Andreas Zyne
James Marsters
James Marsters as Andreas Zyne
Name: Andreas Zyne
Alias: Nugget
Age: 23
Hair & Eyes: Dirty Blonde w/ Storm Grey Eyes
Faction: Faction Navy: Air Wing
Position: Kharon/Pilot/Crewman Apprentice
Colony: Scorpius
Play Times: 11am-2pm & midnight-2am R->T, all day Wendsday
Timezone: Centrel

Biographical Info


Early Life

The Colonial Solar Racing League is the fastest most intense sport in the colonies. It includes events such as racing similar to vipers through the local asteroid belt, reentry on a ship that is little more then maneuvering thrusters and reentry panels dropped from orbit and having to hit a spot the size of a baseball diamond, and of course the All Colonies Run, where contestants must race between all 12 checkpoints in orbit of each colony in non jump capable ships. The fast paced and dangerous world of solar racing is no place to raise a kid, but when you're a single mother sometimes you don't have a choice.

Charity Zyne was on of the hottest racer the colonies had ever seen. She lived a carefree life of racing and partying with nary a care in the world, outside her engines giving out. When she found that she was pregnant. Some people told her that it meant her career was over, but Charity knew what was more important in her life. She dropped her son off with her parents and kept racing. %R%R%TShe got away with it for about five years, before her parents were fed up. They put the boy on the first shuttle to the station charity's hanger was on and he showed up on her door step with little more then the clothes on his back. Andreas worshipped the image of his mother when he arrived, and her response was simply to put him to work, as a gopher and an errand boy. Treating him as just another member of the crew. He mechanic, Sam, was a little more realistic and made sure the boy ate right and went to bed while his mother was out all hours partying.

Solar Racing

By the age of eight he knew all the parts of a starship engine. By the age of 10 he was helping crew during an All Colonies Run, by the age of 13 he made his first solo flight, and by the age of 17 he was flying on the racing circuit with his own sponsors. The one thing his mother passed on to him, was a love ofracing, and that racing was more important then anything else. He never felt gypped in the loss of his childhood, because he never knew it could be any other way.

At 19 Andreas Zyne made headlines when he beat Charity Zyne in a head to head Tauron Asteroid Belt Run. Some people said he got lucky, others said that Charity was starting to get old, having just had her 42nd birthday. Charity didn't say anything, not to the media, and never again spoke a word to her son. She was not a good loser. When his mother turned her back on him, Andreas was crushed. He figured the only way to earn her approval back was to win, and so he redoubled his efforts toward that goal.

Four years later he did the one thing every racer expires to. Something his mother never succeeded did in her 30 years of racing, he won the All Colonies Run. He basked in the glow of the winner's circle, but his eyes only looked for one person to congratulate him, and she never showed up. In addition to the fame, the cash, the sponsorships, the victory came with one additional, very important prize, one that would turn out to save his life. A 2 week vacation luxury cruise on the Intersun Passenger Luxury Cruise Liner Elpis.

Attack On The Colonies

The first few weeks after the attack were a blue for everyone, jumping, running, food running low. People dealing with the fact that the world as they knew is had not changed, it just went away. Professional racing was the only thing he lived for, outside of the approval of his mother, now both of them were gone. Andreas hit a bit of a low point, walking the decks in an almost zombie like fashion. Eating when one of the stewardesses made him, and sleeping wherever he got tired, or was directed to in order to keep the halls clear. He remembered little of it.

The stewardess who was keeping an eye on him was named Serra, she was a bit of a racing fan, so knew who he was, and really his reaction to the end of the world was not all that different from a lot of others. Not all that different then what Serra's would be if she hadn't had someone to take care of so that she didn't have too dwell on it herself. When the Cylons boarded the ship she began moving passengers to concentrated areas, evacuating the areas closest to the fighitng, doing what she could. She went back for Andreas when she realized he wasn't with the group. She got him moving, and headed in the right direction just as the cylons made it to their area. She was taken down by a ricochet bullet. That is what finally woke the solar racing pilot from his haze.

Andreas carried the bleeding body of Serra through the halls just one step above the boarding party. By the time he reached the relative saftey of one of the hardened defense point she had long since bled out, not that he knew that at the time. The next few hours was more of a nightmare then the previous several weeks, but he didn't check out this time, he helped where he could and he kept the spirits of the handful of survivors with him up. He did the job he remembered Serra doing, now that she couldn't do it herself.

When rescue came he found out that all the ships that had been traveling with them were gone, and that less then three dozen people had survived. For a lot of people this additional lost was more then they could handle mentally, but for Andreas he had already been to that dark place and survived. He knew he would never race again, that human kind didn't have time for the luxury of sports anymore. Still he figured his skills could be put to some use to humanity, and he signed the dotted line, enlisting. Given his former profession he was tapped for nugget training one of the newest members of the Kharon's squadron.


8 year veteran of the Solar Racing Circuit, Winner of the All Colonies Run


Colonial Racing League: The Colonial Solar Racing League is the fastest most intense sport in the colonies. Think of Nascar In Space.
Solar Racing: Any Racing Event that is done in Space Capable ships without jump drives. They Include:
1) Skiff Racing: Reentry on a "ship" that is little more then maneuvering thrusters and reentry panels dropped from orbit and having to hit a spot on the planet below the size of a baseball diamond while using the least amount of fuel possible.
2) Belt Racing: Racing fastest time in small unarmed viper-like ships through Asteroid Belts.
3) All Colonies Run: A marathon race through 12 check points, one on each colony. No Jump Drives are allowed.
(Think of it like a cross between the Indie 500 and the Kentucky Derby of Solar Racing, ran once per Year)

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