Bedside manners
Bedside Manners
Summary: The Shrink decides to pay Dutch a visit. Perhaps not one of the wisest things done.
Date: PHD 66 (June 24th, 2009)
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Asleep, or that is what Dutch would like to be. Last night left a frakking feeling of lead in his gut, and has had him basically tossing and turning all night. No, not one of the Sergeant's better nights, but then…That should have been expected. There's a magazine folded over his blanket covered waist, but he gave up on reading it a while ago. Good mood? Well according to the nurses, he's been miserable to be around for the past few hours.

The door to the recover ward opens slowly and quietly, as someone consideratly opened and slender woman slips in. Shandra places her Stethoscope around her neck and picks up the first patient board. "Sergeant Dutch?" She asks, peering over at him. "How are you feeling?" She asks with a smile.

"Like frakking shit." And eyes are looking back towards the woman. Well it seems the nurses were kind enough to tell this one what he prefers to being called. And so Dutch simply raises a brow, eyes looking to the stethoscope, and then to the woman attached to it. "How're you Doc?" mind the Corpsman calls anyone with one of those Doc, just as he gets when he's poking about.

Shandra takes out her light ben and goes to check his eyes. "Well that's understand above your sheet looks like war and peace." She says with a grin then stands back up her hand lifting his arm to find the pulse in his wrist. "And I'm fine thank you Sergeant, but I'm here to make sure you are." She writes something on his sheet.

"Really, and how do you plan to do that? You going to kiss my boo boos and make em feel better?" words are snapped out from the Marine who has been berating medical staff since late last night. the nurses and other medics pretty much were civil with the Corpsman before, but now they are steering pretty clear. "I don't have high blood pressure. So you checking my gods damned pulse won't amount to much of a lick of shit Doc." Dutch says with a narrowing of his eyes.

"Aren't you meant to be flirting with nurses and not the doctors?" Shandra says with a chuckle at the old solider. "You do know I'm a shrink as well, sergeant and I can try and figure out why your such a grumpy old man." She wiggles her eyebrows down at him hoping to get a smile out of him. "You can start by telling me about you mother?"

"Flirting?" And there's a bland look from Dutch. Despite his age being closer to 24, the Sergeant in question talks and holds himself like a 40 year old man, though given how sour his behavior has been, one might chalk him up to fifty five. "If I was flirting, I woulda told you to suck my dick, by now." She might have just picked the wrong day- to come a poking, and when she smiles and waggles her eyebrows, he just scowls harder. "She's dead. What's next?"

Shandra simply laughs down at him. "That's flirting, I'm glad I don't have to deal with you marines too often." She is totally not phased by him at all. "And yeah, tell me about it everyones mother is dead." She says looking a little tired, but hides it with a firm nod. "Well your covering nice, physically mentally…Well is there anything you wanna tell me, cause while I'm here I might as well give you some time."

"Its something." said back before Dutch just stares at Shandra. Ain't a nice look either, more something along the lines, of what in the name of frak are you doing. "So why ask the question Doc? Better yet, whil in the frak are you here bothering me? If anyone needs a shrink it would be the Chaplain's department. Not a marine." A kissing of his teeth and Dutch lays his head down for a moment. "Bacchus on a pogo stick.."

Shandra shakes her head and pats the man's arm. "Excuse me for caring." She says with another shake of her head. "I'll leave tou be, and you can get back to being grumpy. Offers there if you need it." She says, going to move onto the next person, she sticks her hands in her pocket and grabs a lolly, one of the few she has left.

Dutch says nothing as the shrink toddles off with a frakking lollipop of all the things to have. A look back, and the Corpsman nestles his head back into the rather shitty air-grade pillow he's been assigned from day one of his lovely stay in Hotel Sickbay. A twitch under that eye of his before he's rolling back trying to get comfortable. Yeah, SSDD, completely.

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