Barnabas Volker
Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke as Barnabas Volker
Name: Barnabas Volker
Alias: Half-Face. Blame Jupiter.
Age: 27
Hair & Eyes: Black/Brown Hair, Green eyes.
Faction: Marine
Position: Sergeant
Colony: Virgon
Play Times: Most of them
Timezone: GMT/GMT+5

Operational/Personal Record of Volker, B.

Personal History:

Grew up on farmland owned by grandfather on Virgon, with Parents and 3 elder male siblings. Grandfather known as Retired boxer Anthony 'The Jaw' Volker. Father G.Sgt(Ret) Carmine Volker. Reported as first trained in firearms usage at age 9. 6th place in Regional Practical Shooting Competion Standard Division at age 14, continued on for next 2 years, scoring 3rd and 1st, respectively. Military Service Rifle Competition Regional champion at age 16. Reached Kickboxing Regional Semi-Finals at ages 15, 16 and 17, Reaching finals in final year but ultimately achieving 2nd place. Joined Colonial Military age 18.

Criminal Record:

Arrested for assault, age 17. Not formally charged. (Addendum: Altercation occured between Volker, B, Volker, H, Volker, J and Volker, T. Sibling Rivalry happens.) (Addendum Two: Volker, B wishes it to be known on record that he 'Kicked their collective asses.') - Noted. CMRD.


High School Graduate, Virgon.

Military History

Completed Boot Camp At Whitefall Base, Virgon.
Scored one less than required for continued marksmanship training. Rumours circled of intentionally missing final shot.

CQB/MOUT operations: Ssgt Carin Reynolds offers commendation on excellent awareness and ability to prioritise threats, as well as marksmanship. Does however critisize actions taken in MILES training due to use of martial arts on another cadet. Volker states 'He was too close to shoot.'

Private Volker, B assigned to Battlestar Triton Immediately after boot. Promoted to PFC, then on to Lance Corporal due to actions in wargames.


'PFC Barnabas Volker did, as part of Delta Platoon, Echo Company, 8th Battalion, 12th Marine Infantry Division prove himself worth the rank of Lance Corporal via clear and effective action in support of his squad. Accurate threat assessment and the priority given to passing the required information to his commanders had a notable effect on the entire platoon's ability to seize and capture an enemy held factory on the surface of Picon in cross-division training exercises.'

Lance Corporal Volker, B transferred to Battlestar Erasmus.

No marks, positive or negative recorded during this time. Promotion to Corporal offered due to record and accepted.

Transferred to Battlestar Night Flight.

Served with due dilligence and duty. Personal notes include description of Volker, B being 'Highly sociable while maintaining respect for superior officers and enlisted men, and often helping junior marines settle in after transfer.'

Additional notation states cause for final promotion to Sergeant before transfer to Colonial Escort Carrier Kharon.

'Corporal Barnabas Volker showed courage and care for those in his Platoon for all three years aboard the Night Flight, but did go above and beyond in the investigation and subsequent stoppage of a suicide attempt by a young Private. If it were not for Corporal Volker noting the young Marine absent from an activity he had learned the man enjoyed, searched for him and then thwarted the suicide-via-firearm attempt with swift and decisive action, the drop in morale of the Platoon due to the loss of one Marine may well have been irrecoverable.'

Transferred to Colonial Escort Carrier 'Kharon', Fox Platoon, Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 37th Marine Infantry Division.

Medical History

PHD023: On this day, Sergeant Barnabas Volker (henceforth referred to as Sgt Volker) did recieve 1 (one) GSW to the head during the repelling of Cylon boarding. The bullet entered the left side of Sgt Volker's mouth, causing split trauma to the top lip and shattering seven teeth before exiting through the cheek, resulting in large trauma injuries. Sgt. Volker placed in infirmary.

PHD090: Sgt Volker Refuses to relax. Asked for weights to stave off muscle and fitness degredation.

PHD100: Sgt Volker slips into unconciousness for 25 days. Drip administered.

PHD125: Sgt Volker awoke from Coma. GSW mostly healed, but with heavy scarring. Shows signs of some speech impediment when tired or irritable, but apart from obvious physical damage merely requires minor exercise to return to peak conditions.

On the Grid

Known Associates

The Lookers Who?
Corporal Epi "Shortstack" Jarot. Considering she actually visited me while I was getting my face rebuilt, she's alright in my books. Apart from the fact she's always got some new horrifying story to tell when she does. Need to get her sparring again when I'm out.
Salazar Nikos. If I like her, I'm supposed to respect her. If I don't like her, I'm supposed to respect her. I don't have a clue where the hell she came from, but right now I'm not sure I trust her enough to feel either. AND SHE TOOK MY GUN.
Lieutenant (JG) Jupiter "Fingers" Black. It's really difficult to keep hating on Black when she's so damn set on nearly dying.
Agatha Christine Beckett. She got me some shiny nice new teeth. I wonder if she'd accept payment in bludgeons over the back of the head with a pipe?
Coco 'CeCe' Batista. Holy shit I know this woman. From before the bombs. We both trained at the same military base at roughly the same time. And guess what? I know something you don't know.

Timeline of Events


  • "No offense, buddy, but I ain't in the mood for paperwork because you're an idiot." - Said to an unconcious Ashe while dragging him into the ring after he goaded Jupiter into hitting him in the Gym.


  • Being a Marine.
  • Sparring
  • Juggling
  • Talking about being Shot In The Face <tm>


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