Ambushed! - Marines
Ambushed! - Marines
Summary: The Kharon is boarded and the CMC humps it to the Mess to clean up/make a bigger… Mess.
Date: PHD 023
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Security Hub
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #23
OOC Time: Mon May 11 20:13:26 2009

This room is the defacto headquarters for Marine operations on board the ship and also serves as their office. There are a pair of desks that flank the entrance to the door and another at the rear, that one obviously belonging to the Marine CO. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. A picture of the Commandant of the CMC also hangs on the far wall as a reminder. There is a small video monitor in the corner that feeds into a camera in the brig, displaying a live feed into the office. As well, an armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' denoting the Security Hub as holding the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. Another hatch on the opposite end of the room denotes it as leading to the Small Arms Range.

[Into the Wireless] Mickelson's voice comes over the comms. "First Squad, hump it to the Sec Hub." Gruff, brief. "You have two minutes."

Having heard the call for Condition 1 over the ship and the call for First Squad to gather at the Sec Hub, Ashe set out from his other tasks and is coming in through the door. His Marine Blacks are still undone up top and his hair is wet, splashing water as he was clearly in the shower, a bit of suds on his earlobe. "Reporting." He declares as he steps in and sets to work finishing up getting fully in uniform from his hustle, looking around quickly to who is gathered.

Drarelle turns to look at the small video monitor on the wall, before glancing quickly at the Marines around him, he begins shouting out things such as ammo, get the fraking door charges and some other reminders about suiting up and grabbing weapon, face grim and serious, like always.

Steele arrives from the Hallway - Deck 2, Fore.
Steele has arrived.

Castaine rolls her shoulders under her pack as she glances over at the LT. Looks like Jules, Ashe, and herself are locked down and ready to rock. At the moment, her gun is slung and she's simply adjusting her own chin strap. "Ready here, sir."

Jules is standing just behind Castaine, dressed in her Marine Blacks and toting around her SAW. She's got her helmet on, too. The one with the bunny ears drawn on top. Mostly, she just stands ready to follow some orders.

Drarelle gives an encouraging nod to the Marines nearby, "Stand by Marines." He relaxes his shoulders rolling his neck and shoulders to relieve some of the pressure from the flak vest, he looks down at the black wristwatch before speaking into the Wireless.

[TAC1] "Hammer" Drarelle says, "Squad standing by LT, ready and willing."

Having been able to finish getting settled in, Ashe checks his rifle and clips, then checks the sidearm with the heavy hitters before holstering it at his leg. He looks at the rest of the Squad and nods in greeting, almost grinning a bit. "So much for a nice shower."

Steele jogs into the Security Hub with a military policeman right on his heels. "Lieutenant, all possible boarding sites have been secured, as well as CIC!" The Sheriff pops to attention as he calls out the report, eyes moving to catch the others in the hub before moving to the LT and sticking on him.

Drarelle nods to the MP, picking his rifle up and slinging it over his shoulder, "Any information on the situation?"

Lieutenant Mickelson, the oft coffee drinking CO of the Kharon's marines, steps around the Sec Hub's main desk in full gear. Though he sometimes rides the desk, for this one it looks like the old boy is interested in suiting up. Could be that nap that got interrupted. Cool eyes survey the assembled squaddies, with particular attention to the uniforms, weapon disposition, ammo storage, and haircuts. He's a hardass like that. "No information yet."

Jules subtly sliiiiides her 'regulation' pig tails up underneath her helmet in the back and stands a bit straighter.

Ashe meanwhile adjusts his fly to regulation height.

"After things calm down, go see a doc about that problem, son," Mickelson intones to Ashe gruffly.

[TAC2] "ChEng" Sen says, "CIC, this is Captain Eos down in Engineering. We have a widespread virus in our systems. We need to do a hard reboot of her systems. It should fix it. Temporarily."

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "CIC, Kharon Actual. Hard Reboot? I don't know how exactly you plan to reboot a Carrier during the middle of a combat Captain. Just unplug the frakkin' infected system. I am not going to be a sitting duck with this much activity outside my window."

Castaine is, as always, squared away. To be anything but would just be un-Castaine like. "Aye, sir. Hurry up and wait, same game, different playing field" the Marine says simply because it's what marines DO most to of the time.

Steele shakes his head quickly, hands behind his back and rifle slung over his right shoulder. "CIC had nothing to add, sir. We're in the dark for now. So long as the birds do their thing, should be a quiet, boring night in marine country, sir."

Ashe glances down at Mickelson's words then back up, then down again, then back up. "Sir?" He asks, clearly not understanding the reference made.

Drarelle gives Ashe a look that could kill, grunting as he turns back to the CO, "Deciding to tag along on this one Sir?" He gives the LT a look between curiousity, mild amusement and a hint of concern.

Mickelson gives Drarelle the eye. "Did you just say tag along?" He rests a hand on his sidearm, rifle leaned against his desk. "Are you going for icecream, son? Do I look like I have pigtails and knee socks?"

Jules looks at Mickelson, then looks guiltily down at her boots for some reason.

Drarelle gives a slight grin to the CO, "You don't mind if I take point through this… whatever it is. I wouldn't want you scruffing up those antique boots Sir." at the mention of pigtails the XO turns to Jules for a moment, shrugs and turns his attention back the LT.

[TAC2] "ChEng" Sen says, "Sir. The entire ship is infected."

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Then it sounds like you have your hands full then Captain. I already have frakkin' computers trying to blow me up with actual guns. You want to tell me to just let my guard down and sit idle while we reboot and hope that works? You better be really frakkin' sure."

Mickelson seems to take some issue with that. Not that you can tell by the frown lines. Those are always present, or the steely grey creeping in at his temples. No. No, it's all in his words, always rough with a smoker's voice. "You're buckin' for Ensign. I'll put it in your file, Leodus. Shut up and fall in." Must have been some nap.

Ashe spends a few moments checking over his rifle one more time and the ammo support rather than having to look at the lover's spat.

Castaine stomps her momentary amusement down deep and falls into her customary position in the stack. Her weapon is brought out and held at the ready though she's got the safety on for the moment.

Drarelle keeps his grim stature, shaking his head in mild amusement at the CO, he gives a simple "Aye sir." At the old CO, hopefully he won't have to get too close to that smoker's breath.

[TAC2] "ChEng" Sen is quiet on the line for a moment. "I'm positive. We've got it traced. It's in the main frame sir. If life support goes down…I need ten minutes for a hard reboot."

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "And what exactly are we suppose to breath with when you reboot everything, Captain? I am sure we have some good high school swimmers here but we can't hold our breath for that long."

Jules smiles to herself and stares at the nearest bulkhead, awaiting orders. Like a good Marine does. She's good to go.

Steele hides a wry grin at Mickerson's comment, but there is a shade of respect in his eyes to the older officer. He reaches to his side and pops open the flap over his sidearm and walks to the armory to make sure it is locked tight.

[Intercom] Sheridan says, "Attention all hands! Brace for impact! I repeat, BRACE FOR IMPACT!"

[TAC2] "ChEng" Sen says, "We have enough Oh-Two cycling, sir, to last us through a dozen of these. I only need one. Just all don't sing at once…EVERYONE DOWN..! *static*"

Castaine widens her stance, allowing her weapon to fall to her side, the sling catching it and holding it secure so she's free to use her hands which go to the bulkhead to stablize herself for the incoming impact.

Lieutenant Mickelson braces against the bolted desk nearby, slinging his rifle over his shoulder. "You hit the floor, you run laps of the ship in the morning. With airy fairies."

Drarelle suddenly tenses spreading his legs shoulders apart, holding his weapon closer to his body to prevent it from slipping and misfiring, "Watch your weapons Marines!"

One of Ashe's hands fly up to his rifle strapped to his chest to make sure it doesn't fall, the other lifts up towards someone's back to help support them, and himself. "Sorry." He apologizes to Castaine as he braces the hand against her back and then releases it.

Steele spreads his legs as well, with a heavy center of gravity from his own muscle mass, he just extends an arm to the bulkhead to balance against it, leaning to that side and awaiting impact.

Jules slaps her safety on and assumes the appropriate stance, hands on the nearby bulkhead near Castaine's. "I'm glad I didn't eat the soup today."

[Intercom] Sheridan says, "Damage Crews! We have impact with the ship, possible hull breaches on Starboard Deck 1 and Starboard Deck 2. All hands go to battle and damage stations!"

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Frak sakes, Captain. I got enough with my hull's being breached. Reboot the frakkin' system and let the Marines know so they don't get frakked up when the lights suddenly go out on them. If this doesn't work Captain, you better be prepared to turn in that rank on your shoulder."

The sound of the impact carries well enough to be felt in the Security Hub, clearly Fore of the current position. "Marines. On me." Mickelson makes for the door, passes through the hatch and flicks off the safety on his rifle as he goes. Pretty spry for an old marine. "Snipes won't do much good if the machines didn't hit in pieces." The sound of his boots in the hall are heavy. Better hustle to keep up.

[TAC2] "ChEng" Sen says, "Belay my request sir…it's too late. I won't be able to control the firelock doors if we reboot."

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Affirmative Captain."

Drarelle jerks suddenly from the impact, his weapon still hung closely to his massive frame, he relaxes as the ship comes back to normality, he glances about the Hub looking at his desk and the papers that were scattered across the floor, he grunts and pulls a clip from his chest pocket and slams it into the rifle as he turns to sprint with the CO.

As the order for pull out is issued, Ashe assumes his normal spot in his squad with Castaine and Jules, taking up the six and flicking off his rifle safety. "On your six Sarge." His voice is not the usual joking tone but extremely serious as he speaks the words laced with meaning.

Jules seems surprised she doesn't go sprawling. Smiling, she flicks the safety off on her weapon, checks it one more time and then moves off after the Marine CO. "Hooah!"

Steele pulls out his trusty sidearm and follows the pack of marines down the hallway. His height makes his go a little slower to keep his long legs from over-running the others, his eyes moving around side to side to take in all the small details as they move.

Castaine doesn't comment when Ashe presses into her. It's not the first time a fellow marine has needed to balance against her, wont be the last. She sways with the motion of the ship but remains upright. When the order comes, she snaps too, unslinging her weapon, going weapon hot.

CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Mess Hall
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #23
OOC Time: Mon May 11 21:09:09 2009

Next to Hangar Bay One, this is probably the largest room on the ship in terms of available square footage. Its expanse has to feed the entire crew of the Kharon three times a day and still be able to offer snacks to those who need something between meals. The kitchen is almost constantly in operation to produce the next meal while huge coffee urns operate near the end of the room, fresh mugs ready to fulfill the needs of the masses.

The typically gray walls of the ship are broken up in here with a neutral shade of gull white that might be an attempt to shift atmosphere of the ship. Long tables span rows that go back through the room with a few circular tables at the rear which offer a more private setting. The serving counter is near the Fore end of the room, the long counter passing by numerous serving platters.

The trip through the corridor is a short one. There's no venting of oxygen that seems to be occurring, no fire alarms sounding. Whatever it is that's going on up there in CIC, or down in Engineering, it's pretty quiet up here. Or was. Mickelson pauses at the open hatch, then makes his way into the Mess. The room is empty of personnel.

The lights in the Mess flicker several times before a bank of about half of them go out, throwing the room into uneven lighting. The sound of heavy metal grinding against metal sounds from deep in the kitchens, and something massive thuds to the floor. The hull protests with a soft groan, but the more pressing issue is the clattering from behind the service line, out of sight.

Drarelle is second to enter the Mess behind Mickelson, he flows behind the CO pausing at the grating metal, raising his rifle to the source of the sound.

The sounds of metal aren't new to Castaine and she knows well enough nothing is going to stop these frakkers except for them. As soon she clears the hatch, she hits the deck, rolling herself into a position by the back bulkheaad. From her position on the deck, she pans low, looking to see if there is space between the serving line counter and the deck.

Steele swaps out his sidearm to slinghis rifle forward, using the business end to sweep the room rapidly, pauding at the sound behind the service line and watching for movement.

Jules enters the Mess, weapon held up and ready. Bunny ears on her helmet aside, she looks all business, eyes moving towards the sound of the something clattering around.

Rifle already forward, Ashe moves with his eyes on the back of the procession until they get into range of the noise of metal on metal. The normal smartass remark is held in as he shoulders up his rifle and aims towards the kitchens with it to steady the shots, placing it at the right height based on the previous encounters with shiny things.

Mickelson raises his rifle after checking back over his shoulder to be sure the squad is in place. He has no comments about knee socks now.

To the rear of the room, through the doorway behind the service line, the heavy metal on metal footsteps advance, and the first shiny chrome Centurion passes through, several of them fanning out to scan the room, like giant horrific line cooks. The hairnets are out this season. Bullets are in.

Apparently, Sunshine has an itchy trigger finger. The second Jules sees Metal, she pulls said trigger, unleashing a burst of fire.

Steele aims for the lead centurion, taking a careful bead as he sidesteps to the right slowly out of any possible crossfire along the wall.

Drarelle strafes to the right a couple of steps, clearing the CO from his line of fire as he opens up at the Centurion in the front.

Ashe with his rifle still ups shifts himself a bit in his stance as fire is opened up. His own rifle tracks the target that Sunshine beamed light upon and follows the target taking steady aim upon it to make sure his barrage of shots will hit it right in the junk. Or in Centurion terms, to overheat the processor.

Ashe maintains his aim as shots fire and releases a trio of shots from his rifle right towards the head of the Centurion he's been tracking with quick pulls of his trigger. Just in time as well as a shot richochetts off the wall and rips through his left hand followed quickly by another that peppers his chest and impacts the body armor, sending the Marine tumbling back against the wall.

Drarelle squeezes his trigger fluidly, popping off shots as return fire soon comes, he pauses for a split second to look at the team and takes a glancing wound to the right arm, fortunately his massive frame takes the grunt of the force, not hitting anything important.

Steele lets off a round of shots at the lead centurion but his aim is off, and all three shots scatter around the metal giant. Cursing under his breath, the Sheriff drops to a knee and takes steady aim this time, trying to get a bead on the sweet spot.

Sunshine's a small target, so, she's overlooked. For now. Bullets ping off a bulkhead nearby and she ducks her head a little, but keeps firing. Eventually, it's gotta work, right?

[Into the Wireless] The gravelly voice of the Marine CO comes over the coms. "Actual, this is Mickelson on Deck 2. We've got several hostiles in the Mess. Engaging in pest control."

Mickelson speaks into the portable radio with a growl after he makes a shot at one of the chromed up toasters, his shot denting the machine in the chest. He mutters something under his breath about, "Substandard appliances."

Castaine can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn tonight but the toasters seem to be doing just fine. laying on the deck isn't completely safe it seems as a round from the Cylons ricocheted off the deck and slams up into her gut, just under the leading edge of her armour. She grunts heavily as the round rips through her flesh and buries itself in her abdomen. All too quickly she's bleeding out on the deck.

[TAC1] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Kharon Actual, Mickelson. We receive. Don't you dare let those frakkin' things get past your men. That is an order, El-Tee."

The shots from Ashe's rifle fling wide as he is unable to hit and in turn he gets a bullet lodged into his right arm as well. Howling a bit, not just from the bullet but from the fact that he is pulling his sidearm out and letting loose a heavy round towards the Cylon he's been focused on. Apparently they're pissed at his presence so he's getting shot up nicely, blood streaming down from his arm, ribs bruised and left hand mangled. But hey, at least he'll leave a beautiful corpse.

Drarelle reloads a clip into his weapon, keeping his cool as rounds pelt and pop over his head, he turns to the CO, "We're about to be pinned down real soon sir."

[Into the Wireless] The bark of Mickelson's reply over the comms is brief. "Enforcing dinner reservations, sir. Out." A brief exchange of fire is heard over comms before it cuts off.

Mickelson's sense of humor seems to have revived itself as he sprays a Cent's leg with bullets. Oorah.

Jules keeps firing, like the loyal primate she is. Pinned down? Whut? "They don't seem to want to go down, sirs!"

Steele keeps aiming carefully, lining up the perfect shot from his kneeling position, hoping like hell the toaster's bullets will find another target for the next for seconds before he pulls the trigger.

Castaine's shot, when it's fired, is hurried as she rolls up on her back side and fumbles for her med pack. yanking it open, she jerks out packing material, rips it open with her teeth and shoves it tight up under her armour. That'll have to do as she scoots into a better position and raises her rifle.

Well it's a good thing Ashe didn't like either of his arms, because as the second round of bullets rip through it what was there is even more bullet riddled. His arm lifts up and a shot rings out from the handgun as he slouches against the bulkhead struggling to stay standing, feet slipping on the pools of blood under his feet from the multiple shot wounds.

Drarelle kneels to take aim at the lead Cent, he follows the toaster as rounds impact in his chest, his armor takes some of the damage but a few bullets find their way to skin as warm streams find their way around his armor and drip to the floor.

Steele lets loose a carefully aimed shot and watches as the metal beast easily clomps out of the way of the shot, almost like it knew it was coming even with his careful aim. A bullet strikes his left arm, throwing it off to the side with a fine mist of crimson and the Gunny grunts back the pain. "Frak this!" The Sheriff stands up and pulls back the trigger, letting rage guide his bullets home, the injured arm forced into action to levy the gun barrel at waist height.

Castaine is woozy from blood loss so keeping her rifle steady is getting tougher. A foot kicks out to knock a chair over, giving her a place to balance her weapon as she lines up on the toaster before her.

A few rounds thud into Mickelson's armor as he returns fire to the Cents standing behind the counter. As he fires, and a spray of bullets are exchanged, the Centurions begin to advance. Mick growls, "Get those MPs ready to pick up the slack if any of these frakkers get past us!" His stance falters a little, and the Lieutenant takes a knee with his rifle.

Rounds ping off of chairs, tables, and the bulkhead, lights continuing to flicker in half of the mess with the interruption in power. The heavy footfalls of the machines echo through the room as they file out like a bunch of nightmarish food service workers.

[TAC2] "ChEng" Sen says, "CIC, we're showing random malfunctions all over the board. I send a team down to investigate, and it's a false alarm. We're trying to suss it out now."

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Affirmative Captain. Are we going to be able to safely do a jump even without the reboot?"

To her credit, Sunshine isn't about to let complete lack of success in even taking down a single target get her down. Jules beads on her previous target and keeps on firing. "Maybe /this/ time will work," she mumbles.

[TAC2] "ChEng" Sen says, "I'll find a way, Sir."

As his handgun shot goes flying far off the Centurion, Ashe blinks as he feels something hit under the body armor to his front. "Huh…" He mutters softly almost to himself glancing at the other Marines nearby. "That's… not bad at all." The words leave his mouth as he smiles softly at the sound of gently lapping lake waves against a shore and the soft feel of grass under his fingers. The heavy thud of his body hitting the ground doesn't even register with him as he falls over and lays there, abdomen shredded by a bullet.

Drarelle begins to squeeze off shots in his Marine focused way, he stands up and begins to run towards the CO to his right as he takes a shot in his left arm that spins him and another shot hits him in his mass, as his flak gives way and fragments stab into his chest, he stumbles slightly only managing to keep upright from years of working out as he mutters, "Corpsman!" Just loud enough to carry to Castaine.

Castaine must have finally found a good position to deal with her wound and her job as she begins to fire. When her shot sheers off the arm of a cent, she all but growls under her breath, "It's about FRAKKING time!"

"Gods-frakking piece of dung rifle!" The Sheriff growls as the rifle jams when he tries to take his shot and just as he is abotu to give up and throw the rifle, he takes a richochets hit to his armored abdomen with enough force to push his back against the wall, the rifle falling to the side. He jerks at the sidearm at his belt with his good arm and raises it to fire.

The machine gunner doesn't flinch. She keeps her gun on the enemy and keeps firing. This time? The centurion she's been targeting get's raked and drops to the ground, twitching ineffectively. This has Jules beaming. "KNEW IT. HOOAH!"

Drarelle manages to stay in a kneeling position, as he begins using a basic frog maneuver, taking a look popping a shot off then crouch-walking a couple of steps left or right nad popping off another shot, one shot in particular lands home as it rips apart a cent arm and it drops, spewing liquid and unknown substances.

Lieutenant Mickelson is a little slow taking cover after a return fire. It is with the beginnings of a barked command that he marine CO's head blows apart in a wet rain of flesh, bone, and brain matter. McMickel chunks rain down on the hall, wall, and a few nearby members of the platoon. A few marines are lucky enough to come up close and personal with MickNuggets, though it could be considered disconcerting to have Larry's frontal lobe sliding wetly down your neck, a real marine won't let that get in the way. Right, Jules?

[Intercom] Sheridan says, "Attention all hands! Medical Teams and Deck Crews report to the Hangar Bay immediately! Injured will be landing shortly! I repeat Medical Teams and Deck Crews to Hangar Bay for incoming!"

Drarelle stops to look around at casualties, he grunts in suprize as the CO's head disengrates in gore and matter, he manages to grab the CO's body before it hits the ground, lucky enough it takes a bullet that was aimed at him. "MAN DOWN!" He screams at noone in particular, "Corpsman!" He drops the body, none too gently and squeezes shots at a Centurion bounding around a table, the bullets hit something important because the head explodes into parts, deja vu.

Steele fires off a couple of rounds from his sidearm and is greeted with the clanging of a metal arm falling to the deckplating from one of the cylon centurions. The Gunny runs as he fires, pulling back closer to the rest of the squadron.

Castaine manages to stay low enough that she doesn't get hit again while still managing to get off her shot. One cert with no arms. Huurah! her glance is pulled to the LT but there is nothing she can do for him so she stays put, aiming her rifle forward.

Bullets pinging down around her, Jules is kind of focussed on the fire they're still under. Guts? Brains? It could be sweat, right? She fires her weapon again, slicing the legs off another toaster. "We're gonna win!" She peers over towards where she last saw Lieutenant Mickelson and sees his lack of melon. It's then that she becomes quite fully aware of the brains dribbling off her helmet. That's about when she yarfs all over the floor.

[TAC1] "Hammer" Drarelle "Actual, this is Hammer in Deck 2, were holding but we're taking casualties." There is a brief pause as the Marine XO grunts and shots ring out. "Lieutenant Mickelson is down, I repeat, Mickelson is down!"

The Centurions, though they made a good showing at the beginning of combat, are foundering now that the marines have been properly motivated by the ventilation of their gruff Commanding Officer. Two remain standing, both with only one gun arm. They're heavily damaged, but continue to advance.

[TAC1] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Hammer, Kharon Acutal. We got Medics tied up as is with incoming injured pilots. Stabilize the El-Tee and remove that threat. We are not able to send additional medical into your location until the threat is removed."

Drarelle slides on a piece of brain matter, causing his shot to go wide of the centurion.

It may be smaller arms fire, but the Sheriff will take it as his bullets penetrate the chest of the lead toaster with a shower of pretty sparks. He keeps his forward momentum towards Ashe, sliding to his knees beside the marine and checking his wounds with the hand of his injured arm while keeping his pistol aimed to the enemy.

"I think I might have some LieutenantChunks on me," Jules manages, looking green about the gills and unsteady. Nonetheless, she manages to get a shot off, even if it's rather tame.

Castaine sort of stares in horror as her shot goes wide, thunking into the bulkhead instead of into the metal. Now that she's empty, she begins scooting over to Ashe, dragging her med kit through the muck all over the desk. As she reaches him, she touches her hand to his throat to check for a pulse.

Drarelle begins panning the room as he slowly backs up toward the downed Marine, he glances down for a moment, "Alive?" He asks the Corpsman, he takes a kneel and begins scanning the room for any more threats, he places a bloody hand to his throat and activates the radio.

[TAC1] "Hammer" Drarelle "Actual, this is Hammer, immediate threat has been eliminated, all of my men are bloodied and battered, requesting some MPs and a couple of Medics to the hall. Expecting no more resistance." There is a slight pause and the radio clicks again "Lieutenant Mickelson has been killed, I will be the commander for the time being."

[TAC1] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Hammer, Kharon Actual. Confirmed on Threat Neutralization. Negative on commander assignment. We will move to safe standing and assess our situation. Right now you will clear my ship of any possible threats and get my AAR of what the frak happened down there to get my Marine CO killed."

Drarelle crouch-walks over the downed CO, removing his weapon and ammunition, he rummages through his sack and finds a poncho, he places it over the top half of the Lieutenant's body and takes a knee observing the scene with his usual grim face, only a bit more grim this time.

Left eye twitching, Jules pushes herself up to her feet. A little bit of brain dislodges as she does so and dribbles off the brim of her helmet and onto her nose, then it sliiiiides off and hits the ground. Blinking, she says, "I'm gonna go check the corridor, sir." Mostly to get away from the gore. But she doesn't /say/ that. She does, however, stop on her way to the door and fire another burst into one of the already downed Cylons. Mumbling to herself, she peers down the corridor either way.

[TAC1] "Hammer" Drarelle says, "Roger that Actual, we're going to need some assistance from the MPs, half my fraking platoon is gone."

[TAC2] "9" Nine says, "CIC, um, this is the Engine room. We. Need to jump? Now? Please?"

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Engine Room. Confirmed, start the spin up process."

Castaine is coughing up blood badly. "Can't get vitals on Ashe. She manages, however, to stablize Steele but can't keep the packing in her own gut to keep herself moving. "… need to get him to sickbay /now/.. " So saying, she surges to her feet, grabs Ashes' wrist and begins to tug. She doesn't get far before she topples over and lays on the desk unconscious.

[TAC2] "9" Nine says, "Thank you."

Drarelle turns to the Corridor and cups a hand to his mouth, "Marine get your ass back here, now!"

[TAC1] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Hammer, I am not a frakkin' babysitter. Find the MPs and get them to do their jobs. Right now I have a Carrier to keep in tact so you have a bunk to sleep on in a few hours."

As the second squad of Marines filter through the corridor, weaposn raised, the XO begins barking orders, pointing at his squad thats laying across the floor, "Get those Marines to sickbay and secure this area!" His bulk the only thing keeping him from passing out onto the deck as he fails to keep himself upright, fortunately a fresh marine is there to catch him, "I don't need your assistance, damn it." He begins stumbling towards the corridor.

[TAC2] "ChEng" Sen says, "Spinning up."

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Hold on jump until everyone is on board. Keep drives spun up until last bird sets strut on the deck."

[TAC2] "ChEng" Sen says, "Copy actual. We're green on your mark."

AAR - Day 23
Post Holocaust Day #23, CEC Kharon encountered unknown hostiles, at least to the Marines. After impacting hostiles, Marines were sent to secure and search for possible breach, under the direction of Marine CO Lieutenant Mickelson, a squad of marines entered the mess hall and encountered Cylons. We took heavy fire in the beginning stages of our counter-attack as the cylons laid bullet after bullet into the squad, killing Lieutenant Mickelson and wounding myself and a few other marines. After the death of LT Mickelson the Marines formed an effective counter-attack against the Centurions, repelling the attack at first and then crushing them and securing the mess hall. I sent a squad to assist other Marines to the sickbay as well as to secure the Mess as well as securing the rest of the ship. I will be sending this from Sickbay. Let it be noted among the casualties are Lieutenant Mickelson, Gunnery Sergeant Steele, Lance Corporal Swift, Private Jules and myself.
-Lieutenant JG Drarelle Leodus, Kharon Marine XO.

Clarification: DOA to Sickbay: Lieutenant Mickelson (NPC Marine CO), Critical: Lance Cpl Ashe Swift, Injured: Lieutenant JG Drarelle Leodus, Sergeant Mia Castaine, Gunnery Sgt Gerald Steele.

Addendum by Damage Control Teams: Upon inspection of the Mess and Kitchen, and the resultant damage from the attack and enthusiastic defense of our vessel by the CMC, it has been deemed unsafe to enter the premises, and thusly closed until further notice. Packaged rations will be available from designated stations around the carrier.

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