Ambushed! - Engineering
Ambushed! - Engineering
Summary: What happens in the belly of the ship when all hell breaks loose.
Date: PHD023 (11 May 2009)
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Damage Control - Deck 2

This is the only room in the Aft section of the Kharon that is lit with the subdued dark blue overhead lights that more commonly associated with the CIC and Weps. Displays at the highest points of the room provide the crew here with detailed information such as temperature readings, pressure variances, and every other minor detail that someone in Damage Control might need to know. Lower on the walls and in the center of the room, endless panels and turn-key systems provide the ranking officer in the room with the ability to fight fires from someplace other than CIC. Yellow-lit readouts on each panel provide the users with quick recognition with exactly what system they are looking at.

There's a strange hum that grows in volume throughout the Kharon, a sound that quickly becomes annoying just before lights start to flicker. A few of the areas deemed auxiliary quickly lose power, most of Deck Three going dark. It's a long beat or three, as secondary power is sluggish to come to life and the entire ship is eerily quiet as crew hold a collective breath. As long as it takes for systems to reboot and computers to come back to life, people are scrambling. And then, all hades breaks loose as things start to power back up.

It's the hum that first sets Sen's hair on edge, and she slowly moves the piece of candy in her mouth to be tucked in the cheek. "What the frak was that? I want to know what that was five minutes ago. GO!" She shouts to any of her snipes that are within ear range, and she starts manuevering the maze of Kharon's belly towards Damage Control.

Nine looks— GAH! That's the only way to describe the expression on her face. "Bu— bu—" she begins, not having started work on the time machine yet. When she finds her feet again, she high-tails it across toward the engines to see what's wrong with the backup generators now.

Sen has her trusty flashlight out, shining it on the various consoles as displays as she's running through damage controls. "Reboot those machines now! I need status reports on every single inch of this ship." Snipes are scrambling like a swarm of angry bees, and Sen is headed towards the wireless.

Nine ducks down by the backup generators, feeling them with her hands to see whether they even tried to heat up during the most recent outage.

<Intercom> Various voices are shouting into the com system all at once. Sheridan's is the forefront. "Multiple DRADIS contacts. Hostiles. Set Condition One. All personnel to your battle stations. MOVE IT! Get my birds in the tubes, marines to your muster stations. THIS IS NOT A DRILL."

<Intercom> Attention! Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the ship.

Ohcrap. Ohcrap. Ohcrap! Nine skitters across to monitor the backups from their consoles, her mouth open and her heard racing.

Sen looks around and catches sight of the Petty Officer. "Nine. Get on that console, start running a diagnostic. We're looking for anomolies." She says, her face a little ashen despite the yellow emergency lighting that's now illuminating them.

Nine's hands are shaking a little bit, but she nods her head, "Yes, sir," she whispers, taking a deep breath and peering at the programming as she sorts through the schematics, running testing properties through systems until an anomalous pattern becomes apparent. Once she regonizes the pattern, her heart just about stops. "Captain?" she tries lifting her voice, but it still sounds vaguely feeble, "There's a… virus… in the power modulation software. I can't isolate it, it's too widespread—" her voice filled with panic as she tries to figure out how to get rid of it. "We need to reboot systems. All of them," she flails, looking distraught.

Sen's bottom jaw juts out just a bit. "That's what I thought. Gods dammit…" She slams open the line to CIC. "See if you can run a tracer. See where it's originating."

[Into the Wireless] Sen says, "CIC, this is Captain Eos down in Engineering. We have a widespread virus in our systems. We need to do a hard reboot of her systems. It should fix it. Temporarily."

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "CIC, Kharon Actual. Hard Reboot? I don't know how exactly you plan to reboot a Carrier during the middle of a combat Captain. Just unplug the frakkin' infected system. I am not going to be a sitting duck with this much activity outside my window.

[Into the Wireless] Sen says, "Sir. The entire ship is infected."

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Then it sounds like you have your hands full then Captain. I already have frakkin' computers trying to blow me up with actual guns. You want to tell me to just let my guard down and sit idle while we reboot and hope that works? You better be really frakkin' sure."

Nine's eyebrows knit together and her lips draw into a broad, panicked frown that makes her look like one of her prayer masks.

"Ican'tIcan'tIcan'tIcan'tIcan'tIcan't…" she whimpers helplessly to herself as her mind flails aimlessly at the task and she sends random tracers fecklessly into the abyss. Finally she tries calming herself, remembering a little rhyme from school, "When precedation raises doubts… remember x^n * 8x routes… keep triple score on matrix pace… cube the stark and run your trace." This, whispered under her breath, helps her go step by step, and, miraculously, "I think we might have it, Captain…"

[Into the Wireless] Sen is quiet on the line for a moment. "I'm positive. We've got it traced. It's in the main frame sir. If life support goes down…I need ten minutes for a hard reboot."

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "And what exactly are we suppose to breath with when you reboot everything, Captain? I am sure we have some good high school swimmers here but we can't hold our breath for that long."

Sen looks over her shoulder, "Prepare for a hard reboot." Then she goes back to the comms.

[Intercom] Sheridan says, "Attention all hands! Brace for impact! I repeat, BRACE FOR IMPACT!"

Nine's face is all red and blotchy from stress and panic, her mouth's hanging open as she barely nods to the Captain, then squeaks, looking up in panic to the loudspeaker. Impact, as in… impact?

[Into the Wireless] Sen says, "We have enough Oh-Two cycling, sir, to last us through a dozen of these. I only need one. Just all don't sing at once…EVERYONE DOWN..! *static*"

[Intercom] Sheridan says, "Damage Crews! We have impact with the ship, possible hull breaches on Starboard Deck 1 and Starboard Deck 2. All hands go to battle and damage stations!"

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Frak sakes, Captain. I got enough with my hull's being breached. Reboot the frakkin' system and let the Marines know so they don't get frakked up when the lights suddenly go out on them. If this doesn't work Captain, you better be prepared to turn in that rank on your shoulder."

[Into the Wireless] Sen says, "Belay my request sir…it's too late. I won't be able to control the firelock doors if we reboot."

Sen braces herself as the ship shudders from the impact of Heavy Raiders slamming into the Kharon's hull. "SHIT. On your feet, give me status reports. Let me know if we have any changes in pressurization." So much for a hard reboot. They can't risk it now.

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Affirmative Captain."

Nine just stands there staring at the intercom like an idiot until the impact comes and knocks her to the floor. Fortunately, she's taken harder prat falls than that in her day, and when the Captain calls 'Up' she scrambles up again, dazed more than hurt, looking through systems to compile a status report to send to the Captain.

Nine compiles the damage report quickly and efficiently, since that's a pretty routine thing, and she sends it to the Captain's console with a PING! for her attention, to save her having to yell across the room. She doesn't yell well.

Sen leans over the readout, her face grim. "Close off the fire doors fore and aft of deck two section three and deck one section two. That should isolate those frakkers. Keep air circulating if we have trapped personnel. Let me know if those are breeched."

Nine sends off the command for the noted fire doors to close before her head snaps upward. "Frakkers?" she wonders. Maybe loud enough to be heard. Maybe not. Her face drains briefly of color and then blotches up again as her stomach turns somersaults in her gut, her heart beginning to race. Cylons? On the ship?

Sen doesn't see the reaction from Nine, and it's probably for the better. Sen is busy processing all the reports that are being pinged in and shouting out orders as well as battling her own share of the fires.

Nine keeps her ears open for orders, but her mind begins to wander out through the damage control fire doors, wondering silently at being in such close proximity to one. Or some. She has no idea. She's here, sharing a bulkhead with them. She almost begins to cry.

Sen tends to get a little tunnel visioned at times like these, so the reaction for Nine is sliding under the carpet with the other bits of fuzz and fluff for the moment. Amidst all the chaos, Sen pulls out a piece of hard candy from her pocket, steady fingers opening the cellophane packaging and she tucks it into the corner of her mouth to let it dissolve slowly. "Alright. Good." She mutters encouragement, as the sections are sealed off.

Nine even looks down at the encouragement from the Captain. Yes. Things look okay. She stares at the console, now, her intent stare making her look very busy and efficient, though she's waiting for anything further to do. What are the Cylons going to do? What is the CREW doing to do?? Suddenly overcome with a fear that fighting will ensue, she can only stand helplessly at her post. Don't shoot. Don't shoot. Please don't. She mouths the words silently.

Sen starts pacing down the line, keeping tabs on what all the snipes are doing at the consoles, while others rush off to damage control stations. It's not Nine's actions that draw her attention, but her lack there of. "Is there a problem, Petty Officer?"

Nine looks up from the console, "… uh. No. Sir," she replies, blotching a more furious red as she's called out from among the hoardes of snipes, her powers of invisibility rendered momentarily useless. "The doors are holding, the… clamps are registering one hundred percent seal," she adds weakly.

Sen clamps a hand down on Nine's shoulder. "Good. Hold it together. We'll get them. Let me know if that percentage changes." Her attention is drawn away when an alert for a fire on deck three aft flares up, but it goes away quickly as part of the glitch in their system. "False alarm."

Nine tenses a little bit as the Captain asserts that they're going to 'get' the cylons, somehow. She doesn't want to be a party to any of this 'getting' that's getting done. But she just swallows and nods vaguely, keeping an eye on the numbers.

Sen moves over to the wireless, sparking up CIC again.

[Into the Wireless] Sen says, "CIC, we're showing random malfunctions all over the board. I send a team down to investigate, and it's a false alarm. We're trying to suss it out now."

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Affirmative Captain. Are we going to be able to safely do a jump even without the reboot?"

Nine looks up once, twice to the Captain, then looks down to her console again. Seals still look good. Keeping an eye on them, she starts to browse through the other systems. "Is it connected to the virus?" Nine wonders softly from her station.

[Into the Wireless] Sen says, "I'll find a way, Sir."

Sen storms back towards a console, her brow knit so severely, they almost meet in the middle. "Up." She orders the private manning that particular station. A key is removed from her belt, thrust quickly into a slot protected by a clear casing. She turns it, and starts imputing codes rapidly, fingers flying over the keyboard. "I hate this shit…" She mutters, turning her head to the person sitting beside her, the two working in tandem to crack open mainframe and start electronically tearing it appart, looking for that virus.

Nine can't do anything at this point but stare and feel like the most useless of dunces, of course.

[Intercom] Sheridan says, "Attention all hands! Medical Teams and Deck Crews report to the Hangar Bay immediately! Injured will be landing shortly! I repeat Medical Teams and Deck Crews to Hangar Bay for incoming!"

Sen is busy, having forgotten Nine for a long moment or three. Finally, without looking back, she says, "Petty officer, get on the horn. Tell CIC we've got them a window. Short jump. Not far. We can't risk it. But it'll be enough to get us out of harm's way long enough to do a hard reboot. Tell them. Go!"

Nine freezes solid as the Captain seems to be addressing her. But at the holler 'go' she vaults across the room to the wireless.

[Into the Wireless] Nine says, "CIC, um, this is the Engine room. We. Need to jump? Now? Please?"

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Engine Room. Confirmed, start the spin up process."

[TAC1] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "All Active Air Personnel. Return to Base, I repeat, Return to Base. We are spinning up FTLs for emergency jump."

Nine blinks. "They say Okay, Captain," Nine reports. She sounds amazed that they have.

[Into the Wireless] Nine says, "Thank you."

Sen pushes away from the console. "All hands! Prepare for FTL JUMP! Let's get that baby spooled and greased, it's going to be a tighter fit than me on prom night."

Nine takes a deep breath and gives a firm nod of her head. FTL jump. It's her favorite thing about being on the ship. She bounds into action, heading to the engines to get things going.

[Into the Wireless] Sen says, "Spinning up."

[TAC2] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Hold on jump until everyone is on board. Keep drives spun up until last bird sets strut on the deck."

[Into the Wireless] Sen says, "Copy actual. We're green on your mark."

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