it, tonight. I wouldn't hold out for it being airworthy though, there's significant structural damage.."

When Cygnus steps back into the recovery room, his demeanor can only be described as subdued. At to that he's as white as a newly bleached sheet. He'd made a promise though, and by the Gods, he was going to keep it before having to take care of the rather dire duty he's been assigned. The first thing he does is offer a muted, "Sir," to the Captain, but otherwise remains quiet, attempting to pick up the thrust of the conversation already occuring.

"I see. I'm sorry, sir." is Fen's own subdued reply as Yu helps get her drawn up. There's a brief nod his way, and, as she looks toward the entrance, taking in the man's appearance. "Prophet…" she says then, with a snap of her fingers she points toward the neighboring bed, "Sit. You don't look well."

Yuuri reaches and grabs the sweat pants, "Hand on shoulder" He speaks to Fenris, lowering down to the ground and shuffling up the legs of the pants for easier access. "One leg at a time."

Kai lifts his eyes as Cygnus enters, and acknowledges him with a small nod. "Good evening, Lieutenants," he offers the pair at the bed. "I'll see you on duty soon, Mudguts." He smiles slightly, then turns and heads off with crisp bootfalls.

Cygnus is enough on autopilot at the moment that the idea of sitting sounds like a very good one, and he does just that. At any other time he'd be vastly amused at the picture presented before him, and no doubt would be teasing them both furiously. He does finally manage to tease mildly, "Don't go breaking her all over again, Ty." Obviously he knows his freind is going to do nothing of the sort.

A hand is placed as well as can be expected on Yu's shoulder and Fen does indeed go one leg at a time. With Kai's announced departure, she looks to offer him valediction but, he's already full throttle elsewhere. The moment of pause later, then she turns to Cyg, "Will you be alright?"

Oh but Yuuri could break the woman he is helping dress, that is, if he was wanting it. Instead Yuuri continues to dress his wingman, sliding the pants up to her slim waist, hands staying on the outskirts of her legs. He snaps the waistline once for good measures and maybe a tease before reaching for the gown again, "Gown stays on top until wires are out tonight. Atleast your friend from CIC didn't show up. You would have had to call me off.." A mischievious grin appears as he wraps the gown back around Fenris. "I'll be back later this eve to help you on your feet again, and make another strafing run on the Doc." He assures her with a wink in his eye. He leans in close to her ear, breath falling against it as he whispers something to his wingman.

"I'll be all right," Cygnus replies quietly, "Right now, I'm more concerned about you." A small smile forms, "Though I probably shouldn't be, you're in good hands with Ty." Reaching up, he rubs at his eyes in a weary fashion, "I've got a lot to take care of before tonight's address, I just wanted to stop back in while I had a free moment."

She nods to Yu's advice and Fen settles back down on the bed, begining to put the gown back on, "I'll see you then." she replies. As Yu whispers into her ear, she's stonefaced, offering only a slight nod in acknowledgement, then looks to Cyg, "You are doing important work, Prophet. You had regrets about the other day. Don't."

Yuuri chuckles at her reaction, "Get some more rest Mud." His hand lightly squeezing her shoulder before he turns to Cygnus, "See you tonight I assume bro. Better get a check up from the Doc, you don't look so good." With all that said he offers a playful finger gun at Fenris, snapping his thumb down with a "Gotcha." Typhys turns and heads towards the hatchway.

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