Altair Bannock
Clive Owen
Clive Owen as Altair Bannock
Name: Altair Bannock
Alias: None
Age: 32
Hair & Eyes: Grey eyes, Black Hair
Faction: Resistance
Position: Unknown
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: Overnight EST.
Timezone: GMT And GMT+5

Biographical Info


Altair Bannock was part of a traditional military family. Not exactly officer material, but they made good grunts. Very, very good grunts. Altair himself was on the fast-track path to Gunnery Sergeant until he vanished from most easily-accessed records. And then dissapeared from the rest five years later.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Stunning record, with high marksmanship and hand-to-hand, although there are more than a few marks against him for insubordination and an inability to socialize. Got stuck in a teaching role while Staff-Sergeant for a few years before his records became need to know information.

Distinguishing Features

Burn mark in the shape of a handprint on his right shoulderblade.



On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events


  • "But if it helps me survive a little longer, the feelings of some marines can go on the back shelf for a little while, yeah?" - When told military folk might not take kindly to a civillian wearing marine gear.


  • Personal Space. Unless he's getting up in others.
  • Teaching people willing to learn.


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