Warday - Air Wing
Warday - Air Wing
Summary: When things go to Hell, call 1-800-AIR-WING.
Date: MD057
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NOTE: This is only the log from Vendas. If you have sections which are missing, please feel free to add them in or post them in a separate log.


[Intercom] Vendas says, "Captain Legacy and Lieutenant Thayer, please report to the Ready Room on the double."

Legacy has arrived.
Jason has arrived.

Vendas is at the front of the room staring at a DRADIS relay from CIC with her back to the door. Her helmet is sitting on a desk nearby and her arms are crossed on her chest. She's eyeing the digital display carefully.
Description set to base flightsuit.

Thea comes into the Ready Room on the double. She's not out of breath, but it's clear she jogged her way, in uniform, flight suit over one arm, helmet dangling from her wrist. In she slips and pulls into a salute at attention.

Jason strides into the room a pace behind Legacy. He's dressed in his flight gear already, helmet carried carefully under one arm. Once he's approached the desk he straightens to attention as well, saluting briskly.

Vendas turns around at the waist and looks to Thea and Jason as they run in. "As you were. Up here on me. You guys have a mission." She turns back to the display and taps a button on the screen. It flickers for a moment and brings up an astral nav chart. "Captain, Lieutenant.." she begins slowly. "As you've no doubt heard, there's been some issues the last twenty-four hours with navigation and comms chatter. In the last few hours, we've been getting some odd messages. A few distress calls that CIC has been unable to triangulate. Well we finally got one." She takes a long breath, looking to them to see if there's any questions thus far.

Thea's a bit tense today, it would appear, fine lines at the corners of her eyes showing deeper than usual. She listens to the briefing, then nods, once - though clearly doesn't have any questions yet.

Jason's stance eases a notch. Just a notch. Briefings from the CAG on funky comms and distress calls aren't matters to put one at ease. He keeps his mouth shut, no questions yet, but his brown eyes are narrowed thoughtfully as he turns all this over in his head.

"We're roughly here." The Major's finger taps a location. "We're along the Sierra-Five-One lane, running parallel. Our distress call that we're responding to has come from here at these coordinates." She taps the next location on the screen. "They're reporting engine trouble, electrical failures and intermittant communications. You two are going to jump out there in a Raptor and see what the frak is going on. Like I said, we've been getting calls from all over the place and we have no idea why. So I want you to grab some Deck Techs and head out there to see if you can't jumpstart them or at least figure out whats wrong. Questions?" She turns back to the them and starts zipping up her flightsuit. Apparently she doesn't like today much either.

"Just us," Thea asks, head cocked to the side. "Alright." Her lips thin slightly and she dips her head sharply. "Hopefully it'll be nothing more than some space damage." There's a little smile on her lips - just a little one. Her eyes turn to Jason and she quirks a brow slightly, waiting to see if he has questions.

"Has CIC been able to get any idea what sort of vessel it is we'll be paying a visit to, sir?" Jason asks Vendas. He catches Legacy's smile, giving her a small nod in return, though his own expression stays stoic enough.

"Copy that, Captain. Just you guys. We've got the rest of our Raptors on standby in case we can decipher anymore calls." Vendas then looks to Jason. "Its a civilian freighter identifying itself as the Constantine. They should be squaking Colonial ident but we aren't positive." She looks between the two. "If you run into trouble or need some more tech crews, we're only a phonecall away. Best of luck out there, guys. Good hunting. Dismissed to your bird." She nods to them.

Thea pulls into a salute then turns for the door, stepping into her flight suit as she goes. Apparently someone's well used to the fine art of dressing on the run. Go figure. "Alright, Lifer. Sounds like a milk run, but we're not taking any chances. As soon as we get in there, I want to know what's in that area and whether or not it's going to bite us in the ass. If they're in a debris field, well, I'm not excited about getting the bird dinged."

Jason salutes Vendas as well, straight as you'd like, then turns and follows Legacy. The name 'Life' brings a faint smirk to his face. "All this about oddities with the comms has got me curious, I've got to admit, sir. Whatever's going on seems pretty wide-spread. I'll keep an eye on the nav for things that'll chip our paint." As he follows her he asks, "You got any theories about what's up?"

"I'm not sure," Thea says quietly. "There are a lot of problems with comms. Normally I'd say sunspots or some other astronomic phenomenon, but wide-spread? I don't know." And then she's gone, on her way to her Raptor.

"Sunspots, huh?" This perks Jason's interests some. The prospect of reading astronomic phenomenon appeals. He shrugs, ducking into the Raptor behind Legacy. "I guess we'll see what we'll see."

Legacy has left.
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[ CIC - Deck 2 ]--------[ CEC Kharon ]
IC Time: Mission Day #57 OOC Time: Sun Apr 19 13:32:26 2009

Bathed in dark blue light, this warfighting nerve center is a room that might more closely resemble a cave but for the illuminated displays and activity, creating an effect that detracts from the claustrophobic feelings it could impose when fully lit. Situated with all the major displays at the front of the room, crew members sit at work stations facing that wall as if an audience to a performance. Liquid crystal screens track everything from DRADIS contacts to the fuel status of airborne Vipers and Raptors. Off to the side, smaller screens hang from the low ceiling that provide video footage of the Flight Deck and Hangar Bay One's Viper Tube airlock doors.
To the rear of the room is the primary plotting table - the only white-lit object in constant operation within the room. Its pale illumination is just bright enough to back-light the maps that are lain out on it. A separate DRADIS display is placed at the rear of the room to provide the Officer of the Watch with a view of the tactical situation no matter which way they are facing. A set of yellow-lit glass plots are stood vertically to the side of the room, allowing the historical view of anything that might be tracked via sensors.
-=[ Condition Level: 2 - Danger Close ]=-------—-
Vendas Sheridan
CIC Terminal 301
[WEP] Weapons [H] Hallway

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Black Cat to CIC. Foxbat-Lead ready to launch."
[Into the Wireless] Sheridan says, "Foxbat Lead this is CIC. You are cleared to launch."
[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Copy, Actual. Foxbat-1 launching in three, two, one…"
[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy's voice is quiet as it comes over the com, but there's a thread of tension that wasn't there before. "Actual, Foxbat-1. I'm showing twenty unfriendlies converging on Constantine, coming in hot and heavy, high calibre rounds."
[Into the Wireless] Sheridan says, "Foxbat-1, Actual. Confirm again. Unfriendlies? Also verify numbers and status of Constantine."
[TAC3] *static* We're under attack, we're under ATTACK. Gods help us, what ARE these things? *static* Propulsion still down, can't *static* Krypter, Krypter..
[Into the Wireless] Sheridan says, "Constantine Actual, this is CEC Kharon. We have visual confirmation and are en-route to investigate. Stand by."
[Into the Wireless] Sheridan says, "Foxbat-1, Kharon Actual. Do not engage. Monitor situation and standby for full deployment."
<Intercom> Attention! Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the ship.
[Intercom] Sheridan says, "Attention all hands! This is Commander Sheridan! All Flight Crews to the Ready Room for immediate briefing and deployment! Marine Crews go to standby for possible boarding actions! This is not a drill! I repeat, this is NOT A DRILL!"

Vendas has left.

[ Ready Room - Hangar Deck ]------[ CEC Kharon ]—
IC Time: Mission Day #57 OOC Time: Sun Apr 19 13:51:09 2009

The soft glow of white lights overhead cast hardly any shadows across the battleship gray walls and dark, trodden carpet floor. Divided into two sections of chairs, their bases bolted to the floor with an aisle running up each side and the center of the elevated riser. The plush black leather of the arrangement has been worn-in over the years to provide for a well-used but comfortable atmosphere. To the front a pair of large liquid crystal displays provide for the analysis of anything required while a single podium occupies a place up front and to the left. A pull-down screen is secured to the high ceiling to be used with a digital projection system that is fed on the side of the room.
Doubling as an office area, there are a few desks at the rear. Various technical manuals as well as tactical guides are set on a low bookshelf above the writing spaces. Around the side is a line of metal cabinets that hold various labels as to their contents. Hangers hold a row of spare deep green flightsuits and helmets on the other side of the room while half-hidden posters and pictures adorn the walls. One section of the wall near the front, kept clear of clutter and debris, is a wooden wall-plate that goes nearly floor to ceiling.
-=[ Condition Level: 1 - Action Stations ]=-------
Wooden Plaque
[O] Hallway

Eddie has arrived.
Fenris has arrived.
Roubani has arrived.
Yuuri has arrived.
Cygnus has arrived.
Kai has arrived.
Kale has arrived.
Matto has arrived.

After the short sprint from the simulator room, Fenris is zipping her suit closed as she opens the door to the ready room. She steps in with an otherwise neutral expression and she stands by just to the side of the hatch, adjusting the seal of her gloves.
Roubani is in his flight suit, heading into the ready room from the direction of the sims. Close on Eddie's heels, he gives an automatic salute to the room and then folds his arms. That frown he was wearing before hasn't gone away.

Having already been in his flightsuit and helmet, Yuuri follows in and takes a seat at the top row.

Matto was just in the other room, as well, getting ready to head out, but this works, too. He steps in and turns to the side to get out of peoples' way.

Kai steps in near the end of the pack, in the process of zipping into his flight suit and checking his seals. He takes up a position at the wall, eyes on the front of the room.

Kale rans into the Ready Room from the hangar area, his flight suit already in place. He jumps over a row of chairs to plop into one of the rear ones, easier to get out when the call is made and all.

Cygnus follows in after the other pilots, even though he's not currently assigned to flight. Old habits die hard. Especially since he's already suited up for sim time.

Vendas strides through the hatch at the rear of the room. "Don't get up." She's all business. Once at the front, she turns and faces the pilots quickly. "We got a distress call about an hour ago from a ship called the Constantine - a civilian freighter. Its the -only- distress call we've been able to decipher enough but there have been a bunch more." She looks at the pilots, her flightsuit already zipped and sidearm holstered. "Captain Legacy and Lieutenant Thayer just jumped out there and spotted over twenty unfriendlies putting large-caliber holes into the Constantine. When I left CIC, they were on orders to evade. We're about to jump in there."

Kai is the picture of silent attention as Vendas speaks, eyes riveted on the CAG while she gives them a rundown of the situation. There's a very slight furrow of his brows when 'twenty unfriendlies' are mentioned, but nothing more.

Roubani takes a long inhale through his nose that moves his shoulders. The frown on his thinned lips deepens as he listens, arms staying folded.

Kale listens as well, but by the tension in his form, it is obvious he is ready to bolt for thehangar the second the word is given.

"We don't know if they are pirates or what the frak they are, so I want you people ready for anything. Deck crews are loading live ordnance on your birds as we speak. Everyone should be on Tac3 as soon as you are in the tubes. I'll have flight lead on this." There's a nod to Kai and then she looks around to the others. "Wing assignments: Kale and Roubani. Kai and Eddie. Fenris and Yuuri. Matto, I'll be covering you while you run electronic warfare for us." Eyes don't leave the group. "Any questions?"

Yuuri's eyes shoot towards the Captain, an expression of: I'm ungrounded? can plainly be seen. He zips his flightsuit to the neck and pulls on his gloves.

Fen replies, "No, sir." from her spot by the door, likewise stock still but her position allows her to spring out once the bunch is unleashed. With the wing assignments given, she looks at Yu, then back to the CAG.

Kai's eyes cut toward Yuuri for a moment. "Saddle up, Lieutenant. If you so much as fart in the cockpit, you're grounded again."
Roubani looks neither excited nor bloodthirsty about this. The young Ensign's closest step to combat on this ship has been a wargame, and frankly he looks like a flash of nausea just went through him. His expression sets again, the corners of his eyes tense. "No, sir," he replies as to questions, and his eyes search out Kale, his lead.

Pirates are indeed the first thing to pop into Kissy's mind, but he doesn't ask aloud, figuring that they'll tell him what he needs to know when he needs to know it. And… gets an answer. Sort of. He jerks his chin downward in a sign he understands the situation. He doesn't add a 'yes sir' because then it'd sound like he has a question. No questions here. Tote Poppyflower outside. Let her frak with the pirates some. Come home. All in a days' work.

"Sirs?" Cygnus knows he could quite easily end up in hack in about three seconds time as he speaks up, but regardless of anything else, he's a pilot, and with things sounding as grave as they are, he has to at least try to get his active status back.

Kale nods to Roubani, his expression trying to give that feeling of support and confidence. "None here, sir. Just ready to go kick some frakkin ass." It seems to take all of Kale's concentration to stay seated and not start inching for the hangar bay.

[Intercom] Sheridan says, "Attention all hands! All Vipers are cleared for immediate launch! Foxbat-lead is taking fire from hostiles. Scramble all Vipers!"

Eddie is sharp with her response of, "No sir!" This is what they are here for, afterall, this is why they all went through flight school. She's grim faced, probably more to do with the fact that her lucky lighter is downstairs, sitting on top of her locker. At her wing assignment, she finds her Captain in the crowd and gives him a cut nod in acknowledgement. "Let's roll." she mutters underneath her breath to Roubani. "Safe flying."

"Alright. Leads, watch your wingmen and do NOT lose them. I spot anyone frakking around with cowboy bullshit out there you will answer to me." Vendas, the normally happy little CAG looks damned stern at the moment. When Cygnus speaks up her eyes shoot to him. "Yes, Lieutenant? You had best make this fa-" She looks up at the intercom and then back to the pilots. "Everyone in your Vipers, now! Scramble! Good Hunting!"

The word given, Fen wheels and is off to the races without a word.

"Ares keep you strong," Roubani mutters to Eddie. He tugs at the zipper of his flightsuit and turns to follow Kale on the double.

Everyone has left.

To the Vipers!

[TAC3] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Foxbat-1 We are initiating FTL jump. Now."

Announcement: Ares shouts, "CEC Kharon has just initiated and completed FTL jump. Hope you kept your lunch!"

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, ""Actual, Foxbat-Lead. Heavier ships are trying to ram the Constantine. We've got two on us. Avionics are stable - for now. Two minutes until we're ready to jump back. Advise. Caution." Apparently Thea can not stress that enough to Sheridan. "I'm counting at least 20 out here with superior firepower and an utter lack of finesse.""

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Wolf-4 is stationed in a launch tube, Yuuri going over all system checks. Everything checks out green and he raises a thumb to the LSO, signaling ready for launch.

[TAC3] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Foxbat-Lead, Actual. Kharon is now in your system and is on full alert. You know have our full support Foxbat-Lead. Prepare for Viper Scramble and Defensive Weapons to begin engaging targets."

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Wolf-2 is loaded into the catapult, set and ready to roll. Fenris gives a thumbs up and her hands regrip the control sticks, eyes turned forward for the kickoff.

[Wolf-3: Kale] Wolf-3 is next in line for launch. The pilot is quiet, stoic almost, in the face of the odds ahead. He gives the customary thrumbs-up and then cloes his hands over the controls and looks forward, waiting.

[TAC3] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "CAG, Actual. Is there any reason I see a whole bunch of Vipers in my tubes? Get the frak out there and assist Foxbat-Lead. NOW!"

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani's viper, Wolf-7, is in line behind Kale's to ensure he's got his lead in sight when they go through the tubes. The young Ensign is silent, and tense.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie shifts impatiently in Wolf-8, her bird green to go hot int he tubes and now she's just waiting for the order to burn out full tilt.

[TAC3] "Torch" Vendas says, "All Vipers, launch!"

[Wolf-1: Vendas] Vendas' Viper kicks out the tubes in her Mark Seven and she's got the throttles firewalled as she heads back over the top of the flight pod to wait for Matto.

[Foxbat-1: Jason] Jason can't hold back a sigh of extreme relief at word the Kharon, and its Vipers, are en route. Deep breath. He checks the DRADIS, just to convince himself the ship really /is/ there. "The bogeys are still pounding the Constanine heavily, sir. Except for the two that are tailing us. I'll keep an eye on them."

[Foxbat-3: Matto] Kissybear lays in course to stay vaguely behind Wolf-1, letting the firepower go ahead and cleat a path for now. He doesn't dally, but keeps up, loading one of Poppyflower's jamming suites for deployment. "How are we looking back there?"

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Foxbat-1 is dancing through the sky with two bogeys on her tail - but they're going -away- from where Kharon jumped in, almost as if Cat's trying to buy some time. "Good job, Lifer. Get any information you can back to CIC on those ships. These are nothing I've ever seen before." And that scares the hell out of her.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Mudguts comes out of the tubes like her head was on fire and her ass was catching. She holds to parallel Vendas' course at max throttle and she looks around for any other signs of additional units.

[Wolf-3: Kale] Triple's Wolf-3 shoots out of the tube and drags to starboard as it streaks forward, waiting for Poet to clear Kharon and come up on his wing.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Wolf-7 comes shooting from its launch tube, burners kicking in blue behind it the moment the blackness of space is visible. The Viper swiftly arcs up to Kale's four.

[TAC3] "Kissybear" Matto says, "Torch, Kissybear: we've got jamming suites one and two loaded and ready for deployment on your word."

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Yuuri's viper launches shortly after Mudgut's with a brilliant blue flame shooting out of all three engines. He shifts the stick in his hand to line up on her high five.

[TAC3] "Torch" Vendas says, "Copy that, Matto. Start your music! — Red Squadron, CAG. You are weapons free! Splash those bastards!"

[TAC3] "Typhoon" Yuuri says, "Roger, Typhoon weapons hot."

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie's viper pours out of the tubes, dropping low beneath the formation then pulling up to slide into place at Kai's five o'clock. Her tongue passes over lips, rewetting them before her top row of teeth sink into her bottom lip. Her left hand drops to her lap, and her cockpit fills with heavy rhythmed music. At the call for weapons hot, her thumb makes a brief movement, bringing her targeting system online.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy, lead. Mooner going weapons hot."

[JUDGE_570: Nike] The Kharon's vipers are greeted, as they leave the tubes, by a sight that could almost be termed beautiful if it weren't so impossible: the Constantine, a traveler-class freighter, is limping slowly ahead of a swarm of crescent-winged objects that resemble flying wings, like a whale being smothered by little silverbacked fish. Explosions light up the black for moments at a time, and pieces of the freighter have broken off completely from structural damage. Two heavier ships, resembling the other fighters in style only, have lodged themselves into the freighter's cargo bay and there are two of the smaller bogeys hunting Legacy's raptor— which appears, so far, unscathed.

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "Triple is weapons hot."

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Lead, Poet. Weapons hot."

[Wolf-5: Kai] Kai's viper comes screaming out of the tubes last, 'burners flaring hot as he spirals out of the approach and forms up behind his squadmates.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani makes his voice sound a lot steadier than his hands are. He quickly flips switches, lights on the undercarriage of his Viper blinking once to signal his guns at hot and ready.

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Mudguts confirm fangs out."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Weapons are free. Mooner, on my six. Let's get our raptor home."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Thea's voice is quiet, tone a touch dry. "Welcome to the party, gentlemen. I trust you remembered to bring the libations? I'm going to bring our two guests back around to meet everyone and then go upstairs while y'all make them feel right the frak at home." Tension, yes. "Watch your avionics.""

[Wolf-7: Roubani] A frown flickers across Roubani's face as Thea's voice comes through the comms. He glances at his console and then back up, keeping track of Kale carefully.

[Wolf-1: Vendas] Vendas takes the lead for Matto, her helmet straining back and forth to keep track of the fight. She keeps high cover on the group, not wanting to drag Matto into the thick of the fight. Mostly her helmet is pointed off towards Legacy.

[TAC3] "Kissybear" Matto says, "Wilco, Torch, mark Sirensong… music away."

[Foxbat-1: Jason] Jason makes another pass over the readings the instruments are giving off from the bogeys. He frowns. "These things're emitting a low-band EM pulse every few minutes, Captain. Will relay that to CIC. I think that's what disrupted our systems. Can't get much more on the ships themselves."

[Wolf-3: Kale] Triple looks back and down to see Roubani on his four and nods to him. Hearing Thea's intentions, Trip's eyes narrow and he looks at his screen to see where she is coming from and starts angling his viper in that direction, knowing Poet will follow.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Black Cat's Raptor is buzzing along quite merrily as she banks a turn that's almost lazy in nature, pulling, rolling to the right. "Hold on," she tells Jason quietly. It would appear she's trying to lead the bogeys on a perpendicular course to the incoming assistance, so that it's a side-attack rather than head on, when it comes. Buying the Colonial fleet a little time, perhaps? "Roger that, Lifer."

[Foxbat-3: Matto] Kissybear uploads the first jamming suite into the wavelengths of those not keyed to avoid it, then the second, partially overlaped with the first.

[Wolf-5: Kai] Kai slots into the section lead position, letting Eddie take his wing. Steady on the stick, he drops off smoothly to port in order to chase the raiders hunting Legacy.

[Foxbat-3: Matto] Foxbat-3 also keeps neatly on Torch's ass, trusting her to kill anything that might try to shoot at it.

[TAC3] "Typhoon" Yuuri says, "Torch, Typhoon. Looks like the Captain is giving us a broadside strike on her bandits."

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani banks hard to follow Kale, some reflexes of flight combat training kicking in now that the real deal's in front of them. His hand spins across his console and then gets ready to fire.

[TAC3] Jason says, "Actual. Foxbat-Two. The bogeys are emitting some kind of low-band EM pulse every few minutes. I think that's what disrupted our Raptor systems earlier. Caution."

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie rounds off smoothly after Kai, sticking to him like white on rice. No way is she going to lose him in this shuffle. Leaning on the stick, she stays vaguely in his three to five o'clock region as they go screaming after the Crest Moon Baddies tailing Legacy.

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Yuuri keeps his engines glare a bright blue as he stays in formation with Fenris. The icey jades glancing towards the Raptor being tailed, the Dradis, and Mudguts to remain at her side. His thumb twitches on the side of the stick, anticipating a shot at those being led infront of the squadron.

[JUDGE_738: Hermes] The Raiders seem to notice the incoming Vipers about now. About half of them break off from the Constantine and round over the top, their crescent shapes turning back onto the incoming Colonials. They take their individual targets and bore in while the two continue chasing Legacy.

[TAC3] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Foxbat-Two, Actual. Confirmed, we are getting the guys here to invistigate the source."

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Mudguts all units, incoming bandits. Targetting hostile point. Guns, guns, guns!"

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Fen's Viper alters it's course at the sudden change in airspace alottment. The mark seven angles up, still blazing incadescent fire from the aft as she lines up for the joust with the enemy unit at the front of the reinforcement. One hand is busy holding the throttole as far past the final detent as is possible, while her finger closes slowly on the trigger on the close, when she reaches what she feels the proper distance… Fenris's guns bark.

[Foxbat-1: Jason] Jason hangs onto his seat as Legacy maneuvers the Raptor. He continues to keep his eyes locked on the instrument readings. He mutters something under his breath. Maybe praying. But more likely it's just more profanity. He works the electronic countermeasures controls, trying to get a fix on and jam those pulse signals coming from the bogeys.
Lost DRADIS Contact: JUDGE_738 heads for CEC Kharon.

[Wolf-3: Kale] Triple veers off to intercept the two bogeys on Foxbat's tail. Eying the closer of the two, he performs a roll in his viper while opening fire. Both shot hug the crecent-shaped craft but miss hitting it. He flies past them and turns the viper around to go for another pass.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Wolf-7 tails Kale's bird tightly, banking port as they bear down on one of the Raider chasing Legacy. Through the chaos of fire, Roubani's guns graze the Raider, sparks bursting on the enemy bird's port side. Before he can try a second time his bird takes a hard shudder as enemy fire rocks it, sending his right wing upwards. The control stick jerks and he grips it hard, pulling back around into formation with his lead for another pass.

[Wolf-5: Kai] Legacy's flying is good enough to temporarily shake one of the raiders off her tail. Losing its mark, it spins away and right into the path of Roubani's guns. The other is still chasing her, and several of the bandits that come screaming in are sent every which way as their propulsion systems are suddenly yanked offline. The 'lead' fighter takes some heavy damage as it barrels in for Fenris.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Triple, Poet. Taken damage to right wing, but still moving. I'm on your five."

[Wolf-8: Eddie] As the skies get a little crowded, Eddie's having trouble sticking to Kai's wing and picking through live fire that's tracing around them. No amount of sim time can prepare you for the real deal, they only help you stay a little less dead. She's about to line up a shot on the two trailing after Legacy's Foxbat, but just as her mind switches to offensive mode, it forgets about defensive. Her tail takes a serious pelting, sounding tinny in her helmet like hail on a tin roof.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] True to her word, Black Cat's brought her Raptor around to offer a broadside attack to the incoming Vipers, then she delicately pulls herself up in the air, making her bird do tricks that maybe Raptors aren't -quite- rated for. It's as though she's got the aerial ballet thing going on, even as she presents the Red Squadron with a fun new toy. "Hold on, Lifer. We're going right back in," she tells her ECO. "Get ready to jam."

[Foxbat-3: Matto] Kissybear stays affixed to Torch, easily keeping up with her so that she doesn't have to worry about slowing down on his behalf. As he surveys the field for some indication whether the jamming suites worked (no shiny explosions to let you know), he finally tries to figure out what these things even -are-, out here. "What in the shit?" he mumbles to himself, not over channels. One of the targets drifts away, but they fly so strangely he can't be sure whether it's because of a jammed nav system or… because that's just how it moves.

[Wolf-5: Kai] Kai opens up on the second bird tailing the Raptor Captain, tracers lighting up its underbelly, but all he can get off is a grazing shot as it veers away. Punching his thrusters, he strafes in for a split with his wingman, and a cleaner shot on the bandit.

[Wolf-1: Vendas] Vendas peeks over her shoulder towards Matto, then back towards the fight going on below. She rolls her Viper over onto its back to get a better angle for a few moments. Spotting Eddie getting her pelting, Vendas rolls in towards the Ensign. She lines up a long-range shot as best she can.

[TAC3] "Torch" Vendas says, "Matto, CAG. Hold position for maneuver. Rolling in. Be right back."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Lead, Mooner. My tail just got aerated. Still live."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Mooner, fall low, I'll take the high pass."

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "Stick close, Poet. I got you."

[Wolf-2: Fenris] As the Joust closes at break-everything speed, the Bandits' point man starts to peel. Fen sublimates her feelings with the Viper's cannons, raking the emeny's side. Fenris looks back toward her five with a quick glance, then brings the ship around to continue pursuit of the hairball.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Foxbat-lead coming back around."

[TAC3] "Kissybear" Matto says, "Wilco, Torch, staying put."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that, Spider."

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Yuuri follows every one of Fenris' moves, matching them at her loose, high five. His thumb jams down on the stick igniting his cannons. The tracers miss his target as enemy fire pours out behind him.

[TAC3] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "CAG, Actual. Sitrep."

[Wolf-1: Vendas] Vendas' guns prattle, sending tracers arcing across the distance. The Raider explodes with the gunfire from Kale and Kai. She swoops in behind Eddie for the moment and attempts to draw fire away from the Ensign. Wings waggle back and forth as she searches the sky for anyone swooping on on them.

[Wolf-3: Kale] With a growl heard over the com, Triple takes a deep breath and aims on the second bogey that still is latched onto Legacy's tail. He waits…wait…wait..until the solution is as good as it can be and then squeezes the stick to fire. Wolf-3 unleashes a tongue of death, hammering into the raider as he pulls up at the end of the pass, coming alongside the raptor to take a look at the situation beyond and let Poet catch up after his run. His fire and that of the other two vipers destroys the bogey into pieces that scatter into the dark void.

[Wolf-5: Kai] One of the raiders on Legacy's tail explodes in a hail of fire and metal torn apart at the seams. The other one is still going strong, and there are five more streaking in and opening fire on the squadron. Three of them suffer some kind of weapons failures and spit out a whole lot of useless nothing. The other two home in on Fenris and Yuuri.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Fen's pursuit goes sideways when a trail of hate stitches her tail, throwing her followup cannonfire extremely wide. She looks back and up opposed to the way she was knocked and she rolls, flipping a couple of switches as she breaks and tries to loop up and to one side to get the attention of the nice bandit nibbling Yu's bum. A quick glance to DRADIS and her comms open.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Legacy and Jason make a good team, but even the best of teams falters once in awhile. There's a bit of damage on the side of Foxbat's raptor, but she's still flying, still moving along. Foxbat-1 slides in toward Fenris and Yuuri, pointed in that direction. "Get countermeasures out," she tells Jason quietly.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani is doing his damndest to chase that limping Raider. His bird is jerking with that damaged right wing and his teeth are pressed together hard in his mouth as he struggles with the joystick. His shot misses and he looks up, finding Kale in the madness. A burst of blue burners and forward throttle spin his Viper towards his lead again.

[TAC3] "Typhoon" Yuuri says, "Mudguts, Typhoon. We got two on our six."

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie manages not to be further torn apart by enemy fire, but in the same respect, she can't get a good lock onto her foe. Tracers stream out into the black, skimming over the Raider not even leaving scortch marks on the paint.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Triple, Poet. That first bogey's still live and coming back for more."

[Wolf-5: Kai] It's probably overkill, but the combined fire from Torch, Triple and Spider takes out one of the raiders like it was a shambling old man. Kai swerves slightly to starboard, and streaks in after the second bogey.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Mudguts, Typhoon, Black Cat. On our way to you."

[Foxbat-1: Jason] Jason is a cautious flyer. Which is serving him well just now, as he's strapped into his seat as tightly as he can get without cutting off his circulation. So he's just severely rattled rather than violently knocked around. Still, he wouldn't willing buy tickets to this aerial ballet. "On it, Black Cat," he calls without looking up from the controls, punching the jamming signals again. "C'mon frakker…" he mutters. Might as well stick with what works. Maybe swearing is the key. The jamming managed to do something to some of those nothing-spitting bogeys. He breathes a sigh of relief as he watches the jamming on the DRADIS. Too soon, as he's jerked around when the Raptor is hit. "Frak. Right. Punching it, Black Cat."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Triple, Poet, break and cover the bandits coming in at three o'clock. Mooner and I have this one."

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Yuuri isn't showing great skill as the enemies tracer fire closes but goes wide. His own cannon fire missing by mere inches at their target. He continues to match Fenris' moves, rolling wing over wing behind her and looping with his wingman at her seven now. He thumbs the trigger again aiming at Mudguts' target.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Copy, lead. Triple, I'm right behind you."

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "Copy, Lead. We're on it!"

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris is still calm despite the sound of Betty bitching in the background, "Typhoon, on my mark, drop hard starboard." Click-click, "Mark." Then, "Mudguts all units, I've lost partial maneuvering, can you assist, over?"

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani breaks away from the Raider, arcing under Kale's Viper and then back up to his starboard side, slightly behind. His ring wing sparks brightly, a jet of something venting and threatening to keep pushing him sideways.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] The wounded bird under Mudgut's control is trailing smoke from the tail as she tries to align on the enemy at Yu's shadow, struggling to maintain a high angle of attack and she opens up when she thinks she's got it.

[Foxbat-3: Matto] Above the fray as his escort goes off fighting, Kissybear can't quite help but feel a little naked, like one of those nightmares where you're giving a class presentation in your birthday suit. Still, he counts down from ten as he uploads another two suites in succession as he keeps an eye out either for the return of torch or for any incoming unpleasantness.

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Yuuri follows the order and breaks starboard, pulling himself away from formation. His thumb eases off the trigger and is only trying to fly his tail into Fenris' cannon lock.

[Wolf-3: Kale] Triple leads Poet after the two raiders that have broken off to go after Yuuri and Fenris. He concentrates his fire on the further of the bogeys, the one closest to his flightmates and sends fire into the bogey, lighting it up along the top of the hull.

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "Mudguts, Typhoon..Triple and Poet are on the way to intercept your bogeys! Got joy on one."

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Some combination of luck and sheer willpower keeps Roubani's Viper steady at Kale's side long enough to fire. His fire mixes with Wolf-3's, but the resulting fireworks are enough to confirm that both shots hit.

[Wolf-5: Kai] Kai's guns slice through the already tattered remains of the raider chasing Legacy, and rip it apart as it tries to juke out of Eddie's way. Burning through the wreckage, he wheels about on his wing and pounds the thrusters, leading his wingman in a fast break turn to chase down Fenris' bandits.

In the distance, the remainder of the raiders are breaking off from the fight. There are little blips of light as they begin jumping away, leaving only the five to contend with.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Black Cat is on her way toward Yuuri and Fenris, definitely, to make with the proper jamming in an attempt to get them free. The flying isn't fancy - but it's flying. It gets the job done.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Kissybear, Black Cat. How are you holding up over there?"

[Wolf-8: Eddie] It's hard to say if Eddie's live fire is actually doing any damage or not, or if it's just chasing away the shadows as she streams after Kai. Her wing tilts up drastically as she avoids some debris, then cuts in sharply to keep up with Kai as they go hunting down the two on Fenris' tail.

[Wolf-1: Vendas] Vendas turns her Viper through the stars, doing her best to keep the fire off of Eddie for at least a few seconds. She then firewalls her throttles and comes back over the top of the engagement. Spotting one moving on Matto, she darts in, maneuvering for a shot.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "All points, status. Mudguts, you've got two hot on your tail still."

[Foxbat-1: Jason] Jason keeps on punching at the jamming controls, rather desperately focused. Blips on the DRADIS screen are far less terrifying than killer, crescent space vessels, so that's where his eyes stay. "Some of the bogeys are breaking off, Black Cat. Showing just five enemy contacts now."

[TAC3] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "This is Kharon Actual. All Wings, Sitrep. Stand notice that Marines have successfully docked and unloaded on to Constantine."

[TAC3] "Kissybear" Matto says, "Black Cat, Kissybear, we're fine up here so far. Just deployed suites three and four, getting the next two ready for de— ack, one sec, Captain, got company here."

[TAC3] "Torch" Vendas says, "Actual, CAG. We're heavily engaged at this time. The enemy Raider have jumped away but for the ones we are still tangling with."

[Foxbat-3: Matto] Kissybear gets his ass into gear as Torch comes to the rescue, pivoting the raptor on two axles at once and dipping to get back in position with his escort.

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Yuuri goes full burn, finishing his bank to starboard and pulling both bandits infront of Fenris. Tracer fire flashes all around the viper as he continues to bank left and right before throttling down and using thrusters get an angle at Fenris' tail. His thumb slips up to the trigger, both cannons opening up on the bandit trailing his savior, Mudguts.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani mutters some inaudible prayer under his breath, eyes still on that now-limping bandit in front of them.

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris says, "Mudguts all units, acknowledged. We'll keep them warm for you. Status unchanged, atttempting to dislodge Typhoon's tail, two bandits on my six over."

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Her ship sluggish to accept her direction, Fen manages to tattoo the bastard that's so hot for Yu, as she can't quite align on the new arrival yet. Damn things just won't lie down! With the comm message assuring her that help is on the way, the pilot replies and tries to get as much unhappy away from her wingman as she can.
Long distance to Kai: Vendas aims at Raider coming at Matto.

[Wolf-3: Kale] Triple, with Poet at his side, laces the same bogey with fire again and the raider expplodes into so much scrap. Bits and pieces careen in all directions, unhindered by any opposing force. Trip eyes the next bogey on Fenris' six and goes after it.

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "Fenris, Triple. One down, one to go. Breathe a little easier."

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Frustration leads to aggression, even in someone as reserved on the ship as Roubani. His shots, though, hit nothing as the hurting Raider spins away, but lucky that spin is right into Kale's fire. His lips thin and he banks after Kale, heading for Fenris' company.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie can't hit the broadside of a Basestar at this rate, if anything, maybe she can tag along with Kai, and her injured bird will be too tempting a target so the other remaining Raiders will target her instead of her lead.

[Wolf-1: Vendas] Vendas' guns flicker once more, the tracers arcing across the sky. They reach out and blast right across the belly of the Raider chasing Matto. The Raider explodes in a shower of sparks, the wings tumbling through space and away from the other debris. The CAG rolls back out through a reversal and down to cover Fenris, diving her Viper away from the LT in an attempt to draw fire from the targetign Raider.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Black Cat lurks in Fenris general vicinity. "Let's see if we can get those bogeys jammed and give our girl a break," she tells Lifer, voice tense. It's a chaotic, messy aerial ballet, to be sure, but an odd dance of debris, darting metal tubes, and flashing silver.

[TAC3] "Torch" Vendas says, "Matto, splash the bandit on your six! Mudguts, I'm gonna try and draw your tail out!"

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Fen's viper, as if it already hasn't had enough of a bad day, gets rocked by string of hits from her admirers. The blue flare of her engines spurts and sputters like a dweeb on his first hard swig of ambrosia and she tries to bank and roll away from the gunsights of the hostlie.

[Foxbat-3: Matto] Kissybear pulls around behind Torch, just not quickly enough to miss out on a shot to the ass-end of his boat, which leaves his flight plan rather… backward. He tries to compensate with side thrusters and pull out of it.

[Wolf-5: Kai] Kai's viper spirals in full bore at one of the bandits that Yuuri managed to shake, peppering it with gunfire just as it manages to pop off a few shots at Fenris. He shoots high on the pass, letting his wingman slide low as they come in on the last bandit chasing the crippled bird.

[TAC3] "Kissybear" Matto says, "Torch, Kissybear, tail unit's down, trying to stay with you."

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] The single Raider follow Yuuri can't seem to get a bead on him as the viper jock swings his bird sideways and bank with the bandits infront of him. One gets torn to pieces by a pair of vipers as Typhoon's tracer fire stays behind the one laying into Fenris. His thumb lifts only briefly as he attempts to find a better angle on the last one following Fenris.

[TAC3] "Typhoon" Yuuri says, "Hang in their Mudguts, I'm going for a better shot."

[Foxbat-1: Jason] Jason sees some of that messy dancing between debris, metal tubes and other large, heavy objects on the electronic sensors, and his eyes stay studiously glued there. Again, these things are less terrifying when you can be somewhat theoretical about them. He continues to hit the jamming signals.

[TAC3] "Torch" Vendas says, "Copy, Matto! Get your butt back to the barn if it looks like you are in a bad way!"

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris's transmission is faltering and staticy, "…. day…." szzt, "..may…" skrzrrk, "…li-…" zzk"..faith."

[Wolf-5: Kai] One of the raiders flips tits over teakettle in mid-chase, and abandons Fenris to take a few potshots at the covering Vendas. The other continues chasing Mudguts, guns lighting up relentlessly.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Mooner, cover me, I'm going in for a drive-by on Mudguts' admirer."

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "On it already, Spider. Glad to the assist!"

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy, Spider."

[Wolf-5: Kai] The other raider, meanwhile, is hot on Kai's heels as he slams on the thrusters and streaks in closer.

[Wolf-1: Vendas] The CAG turns her Viper all over the sky, the engines alternating between firewalled and nearly shut down. Thursters fire in all directions while the Raider seems to keep up. The enemy fires past her numerous times but just can't seam to get a bead. Finally, Vendas puts a little distance on the offending toaster and flips her Viper ass over elbows, mashing the trigger as her nose comes to bear head-to-head with the enemy.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Legacy's Raptor breaks off and comes around to the other side of Fenris. "Looks like we may need to do a bit of rescue," she tells Jason. "Let me see if Mud needs help."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Mudguts, Black Cat. Do you need a lift home?"

[Foxbat-1: Jason] There is a good deal of muttered profanity coming from Jason's Raptor seat. It's not doing much for him this time, though. His systems have jammed again. He gets to work on trying to correct that quickly, in case they are needed for SAR duty.

[Wolf-3: Kale] Trip lets loose a barrage of fire into the bogey that keeps harassing Fenris. His shots pepper the enemy's left wing, if it can be called that, but the bogey shakes off the damage and stays in pursuit of Mudguts anyway. Fire from the side hits the bogwey and finishes the job, bringing a smile and a sigh of relief to Trip as he curves inward on a tight roll to go after the bogey on the CAG and lines up a shot.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani, meanwhile, continues to hit nothing at all. Frustration's apparent in his expression, which is well-shadowed behind the visor of his helmet. He treats the control stick a little rougher than necessary, looking up as Kale breaks off for Vendas. His Viper also banks and follows.

[Foxbat-3: Matto] Kissybear tries to bring his boat around, but that missing aft thrust keeps flipping him around in directions he never meant to go. Those last two jamming suites he sent out may as well be prayers to heaven. He tries to wait for a clear shot to get this ol' Foxbat home.

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "CAG, Triple. I'm coming in to clean up that rash that won't go away."

[Wolf-5: Kai] Kai handles his bird beautifully, but his rounds aren't enough to damage the bandit in pursuit of Fenris. As he slots low to try to get his crosshairs on it through the pass, rounds from another viper's cannons light up the bogey and he swings away from the explosion smoothly. Now it's just up to Eddie to pick off the crescent-winged fighter on his tail.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Nice hit, Mooner. Stay on me."

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Yuuri knows he has to finish this bandit or Mudguts is finished. He banks left mirroring the Raider's evasive actions, but they aren't evasive enough. Tracer rounds light up the space until they rip the Raider apart. Briefly Yuuri looks over his shoulder at Kale rolls hard right to avoid any collisions. He shifts the stick and takes aim at at the incoming Raider on Kai's heels.

[Wolf-8: Eddie] Eddie seems to find a bit more confidence in her stick, now that the Raiders have been thinned out and she can concentrate a bit more. Under normal situations, her stick work could be described as hotdogging. Right now its just a combination of art and luck that she arcs gracefully in a loop to form up right behind the Raider tailing her lead. Her tracers tear a new vent hole in the Raider, damaging it badly but not taking it out of the fight.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Wouldn't leave you even if you cheated on me with my sister, Sir."

[TAC3] "Typhoon" Yuuri says, "Mudguts, Typhoon. You're clear of fire. Captain keep heading, working on fix now.

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris's comm system hasn't improved a whole lot, "…ative." hrsht, "..ed in" zzzz, "-ace." At least she still sounds calm.

[Wolf-2: Fenris] Mudgut's Viper's engines may as well give up the ghost for all the reliability they're showing now. Either the die abruptly on her, or she kills them herself to avoid an further complications as she makes the proverbial call to OnStar. Her verniers puff several times to bring her momentum under control, and a small thumbs-up is afforded any who happen to peep through her canopy. Frosty as ever.

[TAC3] "Typhoon" Yuuri says, "Spider, just a little more…Gotcha you frakker!"

[Wolf-3: Kale] Trip takes careful aim, but the bogey jukes at the last second and throws off his shot, which looks to have been a bit wide to begin with. He pulls up and away, a long arcing loop to bring him back into the fray again.

[Wolf-1: Vendas] Once more, Vendas's guns bark and flare. The Raider streaks by above as she rolls through under it, keeping her nose ahead of the Raider as it streaks past. Twenty-millimeter rounds pepper the underside while Roubani's also strike home. It explodes in a shower of sparks before the Major rights herself. Her head peeks around the cockpit and finally settles on the freighter.

[Wolf-7: Roubani] Roubani pulls back on the throttle, the Viper steadying out just long enough for him to shoot at the bandit on Vendas' tail. The hit's a solid one but there's no triumphant cry from this Ensign. Right stabiliser a bit wacky, his Viper looks like it got into the whiskey as it weaves a little, and he pulls it back up towards Kale.

[TAC3] "Torch" Vendas says, "Good kill! Actual, CAG. All enemy fighters destroyed or fled. — Triple, Typh, you guys take point on CAP. Everyone else head back to the barn."

[Wolf-5: Kai] Weapons pulled offline, along with most everything else not essential to maneuvering his craft, Kai pulls a little trick he must have learned somewhere along the way: overclock the thrusters, then juke and let 'em go. The raider doesn't have a hope of chasing him, and tries to break too fast on the turn— leaving it wide open for Yuuri's cannonfire.

[Wolf-4: Yuuri] Wolf-4 has remained completely untouched even after being hunted nearly the whole combat. 'Payback you motherfrakkers' is all Yuuri thinks about finally not having to worry about a tail. Cannon fire streaks through space and rips into the entire length of the Raider trailing Captain Macek, destroying it. He flies through through the debris, wings spinning over eachother in celebration as the last Dradis contact disappears on screen.

[TAC3] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "CAG, Actual. Confirmed on clearing the airspace. Get your damaged birds home and maintain CAP. We have Marines in engagements with machines of some sort. Need Raiders on fast ready for possible emergency evac from the Constantine."

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "Copy, CAG. On CAP."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Torch, Spider. I am no joy on bandits, I think we're clear. Should we set up a CAP around the Constantine?"

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Thea's voice is quiet as she addresses her ECO. "Deploy the ropes and get her hooked up, Lifer," she says quietly. "Let's get her back to the tubes. I'll let Kharon know we're incoming."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Actual, Black Cat. Coming in with one in tow. Medical on standby, please."

[TAC3] "Typhoon" Yuuri chuckles into com, "Confirmed CAG, Typhoon falling into CAP formation. Uh sir, set up CAP run on Costantine?"

[Foxbat-1: Jason] "C'mon you frakking piece of…" And Jason manages to unstick his controls passing well. The next jamming signal he sends out hits the raiders' systems hard. He can't help but grin, but it's more in relief than anything else. Legacy's voice gets him out of even that small moment of relief. "Aye, Black Cat. Deploying…" More switches are flipped.

[TAC3] "Torch" Vendas says, "Copy, Actual. Kale has the lead on the CAP. Yuuri, cover his wing. Everyone else is to report back to the barn and meet in the Ready Room."

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Copy, Torch. Returning to base."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that, Torch. Mooner returning to the barn."

[TAC3] "Mudguts" Fenris's reponse is: Skzzht, "knowledged."

Vendas flies the ship to Hangar Bay #1 - Hangar Deck.

[TAC3] "Triple" Kale says, "CAG, Triple. Copy on CAG. Typhoon, let's keep a close eye out. Swing over Constantine?"

[ Hangar Bay #1 - Hangar Deck ]-----[ CEC Kharon ]
IC Time: Mission Day #57 OOC Time: Sun Apr 19 17:41:08 2009

There's activity here at almost every hour of the day. Impact guns can be heard with their shrieking rumble while crew call back and forth, their voices carrying just above the din of the work here. What's readily apparent is that this is the main Hangar Bay for the Vipers, the distance going back further than the other two Bays which are separated by thick, hydraulically rolled blast doors. On each side of the room, near the Fore end, six Viper tubes are ready for quick deployment of the Kharon's Viper squadron. Lining the rest of Hangar Bay One, each Mark Two and Mark Seven has its own place to be kept with a small red toolchest that holds the minimum of required equipment for quick maintenance.
Along the floor, each individual Viper bay is painted off with a single hashed yellow and black stripe. A deep red line denotes important electrical conduits and access ports just below the deck while a bright blue line follows up walls and across the floor to tell where the Tylium lines run in case of fire. Outlets along the wall for the fuel as well as corrugated rubber piping stand ready for use, fluorescent yellow firefighting gear kept in plain sight for easy access nearby.
-=[ Condition Level: 1 - Action Stations ]=-------
Vendas Cygnus
Fenris Pike
Wolf-2 (Viper) Foxbat-1 (Raptor)
Foxbat-3 (Raptor) Wolf-8 (Viper)
Wolf-1 (Viper) Wolf-5 (Viper)
Wolf-7 (Viper) Wolf-6 (Viper)
[ST] Shuttle Transfer [D] Stairwell - Deck 1
[F] Fore [MS] Machine Shop
[TR] Tool Room [HB2] Hangar Bay #2

Matto has arrived.

When the call came though, no nurse was about to hold Cygnus back, after all his state is nothing new. Being assigned to the Chaplain's office, it seemed the natural thing to do to follow along behind the medical staff that were making their way to the hanger. Who knew precisely what type of services might be needed.

Pike makes her way into the Hangar Deck, with John, Cygnus, and two nurses in tow. All of them are carrying their medical bags, and looking about for the wounded for which they were summoned to the Deck.

John looks around as he gets onto the deck, pausing for a few moments as he looks around for those wounded.

Matto finally gets the raptor down on the deck without breaking anything or anyone, and he heads out after Poppyflower, staying behind a few moments to wait for the deck crew to be by so he can report on what he knows about the damage. He looks more dazed than hurt in any way.

Jason has arrived.
Legacy has arrived.

Most of an airframe is brought in, what lay under the skin of Wolf-2 is exposed in an array of places, apparant as the Viper comes to rest, requiring assistance with even that much movement. The crew scramble to unbutton the bird and bring a ladder into place to the task. There is a weak movement in the Fen's helmet and, as she is unstrapped and begins to stand, she nearly keels over to the deck, were it not for one of the deckhand's quick responses.

Legacy climbs down out of her raptor, taking the helmet off as she goes. The Captain looks a little shaken, but not in bad shape at all. Instead of stopping to talk with the deck crew, she makes her way over to Mudguts, concern written in her features.

Vendas' Viper is shoved back into its parking spot as the deck crew already begins turning the fuel and ammo stores around. She slides the cockpit forward and begins a checklist, glancing up to pilots and doctors as they pass by. But when Fenris barely moves getting out of her cockpit, the Major stands up and looks towards the LT even as the ladder is being secured to her rails.

Pike's eyes track immediately to Fenris. Patient number one. She hauls ass over to Fenris, aiding the deckhand in getting her clear of her wrecked bird. "I need some room here! Give me some frakking room!" She then begins a cursory examination of Fenris, while shouting over her shoulder to any pilot who'll answer, "What happened to her?"

Cygnus frowns as one pilot nearly falls to the deck but for the closeby deck hand. Trying to crowd in around the injured woman would only create more of a problem. Better to leave this to the medical staff, though he stands at the ready to offer assistance where its needed. Yuuri's bird hasn't come in yet, and Mac isn't certain if that bodes well, or ill for his friend, all he can do at this point is wait.

Jason makes his way out of the Raptor behind Legacy. He looks winded, despite having spent the whole encounter in his seat. Adrenaline. He makes his way over toward Fenris. Keeping out of the way so he doesn't get underfoot of the doctor, but he watches her with obvious concern.

As he sees Pike heading over to Fenris, John looks around at the rest of the pilots, "Anyone else wounded?" he asks, loud enough now. Studying them rather carefully for the moment.

Matto backs up onto his boat again, staying out of everyone's way and only shaking his head at John as he asks his question.
Vendas climbs down out of her Viper carefully and moves slowly towards the injured pilot as she pulls off her helmet, letting it dangle by fingertips in her left hand. It takes a moment before she regains herself and looks around with Pike's question. She wants to know that herself.

Roubani has arrived.
Kai has arrived.

Fenris is ragdoll as the medics rush her way, a piece of an interior panel lodged in the life support module of her suit, whether it goes further or not is hard to tell. Her breathing is shallow, and, even under the blue lights of the helmet, she doesn't look right.

Thea watches Pike and Fenris for a moment then looks around to the gathered. "Anyone NOT Medical and NOT injured needs to be in the Ready Room," she calls, voice low and strident. "Double time, people. MOVE."

Roubani is out of his Viper, paler than when they all went up into this mess. His feet, however, work just fine on their own autopilot. He heads towards the Ready Room, doubletime as barked.

Where exactly that leaves Mac, he's not entirely certain. He takes the Captain's order literally though, and being neither, begins to head off in the direction of the ready room double time. Every instinct he's got prods him in that direction, because regardless of anything else, he simply knows he's meant to be in a bird, not here on the deck unsure of what to do.

Jason does as he's told, shooting a backward glance toward Fenris as he heads Ready Room-wards.

Kai's viper is powered off and towed into its stall, ladder shunted up against the side in record time. He's met at the top by an ashen-faced petty officer who helps him remove his helmet, and immediately starts asking questions about what they saw out there, if the rumours are true. He doesn't speak a word, but merely waits until he's freed of his harness and helmet, and starts down his ladder. Fenris is watched for a long moment as he heads for Thea— and by way of her, the ready room, one assumes.

Pike glances at the panel shard and frowns. "Godsdammit, got a possible shrapnel puncture…" She unzips her bag, produces a pair of surgical scissors and begins to cut around the support module to get a better view of the trauma Fenris has suffered.

Vendas glances to Legacy as she starts verbally kicking asses. She takes a deep breath, not moving just yet, though. She watches the LT be removed from the Viper and the whole process with the CMO. She keeps her distance from the situation, though.

Roubani has left.
Cygnus has left.

Matto is a little sluggish on the uptake… that certainly wasn't just another day on the job. What WAS that?

Matto has left.
Jason has left.

Legacy waits until most of the crew has disappeared where they're supposed to go then sets her lips and follows. As much as she wants to stay near Fenris, clearly, she moves forward, onward.

Legacy has left.
Kai has left.

John nods a little bit as he sees the pilots move off. Makes it easier to keep track of the wounded. Seeing nobody else seriously wounded, he moves in position, in case Pike needs some assistance at some point.

Finally Vendas sighs once and takes a few hesitant steps back. Her best friend has been hurt and its.. probably not going ot be the last time. She steels herself before turning and marching back through the hatchway towards the Ready Room.

Pike says to John as she cuts into Fenris' 'smock, "Send one of the nurses for a O-2 tank, she may just be close to hypoxia. Her regulator took shrapnel. If this has gone deeper than the regulator, I'll need the surg suite prepped stat."

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You are entering Ready Room - Hangar Deck.

[ Ready Room - Hangar Deck ]------[ CEC Kharon ]—
IC Time: Mission Day #57 OOC Time: Sun Apr 19 18:25:55 2009

The soft glow of white lights overhead cast hardly any shadows across the battleship gray walls and dark, trodden carpet floor. Divided into two sections of chairs, their bases bolted to the floor with an aisle running up each side and the center of the elevated riser. The plush black leather of the arrangement has been worn-in over the years to provide for a well-used but comfortable atmosphere. To the front a pair of large liquid crystal displays provide for the analysis of anything required while a single podium occupies a place up front and to the left. A pull-down screen is secured to the high ceiling to be used with a digital projection system that is fed on the side of the room.
Doubling as an office area, there are a few desks at the rear. Various technical manuals as well as tactical guides are set on a low bookshelf above the writing spaces. Around the side is a line of metal cabinets that hold various labels as to their contents. Hangers hold a row of spare deep green flightsuits and helmets on the other side of the room while half-hidden posters and pictures adorn the walls. One section of the wall near the front, kept clear of clutter and debris, is a wooden wall-plate that goes nearly floor to ceiling.
-=[ Condition Level: 1 - Action Stations ]=-------
Vendas Kai
Legacy Jason
Matto Cygnus
Roubani Eddie
Wooden Plaque
[O] Hallway

The mention of attacks on the avionics systems makes one of Roubani's brows slowly loft. He frowns slightly, folding his arms on the tabletop in front of him.

Eddie glances aside to Roubani, eyeing his face for a moment before her eyes go back front and center to Legacy as she talks. Snaking a hand into the zipper of her flightsuit, she pulls out a small pad of paper and a pencil to take notes. As Vendas enters, she notices first, and calls, "CAG on deck!"

Kai has a few words with the Lieutenant, and then pauses to snap off a brisk salute to the CAG when she arrives. A parting nod is given to Cygnus before he returns to his sentry post at the wall.

Roubani scribbles something down on the sheet of paper in front of him. Something Thea said is definitely bothering the physics nerd. At the call of Vendas in the room he sets down the pencil and stands, raising salute.

Jason gives Legacy his attention, expression grave. And still decidedly stunned. He's also taking notes, though they appear to be chicken-scratched extrapolations rather than a transcript. Largely illegible to anyone but himself, though the letters 'EMP' are circled.

Vendas stops just inside the hatch and looks around, her formerly bright face stern. The woman's jaw is set, mood grim. It's a long few seconds before she says, "As you were." She then heads to the front of the room, taking the route around the right of the chairs and moving slowly. "Captains, if you have anything you want to address to the Wing before I say a few words, please either continue or let's hear it now." She sits down on the edge of a desk, still holding her helmet.

Cygnus nods his understanding to Kai, none of the words were a surprise, after all. Quiet attention is paid to the briefing, though the frown knitting his brows only seems to grow with each passing moment. Like the others, he'd stood to salute, and now resettles himself in the seat, feeling somewhat ill at ease.

As Thea finishes her little monologue, the CAG on deck call comes nad she pulls into a salute, at attention. "No, Sir," she says quietly. "I've said what I've got to say."

Kai waits, of course, for the 'as you were' before dropping his salute. He stands of course, rather than sitting, regardless of how comfortable or uncomfortable it may be. "No, sir," he adds audibly, evenly, on the heels of his counterpart's response. A very keen eye might notice a slight twitch in his helmet-holding hand.

Eddie eases back down into her seat after the obligatory salute is given. Her slouch is resumed with a peak over to Roubani's paper to see what he's writing down, as if cheating on her math test.

Vendas nods to Kai and Legacy. "Alright." She takes a long breath and looks at everyone, her hair matted to her head. Eyes search the faces in the room for another few seconds. "I'm not sure what Captain Legacy just told you, but I have a few words of my own." She rises off the desk and moves to stand in the center of the room. "I've been teaching air combat long enough to tell you that what I saw today was impressive from our end. You guys covered your wingmen and supported the pilots that needed it. You all should be damned proud of yourselves. You've done me proud twice in one week. That's a record." Its not meant as a joke. "Now, as to what we saw.. Those sure as shit weren't pirates. I think we can all guess as to who it was we went against. Did anyone see a canopy? Any kind of cockpit except for those frakkin red lights?"

Roubani's dark eyes make a single flicker across the other faces in his line of sight, head not moving. He then looks back at Vendas, eyes sharp but with no answer for her.

Matto's stomach just sort of sinks at Vendas' words… even the words of praise. He shifts to his side in his seat, not writing anything down… barely seeming to hear half of it. But paying some surreal semblance of attention.

Thea looks around the room, eyes focusing on Jason as she waits for him to speak up.

"No, sir," Kai answers from his 'post' at the wall, blue eyes steady on the CAG. He's displaying none of the anxiety one might expect, no matter what's churning under his steely calm. Though he does, to his credit have an example to set. "But I didn't get a very close look, sir."

Vendas' words just confirm what Mac had already suspected. This is it. Nightmare becoming stark reality. His face is a mask as he listens to the continued briefing attentively, absorbing the facts as they are known so far.

Jason looks up from his notes, catching Legacy's eye. Oh, me? He clears his throat, turning to Vendas. "Not any traditional cockpit that I'm familiar with, sir. Their make didn't register for any known make of Colonial ship, from our scans."

"That's kinda what I gathered. Yes, those were probably Cylons. At least, those were their tactics." Vendas swallows, resetting her jaw. "Okay. Looks like Lieutenant Valasche is probably going into surgery. I won't guess on when we'll see her in the cockpit again." The Major takes a long breath. "Alright. Everyone in this room, consider all passes revoked perminantly until you hear otherwise from me. That may be tomorrow. That may be next month." She then looks to the named pilots in turn next. "Spider. Poet. You guys are sitting Alert-5 first shift. Eddie: You and I are next in line. I'll be erasing the CAP board and putting up new postings so be sure and check it. We're at Condition One and at a defacto state of war. I expect you all to behave like it. Be ready to scramble at a moments notice and I suggest sleeping in your flight suits. You're all dismissed." She lifts the helmeted hand and points at Cygnus. "Except you." The CAG's eyes then venture back to the group as a whole. If you need to see me or are wounded, now is the time."

Roubani's neck and shoulders are as still as though a shot had paralyzed them. He watches Vendas for a few long moments as though just confirming to himself that he didn't hallucinate the last five minutes of his life, and draws a breath in through his nose. "Yes, sir."

Kai snaps off another salute, crisp, no evidence of a shake in his hand. "Yes, sir." He's never one to raise his voice much, but nor is he difficult to hear; those years of basic and OCS have stuck with him. As soon as the dismissal is given, he's headed for the door.

Thea's right behind Kai, both with the salute and the leaving, helmet still dangling from her wrist.

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Jason remains sitting for a moment. Cylons. A look of cold dread comes over his face. Strange as those ships were, he hadn't /allowed/ himself to consider that a real possibility. He finally manages to stand, saluting briskly, then departs.

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Cygnus stands and snaps to attention when he's singled out by the CAG. While Mac is not entirely certain how this is going to go, but if he's given an opportunity to plead his case, he's going to take it. Especially now. All he can do for now is wait.

Roubani says under his breath to Eddie as he stands up, "I suppose you ought to get your lighter." He draws up to full height and picks up his notebook, turning for the hatch.

Matto leans forward and heaves himself up out of his chair, pivoting to the side to step onto the stairs and head up, around, and out.

Eddie gives a tight nod, acknowleding her posting. As Roubani addresses her, there's a numb nod as she retrieves her helmet. "Don't frak up out there, or I'll beat you senseless when you get home." But it's said affectionately, honestly. It's clear she's worried.

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"I don't think that will be necessary." Roubani replies in his usual humourless tone. His voice sounds tense. "Later, then." And out he goes.

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Vendas remains standing at the front of the room as everyone files out. She stares after them for a few minutes, waiting for everyone to clear out before looking back towards Cygnus. "Get up here, Lieutenant." She motions to a spot in front of her with her helmet.

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