Anton's Background

The Komnenos family was one of the most distinguished fixtures of the academic community on Aerilon, and one of the few academic dynasties from that “backwater” colony to be afforded any acclaim on the other colonies as well. For the past three generations, Komnenos scions had gone on to become skilled professionals and educators in a wide range of fields, from linguistics to engineering to philosophy. Boris Komnenos was no exception; in fact, even by his own family's standards he was exceptional. By age 24 he'd obtained a doctorate in political science from Delphi University on Caprica; by 26 he'd obtained a professorship on the tenure track at Colchis University, the most prestigious academic institution on Aerilon; at 28 he was married to a fellow Colchis professor, Alexis Venizelos, who bore him a son a year later. Boris had followed to the letter the script penned by countless Komnenos parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins before him, and he fully intended his newborn son, Anton, to do the same.

At first, it seemed that Boris' intentions for his son would be realized; the somber child had few friends that he liked enough to spend time with, and with his parents spending most of their time concentrating on their burgeoning academic careers, Anton spent much of his time devouring the myriad books in the Komnenos household. Anton could be found reading such works as Voss' Ethics and Nanotechnology, Forester's Precepts of Interstellar War, or Rowlings' Political Liberalism and the Law of Peoples. (In fact, he would land himself in some hot water in high school by carelessly displaying a copy of Thomas Zarek's Chiron Manifesto, and later openly declaring himself a Zarek sympathizer in front of classmates and teachers.) As a result of this self-cloistered childhood, however, his social development lagged far behind that of his peers, and while he eventually grew out of his 'loner' phase, he never was quite able to grasp the finer points of social interaction, and developed an almost supernatural gift for saying the wrong things at the wrong times, and sometimes worse, not knowing when to shut the frak up. Those that didn't know him were tempted to judge him poorly, but those that knew him and the circumstances of his upbringing were a bit more sympathetic. “He means well, that Anton, and I can tell he tries; the poor kid just doesn't know any better.”

Anton was more than an able student, and his voracious appetite for amassing knowledge never dimmed; although as he grew older, he grew ever more bored with the actual process of learning, and 'slacker' was a label tossed about with increasing frequency by his teachers. He did, however, discover a deep-seated interest in and aptitude for working with computers, and spent much of his time at school cutting class to tinker with and play on the school's computer system. This led him to pursue a degree in computer science upon his admittance to Delphi, his father's alma mater. Unlike backwater, rural Aerilon, urban Caprica provided many outlets to assuage Anton's boredom. He became a notorious partier during his years at Delphi, and developed a rather serious chamalla habit which he was unable to break until his senior year. (His current cigarette habit is a legacy of his effort to quit; he merely began substituting fumarella for chamalla, and after a particularly nasty bout of withdrawal, was able to successfully rid himself of the habit.) Despite worsening study habits and his long period of substance abuse, his natural aptitude coupled with a penchant for working better under pressure allowed him to graduate with grades sufficient enough to gain admission to the computer science graduate program at the Kobol Colleges. While on Gemenon, Anton began skydiving in an attempt to find a thrill to replace chamalla-smoking, and ended up keeping it as a hobby because he found that he loved the feeling of soaring through the skies.

Anton experienced another crisis, however, upon graduation from his master's program. Namely, what was he supposed to do now? His youthful ambivalence towards school had persisted through his undergraduate program and had only been magnified during his graduate studies. Thus, he had no desire to go back for another round in the educational meat grinder in search of a doctorate; he had done time as a teaching assistant at the Kobol Colleges, which taught him only that he had equal disdain for the idea of becoming a full-time instructor himself; he applied for several jobs in the Colonial IT sector, but his knack for awkward interaction and ill-received non-sequiturs usually doomed him in the interview process. The scant few jobs he was offered he turned up his nose at, his ego judging them to be beneath his level of education and personal ability. His thoughts, however, kept taking him back to his dives through the skies of Gemenon, until one day, he had an epiphany: he was going to join the Colonial Fleet! If jumping from an aircraft was such a thrill, he reasoned, then blasting through the spaceways in a Viper could only be nirvana. Even better, the recruiter Anton spoke to didn't seem to care that he was a social incompetent - “If you can give orders, take orders, and fly your plane straight, who gives a frak about anything else?” Thus, Anton enthusiastically signed on the dotted line – to his mother and father's eternal dismay – and signed his foreseeable future over to the Colonial Fleet.

However, just as Boris Komnenos' big plans for his son's future never panned out, neither did Anton's conception of what his military career would be like ever come to pass. He made it through OCS without too many bumps in the road, but suddenly had the rug pulled from under him when he arrived at Tencher Air Base on Caprica. As it turned out, Anton's piloting aptitude test and IFS qualification scores were below-average to average, but his scores in electronics and computer operations had been nearly off the charts – a testament to his childhood fascination and six years of grueling university study. As such, he was removed from his pilot-trainee group and reassigned to ECO training. He objected, but his objection was ignored, and despite a longer-than-average disciplinary record and a penchant for ill-advised stunts with the computer hardware at his disposal, he displayed an uncanny level of ability with the Raptor's electronic suite and graduated second in his class.

Anton's first assignment as an Ensign was to the Thirteenth Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron(VAQ-13, “Wild Cards”) aboard the Battlestar Solaria, where he was both a great asset and constant annoyance to his CO, Captain Alyx Mathis, from whom Anton received his callsign of Thorn. “Komnenos, if we're ever in another war, I sure frakkin' hope you're as much a thorn in the enemy's side as you are in mine.” After several years with the Wild Cards, Captain Mathis finally arranged for Anton to go be a “Thorn” in another lucky woman's side – namely, the side of Captain Althea Legacy, CO of CEC Kharon's Fourth Special Operations Squadron. Both sides seemed pleased enough with the transfer; Anton certainly couldn't argue that an assignment to an elite SOS wasn't a step up for him, while a part of Alyx was relieved to be rid of him.

Little did he know that his transfer to Kharon would end up saving his life. Warday occurred only a few short weeks after he stepped off the transfer shuttle onto the escort carrier's deck for the first time; he'd barely had time to get acclimated to his new assignment when Kharon began receiving the first confused reports of the Cylon attack on the Colonies. He had to make a visible effort to avoid being sick at the news of Solaria's destruction – and with her, every last member of the Wild Cards.

No other Komnenoi were serving in the Fleet, and as far as Anton knew, none of his relatives had any reason to be traveling that day, so it is very likely that Anton Komnenos is the last of his line. With what little he once truly held dear now blasted into ashes on the ruined, irradiated surfaces of Aerilon and Caprica, he is dogged by occasional feelings of hopelessness and depression, and he's spent little of his time up to this point in the company of his new shipmates. Occasionally, he asks himself what's the point of continuing on, when he has even less to live for than he did before the Cylon Holocaust. However, he seems to still have the strength within him to answer that question with this one: if the rest of Kharon's crew can still bring themselves to persevere in these, the darkest of humanity's days, and still do their duty, then how could a Komnenos possibly do any less?

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