Animal House
Animal House
Summary: There's nudity, alcohol, relationship drama, communal showers, thievery, and foul language. All in all, just another night of the status quo over in Red Berthings.
Date: PHD126
Related Logs: Occurs shortly after Coming and Going

The berthings are pretty empty at the moment. Most pilots are either asleep, out on CAP, or shoveling grub in the mess hall. Someone's blues jacket, smeared with a bit of blood on the shoulder, is draped across a chair at the table. Someone's boots are cluttering the floor by the lockers, and the cabinet holding the medkit is open. Oh, and one or two of the showers are running in the head.

The hatch swings open, and Komnenos steps quietly over the threshold into the Viper quarters. Half a cigarette dangles from his lips as he walks, the trail of smoke following him in from the corridor. He looks around for signs of any conscious inhabitants, but his search is interrupted as his eyes catch the bloodstained blues jacket and the open medkit. Thorn stares at it for a moment, an eyebrow raised in confusion.

There's very little sound from the Red Berths, aside from the shower(s) going. In fact, the Berth itself is pretty deserted, and only the scattering of a few articles of clothing hint that anyone's been in here very recently. If checked, the dark stain on the shoulder of the jacket is still wet, though tacky. But really, who goes about feeling dirty uniforms up? The pins on the collar are Ensigns pins. The CAG is notorious for leaving his heavy ass boots where he frakkin' well pleases. Math? Still. Really quiet. So probably nothing illicit is going on behind shower doors.

It's the viper berthings. They're pretty quiet. There's a uniform jacket smeared with blood on the shoulder, strewn across a chair. Someone's boots cluttering the floor. A med kit out and flipped open, and if someone were to count, there's a couple things missing out of it. But who'd count, seriously? There's also a shower going somewhere in the head, though no sound to indicate anything untoward going on in there.

After a moment, Thorn simply shakes his head at the scene in front of him, stepping around the table with the medkit and the bloody jacket. He paces up and down the berthings for a moment, his boots clanking against the metal floor. Nothing is said, out of (grudging) respect for the sleeping pilots in the room, but he is looking around, as though he's searching for something or someone.

Yarly, counting is for… DRADIS techs. The water continues to run back there, hissing as it does so. A little steam bellows. No words, no funny sounds, no movement. So much for rationed water and sea showers.

There's also a helmet abandoned on one of the chairs. It has the CAG's callsign imprinted across the back of it. Yep, Kai probably wuz here. But he's either asleep, in the shower, or vacated the premises.

Thorn finally risks an "Anyone home?" His gravelly voice is soft enough not to wake anyone; at least, nothing is thrown at him from any of the occupied bunks, anyway. He stops, folding his arms across his chest and sighing as he continues to smoke what's left of his cigarette.

The wheel spins and the hatch pops open with a loud, grinding *SQUEAK*. Maybe the engineering team is running low on WD-40something. In its wake, comes someone unfortunately familiar mouthing softly, "But it dont make no difference! cos I aint gonna be, easy, easy! The only time Im gonna be easys when Im! Killed by death!" Fortunately even though the last two parts of it are a slightly obnoxious falseto, Rebound, purveyor of assholish noise is polite enough to let his voice drop by the time he steps into the threshold and cuts it out, clearing his throat. "Nobody. Apparently."

CAG's probably asleep in the shower, totally using up all the water or maybe he's got a concussion. He was out on CAP or something, right? Nah, probably just some cranky frakker back there in the shower. It's not Sam and Martin for sure. Nobody's grunting like a — wait that's only funny of one of them is around to read the pose. Ahem.

There's a *thunk* as one of the shower stall doors opens, and clicks shut again. Someone pads out, in the process of pulling a towel around himself before he breaches the threshold between head and berthings. He looks mildly amused, but definitely not concussed. Though he does have a couple of small adhesive bandages on his forehead. little ones.

Komnenos turns in surprise at the voice behind him. He nods, though, recognizing Willem. "Rebound." Thorn turns back around, looking one more time across the berthings. "Looks that way." He shrugs. The person he's looking for, at least, isn't here. "Oh well. I'll just use the head and be on my way." He stops, though, quirking an eyebrow as Kai emerges from the head with bandages on his face. "Captain," he utters in a mildly surprised tone of voice. "What th' frak happened t' you?" he asks curiously, half to himself.

Having fallen silent as the threshold for his previous shenanigans in a place where people are trying to -sleep- is kind of small, Wil meanders over towards his locker and begins jimmying the lock open, tossing his bag inside and pulling out a battered magazine as he tucks it underneath his arm. "I'd stay away from stall three if I were you, Thorn." He notes in a mild tone, finishing up with a throatclearing sound. It looks like he's heading around the corner towards the Head himself when he stops, noting Kai's presence and stands still for a moment. He doesn't speak, but the wrinkles on his forehead pretty much echo Komnenos' question.

The spray of water back there (in the Head) finally shuts off. The shower door opens in the head, then clangs shut. There's a pause, the sound of hair being wrung out and water splattering over the floor. The person in question has so many tattoos, that even when she walks across the hatch view, it's not hard to identify her. Marine. A fluffy white towel, probably stolen from someone else, is wrapped around her body, hiding it from view. Anyone looking would only have gotten a brief glimpse. The lighting's a little low back there. She has a portrait of some old guy on her right thigh. It might have been a representation of a God. But it's covered now. She steps over to the mirrors, momentarily out of view of the hatch. Marine. In the pilot's Head.

Kai drips a fair amount of water on his way through the berthings. He reaches up to swipe a trickle of it off his nose, and his eyes tic up in time to meet Komnenos' as the ECO approaches. And then Willem. What is this, anyway, the viper inquisition? "I wasn't aware getting clean was reason for an all hands announcement," he offers deadpan, not stopping on his journey past. The uniform jacket with the bloodstain on it is left alone. He's headed for his locker instead, probably to fetch a fresh change of clothing.

Bedhead time! Or… well, waking up to bed hair, at least. Samantha Passi stirs behind the curtains of her own bunk, apparently alone today as there are no early morning… Enjoyments to be seen. Or is it night? Who knows these days. Still, she has CAP in a few hours and her body is thinking about waking up, thinking about food… a shower… and pushing her in that direction. She rolls over on her back with a snort, her right arm falling out of the bunk to bare itself to the room as she remains tucked behind curtain.

From the Hatch comes another, though it seems he is more or less basked in one of those naturally warm glows, that someone can acquire after some time-well we won't spell it out for your kids, we'll trust on the guise of imaginations. There's a hand to the back of his neck, as the newly entered pilot smiles around a dying cigarette. One hand reaches up to rub the corner of his eye as Hale closes it after him. "Bloody right evening is all I can say." A slight pause as he notices Thorn here in red country, before he's looking over towards Willem's bunk. Still dressed in his offduty clothes, Hale perhaps could be a little more rumpled, or stale.

"Ey Rebound, I told Poet he could join us for sim time. I thought I'd warn you" so as he wouldn't be surprised or say something like WOT R U DOING HERE NOOB to the poor fellow.

"Uh. No, sir." Wil considers aloud as his eyes drift away from the CAG, to Hale, with a nod. Oh yeah, there's a Marine in the pilot's head, it's not like he noticed. It wasn't the telltale bouncing of Epi either so his hackles aren't up. Yeah. "Scuse me. I have to go see a man. It's about a horse." With that, he ducks into the head.

Thorn simply shrugs at Kai's response, not concerned enough to press further. There's a look over at Salazar, a mix of surprise, curiousity, and interest. (In the ink, you gutter-minded trolls.) Thorn's got a couple of upper arm tattoos himself, but he's got nothing on Sal. In any case, the look doesn't last long enough for the ensign to take it the wrong way, or so he hopes. There's a flick of the eyes over at Sam's arm, but he doesn't know the bunk arrangements in Viperland and thus doesn't know it's Sam's arm. "Oi, Rabbit," he greets the man quietly. "Speaking of the simulators. Let me know when you're planning on going, I'll be taking them offline for a bit soon so I can install some new updates."

Kai is busy changing while pilots filter in and out. He's got his fatigue trousers on, and is tugging a t-shirt over his head by the time Hale rolls on through the hatch. There's a nod in greeting, and he pulls out a few other things from his locker before banging it shut: a spare set of tank tops, and sweats. Then, he starts back for the head.

Sam's arm might not be -totally- recognizable, but she's about the only arm with that set of nasty scars and bone-pin marks on the ship… at least, only female arm. Roubani's one arm might look rather similar.'s not too long before she finally grunts a bit and actually sits up, pushing the curtain open to let in some light that her too tired eyes wince against. She just sits there, blonde hair in all directions, just in her tanks and some black booty shorts… Not really awake, but sitting up. In that half aware state of just waking.

Eventually, the marine does transfer from towel to skivvies and tanks. She wraps the towel around long, dark hair, and steps out of the Head. She waits until she's clear of the wet floor, and sundry footprints (nice mess, Karim). She steps aside the trail of wet footprints the CAG left, and finds some floor space on which to tug on her blue trousers. "The water gets really hot in there. I'll have to remember that." Perhaps a showers for coffee bargain can be struck. Then again, the S2 does technically have the authority to inspect anything at any time. Sheridan and his broad strokes rules. Meh heh heh.

Whether the Marine has been noticed or not, Hale is not saying a peep, rather there's a look more or less as out rolls Passi, and a faint smirk eases from the Lieutenant's mouth. There's a slight nod as he sees Sal stumble out, again, though this time there is a nod "Ensign." and a sniff, before he's grinning back towards his friend. "Thorn" intoned back before he again is rubbing the back of his neck. "Will do mate, Prolly sometime this week I would imagine-jus need to find out when I can spare Poet from sniping." Which means he'll ask Sen in some fashion or another for some of Roubani's time. "Glad t' see you came for a visit."

"Here," mutters the Captain, tossing the pile of clean clothes down next to Salazar, before she quite manages to get her blues trousers on. "You can borrow them. Pull the drawstring tight, and they ought to fit." Sorta. He holds his hand out, presumably for the rest of her clothing. "I'll take it down with my laundry in the morning." He keeps his voice quiet, and intended pretty much solely for the S2.

Plod. Plod. Plod. Wil ambles over inside the head with a quirk of his brow. If there's a Marine spook in here, he's not particularly spooked by the situation. A little light reading tucked under his arm(classy) he ambles into one of the stalls and closes the door. How exciting.

"Well, I don't get over here enough," Thorn answers Hale, "although this wasn't a purely social call. I was… looking for somebody." Facing Hale, his back is to Samantha as she rolls out of bed. "Shouldn't take me too long," he continues, speaking of the simulators once again, "but I would hate t' just so happen t' pick the time you lot want t' be down there t' have them all shut down." Another drag is taken from the cigarette, and Thorn releases the smoke through his nose as to not blow it in anyone's face in the relatively cramped compartment. Because he's considerate like that. Sort of.

The dark eyes of said S2 flick to the Captain. She shrugs, drops trou again, and flashes Sam pretty much the exact panties the other woman is wearing. If this were a musical, a dance number could be imminent. But it's not, and it's not. So stop thinking it. Salazar reaches for the CAG's offered sweats, and then tugs those on, tossing her blues trousers over the table's edge. She doesn't have to pull the drawstring all that tight for them to fit ok. That doesn't bode well for his wardrobe of civvies. "Excellent." It's hard to be spooked by a marine when she's in her underwear swapping clothes with the CAG. It's ok. We understand. "Appreciated, Captain."

A plume of smoke leaves Hale and joins the rest of the somewhat smoggy atmosphere the bunks can get given who is in here, and who is smoking. There's a nod as he moves for the table, if anything-to flick ash into the tray before looking back to Komnenos. "You should- sides I still owe you that bloody drink, be about Frakkin time you have it, an we could do it here. Shoot the shit. Catch up on auld times." the Aerelon saying twirled there before he grins. "We'll figure it out an hopefully the times won't coincide. Take it to faith." a clap of hands, as he takes time to rub them together "Now who ya lookin' for my cutty?"

Samantha blinks drowsily as she hears Thorn's voice, a faint smile crossing her lips, but she actually listens to -some- of the words that are going on… So she says nothing yet, apparently curious about that herself, and far more interesting things can be learned by keeping quiet than by speaking. Besides, her brain isn't really functional quite yet. Getting up isn't all that tempting. So she sits there, stifling a bit of a yawn, her smile widening as she sees Salazar's shorts. She nods in approval to the Marine.

Kai doesn't lend his clothing to just anyone. What that says about Nikos, who the hell knows. "No problem," he answers the marine. Something else is offered, more quietly. He waits until she's finished changing, and then gathers up her discarded uniform. Each piece is shaken out and folded, then tucked into his locker. His gaze shifts briefly to Hale, then Komnenos, then away again as he withdraws a pack of cigarettes and bangs the door shut.

Castor Leda comes fresh from a shower after getting his ass kicked by a marine, so green kryptonite would be bombs in his locker and red kryptonite would be Marines knocking him out in a sparring match. As he steps into the hatch he takes one moment to study the insanity before him and then he offers, "And you people wonder why I drink." He then smirks as he opens his locker going through the ritual of getting out the key for the deadbolt and then throwing his gym bag in their before pulling out a cigar and a flask. He is in his sweats and he is apparently used to all of this mess by now then again the first thing he does is open the flask to take a sip, yup, this is from Aquaria - though it is a bit off - see the reason why this was so easy to trade for is on the other side of Aquaria they sell a unique white whisky that is roughly 75% alcohol by volume. It tastes like fire and the fumes that come from your mouth afterward are enough to make your average person gag, soju, this is not since that is from the side of the planet that Leda is from. He then takes a moment say since everyone is being SO formal and all still though the tone is respectful, "Sirs."

Where's Wil? *FWOOOOOSH*. The sound of regular Head-like noises come from the Head's plumbing system. At least somebody washed their hands. Magazine tucked under his arm, he meanders out a few minutes later with a muffled yawn, peering about.

Sal was just about to reach for her uniform bits, but Kai's already taken care of them. She slides her thumbs under the waistband of the sweats, testing teh fit briefly before she flicks her hands over her thighs, to smooth imaginary wrinkles. She leans in a little as he says something very quietly to her, and replies with a nod. She reaches over to hand him something. A little length of ball chain. Like you might find on dogtags. She glances over as Leda goes about the fun and games with his locker locks. She doesn't mention the locks. Her eyes turn to Karim again at the crinkle of a cigarette pack.

Thorn grins at Hale. "That's right, y' do. How could I have forgotten?" He smacks the side of his head jokingly as he takes a few steps over towards the table. His cigarette is tapped flippantly, a puff of ash fluttering down into the ashtray. There's a short chuckle as the other pilot trots out the old Aerelon phrase; the man might be from Leonis, but damned if he doesn't remind Thorn of home. "I… was looking for Lieutenant Passi, actually, but she's either gone or asleep. Let her know I dropped in, what?"

What do you do when you see a wolf in the henhouse? As Wil pads on back in, he just gives Thorn one of those pointed looks(tm), eyes narrowing a fraction as he goes back to the locker and starts fumbling with it, popping it open. Oh. The wolf. Eyeing Salazar, he simply acknowledges her presence with a lazy wave. "Evening, Ensign."

Hale turns his head, looking back towards where Willem has appeared, and now the magazine is noted with a curious look. "Everything come out alright?" Yes, Hale apparently takes the joke that this place is like a frat house, a little too seriously. There's a grunt as he is looking back to Thorn, however instead of saying anything right off- Hale is instead looking towards Castor for a moment. "No, Not really, Leda.." a chuckle, as he watches the other pilot for a moment. "This bloody close to suggesting we change your name to Hooch…"

A grin though as he looks back towards Komnenos and he's nodding. "Dunno mate- sometimes th' important things slip us by." A right nod there, before he's urning slightly, before stickin a thumb out towards Passi's bunk "In there Ma-" or rather since she is sitting in plain sight "Er-right there mate. I say you go an tell 'er yourself."

"She's right over there," the CAG mentions helpfully, jerking his head toward Samantha in all her recently-awoken glory. Cellophane slid off his pack of cigarettes, he pulls one out and reaches — with the same hand — for the broken bit of chain. Right. That'll need replacing. "Thanks," he murmurs, keeping his eyes on her for a long while before turning toward his bunk's ladder.

Leda takes another swig and even though he is a hardened drink it is easy to see that he is playing wite fire since he winces slightly and lets out a little breath afterward. Normally, this sort of drink needs food. Instead, Leda lights a crap cigar. He then looks over at everyone simply listening for now. He then looks over at Thorn for a moment and then to Sal since situational awareness always has him keeping an eye on Papabear and the S2 since both could throw him in hack in a heartbeat and he'd rather not go there. Then Hale speaks to him and a wide grin comes across his face, "Could you imagine that would, sir, Hooch to acctual, scratch one Raider." He then chickles at the thought of that, "And yeah, I'd drink without you guys anyway…now if anyone wants to try the North Aquarian firewater feel free." He warns, "It was an easy trade even though it is booze and to be honest, it tastes like utter shit but it will frak you up fast enough…also be warned of the gagging if you've never had it. Seriously, how can they drink this on a regular basis."

Sam grunts again, that apparently her early morning greeting to the world before her whole brain fully wakes up. She swings her legs across the edge of the bunk and finally stands up, all arms and legs other than her shorts and dark tank top. "…You blind, Rosebud? What, I gotta take a swing at you to get yer attention?" Sam inquires, half grinning, her voice thickly husky with the early morning sleep, but the words are meant as a joke, that much is clear. She seems a bit surprised by Castor's offer, but not awake enough to take it. She only has enough mental focus for one person right now… and all her eyes are on Thorn.

Salazar glances over at Wil, and nods to the man. "Evening pilots." She lets the general greeting encompass all of them, but she's looking right at the ginger when she says it. Since a cigarette is held so close, the S2 snatches it right up. Karim probably was handing it to her, anyway. She tucks the cig between her lips, and then trails after the CAG, headed for the ladder as well. She has no lighter. He definitely does. A comment goes out across the berthing she apparently must respond to, because just as she reaches the ladder, she says, quite clearly, "You need to work on your gag reflex, Leda."

Situational awareness… apparently Thorn doesn't do it right. He turns his head, an eyebrow raised in surprise as he sees Samantha sitting in the bunk where he'd noticed the falling arm earlier. "I guess so, Case," he says drolly, shooting a restrained smile the Viper pilot's way as the cigarette comes up for another drag. He takes a few steps over towards her bunk. "Maybe you should have dropped me the other night, then, eh?" he says to her quietly as he approaches, still smiling.

"Night, boys." That's from Kai. Because all pilots, regardless of their gender, are 'boys' to him. The cigarette might or might not have been intended for Salazar. If not, he'll get it back later. For now, he's clambering up the ladder and ducking out of sight.

"I think I've got a hole in my guts after the last stuff Sam convinced me to down. Maybe next time." Wil says towards Castor mildly before he just gives Sal another nod. He glances to the CAG too but doesn't comment. Do dee doo dee doo. Back to the locker, as he starts fumbling in his bag to produce a pair of sweat pants and he starts to step out of his boots. All the while this is broken up with another series of looks to various pilots - Rabbit. Thorn. And Sam. Back to Thorn for some reason. He belatedly responds towards Kai, in a tired tone. "Night, sir."

"An here I thought prison would teach you that." Hale responds back towards Leda with a chuckle, before he's shaking his head. Apparently Rabbit is in an extra good mood, because he is grinning like a bloody idiot over towards Willem-and with the Sam/Thorn convo going on- he is no longer needed here. Just a nod passed to Thorn as he is maneuvering to his bunk and clambering up the ladder with his cigarette clutched a bit tighter "Night Spider.." called back towards Kai as he moves.

Willem just coughs at Hale, tossing him the magazine in the process. It's some hipster music mag pinched from Tauron, over a year old. It's beat down. "Bathroom reading."

Hale catches it, it will be inspected once he is in the bunk. But, soon enough one would hear "Really.." ok so someone is reading the magazine, or something on the cover.

Samantha gives Kai a brief wave. "Night boss… not huggin' yer marine teddy bear tonight?" Ahh, tact thy name is not Sam. But it never has been. With that little comment, she looks back over to Anton as he comes in her direction, a slightly wider smile crossing her lips. She nods for the spot on her bunk next to her, apparently not really up to standing now. "…Yeah, well…glad I didn't. Though if I had connected, you'd be in trouble, boy…" She murmurs lightly, half teasing. If he sits, she allows her head to drop to his shoulder, eyes shutting. "…dun wanna wake up….why you here?"

Leda looks at Salazar and says, "Good one, but seriously, next time try some of this stuff then make with the jokes." He then watches as Hale chimes in, "Ouch, Eltee." He says good naturedly since after all he isn't in a position to dig his way out of this one. He then says, "Night, Sir." He then makes a mental note as he watches Papabear and then Salazar and he takes a second to do some math, maybe the rumors are true…or not but where there is smoke there is fire and this is smoke. He looks back over at Thorn and Samantha waiting for see what is going on between the pair since maybe another match is being made.

"Call me a teddy bear again, and I'll confiscate your dildo supply, Passi." And there goes the S2, on the heels of the CAG, disappearing into his bunk. The curtain is swung closed, just after a, "Sleep well kids." And then, more quietly, "Lighter." Behind the curtain. It's not a command, but it's not a question. It's more like the answer to a question. There's some rustling, and then relative silence, save perhaps some quiet talking. Smoke curls out the corner of the curtain now and then. Cigarettes.

Wil just catches Castor's look and says in a slightly condecending tone, "Tin. Sometimes, when a boy meets a girl…" He doesn't finish, coughing a little bit as he trails off. For some reason he just peers at Thorn again. And Sam. It's almost fishy, isn't it? Ah well, back towards Hale as he slips out of his pants(HAWT) and slips on his sweats(not as hawt). "Enjoy, Rabbit. There's a write-up on the 'burgeoning world of DIY Taur-metal' on page 36."

Presuming the nod to be an invitation, Thorn has a seat next to Samantha. "Hm. Sounds kinky." He doesn't notice Wil's look from the side of the room, but he does notice Castor's; there's an arched glare from the ECO to the pilot before he continues. "Was lookin' for you. But then you already heard that." His smile goes a little bit lopsided before he does a doubletake in Salazar's direction — or more correctly, in the direction of Kai's curtain, now that both of them are behind it. He looks back at Samantha, hesitating before he speaks again. Damn nosy pilots. When he does begin to talk, his voice is quiet again. "Wanted t' apologize. I was a daft fool." He directs another look around the berthings, terse in the presence of a crowd.

Samantha is tired enough that she's not quite being witty. She just chuckles after Salazar…"Don't really need'em anyway… pass'em out to those have nots among the ship. They're dishwashable." that's the best comeback she has, and it's more strangely honest. She then smiles as Thorn settles in on her bunk and she definitely allows her head to sink against his shoulder, resting there close, taking in a deep breath and just half ready to go back to sleep against him. "…nah…I wasn't… bein' all that kind either. It was… a weird night." She murmurs quieter.

Samantha says, "..Question though. You didn't…steal a bra of mine…in revenge…did you?"

Castor looks back at Wil, "What is this pick on Leda night?" He says giving a laugh since after all he doesn't care he has some seriously strong hooch in a flask in one hand and an unlit less than average cigar in his other hand. Leda lets Sam and Thorn talk since Sam is his best friend on this ship and he isn't going to poke about in her business, although he might listen to the conversation at hand. He turns to Hale and says, "Hey, eltee, all joking aside, have you heard anythingabout that kid we found?"

Meanwhile, Wil fumbles around a bit with something else in his locker, sticking his head inside. Wow. That looks interesting. Whatever it is.

A head peeks out of Hale's bunk- the cigarette missing which means the pilot has put it out sometime while sitting in there and reading. A raise of his brow and there's a shake of his head "No words at all mate-I figure you should ask the Marines. He's been I think with them the most?" a shrug from the Lieutenant before he is pulling his head back into the bunkspace again. "Wil.." comes a word from the curtained bunk, of Rabbit.

Thorn blanches slightly at the mention of The Bra. "That… was yours?" He seems honestly confused. "Damn." There's a shake of the head as Anton quiets for a moment. "I found one, though. Someone left it in my Raptor before we even went on that CAP. But I thought it was… someone else's." He doesn't name names, his eyes flicking briefly over towards the CAG's rack. Thorn looks down into her eyes. "Didn't steal it, though, cross my heart." There's a playful smirk. "Though… maybe I'll keep it. It's pretty."

Leda nods his head, "Thanks, Eltee." Castor offers to Hale before he takes another sip of the worlds worst liquor. He then looks over at Willem as if trying to figure out what is in his locker but for now he remains quiet since he doesn't have much to say. Instead, he closes his flask and lights a cigar. The hooch he is drinking is flameable after all and there better not be any accidents. The cigar is lit with a Battlestar Orpheus silver Zippo. For now he is attempting to reach a moment of zen, well, not really but he is slowing his mind down so he can sleep later.

Rummage rummage. There's a cough from the inside of Wil's locker. "Bloody thieves around here." He finally notes. To his credit, his expression is entirely straight when he looks out, peering back at Sam, and then Thorn, an eyebrow widening in surprise. "Guess you can stop blaming Ivory." He says, mildly. Before he can say anything else his head whips around towards Hale. "Yah, Rabbit?"

It was put in Thorn's raptor? Sam blinks, confusion crossing her brow. Apparently, she believes him he didn't steal it. She laughs huskily, still half asleep, not actually getting out of bed seems to have helped keep her in that sleepy stage. "…who the frak put my bra in your raptor? Frakkin'… you could keep it. But I promise you… seeing it on me might be a far better prize for it's return." She then stares over to the comment about thieves, her eyes narrowing on Will… thoughtful. Was this revenge? "How would…Ivory get my bra? Only two or three people on ship who might… and they ain't Blackboys…"

"Mate there's a reciept in here..Frak two.." And silence comes from the other bunk as Rabbit has yet to put his head back out into the natural light of the room. "We're talking over CAP." simple- it seems that Rabbit has figured something to hound his wingman about now.

"No idea. But I think Mr. Wide-Eyed over there KNOWS SOMETHING." Thorn's voice is louder as he directs a pointed glance over at Willem's bunk. You think? "I was operating under the impression it was someone else's when I thought Ivory had left it there," he explains, before one of his arms creeps behind her back as she leans against his shoulder. He grins. "In that case, I think I can be persuaded t' part with it." Thorn pauses for a moment before he belatedly answers something she'd said before, his volume once again falling for her ears alone. "So… I take it you're not angry, then."

It's the arm that does it. Sam's exhausted, CAP isn't for 2 hours… and she can skip breakfast. She tugs on his waist…"Come on… we'll discuss it later. Got two more hours… ta sleep. And no, I ain't angry…certainly worst shit happened before." And with that, it seems he's getting invited in for a nap. Whatever that means. "…Take off yer boots. No boot shit in this bunk." that's the last bit of romantic words Sam offers as she sinks back into her bunk, trying to tug Thorn with her by his uniform.

Castor begins to study Willem for a minute and then he looks over at Hale. A moment later he looks at Sam and then to Thorn and whatever is going on in his head is hard to say but it might because he has something on everyone in the room but then again maybe he is just starting to get tipsy and so he is enjoying himself. Either way he remains silent as he takes a drag of his cigar and then placing it carefully into an ashtray he opens his flask and takes another drink from it, this causes him to let out a slight breath of air. He then looks back at Thorn and he huckles softly.

"Nah. Apparently Ivory's 'date night' was wildly successful." Wil says to Sam, candidly. Pass the word, pass the word. It's an all-hands notice. He tosses this out mildly. IVORY GOT LAID. "Thorn here jumped to all manner of sordid conclusions." He can't help but waggle an eyebrow. "I was the next suspect but I'd know better than to defile Mr. Komnenos' Raptor, here." He gives Thorn a challenging look, with a thin-lipped, calm glance. "I really don't know what you're insinuating." He's about to say something else when Rabbit's words sort of puzzle him after the fact. His mouth opens, and closes. "We will?" He makes a beeline towards Rabbit's bink. "Sure. Uh. Mind if I see? It's probably a little too late for tax deductions, but…"

"I know this Jeweler, got a watch there once.." And out comes a hand from Rabbit's bunk as the Receipt is placed out, followed by the other "And look, wine used t' get bums drunk and college coeds laid.." Second receipt out. Uh Oh. As for the other news only a slight muffled and quizzical response is given "Ivory got laid?"

For the moment, Willem is forgotten as all of a sudden Thorn has ears only for Samantha. With the mystery solved and no one looking for his head on a platter, it's suddenly not quite as important. He readily kicks off his boots with no argument, holding the cigarette in his hand carefully as he allows Sam to pull him in next to her.

Now, Castor who is on the regularshit he has with Sam starts much later, then again, he didn't have to reschedule so that he could attend the service and so his CAP won't start for a long while yet. He then turns to look at Hale and then to Willem before he chuckles and says with a bit of mirth, "Sir, almost everyone is getting laid these days." He then says, "Well, I'm not but after my last one that may be a good thing." Now, why would he offer this, maybe he wants to ease the tension in the room but either way he then takes another sip of his nasty ass whisky before he closes the clasp so he can take another drag of of his cigar.

Of course, it'd be far, far more interesting if Sam and Thorn suddenly got loud and… well, rumor making. But they're not. In fact, people might hear deep breathing or a faint snore within a few moments as drowsy Sam falls into a deeper sleep against his chest, very much just needing the rest, it seems, not the scandal. Still, she's comfortable enough with the man, and perhaps will forget about her bra in an hour or two. But probably not.

Likewise, there is a bit of a disconnect from the other aircrew as Wil pads over in his sweats and leans over towards Rabbit, blinking quietly. "Too late for tax deductions." He says, after a bit of an odd pause. "Mind if I see them?" A series of sharp lines appear on his forehead. Funny question and all. It's -his- magazine. Or was. "Forgot I left stuff in that thing, I've had it for so long I had the damn thing memorized." He clears his throat once more as he says, half for Castor and half for Hale with only the barest glance back at Case and Thorn, strangely. "Yah. Ivory. Good for him, eh?"

"Seems to be the current thoughts with exes these days…" Hale yawns as eyes close and it seems the Lieutenant is about to pass out himself. "Very good-tomorrow talking, now sleeping." Abe adds to his wingman as soon enough he is slipping off to slumberville. Where he is the mayor.

Lying on his back with Samantha nestled into his shoulder, it doesn't take long for Komnenos to fall asleep either. Luckily for the pair of them, he manages to get rid of the cigarette butt before he drifts off; a few minutes later, the sound of a deep, throaty breathing — not very loud though, and not quite a snore — can be heard from the slumbering ECO.

Meanwhile, Wil just grasps at the slips of paper and stares down at them a moment, silently as Hale drifts off. He walks back over towards his locker wordlessly and grabs at something on the second shelf — A battered white envelope, and stuffs them inside gingerly. Back on the shelf it goes. With a simple shake of his head he just looks inside the locker a moment longer and then presses the door shut, meandering back towards his rack and climbing the ladder. Sam's bunk gets a curious glance much later. "Night." He says, noncommittally.

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