Summary: Yuuri heads into Sickbay for pain meds and instead gets manhandled by the CMO.
Date: MD053 (April 15)
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Pike is looking over one of the handheld computers, comparing what's on its screen to what's on one of the mounted diagnostic displays. She pauses only once, in order to adjust her glasses.

Still fully dressed in his flightsuit, Yuuri dips into the sickbay through the hatch. He really doesn't want to be here, the look clearly seen on his face. Both hands grip the helmet infront of his waist as icey jade eyes scan the room for a doctor, "Uh..doc?" Typhys spots a woman going over some displays and takes a few steps forward, trying to get her attention. "Doctor?"

Pike looks up from her work, and sets the handheld on a nearby counter before approaching the pilot. "Yes, can I be of help, Lieutenant?"

He looks nervous as hell, the sweat from his recent CAP still drying along his skin. "I got this ache in my back." Yuuri offers for his reason being here. "Doesn't seem bad, but anything you can give me to sleep better?"

Pike tilts her head, her interest piqued. "Well, I'd be happy to prescribe painkillers, but I'd be remiss if I didn't at least examine you a bit. How long's this been going on?"

A flicker of fear can be seen in the icey jades, "Uh not long." It's only been a few days since his little incursion with a marine. "I…I don't think you need to look at it." Yuuri's hand waves dismissively while he speaks.

Pike's brows crease, her arms folding over her upper abdomen. "Not how it works, Lieutenant. First I make sure there isn't something going on that isn't going to be a worse problem down the road. Then I give out the pills. And since you're being a bit on the secretive side, maybe you want to tell me why you're holding back on me, hmm?"

Yup..busted. Yuuri loses eye contact or tries to. "I don't know what you're talking about doc. Just came in for a few pills, nothing serious." He's really dodging this, just arriving and being taken off the flight schedule is the last thing he wants to happen.

Pike doesn't budge. It's clear she's not buying it. "Out with it, Lieutenant, or the pharmacy closes for the night."

Sighing heavily, Yuuri leans against a bed. "Landed wrong during a spar." He still doesn't make eye contact, but he doesn't lie about it either. "Just a nagging pain in the gym and when I sleep..nothing to do with flying." He nods seriously when speaking about flying.

Pike's stern expression softens. "See, was that so difficult? You probably strained a muscle, but it could be something more serious." She makes her way over to the dispensary and removes a bottle of pills, which she then hands to Yuuri. "One a day, preferably with a meal. And I'm serious about the dosage. Any more than that and you'll fall asleep at the stick. If the pain doesn't start to fade in about a week, come back in and I'll check to see if you have anything out of alignment."

"That's it?" Yuuri looks a bit taken back as he takes the bottle. "I mean, CAG and Captain ain't gunna hear about it are they?" He snaps the lid open and empties a pill into a palm, popping it in his mouth and swollowing it.

Pike explains, "I will have to file a report with your supervisor, I'm sorry to say, *but* I have final say as to determine whether or not your condition prevents you from performing your duties. At present, I see no sign that you're medically unfit and will note that in my report. But, and put an underline on that, if after a week the pain doesn't subside or gets worse, I expect you to come in for a more comprehensive exam."

Yuuri's shoulders slink as he leans more heavily on the bed, "C'mon, they don't need to know I got tad-bit banged-up." He tries his charms, flashing his puppy eyes at the Doctor, "Just sorta..kinda..forget the report?"

Pike frowns. "And what do I tell the CAG if your back pain gets worse? 'Sorry, forgot to mention I saw him.' What're you on about anyway? I said I would medically clear you. What's the big deal if they know? You aren't the first pilot I've had to patch up for a non-cockpit injury and I guarantee you won't be the last."

"Just had a few bad hops and they were wondering what was wrong." Yup there it is, maybe the injury is worse than he leads on. Yuuri drops the whole charming appeal, "You want the truth? It hurts like hell just standing here." He sighs, setting the helmet onto the bed, "I've been shoved into the sims and pulled off CAP by an Ensign. I really don't need a reason to be looked down upon."

Pike exhales. "All the more reason I should at least look at your back. What would you rather have, a bit of embarrassment now or being pulled off CAP for a week or more while your injury heals from going untreated?"

Yuuri shakes the pills, "Treatment yeah?" He's still trying to avoid this even after admitting everything.

Pike looks at him over the rims of her glasses. "C'mon, you're gonna deprive a girl who's asking you to take your shirt off?"

She catches him offguard and he laughs, body loosening up some. He caves, unzipping the flightsuit and pulling his arms from the sleeves. Yuuri takes the helmet from the bed setting it down on the floor and crawling onto the bed with a grunt. Once on the bed the next articles of clothing to come off are the tank and T, revealing the tattoo on his pec. "I'm just doing this so you let me go." His icey jades twinkle in amusement, figuring she thinks she fooled him into believing she's interested.

"Nice ink," Pike offers as she gingerly examines his spinal column, after pulling on a pair of surgical gloves. "Where's the pain localized? And is it worse in certain positions than others?"

Yuuri's back spasms briefly at the touch of the Doctor, "Uh thanks" he mutters. His breathing catches when Pike's fingers reach his lower back. "There!" He says through clenched teeth.

Pike sharply pulls her hands back as Yuuri identifies where the pain's coming from. "Gods, that tender, eh? Good thing I pushed for a look, those pills wouldn't have done much if it's that sore… let's see… looks like you have a vertebrae out of alignment. I can realign it if you'd like. It'll hurt like thirty-one flavors of hell for a second but it'll fade quickly."

Yuuri's head hangs a bit low, keeping his eyes down at the bed, "You need me to lay down?"

Pike nods. "Yes. Flat on your stomach, arms relaxed at your sides if you please."

Yuuri swings his legs up onto the bed and rolls to his stomach with a grunt and a deep exhale. His hands rest at the sides, but aren't relaxed. With white knuckles his fingers are gripping the bed sheet.

"Relax," Pike assures. "I'm going to count down from three and apply pressure to either side of your spine where the bone is out of alignment. You'll probably hear a popping noise, but it isn't something to be alarmed over. You ready for this?" She removes her lab coat and rests it on the back of a nearby chair.

He's trying to relax, it's true he's got a high pain tolerance and anything that does hurt him, he tries to ignore it best he can or atleast cover it up with painkillers. "I hope you are gunna baby my ass and join me for a snack at the mess after this." Yuuri tries to joke before putting his face into the pillow and gritting his teeth down.

Pike grins. "Still on call for a couple hours more, but I'll catch you next messbreak, swear to the Gods." Pike gently places both hands on either side of his lower back, rubbing a couple small circles where they rest before laying all of her body weight down into her hands and into his back. Two audible pops can be heard. "There we go…"

The noise is drown out within the pillow as every muscle in Yuuri's back flexes after the Doc pops his spine. His breathing is heavy, head still smashed into the pillow.

Pike lifts her hands away and ducks a little to look at Yuuri's face. "How're you feeling?"

Yuuri lifts his face a bit from the pillow, his arm swinging up in Pike's direction with the bottle of pills, "You might want to give me something stronger." He hoarsely gets the words out with a faint grin and chuckle.

"Anything stronger than these comes in needle form," Pike replies. "How's your back?"

Yuuri leans up on his elbows, exhaling again before sweeping both legs over the side of the bed. "Feels better." He coughs, "I mean, good as new." Nodding seriously he offers a devilish grin, icey jades looking at the doctor.

Pike crosses her arms and moves back, allowing him to get off the bed if he chooses. "Same prescription applies on the pills then. And do come back in if the pain worsens."

Yuuri waves dismissively as both feet hit the floor. "Pain..what pain. I'm fine." The grin remains as he gathers his clothing from the bed, pulling them over his head. "Still allowed to fly right?" Fully clothed again, he pulls up the sleeves and slides both arms through.

Pike nods. "The report will reflect the same as I'd said before. Cleared for duty, no restrictions."

"Top shape added too?" Yuuri asks hopefully.

Pike tilts her head. "That's sort of what 'no restrictions' means in medical parlance, Lieutenant."

Yuuri nods, the smile fading as he picks up the helmet. "Thank you Doc." When he's back up-right his hand extends towards Pike.

Pike smiles and accepts the handshake. "Anytime, Lieutenant. Do take care of yourself, all right?"

"I will. I hope I don't see you anytime soon either, except maybe that dinner." Yuuri chuckles and releases her hand before turning towards the hatch.

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