Summary: Still a bit miffed at Castor, Kitty goes to lay a smackdown upon him although not the kind he was expecting. All this while Samantha sleeps near by.
Date: PHD 131 (8/27/09)
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[ General Lounge - Deck 3 ]-------[ CEC Kharon ]—

Leda enters into the lounge, he is off-duty, and the funny thing is he for once has no hooch, no booze, no truth juice, he is merely walking into the lounge and he moves to a table because this is all a very sober Leda can do. He then picks up a deck of cards and he fans them out and he begins to play with the cards.

Samantha is actually already asleep on a couch. She didn't intend to sleep here but she's barely been able to rest the last few days… and sometimes exhaustion is just too much. So she's fallen asleep on the couch, a coffee at her side and an old, tattered magazine.

Leda spots Sam and he leaves the cards to move the coffee at her side away from her hands and he takes a throw from a near by empty couch and he places it around her. He then says, "Sleep tight, Sam." His words are soft and kind. He then moves back to his table and to the cards.

It's the first time in a long time that Katherine has made it into the lounge in..well, ever as this is the first time she's actually felt comfortable enough to enter it. She bears heavy bruises and a few cuts on her face, one of which has been dressed, and she's very careful not to smile too broadly as it hurts. Seeing Leda moving, she pauses and looks towards the couch, trying to gauge just how deep Sam is in slumber before making her move. A few quick strides carries her to where Castor sits and she steps behind him only to then poke him in the shoulder, wanting him to turn around.

Samantha stirs, just a bit, beneath the blanket there, but she's exhausted so her body just settles comfortably into the warmth and the pillow of the couch's arm beneath her head… sawing logs quietly. She must really need it.

And turn around Leda does he has a deck of cards in his hand and he flashes a smile, "Pick a card any card?" He says softly hoping he isn't about to be socked in the face by the fist of an angry redhead.

There's a shake of her head, cards not what she has in mind; the ECO then puts her plan in motion and swiftly shoots her arm out towards his chest, moving as if by muscle memory when she reaches out and grabs for the front of Castor's shirt. "On your feet, Tinman." There's a growl to Ajtai's voice, its volume kept low as not to rouse the napping Samantha, but where it lacks in volume it doesn't lack emotion - she sounds pissed and then some.

Leda gets jerked up from his seat and he gives a look to Kitty as he gives a sudden 'th frak (tm) look as his cards fall out of his hand and on to the floor. Well, it would look like he is getting hit by a fist after all and so he simply waits for it as he studies the blues, blacks, reds, and pinks that are on Kitty's face because lets face it, she got knocked the frak out by Elder but then again everyone does. "Kitters." He says as he waits for his punishment.

"Hush," she says while leaning in closer, her fingers still tightly gripped to the front of Castor's shirt. What happens next will most likely surprise him and will undoubtedly shock her despite this being something she had thought out before as she presses in towards him, trying to kiss him. While in mid-attempt at the lip lock she's also trying to maneuver him, wanting to pin him between her and the table.

Samantha merrily sleeps all the way on…
And there it is, Leda is pinned and kissed and utterly confused. He kisses back out of pure instinct, some people fight and other people kiss, Leda apparently does both. After a time he breaks the kiss and he says, "Well, that is one way of greeting someone." He says in oddly happy tones since he just got kissed AND he didn't get punched, "So, what did I do to deserve that."

Kitty chews on her lower lip, her face positively red now. "That is for the callsign, Leda." A tiny, wry grin quirks the right corner of her mouth as she says that, allowing herself to succumb to a bit of cockiness. "And just so you know," she pauses a few seconds, trying to be dramatic before continuing on with her sentence, "I lied." Whatever she lied about is what she keeps from being forthcoming about, figuring Castor will ask if curious enough and if not then it remains her little secret.

Leda says, "Oh, that, hey Crybaby, like I said no one is proud of their callsign." His eyes study hers as his mind attempts to figure out what she might have been lying about and it takes him a moment to finally ask because he is curious, "What did you lie about?" He asks as his eyes flick over to Samantha, frak, so much for a witness on this one. His eyes then flip back to Kitty, "No, but seriously, what did you lie about?"
When Castor looks over towards the napper so does she, Kitty wincing until she sees that Sam's still out like a proverbial light. "Well, remember what I said about the mercy frak when I was angry at you? I lied about that." Now that's a lie in and of itself as she did mean it at the time but she's not quite ready to offer any apologies of her own, still a mite ticked at him although no longer to the point of giving him the cold shoulder like before. "In fact, if you ever want to take me up on it, let me know, hmmm?"

"Well…I…" What is this, Leda flustered, why yes, yes it is. His cheeks get a bit flushed and his swagger is gone. He looks completely confused and yet utterly happy in his own way, "can just say thank you." That's right, pull yourself together Leda. "And I just might take you up on that offer." He says with a bit of a wink and yet he still isn't sure of what to make out of all of this. His skin goes a wee bit pink as he looks back over at Kitty and he says, "So, you aren't mad at me then?" He says just for confirmation.

The reaction from the pilot is priceless and Kitty just drinks it in while at the same time she finds herself relieved that her ambush is as well received as it seems to be, that making what could have easily been an awkward moment actually easy for her to handle. "I hope you will." Her hand is finally pulled away from his shirt, it now left crumpled from how tightly she had a hold of it, but instead of letting her arm return to rest at her side she moves again, this time seeking to play with the fine hair just at his nape. "Do you think I'd be doing this if I was still mad at you, Castor? Come on. I know we don't know each other well but I would have thought you at least knew me well enough to figure out that you wouldn't have been kissed if I was."

Castor is still making heads or tails, first she wants to kill me now she kisses me, and it reads on his face. "Well, I guess you aren't mad at me." He then says pleased enough with that, "And as for kissing, let's just say that the last time I was kissed it ended poorly for me." He then takes a moment to wonder if this is part of some sort of wonderful but nefarious plot to get Leda in trouble and for now he will play along but he does feel a bit like a mouse and there is a sleek cat waiting to pounce on him. "Well, it is good to know for certain you aren't mad at me." He keeps his hands where they are for now since he isn't sure what the best course of action would be in this situation.

Samantha stirs, just faintly, rolling onto her side, deeper into the couch, possibly giving the lovers a bit of a scare but then she seems to settle back into rest.

Kitty can read the confusion and she has to laugh which coincides with Samantha's motion on the couch. She falls silent and waits for her to settle in again, making her breathe easier. "I am sorry that it did. End poorly, that is." Leda's finally afforded personal space as he is stepped away from and she sits on the table; there isn't -too- much space between them but Kitty's not wanting to add any more to his current state, this her way of letting him breathe without seeming like she flipped-flopped and isn't interested any longer. "Nope. Not mad. Go fig, huh?"

And breathe he does, Leda takes a second to lean back so that he can look over at Kitty, "Well, I would say that right about now things didn't end poorly but instead they ended up rather, enterprisingly." He then says, "And Kitty, I'm glad to know that you aren't mad at me since that means you are an officer in the Fleet and that you haven't completely lost your mind." He then says, "So, I believe this is called a win/win scenario." He then takes a moment to let his eyes focus on Kitty.

"Yeah. Surprised the frak out of me and I knew I was going to kiss you. I guess I had myself thinking I wouldn't do it no matter how much I psyched myself up to do it I was going to chicken out." A deep breath in is followed by a slow exhale, Kitty getting the last of the butterflies out of her gut by doing that. "I guess it is a win-win situation but I am not too sure if I am not entirely out of my frakking gourd." She looks at the couch and then the door, her face now pale. "I am fully expecting someone to come through the hatch and beat the shit out of me for having done that."

Castor shakes his head, "Why? Because an Raptor ECO and a Viper jock kissed?" He chuckles, "Different departments and so different responsibilities. No one is going to yell at you for that, now, if we we were in the same Wing then there would be problems and if once of us was enlisted there would be problems but for now you have broken no regs, so, relax." He then chuckles as it is his turn to note the butterflies, "Wait, you knew you were going to march in here and kiss me?" He then says, "So, this was a planned thing?" His voice goes from amused to curious as his mind begins to do the math.

Shaking her head, Kitty finds herself chuckling, embarrassed. "It's not that, Castor. It's more like I'm expecting some woman who has her eye on you to come in and bitch slap me." Clearing her throat again, she looks away from the door to him, a hand lifted. "Kind of planned. When I was still angry I wanted to get even with you but I am really frakking horrible with the revenge thing just like I seem to be bad at staying angry. But part of me could just not let it go." Kitty's starting to twitch a bit, a small tremor causing her hand to quiver and she sighs, disappointed. "Is there any coffee or something to be found, here?"

Leda then smiles, "Well, lets just say people might be protective of me and who I speak to in matter of the heart since my ex sort of treated me ten different shades of evil." He then says, "So, in that respect someone might stop and ask you what you are doing…" He then chuckles, "But I highly doubt it." He then says, "And I'm glad to know that you can't stay angry with me." He says softly and amicably. He then moves to the coffee machine and pours a cup for Kitty, "Yeah, take this." He says noticing the twitching hand and that is a problem he can fix, "Kitty, right now there is no one in my life but that doesn't mean that there aren't…possibilities." He says thinking of a certain someone who is twenty shades of off limits.

Kitty nods thoughtfully. "I understand. Look, I'm not going to…you know. I not the evil bitch kind of woman. Honest. But if you mention something about this to someone and they come up and ask me what's happening I'll at least know why. Thanks for explaining that to me." When Castor moves to get her some coffee she falls quiet but then he's back and further explaining things, this time causing her heart to sink a bit. She's not exactly -wanting- a relationship with Leda or at least not yet, but she's kind of growing fond of him and yes, it's kind of in 'that way' that she is. "I guess I should have expected that. Can't be on a ship with this small of a crew and not have them, right?"

Leda looks over at Kitty as he hands the coffee over and he says, "Well, let me put it this way, I'm not looking for a relationship right now either but I'm not saying I'm not opposed to a relationship either." He then offers as he looks to make sure that Sam is sleeping, "I'm not the kind to throw secrets around." It is true, Leda has this weird knack for learning about things and part of that means keeping his mouth shut. Finally, he gives a smile to Kitty, "So, yeah, this is a small ship, smaller than the Battlestar I used to be assigned to by a mile and the crew here is a bit more spirited." He then says, "Then again you are black squad so you have nothing to fear."

Kitty nods as she listens, being attentive as she does, the bobbing of her head paused only for as long as it takes to take a sip or two of the coffee Leda was so nice to get for her. It continue for as long as he speaks right up to the part where he mentions which squadron she is in, it being the second time he has said something like that, her expression baffled and a bit put out upon. "Why should that matter, Castor?"

"Black Squad horses around and has a good time. Well, except for Thorn, but others are working on him. I mean the Black Squad isn't very angry…where as the Red Squad is full of a lot of angry people who are itching for a fight. That is why, Kitty. You are in the Squad with the good reputation. The rest of us who are in the Red Squad have to be very careful about where we go and what we do if we want to stay in the good graces of people around here."

Kitty ohs softly. "Well, maybe it's us who should be worried about our reps, then. After all, you Red pilots just might sully them." She's teasing Castor and he should be able to pick up on that as there's no frown or concern to be found or heard, her mood too light to be serious. "I guess that makes sense. I think your rep would be safe with me. My own seems to be pretty clean, I believe. All I do is twitch and talk to myself. Oh, and I have the crazy brother but I think that's something that isn't held against me too much."

"Yeah, your brother." He clicks softly, "Your brother has quiet the reputation." He then shifts and says good naturedly, "Well, I would like to think I do alright with my rep since I just tend to let my mouth run and say some stupid things now and again but other than that I'm fine. Almost upstanding if you will." He then smiles, "And yeah, you do have a good rep from what I hear." He then takes a moment to say, "Though you might twitch a bit less if you drank less coffee."

Kitty nods. "He's going to get me into a lot of fight, I think. Like when we were kids. We had this huge sibling rivalry that was borderline ugly at times but when it came down to it, we had each other's backs if it came down to it. We weren't about to let anyone frak with us but each other." Strange thing to boast about but there she is, proud of that fact. Her addiction is finally brought up and she shakes her head, that right there sounding like a near-impossible task. "Tried that. Wound up with gods awful migraines. So unless you can help me find a way to shake that problem of mine without the headaches, I'm frakked."

Leda who is battling his own demons at the moment says, "I'll get back to you on that one." He then takes a second to smile at Kitty as he says, "Well, I think your brother now has others to keep him in line, you know, all of his superior officers." He then looks back over at Sam to make sure she is okay before he says, "Well, wait, maybe you could go to medical, the Major might have a caffeine patch that will help you?" He then says, "And what do you do on long missions without caffeine?"

"If Padorian is not careful he's going to wind up alienating himself from everyone including his superiors and then where will he be?" After his blow-up in the mess she has convinced herself that he's going to wind up needing her a lot, Kitty fully prepared to take up for him. "Caffeine patches wouldn't work. I just wouldn't be drinking a shit load of coffee and having to pee a lot." Nope, she is going to have to quit cold turkey and deal with the withdrawls. When asked what she does on long missions she doesn't verbally answer but rather lets a pathetic expression find its way to her face, it saying it all. She suffers.

Leda says, "Well, I don't know if he will alienate himself but he might just wind up getting knocked around a lot. People here aren't dumb and sometimes some people need a smack upside the head." He then takes a second to run his forehead, "And I thought not peeing a lot would be a good thing. Your body can hold on to that precious, precious water that it needs." He then chuckles and says, "Well, I'd say bring some coffee with you on long missions but that only goes so far. Maybe you could ask someone in engineering to help you build a portable for long missions?"

Kitty shakes her head. "Great. I'll…frak. Probably needs to happen if it's going to" Feet regained, she looks at her mug and sets it down, the first cup of coffee she has not finished in ages. "I'm going to quit cold turkey. Frak weaning myself off of it. Got to do it all at once." Leaning in, she goes to put another kiss on Leda, this time a chaste one on the cheek "I should go, Castor. Let's get together and talk about all this more. But not until I can get rid of this paranoid feeling I have…the one that has me feeling as if Corporal Jacobs will come and drag me back to sickbay if he finds me."

Leda smiles at the kiss and nods his head quietly, "Alright, off with you then." He says and he chuckles as he checks on Sam one more time before he looks back at Kitty, "And sure we can catch up later…but I wouldn't go pissing the Corporal off." He then begins to pick up all of the cards that he dropped earlier.

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