Anthem Hollas
Anthem Hollas
Jon Huertas
Jon Huertas as Anthem Delhomme Hollas
Name: Anthem Delhomme Hollas
Alias: atm
Age: 37
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair, brown eyes
Faction: Resitance
Position: Gunnery Sergeant, CMC Recruiter
Colony: Picon
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info


Born on Picon, parents divorced when he was still young. Joined the marines at 18. Suffered a major injury during a friendly fire accident at age 35 and transfered to Scorpia where he serves as a marine recruiter.


Father: Arkin Hollas, various bureaucratic positions, Picon (presumed deceased as of Warday)
Mother: Lucretia Hollas, schoolteacher, Picon (presumed deceased as of Warday)
Sister: Veronica Hollas, (presumed deceased as of Warday)
Stepmother and stepsister, Picon (presumed deceased as of Warday)


Secondary only, marine training.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Joined the marines at 18, had a mostly unremarkable career that lead to eventual promotion. Served without distinction upon the Battlestars Erasmus, Universal, and Columbia. After suffering an explosive round to the hip that required extensive reconstructive surgery, he was removed from a frontline position and given a promotion as an incentive for good behavior. Served as a recruiter ever since.

Distinguishing Features

He's pretty unremarkable



Decent rifleman, amateur photographer, bad dancer.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events

Logs, from oldest to newest:



  • Photography
  • Exercise
  • Women
  • Simple, rational logic
  • Cathartic range practice


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