And All the Queen's Men
And All the Queen's Men
Summary: The weight of the world finally comes crashing down on Eddie.
Date: PHD025 (13 May 2009)
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At first the only sound in the storage closet is the sound of a lighter being sparked to life. Maybe its the sort of thing that's lost in the noise the hatch makes when it's pulled open. Soon, the sound of paper crackling can be heard as it slowly burns, and Eddie's voice raises up in the background in an eerie type of song that sounds like a lullaby. "We lay my love and I, beneath the weeping willow. But now alone I lie, and weep beside the tree…" The ensign is sitting on a crate, watching fire gently consume a greeting card that she holds over a metal pail. Her head slightly lulls forward, like she can't quite keep it righted on her shoulders and the words of the song are thick and lazy. "Singing 'Oh Willow Waly' by the tree that weeps with me. Singing 'Oh Willow Waly' till my lover return to me…"

It might be the caterwauling, or it might be the smell of burning greeting card that draws another visitor to the storage closet. Or it might just be that Kai needs a cigarette, and it's the only place approaching quiet on the ship. Well, nix that last bit. He stops just inside the hatch, letting it slam shut as he starts rummaging in his fatigues for a lighter. And sniffs once or twice.

Yeah, so much for that whole quiet thing. It's not ten seconds after Kai walks in that the hatch opens again and admits Roubani, wearing post-CAP off-duties and, like usual, a T-shirt over the tanks. His dark eyes find Kai's back but there's no real time to think about that - his attention gets pulled deeper into the room by the singing. "…Morales?"

Eddie asked for today off, and she's been hiding the extent of it. Maybe she's been in here for the majority of the hours, wasting it away with burning random bits of paper and singing ancient sad songs. "We lay my love and I beneath the weeping willow. A broken heart have I. Oh willow I die, oh willow I die…" Her feet shuffle when she hears her name as if startled, the clatter of glass added as punctuation to the end of her song as an empty bottle rolls away from her on the deck. "Frak."

Oh, great. It's already a party in here and Kai hasn't even found a cigarette yet. He watches Eddie for a long while — or at least, the direction Eddie's voice is coming from — before finally slipping a smoke out of the pack and lighting it. The rolling bottle is picked up as it tumbles toward his feet, but the Captain keeps his distance for the time being. He hitches his hip against a stack of steel crates, and darts a brief look to Roubani.

Roubani clears his throat softly. "It's alright." Her burning a greeting card doesn't seem to surprise him, for whatever reason. "We're not the MPs." He has a cigarette in hand but doesn't light it quite yet.

Eddie can't seem to focus her eyes on Roubani as he speaks, though she's trying. The greeting card finally gets eaten away until the flames lick her fingers, but it takes her even a second to register that. Finally, she drops it with another muttered curse. "Take me away, lock me up, throw the key into the bottomless sea…" Apparently Roubani's words have sparked another song, the jaunty sailor tune anything but jaunty.

Kai doesn't breathe a word still. Maybe he just doesn't know what to say to the young woman; he has roughly the people skills of a rusty nail, on the best of days. Concern? That much is plainly, almost painfully obvious in the stitching together of his brows while he smokes.

Roubani's dark eyes flicker to Kai. They don't seem to be asking for backup, moreso just looking to see if he's keeping tabs. Which he is, so Ensign looks back at Ensign. "Morales? Hey…" He slips the cigarette behind his ear, stepping past Kai to crouch down near Eddie's pail. "It's Rubix. Look at me."

Eddie cants her face towards Roubani, but her eyelids have slipped closed, like they're too heavy to keep open. "Rubix. You. I still owe you a drink." Because forever ago they had a bet about how fast he could solve that children's toy that Kai lobbed his way one night in the game room. "You don't look like a cube, though, do you."

Oh, Kai is definitely there, and keeping a close eye on Morales. And possibly calculating where the nearest wireless station is, in case he has to place a call. The cherry of his cigarette briefly flares, and there's a bootscrape in the mottled dark as he steps closer. And hunkers down atop a crate opposite the young woman. He starts rummaging about in his fatigues for something.

"No, I don't. Though I suppose some think me terribly square." Roubani offers the breath of humour quietly, and without his usual dryness. "You do owe me a drink, don't you. I haven't forgotten." He gives a minute smile, which then fades. "Are you okay?"

Eddie takes a long breath. "I'm waiting." Her head becomes heavy again, and she nods forward only to do that reflexive jerk upright again. Like she's falling asleep without meaning to. "The card. I burnt it. Burnt it all up, but the words are still there." Slowly she tries to pry her eyes back open, focusing for a moment if only long enough to see that Kai is there as well. "Captain!" She smiles blearily, but it fades, "Forgive me for not getting up, but I think I've lost my feet."

Roubani smiles a little at the mention of the card. It's a small expression, tinged with sadness. "I see you burned it. I know it's hard. But you're still here and I'm proud of you for that." He exhales softly through his nose, glancing over his shoulder as Kai's uneven steps get closer. Then back to Eddie.

Eddie touches her tongue to her bottom lip, the split healing but the crease from the wound still there. Her black eye is nothing more then mottled greenish yellow, the bruise fading away. "I've very tired, Nadiv. Can I sleep now?" Alcohol taints her breath with the words, sweet and almost cloying. The question sends her tilting to the left, and as her hand tightens on the crate, she knocks over something else that was sitting behind her. An empty pill bottle that has her name on the label.

Kai ceases digging around in his pocket, when he hears that distinct clatter of a pill bottle. An empty pill bottle. His eyes jerk from it, to the bruised and sloshed Morales, and then he's shifting to reach for it. And unlike Roubani, he doesn't give a damn if he accidentally gropes her in the near-dark. "What is this? And how much have you had to drink, Ensign?" Uh oh. It's pappa bear voice. And it's gone deadly cold.

Right, it was Find A Way To Coax Drunk Ensign To Bed…until now. Roubani's eyes fix on the pill bottle when Kai picks it up, his body seeming to come to a slow freeze that lasts a second or two. You'd never know it from his voice, which is controlled and calm as he remarks to Kai, softly, "I'm going to place a call, sir." And he's getting back up.

Eddie gets a little jostled in the dark, lifting a hand to ward off what she's perceiving as an attack. Though in her mind she's giving a great battle, in reality, it's a just a feeble little swat that doesn't connect with anything. The pill bottle is for the low dose perscription pain killer she was given for her ribs three days ago, one she's avoided taking until now. "The bottle goes up, the bottle goes down. I wanted to make the pain go away for just a minute. Don't be mad at me."

Avoided taking until now, indeed. All at once, no doubt. Placing a call was going to be the Captain's next move, so Roubani's calm announcement is given a curt nod that's not so much permission, as acknowledgement. He then is reaching forward to take Eddie's face in his hands, as if he's going to give her a kiss— which, of course, he isn't. He's trying to check her eyes, her skin, smell her breath. "I'm sure I'll be mad later. How many drinks, Morales?" His voice is edged with something sharper than anger; it's a twinge of fear.

The wireless set is on the wall by a desk that's abandoned at this hour. Roubani's steps quicken once he gets out of Eddie's line of sight, long legs carrying him to the headset in a matter of seconds. He picks it off the wall and turns around, watching the two of them as his fingers push buttons.

Eddie flinches slightly as the Captain gets right up in her face, but she doesn't have the strength to pull out of his grasp. "I…I dunno? The bottle was already open when I started. How much is left?" Her words sound like there are miles between each, like she has to search for them through the fog that's filling her head. "My fingers are numb, but my heart..still hurts."

It's doubtful Eddie could beat Kai in a contest of strength, even if she wasn't drunk as a skunk. A couple of rudimentary checks are performed, but it's hard to see much in here. The real intent, maybe, is just to keep her talking and conscious. "Well, you polished it off pretty well, Mooner." He reaches for her hand, pulling it between his own and simply.. holding onto it for now. "What's her name? Your little girl."

Roubani's conversation into the wireless doesn't carry. It's short, sweet, and to the point, and he hangs up. He starts back over towards them and drifts to a stop a short distance away, folding his arms. His eyes flicker to the pail of burnt greeting card and the frown on his face is tinged with concern. and underneath a sharp pang of guilt.

Eddie 's head lulls forward, and she's quiet for a moment before her shoulders start to shake. The sob seeps away more of her energy, and her hand in in Kai's grasp is limp. "She doesn't have a name anymore. She's ash and dust, dust and ash." Tears start to seep down her face, crying without much of a sound. "Saddie."

"Saddie," Kai repeats, voice so low it's almost a rumble in his throat. It's at least a few minutes before medical staff will arrive, and he shoots a glance sideways to Roubani when the call's hung up. "Well, too damned bad. She has a name, because you told me her name, and I've got a pretty damned good memory. I had a daughter, too." He reaches out to dry her cheek with the sleeve of his jacket. "Probably a little older than yours."

Roubani retreats a few steps back from the two, remaining silent.

Eddie sniffles loudly, "I saw the crayon drawing." She sighs softly as she feels the sleeve on her face. "Don't be loud." She tells him softly, then tries to lean forward to lay her head on his shoulder.

Kai doesn't have anything else to say. He's probably exhausted his reserves of compassion for at least a week. Instead, he lets Eddie rest her head on his shoulder, and pulls his arms around her, petting her back like a cat.

Roubani is predictably silent, staying where he is. His expression's gone from a frown to simply unreadable.

Eddie gives a final sigh and gently slips off, propped against Kai and wrapped in his arms. Her breathing becomes deeper, like she's merely sleeping and her features smooth out their lines of pain.

"Help me get her out of here. Where are those frakking medics?" The Captain's voice isn't panicked or overly sharp, though there's a touch of worry when Eddie slips off in his arms. He starts easing her to her feet, which causes him to briefly stumble when his bad leg is turned at a strange angle.

Roubani unfolds his arms. During that long, focused silence he waited there, perhaps he'd been mentally preparing to have to do this. As there's not even a flicker of hesitation when he bends his knees, moving to grab Eddie with one arm around her back and one under her knees. "I have her," he tells Kai, his voice low and very controlled. "Get the hatch."

Eddie is a ragdoll in Roubani's arms, shame that she's missing this. When the hatch is opened and they finally step out, the medical team is racing down the hall to meet them, shouting questions as they come.

Kai, likewise, doesn't waste time making sure Roubani's okay with holding her. He relinquishes the sack of potatoes and strides away, kicking aside boxes and scattered bits of junk that nobody's bothered to pick up off the floor. Less chance for the Ensign to trip with his cargo. The hatch is shouldered open to the tune of a sharp grind, and voices in the hall as the pair of medics and a collapsible gurney try to make their way through.

Roubani could be a lot more gentle with her, really, but he's pretty rusty with this whole human contact thing. He gets a short way down the hall before the medics meet them, and is more than content to relinquish the weight to the gurney and let them take over the transport. The questions he leaves for Kai, lucky man

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