Alexander "Icarus" Nikolo
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds as Alexander Nikolo
Name: Alexander Nikolo
Alias: Icarus
Age: 29
Hair & Eyes: Dark eyes, Brown hair
Faction: Air Wing
Position: LT. Viper Pilot
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Play Times
Timezone: Time Zone

Biographical Info


Alexander Nikolo was from an average family on Caprica. His parents were both educators in the school systems. After challenges occuring his senior year of school, he opted for Naval Academy and Flight School for his life path becoming a career officer. He was acquitted of all charges of responsibility in a death that occurred when he was 17 years old due to a motorcycle accident.


Alexander's parents are both living (as of Warday) as is his younger Sister of 2 years.


Flight School
Naval Academy
Officer Training

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Alex has served his entire career on the Battlestar Pegasus. Through hard work and maintaining a good repoire, he has advanced to the rank of Lieutenant. His docket states that he is dependable and calm, if not a bit of a social butterfly and prankster. Although none of the incidents were ever formally tied to him.

Distinguishing Features


Alex's callsign, Icarus, came about due to multiple incidents where he would push the redline of his Viper. His training officer continually told him he was flying too close to the sun just like the legend of Icarus, which would become his call.


On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events



  • Like long walks on the beach.
  • Poetry readings in small coffee shops
  • Making love in a Wal-mart Restroom


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