Coco Batista
CeCe Batista
Azura Skye
Azura Skye as Coco "CeCe" Cruz Batista
Name: Coco "CeCe" Cruz Batista
Alias: (None yet.)
Age: 28
Hair & Eyes: Blonde (nat. Brown), Green
Faction: Civvie
Position: Commercial Pilot
Colony: Virgon
Play Times: Evenings
Timezone: Eastern US

Biographical Info


Fullname: Coco Cruz Batista
Nickname: CeCe
Place of Birth: Red Sands, Virgon
Distinguisting Features: Quirky.
Criminal Record: None. Ha.
Known Relatives: Father: Major Angel "Madeye" Batista, Mother: Morena Cruz-Batista, Brother: Captain Rafael "Zipper" Batista.

Coco Cruz Batista was born into a small military family on Virgon. Her father, a viper pilot with the Colonial Navy, was deployed on various Battlestars for much of her childhood. Her mother, a supply officer with a small base on Virgon, raised her and her big brother Rafael with the help of several Navy wives on the base in Whitefall.

CeCe, as she was known around the base, had the unfortunate distinction of being slightly skilled at a lot of things. Sometimes very slightly. Growing up around military families, on a military base, with a brother (3 years her elder) who went into flight training at age 18, inspired the youngest Batista toward a life of service with the Colonial Military. She studied (though it didn't quite take), and waited, and waited, and practiced, and pined. Sadly, she washed right out of flight school. It was a bit anti-climactic.

Left with the secret shame of being a bit slow on the technical side of things, and without much a feel for the stick, young CeCe decided to take matters into her own hands, and strike out to find her fortune. She made it about six km before tuckering out, and holing up in a crappy job for a crappy shipping company with a crappy apartment overlooking a crappy river.

Nothing inspires a would be viper jock cum washout cum receptionist to kick it into high gear like a triple crap sandwich. After making friends with an aircraft technician over lunches in the cafeteria, she began branching out, talking to everyone and anyone who would sit still long enough, and eventually won flying lessons from a particularly weak willed commercial pilot named Bob. With her power over the phones on the switchboard, and chatty nature, Ms. Batista discovered Mr. Bob's (last name omitted to preserve nondisclosure agreement terms) extra-marital affair, and extorted him cheerfully. Let it never be said that morally gray applications of information never yielded positive results.

It took three years for her to qualify behind the stick of a small transport, but 21 year old CeCe was elated by the progress. Once she finally pulled herself over that stumbling block, and a minor problem with heights (oops), she was on her way. Rafael, then a LtJG with the Battlestar Pegasus, was cautiously supportive, her father embarrassed, and her mother hit the sauce. Her washout from flight training had, you see, been somewhat… epic. Tales if the botch traveled far and wide, and were destined to become part of the base mythos, cautionary tales shared with young rooks pre-qual runs. Sadly, they'd already been put down in the family history in the 'we do not speak of it, ever' category. Thusly, shhh.

It was only six months more before CeCe was given permission to train a replacement at the switchboard, and she took her place as a transport pilot. The long, grueling road to flight status paid off. That is, she was happy as a commercial pilot, and began to pick up qualifications in larger and larger vessels. Her initial stumbling block had been nerves and fear, but she didn't suck quite so hard after a few years in the pilot seat. The rest of her life fell into place, and a girl once enamored of the idea of flying high speed tyllium fueled rockets of DOOM settled in as a cargo transporter, and had half a mind to learn to pilot freighters.

By the time Rafael made Captain, CeCe had swapped up to luxury shuttle driving for a company contracting out to various luxury cruise liners on Caprica. It was a good change for her. Life on Virgon, while satisfactory, lacked a certain something after six years or so, and the tips were better on Caprica. That is to say there were tips on Caprica. It was during a run to a luxury passenger liner Elpis, just outside of Caprican orbit, that the bombs dropped on the Colonies. Unable to return to dock, the youngest Batista was forced to stay the course, and pray very, very hard as she carried her rich, and exceedingly bossy cargo toward their destination. They docked only six minutes before the Cylon forces turned their attention to the vessels in nearby space, and barely had time to disembark the shuttle before the FTL finished spooling, and the Elpis jumped out.

Her life changed drastically that day, and little more each day for many, many days to come.

Distinguishing Features

  • Crooked, easy smile.
  • Slightly asymmetrical eyes.
  • Many, many necklaces.


  • Collects shot glasses. She has a set of 12, one from every Colony, that she keeps with her when she travels.
  • She is a pretty good drinker when the occasional calls for it.



  • Piloting
  • Melee


  • Sabotage
  • Pyramid
  • Sleight of Hand


  • Brewing
  • Fishing
  • Photography
  • Gunnery
  • Firearms
  • First Aid

Utter crap:

  • Drawing
  • Repair

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Major Ezra Cass. I spilled a drink on him once and he frowned at me. I don't really remember the next four hours, but I woke up behind the bar with a mini umbrella down my shirt. Friends assure me it had nothing to do with the marine, and I kinda pray they're not lying. He's… he scares me.
PO2 Nigel Milius. I met this dude when he had a torch and a bubble head suit on. He frickin' gave me nightmares, but he also rescued me from that deathtrap 'life pod' off the Elpis. Shit, man, I thought we were done for when the Bellerophon exploded. Never thought I'd get rescued by the StayPuft, but I'll take it any day.
Sergeant Barnabas Volker. Apparently I elbowed him in the throat once back at Whitefall in a bar. I thought everyone who knew about what happened there was dead. I guess he got Shot In the Facetm and was close. I don't really remember him from back then. I'd remember him now.
Virgil Cedric Gresham. We ran into each other in the corridor on Elpis, both searching for a life pod. He tried to rescue me, but then the death robots shot up a light panel, it exploded, and the next thing I knew it was operation: drag a ginger. I kinda dropped him later, trying to carry him out of the life pod (it doesn't work so well with no rush of 'omg giant death robots after me'). I hope he doesn't have brain damage.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Like a Virgin PH#136 Chats about home (Virgon) in the Mess Hall. Barnabas
A Cubit Short PH#134 Rescue from an Elpis life pod. Let's never do it again. Legacy, Kitty, Komnenos, Roubani, Nigel, Ciggie & Mimieux.


Words, Words, Words Circumstance
"Don't stick that there. You stick that there, you will never be the same." Spoken to a rich wannabe mechanic fiddling with an all metal screwdriver and a loose panel near the emergency power relay on her shuttle.


  • Flying.
  • Aircraft.
  • Blue skies.


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