Beckett v. Beckett
Beckett v. Beckett
Summary: Josef goes to visit Aggie and have a chat about an old friend.
Date: PHD134 (August 30, 2009)
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Medical. Midshift. Dr. Agatha Beckett sits in the office with her feet up, a cigarette in her mouth, and a magazine on her lap. She props her head in her hand, and flips pages idly, cigarette dangling from her mouth.

Not nessecarily time for him to be in the CIC or down inspecting the galleries. In fact he's done one of those already. Still when the door opens into said Medical bay, one can hear a small tiny-hush take the room, if but for a minute. One of those hushes that settle in over the plains before a rather large and raucous storm is seen coming in the distance. Instead this storm is clad in blue, complete with his gun at his hip, and a coffee mug. There's no hesitation, no asking as Josef turns almost like clockwork and makes for the dental office.

She flips a page and brushes a few strands of hair out of her eyes. Aggie doesn't even look up as her husband makes his way into the Sickbay. There's a palpable change in the air as both Beckett's are present in the same 50 foot radius.

Door is left open, possibly for escape, or because Josef cares not to close it. A sip, the loud slurping sound of his coffee, given way as meaning of a greeting before the Weapons officer is walking over to her small desk and eyeing it. There's the movement of a free hand as a pen is picked up, and placed indiscriminately on the surface before he is looking back towards Aggie. "So, I see you've been busy with guests as of late." awkward way to begin things. "And I spoke to Marek."

There's a very long pause, almost pointed. On second through, it's completely pointed. Finally, she glances up. A small hand slides the magazine closed with a soft slap of waxed pages. She tosses the magazine onto the desk, atop some medical files. Her hand follows the magazine, and then Aggie reaches for the pen, and plunks it back into the cup. She glances up at the mention of Marek's name. "What." The files are nudged dead center and perfectly stacked, and then the small woman stands, and she stares down her husband. "Josef." It's a warning as much as a greeting.

"I didn't cut him." Beckett adds after a moment and another sip of coffee, though this one is slightly more silent than the first one. No, the Weapon's officer doesn't even seem to pull away or diminish in front of the smaller woman whom it seems a good part of the crew is afraid of. "I did tell him though to keep his hands to himself, only to find-that was not the cause for your hostility.." Because given how she treats him- one would think it is a sign of affection to be abused. "A long ago history perhaps?"

Aggie might look a little disappointed when Josef admits that he didn't hurt Marek. She looks at him for a long, silent moment. She steps around her desk, and advances on the much taller officer. "If you spoke to Marek." She tips her had back to look up at Josef. Her emphasis on the word carries a bit of venom. "You should have some idea."

"A tiny one, though he told me to talk to you. Apparently he thinks our own lines of communication could use a little tweak." A faint frown there "Though I should have probably just grabbed him by his hair and slammed his face in the desk. I do not know what I do not like about that man. Perhaps he is too cool for my tastes." A sip of coffee again as he turns and only moves away once she gets in his space. Moving to sit in the examining chair and lean there for a moment. "What happened?"

"Josef." The tone is somewhat chiding now. She reaches up to brush her hands over his jacket to straighten his buttons. "You must be getting soft in your old age." She reaches up to tip one of his rank pins into proper alignment, slipping a finger under his collar to press the pinback tighter closed. "He's an arrogant, entitled ass." She shakes her head slightly. "We grew up in the same village. He took something of mine, so I took something of his."

"Agatha.." added back, as if to stop the chiding that is going to come wheter he likes it or not, but knowing Aggie as he does-that won't do a good godsdamned. "Odd, you've never known me soft before." And there that button is tightened even more so which brings a light cough and choking sensation. Now he's moving to brush past his wife and loosen the collar, before he's looking back to her. "Well-that much I garnered." As for the other. "What did he take?" Oh, how will she play this?

Aggie watches Josef for a moment as he moves away. Her hands fall to her sides, and then she smoothes her hands over her white lab coat. "He took something I can never get back, Josef." She smiles very faintly, and reaches up to remove the cigarette from her lips. "And so I torched his family's one and only truck." In a small fishing village, the family transportation, when it can't be replaced, can be everything. Must have been some move on Marek's part. Aggie doesn't say. "I don't want to discuss it." She reaches up to check to be sure her dogtags are aligned, chain untangled. Her fingertips skitter down the chain, fingers pausing at her collarbone.

"I doubt it was your virginity-otherwise given the vitrol you spew- I would have heard about him by now." A roll of his shoulders and then there's a deep breath and another sip of coffee as once again the husband begins the roll back-meaning he is now coming to walk closer to his wife. "You torched they truck?" a faint smile, but it is gone in a flash. "Odd, for someone who knows my own leanings and small secrets which I wish never to see the light of day- You do not share much with me..Other than your wishes for a divorce." A grind of his teeth, there. "What are you hiding from me Agatha?"

"If it were that easy, Josef," Aggie's dark green eyes rise to the advancing man's face. Her eyes find his eyes, and her chin comes up a little more as he closes in. The ten inch different in height becomes very apparent as he moves in close. She's half his mass and 10 inches shorter. But she doesn't back off as he makes his way to her. "The Mareks and the Nyxs do not mesh. Of all the shadows from my past, it would be one of those dirty — " She closes her eyes and resists the urge to spit out a rough, dirty Saggie word. The cigarette is tucked into the corner of her mouth.

"I tend to think of the world in black or white-so things come easier than perhaps they should." Josef offers down wot the smaller woman. But, she's a bloody shrew, so what she does not have in height-she makes up in the ability to claw one's eyes, and heart out. Yes, he is only slightly more afraid of his wife, than he is of the cylon threat. Cylons he can shoot-Aggie? Well…"Go on and say it." Josef utters "It will make you feel alive."

Aggie shakes her head. Her eyes open as her lips part to blow out a brief breath of smoke. She looks up at Josef and tips her head just a little, silky strands of dark hair brushing across her shoulder. "No single little word can do that, Josef." Her tone drops, the years of cigarette smoking lending a rough quality to her voice. "Is there a reason you're in my office?"

"Then write them down. It will be a good exercise in anger management dear." Beckett offers with only one of the faintest smirks. After that he leans his head in, as the coffee mug is lowered, for a small kiss to the corner of her mouth-unless she recoils away or slaps him before he gets in. "I only wished to say hello to you dear, before I went on duty." Simple, right?

A small, strong hand slides up the back of his neck, and her fingers curl into his hair. Aggie turns her lips to his ear, and murmurs very softly to her husband, "Josef Beckett, you wouldn't like me to manage my anger." Her fingers comb through his hair, lightly fixing it to a more perfect symmetry. "Say hello, Josef."

A smile there before the mug is set down and he turns his head to catch her lips, just once in a kiss. "Of course I would not. Where would be the flavour in our lives?" A grin and its gone as quickly as it showed. "Hello, Agatha." A slight move to disengage. "I'll try to catch you for dinner, should nothing exciting be afoot." A laugh there "Toodles, dear." And with that he is moving to head for her door, and the hatch-this time not undoing her work.

Aggie doesn't shy away from the kiss, but neither does she engage him in anything more. Her chin remains tipped up for a moment as he turns, and her eyes watch him from under dark lashes. She nods. "May Elysium find you, Josef." The words are soft. The traditional parting… it's a double edged one. On one hand, it wishes for him a heroes death, on the other, considering her penchant for asking for divorce, it's almost like a very soft death sentence. This is married life.

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