Lieutenant Josef Tecumseh Beckett
Benjamin Bratt
Benjamin Bratt as Josef Tecumseh Beckett
Name: Josef Tecumseh Beckett
Alias: Joe, Jose, "Weaps"
Age: 39
Hair & Eyes: Dark brown, Chocolate eyes
Faction: Navy: Weapons
Position: Weapons Officer, Lieutenant
Colony: Sagittaron
Play Times: Any time really
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info


Born to Uriah and Meredith Beckett, Josef Tecumseh Beckett was the third out of five Children, and yet he never had the middle child syndrome. No, not to be overshadowed by his brothers and or sister Josef took to his own. He did well in School, as well as maintained a job in order to help his family pay for their apartment in the city. However he did not have the money for college and continued his work as a Carpenter for a few more years. During this, the insurgency happened, and where as it was rumored that he participated-there was never any evidence to the fact. What is known after a rather violent incident in Telos, its known that then 19 year old Beckett left without a word to his parents and enlisted in the Navy.

He thought he was going to be in the motor pool or something else upon completion of basic, but found himself as a gunner's mate and in the weapons department.

He started out as a Crewman on the gunship Kronos, and worked his way till he was a Petty Officer 3rd class, and working on the number three gun. Shortly after he was transferred with a few others as the gunship was being decommissioned to the Assaultstar Macedon.

Into his tenure on the Macedon, Beckett was promoted to Chief of Guns at the rank of Petty Officer 1st class. During an assault on a raiding ship (thought to be pirates) Beckett would be injured when the Macedon took a direct hit to the portside battery. From this Beckett suffers with permanent scarring (Burn marks) as well has developed a tick, due to the damaged nerves (Left hand tremors some times) None of these however would keep him from his job. Upon reccomendation from his fellow enlisted NCO's and the Weapons Officer on the Assaultstar Beckett was sent to Picon's Naval Academy for Officer's School. Staying in the Department he knew, upon completion of the three year training, Ensign Beckett was put on the Battlestar Orion to serve as the Weap's officer's mate.

In this brief interlude of time, he met, drank with, and married one Lieutenant Agatha Christine Nyx, (Whom he lovingly refers to as Aggie…Or That Bitch I am forced to love). A dentist, though he could have sworn she was a doctor. It was on leave, and as such he was drinking to his new promotion- she for some other reason. He could have cared less. What he does remember of the night, is buying her a drink and perhaps lighting a cigarette. Of course there was the mind blowing sex (self hi5 there mate) But what he did not expect was the silver band on his left hand indicating he was wed. She wanted an annulment, or rather outright divorce. He would not have it given his religious upbringings.

Leave was up and then the left, promising to come and talk about it next leave, which of course ended up with them yelling at each other-smoking, drinking and frakking most of the days away. Sometimes in mixed orders.

When Kharon was finally put together Beckett (Now around 37 and a Lt. JiG) was recommended by his CO and XO for the position of Weaps on Kharon, as a means to give him more training for a position he was clearly making for. So he was promoted by fleet to Lieutenant, and sent to serve as the Weapons Officer. The thought being a spot would open up on a new ship of the line, or an existing battlestar with him to be placed on when the Kharon's cruise was over.

That never happened.

Oh, and guess who got stationed with him. Joy, of joys. Though he would never cheat. He can't bloody well admire now.


Uriah Beckett (father)
Meredith Beckett(Mother)

  • John Beckett (Eldest brother)
  • Maria Beckett (sister)
  • Samuel Beckett (Younger brother)
  • Elizabeth (Baby of the family)

Dr. Agatha Beckett( Loving, Wife)


  • Cordova High School
  • Naval Academy Picon
  • OCS Picon
  • Enlisted Basic, Ft. Maelstrom Gemenon

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • CGS Kronos (Crewman - Petty Officer 3rd Class)
  • AS Macedon (Petty Officer 3rd Class- Petty Officer 1st Class.) Chief of Guns
  • BS Orion (Ensign-Lieutenant JiG) Weapons' Mate
  • CEC Kharon (Lieutenant) Weapons Officer
  • Was awarded the Colonial Dove (Injured in the Line of Duty)

Distinguishing Features

  • Wedding ring
  • Burn Marks
  • tattoos


  • Josef is married to Agatha Beckett
  • Tecumseh comes from a general in the American Civil War (William Tecumseh Sherman) Who burned Georgia
  • Beckett is from St. Thomas a' Beckett (Due to his religious overtones)


  • Gunnery
  • Technical
  • Bitching at/with my wife
  • Firearms
  • Repair

On the Grid

Known Associates

Agatha Christine Beckett. Bitch, Harpy, Whatever else I can lob at her I will. The only dentist I know who bitches about teeth damage while smoking. My wife
Captain Karim Marek. I thought he was one of those crew members who is always trying to sleep with my wife. Thankfully, I do not need to cut him or hurt him in any unseemly manner. Also I think he pisses her off to a degree, which is something good in my book.

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  • smooth running guns
  • cigarettes
  • Whisky and good rum
  • My wife


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