Another Scar
Another Scar
Summary: After an aerial combat, Fenris is sent into surgery.
Date: MD057 (April 19)
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Fenris is still unconscious and masked as the docs cart her into the bay. She's quieter than usual and her eyes are closed as things undoubtedly bustle around her.

Soaked with new sweat and smeared with dirt and old sweat, Yuuri comes through the hatch at a jog. His icey jade eyes frantically scanning the sickbay for his wingman. He finds a nurse and grabs her upper arm firmly, "Where's Mudguts?" He questions, the hand away from the nurse holding onto his helmet.

Pike arrives from the Hallway - Deck 2, Midships.
Pike has arrived.

The Lt. was carried in, masked to the sickbay, where she is being prepped for surgery. plain to the treaters present is she's been on someone's table at least a few times, as past surgical scars and tight, potentially fatal groupings of pistol-caliber scars dot her torso. A nurse has just been urgesailed by Fenris' wingman, who is asking as to her status, to which she responds, "The lieutenant is being prepped for surgery, Lieutenant. I'm afraid I don't have a prognosis to offer, we've only just begun."

Pike comes back in from changing into scrubs, muttering something about jabbing a rusty scalpel into the laundry officer who sent her scrubs to Engineering. She sees Fenris has been readily prepped, who says to the nurse, "Sorry I'm late… let's see about getting this lovely girl back in the land of the living."

Yuuri releases the nurse and is repramanded quickly. "What happened to her, she seemed fine..Thought her bird was.." A hand goes to his head, holding it in emotional pain. "Just…tell me something."

"I'm afraid I don't have al the details yet, sir. A call for an oxygen bag for epoxia, a stretcher and prep for surgery were the only information I was given. You'd have ot ask-" With the CMO's insertion to the conversation, "Yes, sir, the Lieutenant was wondering what happened to her." the nurse replies, taking her newly regained freedom to scrub in.

Pike pauses briefly, before heading into surgery, and says to the nurse, "Go ahead, I'll just be a minute." She then says to Yuuri, "The lieutenant took a shrapnel hit. Looked to be a chunk of her Viper's console. Not surprising, considering her bird was singed to a crisp. The cut wasn't deep, her suit's life support module stopped most of it. But I have to get in there and make sure the wound wasn't worse than I was able to eyeball. All told though? I think we can fix her up with zero complications."

Yuuri's fingers attempt to pull at his hair, barely able to take any of it he just rubs his head instead. "Gods damnit, I shouldn't have let that happen." His head hangs and he sits up on a bed, setting his helmet to his side. "Mind if I stay until she's out of surgery?" He questions Pike like a child asking for some candy.

"Yes, sir." the nurse replies crisply and gets to her business, while the boss explains things to the concerned pilot.

Pike says to Yuuri with a nod. "Long as the CAG's okay with it… *and* you give us room to work… stay as long as you like." She then heads into the surg suite, ratcheting the curtain closed behind her. "Right. Work to be done, yes? Nurse, if anaesthesia's administered, then scalpel please."

Kai strides into sickbay, zipped up into his flight suit and with some serious helmet head plastering his dark hair against his skull. He heads for the nurses' station, ousting a couple of enlisted lurking about there. Oh, the privileges of rank.

Roubani heads into Sickbay as soon as CAP is done. His arms fold upon seeing the mess of people in here, a slight frown pulling the corners of his mouth. He eyes the nurse's station and starts edging through the waiting room towards it, though pauses when he sees the back of Kai's head there first.

The nurse nods, "Scalpel." and hands the CMO the afformentioned implement. Fen, meanwhile, is quiet, oblivious to the concern of those around her.

Yuuri rises from the bed and pulls the lighter from his flightsuit, flipping it through his fingers and pacing back'n'forth. His icey jade eyes locked onto the floor infront of him.

Pike incises the wound at a wider berth, then examines the wound. "Internal organs appear untouched… hairline abrasions of the fourth and fifth ribs where the shrapnel penetrated the flesh… no secondary fragments." She looks to the nurse, "Rate of respiration?"

Kai has a few words with the nurse manning the station, who's looking a touch harried, all things considered. There are a few people trickling in, asking questions that don't have answers at this precise moment. Nodding slightly to whatever's said, Marek's gaze goes briefly to the surgical suite where Fenris is being attended to, then the faces of two of his pilots in turn. He nods to Roubani, but heads for Yuuri first.

Entering the sickbay are two times Marines, still dressed in their combat gear. Lance Corporal Levesque has his helmet hanging from his load bearing vest, rifle strapped on his back securely. He removes his gloves as he enters, and attempts to find the nearest possible nurse. "Hey, I'm T-Triple-C qualified. Got a bit of experience with it, live. Can I help out any, or are you guys good?" His face is covered with soot, sweat and has a few mild scratches.

Roubani steps out of Kai's way. He glances at the nurse's desk, but by now he doesn't have to ask whether Fenris is out of surgery yet. It's obvious. His arms stay tightly folded as he moves away, out of the main line of people moving here and there, and his guarded eyes watch the flow of staff and patients headed here and there. When Levesque comes in he watches the man. The soot in particular makes his brows draw together.

"Holding at ten per, sir." the Nurse says softly, "Beepee ninety over sixty-five. Pulse seventy-one."

Sweat beads trickle down the sides of Yuuri's face as he continues to pace, unaware of the Captain's approach. The lighter is sliding through his finger easily as both palms are becoming damp. He hears everything going on in the surg suite and can't help but curse under his breath at the fact he wasn't able to help his wingman more.

Kai crosses paths with the pacing Lieutenant, and places a hand upon his shoulder to stop the taller man in his tracks. Something's spoken quietly, and the hatch nodded toward, before he gives said shoulder a pat and starts away.

Kai whispers: Step outside for a little while and come back later. Let the doctors and nurses do their job; it's already too crowded in here, and she won't be out of surgery for a while. You did everything you should have out there, Typhoon, so don't take the martyr's path and beat yourself up over it and that's an order.

Pike nods to the nurse. "Vitals are strong, but that resp rate's got me worried. Increase O-2 intake. Sponge incision, I'm going to close." She then reaches for her suturing tools, then says to Levesque, "We're okay for the moment, Corporal, but the offer's appreciated."

Roubani takes a seat on the edge of a chair, his posture incredibly formal. He surreptitiously watches the interaction between Kai and Yuuri for a little while, though his expression says very little, then folds his hands and looks back at the nurse's station.

Ashe walks into sickbay and glances around trying to find a familiar face to get a report on the condition of the injured. Spotting Levesque, he motions towards the other Marine in an attempt to get his attention without distracting the doctors.

Levesque nods at Pike slowly, eyes darting about the room. "Seen, sir. I'll stick around for a bit and keep out of the way if you guys get more wounded." Roubani's gaze before attracks the stocky Marine's attention now. "Cylons, man. Or someone knows how to build frakking war machines. Because these things were big, strong, and armoured. And they didn't look too much like the old ones we saw in pictures and such. These were meaner." He looks like he's about to say something else, but whatever was at the tip of his tongue stays there - he closes his mouth. He approaches Ashe at his beckoning.

Roubani has slid a small set of prayer beads from his flightsuit pocket, and slipped them around his left hand. His thumb starts to tick one bead after another. Levesque's sudden account of things bring his eyes back up, sharply.

Pike looks up briefly from her work at Levesque's sitrep and frowns. She returns to her work, stitching up Fenris' wound.

Kai's hand on Yuuri's shoulder startles him, the lighter slipping from his fingers and landing on the floor. His brows furrow as he listens to the Captain, both hands balling into fists and teeth clenched tight. As the Captain walks away, the young jock exhales and bends over lifting the lighter and pocketing it. "Yes sir." is spoken under his breath as he heads towards a nurse and whispers something to her before briskly passing through the crowd towards the hatch.

Kai moves away from Yuuri, and heads in Roubani's direction. He's not stopping to take a seat. "You too," he murmurs, low-voiced, to the Ensign. "Come on. Good time to get some grub, in case we're called out to fly. She'll pull through."

Vendas leans her head into Sickbay and looks around for a moment. Spotting Kai, "Captain Marek. I need to talk to you." Not pissed. Not angry. She's still somewhere in between. Fired eyes moves around the personnel inside before she ducks back out into the hallway.

Ashe lowers his voice as he speaks to Levesque, talking to the other Marine in quiet tones for a few moments before patting him on the shoulder and nodding.

"I'll be along, sir," Roubani says, his eyes lifting to Kai. The beads stay in-hand; clearly he intends to finish the prayer cycle before moving anywhere. Vendas' pop-in and out registers without a single look over to the door. "You're being paged."

Levesque grumbles something at Ashe, shaking his head. He motions out.

Kai nods to Roubani, and steps out. Normally he might press the issue, but not tonight. 'I'll be along' is apparently good enough, this time.

Ashe follows Levesque as he glances around, frowning a bit.

Roubani settles back once the room starts to clear, and looks back down at his beads. Another ticks off, and he remains silent though his lips move in recitation.

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