Airwing Brawl
Airwing Brawl
Summary: Members of the Airwing show a group of marines how to fight.
Date: PHD05 (April 23)
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The gym is rather full at midafternoon, marines encircled around the sparring ring. Crew members lifting weights and stretching, most of whom are in their offduties. Over at one of the benches is Yuuri, the black bags under his eyes and blue tint around his nose add a little color to his tan face. He has the 65lbs dumbbells, one in each hand - alternating them up to his shoulder. Sweat trails can be seen on his face leading to a very damp spot on the tank he's wearing. Clearly he's been here for awhile blowing off steam from what transpired the night before.

Samantha steps into the gym quietly for a few moments, just taking survey of the land. She carefully pulls off her dogtags and tosses them in the small container at the side of the ring to mix in with Marines, mostly. Seems she's ready for a fight and the rank symbols are coming off. Having put her marker in and now letting fate decide if she gets called or not, she heads over to the punching bag just a few feet off of Yuuri. She gives a silent little nod and a grunt as she begins to tape up her knuckles..

Samantha and Yuuri apparently aren't the only ones looking to sweat out their troubles. Kai was in here yesterday for PT, but it clearly takes more than a few sore muscles to deter him. He's in his fatigues and tank tops, jacket pulled over top and a bag slung over one shoulder as he approaches the mats.

"Afternoon el-tee" Yuuri grunts inbetween reps. He's quiet muscular after all those years playing pyramid - solid framework with very defined arms. "10, 10" He grunts the last of them and drops the dumbbells to the padded floor, reaching for the towel slung around the bar and wiping the sweat from his face. "Ugh frak!" He growls as the tenderness of his nose he forgot about is painfully reminding him.

Samantha smies a bit more to Yuuri, "JG. Need a spot, or done for now? And… damn, that don't look comfortable. you seen the doc yet?" She nods towards the nose as she continues to wrap up her hands, clearly planning on a bout at the punching bag, if not in the ring with one of the marines where her dog tags wait. She then looks up, gazing over to the Captain as he comes in. Her face goes a bit more respectfully solemn. "Sir." She echoes in his direction.

Kai trudges on through, in a rough trajectory toward the pair of pilots. Samantha, once spotted, is given a twitch of a smile and a nod. "Case," he greets quietly, using her callsign. The bag is slung off his shoulder, and a quick glance cast toward the marine boxing match going on nearby. "Get into a fight with a door, Lieutenant?" he asks Yuuri.

"If you got time. Two 45lbs'ers on each side should do it." He lays the towel out on the bench and acknowledges the Captain with a nod/salute before going to the rack and pulling two of the 45lbs weights from it. "Locker won, sir" Typhoon replies to the question about his nose, lifting each weight individually onto the sides, "You wanna grab the other two el-tee?" He straddles the bench and crackles his knuckles waiting for the other weights.

Samantha nods curtly towards Yuuri, securing the tape on her right hand before she moves to the left side of Yuuri's bench. She carefully dips over, using her knees and not her back, to pick up the weight and shift it onto the end of the bar. She's definitely not cut out for the high weight bench pressing as that alone is a bit of an effort for her and she still has to get the other one on. She slips the second one into place with a bit of a grin. "Good luck, Typhoon." And goes back to slowly wrapping her left hand. But she's going to be watching him this time, ready to spot incase his good luck runs out.

Kai probably would've been a better pick, all things considered, for hefting those weights. But he wasn't asked, and he doesn't offer. Instead, he begins shrugging out of his jacket with a roll of his shoulders, and ditches it by his bag before approaching the warmup mats. A few knee-ups, while he watches a wiry marine gain the advantage in a match against a considerably larger opponent.

Yuuri leans back onto the bench, a slight smile of thanks to Samantha as she drifts away. His hands wrap around bar, starting with the pinkies first. With a growl the bar is pushed into the air and comes down at a steady pace to an inch off his chest. Breathing in the techique taught to anyone, he exhales and the push up, locking his elbows and allowing the bar to drop again.

Samantha secures her second hand and now comes to stand at his head, her fingertips reaching out, bracing in place, just in case. She begins to count him through the reps…"One… two… three." Slow, calm, steady, attentitve to the man and nothing else for the moment, but it's a decent sight too. With everything that's been going on, everyone's on personal insanities, it's nice to see crew just being crew and that slightly elder sisterly stance to Sam's body as she watches over Yuuri and his maxed out bar.

Kai keeps half an eye on the pilot lifting, and the other pilot spotting nearby. Maybe just in case he has to rescue the both of them from a plummeting weight. Otherwise, he's focused on his stretching and warmup routine; what he lacks in height, he seems to make up for in lean muscle mass. Muscle that seems a touch sore this afternoon, by the slight grimace he gives now and then.

"Ten.." Yuuri grunts as he exhales everything he's got to rack the bar. Sweat beads dot the forehead of the viper jock as he finishes, "Preciate it Case. We'll add the twenty-fives and go again, 8 reps though." He leans forward, again straddling the bench and pulling the towel from beneath him, drying his arms and forehead.

[Intercom] Vendas says, "Pass the word: Captain Marek to the Ready Room, please."
<Military> Nine has connected.

Samantha almost looks doubtful, but she chuckles to herself and nods. "Sure. Don't break your back, Typhoon. We might need you some day. You know, as a doorstop or something." She teases lightly, but she dips to get the next set of weights as instructed. Her eyes flicker over to Kai as she's setting up the bar again. "You could put your tags -… or not… Seems you got to -work-. Sucker. I mean… Sir." she states with a small smile as she sets the last weight in place.

Curses. Kai was just in the process of slinging off his dogtags, and trying his hand at a sparring match, when the announcement comes over the intercom. They're dropped back into place, and Samantha's shot a wan smile as he bends to fetch his bag and fatigues jacket. "Don't be late for CAP," he murmurs to the pair before turning to weave back out of the gym.

Kai heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.

Yuuri shakes his head slowly, "You know he's got me flying three-four CAPs a day?" He says this as he stretches an arm across his chest. "You know he sent me to hack and grounded me for awhile, then I get status and it's all CAPs."

Samantha seems a hint surprised, "Damn, that's good. He must have somethin' planned for you. Dash and I have only really been pulling two or three if they let us volunteer for an extra but, really… we're not under crewed. Everyone else got hit hard and I feel like we ain't been touched…I dunno…" Sam admits quietly, securing the weight in place and nodding for him to go again as she takes her spotting position above his head.

The younger viper jock leans back down onto the bench and repeats the same fashioin as getting ready before. A few deep breaths, fingers wrapped firmly around the bar and..up it goes, shooting to his chest. His facial expression is filled with determination, growling until the first rep is complete.

Samantha counts for him, not with him, since he's no doubt focusing on just getting the bar slowly up and slowly down…"One… two…" Her voice is soft, coaching, doing her best to offer support and encouragement in those quiet words between them.

Yuuri's face is pasted with sweat as it rolls down around his ears and neck. He's almost finished and doesn't feel that tired, Typhys grunts again letting the bar hit his chest this time and bouncing it up, one more left.

Samantha nods in approval, smiling a bit more, not even having broken a sweat but then she's done nothing…"Come on…10… and then you're done." She reassures him, her voice a bit louder this time, trying to give him one last spark of energy.

A burst of air escapes his lips as his partner says ten, the bar nearly falling down to his chest and crushing him. The color of his face is a bright red as he pushes up again, arms shaking as he goes past his original eight and tries to keep going for ten.

Samantha gives a little yelp, her arms suddenly under the bar, but then she realizes he's got it and she backs off just a bit…"Come on… two more…" Yes, she is good at this coaching thing, pushing people beyond what they think they can do, but then at her age she's been in the military well over ten years. She's been coached by the best of them too…

With an agonizing growl that can could be heard from outside the gym, the bar is pushed up into the air and racked with a loud *CLANG* "So much for three sets." Yuuri offers in amusement towards Samantha, his arms shake a bit, but his hands are nonstop tremors. "You think you can match a Marine in the ring eh?" He asks her playfully, "You probably couldn't touch me." A sly grin plays across his dry lips and a hint of humor can be seen in those icey jades of his.

Samantha rests her hands upon her hips now that she's fairly certain he's done and his arms are almost starting to recover. She laughs deeply…"I could match you on your -best- day… Much less now with your arms like pudding. It wouldn't be fair. I'd embarrassed you, Typhoon. Besides, we gotta keep you in tact for your extra special CAP duty!" She states with a teasing little laugh.

Yuuri starts laughing, his head tilting back as he rolls up the sweaty towel and tosses it at Samantha. "The Captain hates me, the Major hates me, hell, CAP keeps me away from them as much as possible. It's commonsense why I get the CAPs."

Samantha ducks easily, reaching one hand up and grabbing the poorly thrown towel out of mid air. She smirks, un rolling it and beginning to whip the end in his direction. That's what he gets for implying he could take her down in the ring! She grins, "No, no…they ain't like that. They're trainin' you for somethin', You wait and see. First war time promotion standin' right in front of me here!"

"Hey…!" Yuuri quips as he shifts from the snapping towel and grabs the end, pulling hard to loosen the grip of Samantha, "First promotion right.." His voice remains sarcastic, "I shoot down the Cylon on the Captain's tail and he doesn't even say a word to me."

Samantha laughs, stumbling in his direction a moment before she lets go of the towel. She shakes her head to him, now heading to the punching bag where she had decided to start her day ANYWAY, just got a bit distracted from. "We're all dealin' with this in different ways. I'm sure as hell he's got somethin' planned. So take a breath, don't worry, enjoy the CAPs…and… just try to live. 'sall we can do right now, right?" Sam does her best to sound reassuring, sound like she believes those words — and she does. She begins to slowly warm up a few rounds on the smaller punching bag, getting into practiced rhythm with it.

"More hack time for me?" Yuuri jousts with Samantha, tossing the towel around his neck and walking over by the punching bag. "Muds out for two weeks, only person I've really flown combat with since the transfer a week ago." He leans against a rack of weights, crossing his feet and lacing both arms across his chest, "And then lastnight she leaves me hangin' in the sims." His gazes finds the floor a bit distressed about what all happened earlier in the morning.

Samantha frowns a moment…"I dunno. Mud… ain't takin' it all so well, it seems. Just like Martin's sister. Some people ain't built to deal with this shit. But if you wanna get practice flyin' with someone new, tell the boss I wanna switch up and partner with ya for a bit. Dash can find someone else for a while. We should all get used to flyin' with each other…Yanno… Just in case…" Sam trails off there, not even wanting to think of finishing that statement. She wails on the bag a bit harder now, quick and sharp, her arms practiced with this.

"Dunno if you can keep up." Yuuri is a bit overconfident, but who wouldn't be, he had bandits on his six nearly the entire fight against the Cylons and dodged every shot. "Two confirmed kills, plus credit for the Constantine, with no damage taken." He boosts towards the more experienced jock before walking over to the ring and removing his tags. He drops them in the box and walks over to the official as the match ends. He whispers something to him and slips a silver cubit into his hand.

Samantha lofts a brow, watching Yuuri and the Marine over the box of tags and that cubit exchanged. Sam just grins a moment, knowingly, shaking her head to both of them as she picks up her rounds upon the small punching bag, never missing a beat. She calls louder over to him, able to continue the conversation easily, she not even winded yet. "Yes, well…I gotta let you youngin's catch up to me before I really show off. can't have you goin' back to barracks every night tails between your legs!"

The Marine "official" for the day calls out to Samantha, "You're up el-tee." He pauses and chuckles, "And what do you know Lieutenant Yuuri is the opponent." Yuuri lips quiver holding back a grin, his icey jades lit up for the chance to Samantha to the test. He walks over to a couple marines who begin taping his wrists and hands. "Tight" He says to them, before long they are finished and the sparring gloves are slid on.

Samantha just laughs -deeply- there, shaking her head and heading over towards the ring. She nods towards the Marine coming down from the last match, helping them to secure her already taped hands, wrapping down to the wrist now and then moving for the gloves. "Wow. What a shock. I must be a frakkin' oracle, because I saw that coming clicks away." Sam deadpans, clearly her disdain for the 'oracles' as thick as the irony in her voice.

"Begin when you both are ready." The official announces as Yuuri steps into the sparring circle, lifting his hands up - ready to go. "You know if either of us don't go full throttle, these grunts are think we are soft." He grins and looks around the circle at the marines who taunt the viper jocks.

Samantha considers this a moment, looking at his face and his damaged nose as she ducks beneath the ropes and into the ring, "Yeah, yeah… I ain't gonna smack your poor little schnoze, but everything else is fair game, savvy? And I'm an open field. Have fun, boyo." She winks to him, her body held low, close, ready to spring. She has at least been trained in this, it seems, or she at least knows how to carry herself…

"You better not take anything easy with me Case. Cause sure as hell I'll smack that nose of yours." Yuuri quips back, the corners of his lips turning up into a dashing grin, "Don't blame me when you get a fat lip for your boyo." He winks and starts to bounce left to right on his toes keeping a relative distance between himself and Sam.

Samantha is starting not exactly light, but not with the sort of right out of the gate -wham- that some of the marines might. Her first punch, a nice upper cut, is more something meant to test the waters, see his body motion… his reaction speed. So she jerks that fist just below his jaw, not even speaking any more, and there is a roar of marines behind them both as the fight starts!

Yuuri doesn't hold back and swings his left hand at the side of Samantha's head, barely missing. The roar of the crowd continues to grow as the younger viper jock bounces back from the swing, hands towards his face.

Samantha ducks under that punch, moving fast for her slightly smaller size than him and using it to her advantage, but puts her slightly off balance, so her next follow through of a punch not only takes her past him, but sends her stumbling and utterly off guard.

The lithe opponent makes her mistake and Yuuri doesn't miss his cue, swinging his right hand up at Samantha's stomach and landing it solid. He slide steps to the left and comes in again swinging another right hook at the woman's face.

The right hook to the face lands home and hard. Something can be heard popping, hopefully not breaking, as a bit of blood splatters from the older female pilot's nose. This gets a loud cheer from the crowd and a few people in the back, who know his name, chanting: "Typhoon! Typhoon!" Of course, Sam cannot allow her ego to be so damaged, and she jerks her hand up, landing a good blow to his belly a heartbeat later that hopefully will wind him in the very least.

Yuuri takes the shot hard to the abs, his muscles flexing to soften the blow. He gasps for breath, but only for a minute, holding out a challenging left hand towards Samantha, "That all you got el-tee?" He taunts his senior officer with a charming grin in the heat of chaos. The left hand feint is followed with a heavy over-the-shoulder swing at her cheek.

Samantha's head jerks to the side, definitely not -quite- as up to snuff as he is, but then he has at least half a decade on her in youth and half a foot in height, so for her size and age she's sure as hell holding her own. "I didn't want to hurt ya, your poor nose is already in such bad shape! You'll never find a woman at this rate!" She calls out through the blood dripping from her own nose as she brings in a sudden round house kick to the backs of his knees. she's trying to take out the height difference, it seems.

The crowd is dillusional as the jocks seem to be adding more finesse to any fight this day. Bets are being called out as the woman tries to leg sweep the younger jock. Yuuri raises his leg, dodging the extended leg and hops back, only to attempt a leg sweep of his own. He lunges and feints a jab, twisting his body and coming back around with his left foot aimming at the back of Samantha's leg.

Samantha goes down, but only to one knee. She manages to keep some sort of balance, not actually hitting her back on the floor or enabling herself to be pinned. At this point, though the gloves are still on, she takes the metaphorical gloves off and just goes for his waist. If she can topple him like a giant tree maybe she'll make SOME sort of progress!

Yuuri doesn't ease up, this is it - all the pain and anger he's felt since his transfer is coming out. The attempt at his waist is stopped short with both of his hands. He leans over the woman, still holding her glove and comes down with a punch towards her eye. The look in his icey jades could never be described in words as he appears to be in a trance. Every muscle in his body is flexed as the blow continues towards Samantha's head.

Samantha looks like she might be down, blood covering her nose and mouth, but at the last second she jerks straight to the side and suddenly there is a shoulder driven straight into his stomach, the same spot she hit before, possibly using previous tenderness to her advantage. She tries to drive him into the ropes and then jerk back, getting enough leverage to possibly jerk herself back up to her feet. She isn't nearly in such a trance, but she is fighting fierce, hard. Tough. She used to fight with marines, even if she's getting older nowadays.

The crowd explodes as the younger jock was going for a killing shot, but simply erupts as Samantha drives her shoulder into Yuuri's stomach. He's completely unprepared as he had stalled in that last swing, realizing who it was below him. He's slammed back into the marines around the circle as Sam rises to her feet. He's a bit dazed, shaking his head and lifting both hands up again. Breathing is becoming a job for him, adding the fact he was about to try and kill his opponent, he's tossed back towards the center of circle with an odd look in his eyes. "You done yet el-tee?" He taunts before feinting a right hook and launching a left jab at her kidney.

Samantha is back on her feet, much to the cheers of a few Marines who have taken the long shot bet in hopes of making some extra money. Or perhaps they just like her ass. Either way, she wipes some blood from her nose on the wrap around her wrist, breathing hard now, sweat mingling with red on her face. She laughs deeply at his question, "You don't know me very well!" She calls out, and it's just that taunt back which makes her distracted enough to take the kidney jab. She chokes out a bit of pain but ends up keeping her body close enough to him for another hard upper cut straight to his jaw, trying to send him into the ropes again.

Cubits are thrown into the circle as the fight seems to be getting extremely interesting. That is, until Samantha makes a serious mistake in keeping her distance close to the younger jock. Typhys turns his head as the glove grazes the side of his face. Yuuri immidiately counters with another jab to her kidney. Following the jab is an over-the-shoulder swing towards Sam's face again.

And the crack that echoes through the room from that final swing towards Sam's face is actually enough to send the crowd quiet. The 30 something pilot's head jerks to the side, body almost flying with it, as she goes down. And stays there. She's out cold for a few seconds, it seems. The crowd is in a roar now, cubits being exchanged everywhere, some water being thrown towards Sam's face. The fight is done, though… and from the cheers of Marines, it's been one of the better ones this afternoon.

Seeking her hookup for Yuurigami most likely, Fenris makes her way into the gym a little more assuredly than she had the day prior. She looks around, then closes the distance toward the crowd and begins slipping through Marines, searching. She emerges at the center of the swarm and looks the scene over, shooting an unreadable look Yu's way then crouching down by the fallen woman, holding a hand in front of her nose without a word spoken.

Yuuri quickly takes the gloves off and tosses them to the official of the matches. Still short winded and a patch of skin missing from his cheek, Yuuri trots over to Samantha and kneels beside Fenris. "Damn el-tee." He sighs and turns to Fenris, "I asked if she was done." Typhys has a damp towel tossed to him by a marine and starts to wipe the blood away from the woman's cheek. "She still out?" A brow quirked as he looks to Fenris.

John steps in to the gym, his heading starting in the direction of the weights. Looks like he'd planned on getting some exercise done, it seems. Not having noticed the happenings in the room yet, he glances around momentarily.

Samantha's head vaguely begins to move, but it -hurts- and the whole room is still swimming, so she just rolls her head a bit, instinctively protecting that undoubtedly broken nose. The towel helps as she begins to swim to the surface of true consciousness, and she's coming up swearing…"…frakking… round…2… 20 mins and… good to go…" She mutters between drowsy pauses, still not entirely there, but that's probably the reason she's on her back in the first place. Never knows when to stop.

"Seems it." Is Fen's answer, looking at Yu, though that ends with Sam's preliminary mutterings and she reaches a hand down on the woman's shoulder, "Easy." The Lt. inquires, "Do you know where you are?"

"You might want to save some of that energy for CAP if one of the Docs clear you. We both fly it soon and if not, I'm sure your beau will take care of ya." Yuuri chuckles and brushes more of the blood from under Sam's chin, actually being careful not to cause pain, "Or we do round two and I get sent to hack again for putting you in sick bay." He's chuckling and looking at both women beside him, "Get a Doc in here woulda, she could use a check up" He orders one of the marines around the circle.

John seems to have overheard at least one word from what's being said. That word being the secret keyword, or rather 'Doc'. Hearing that, he mutters a bit to himself before he heads over in that direction. "What seems to be the problem?" he asks, a bit quietly.

Samantha's green eyes drowsily flicker all the way open, focusing on Fenris first…she gives the woman a proper smile, still a bit bloodied…"'ey…Mudguts.. you come to dig yer boy out… Hooooy… I tell ya, he was in trouble there…" Sam continues rambling, trying to shake off the dizziness and sit up straight, if they'll let her.."Where am I? Frakking end of the worlds… where we all are…" She mutters, just a bit colder, but apparently she remembers all that's happened. She waves off Yuuri's comments about the doc, dislocated or broken nose or not… and tries to pull herself to her feet…"'mfine… just a bit dizzy… Ambrosia's done worse ta me, boyo… but you sure as hell proved yerself, kid." She nods in approval to Yuuri, still trying to get up.

Fenris doesn't. Her hand presses against the rising shoulder, "Not yet. Get your wits back, first." she advises, "You're babbling." The pilot doesn't seem any more concerned than turning a page or screwing in a lightbulb, though she does put a bit of bass in her voice with Sam's continuing efforts to rise, "Case. Sit still."

Yuuri plants a hand just above her chest and keeps her down, the towel still being used to clean around her neck. "Stay down Case. You're getting checked out." There is a small bit of concern in his voice, but that is mostly drown out by the forceful tone.

Seeing the downed pilot, John shakes his head a little, before he moves to place himself near. "What happened?" he asks, studying the injury for a few moments.

Samantha swears lightly, frowning to the side. "Can we move off the mats at least? I really don't want the marines pissed that we took away their fun time of beating the shit outta each other." Of course, this is what happens when pilots do it -instead- of Marines. They aren't quite, quite so tough, or at least Sam isn't. She smirks up towards both Yuuri and Fenris as they order her to remain laying back. She does so at least, waiting for permission to shift off the mat instead of fighting. "Ain't nothin' happened, Doc… jus' a spar…"

Fenris looks around at the Marines, then, "There's still money changing hands." she comments distantly, looking to the new face with a nod, she withdraws and rises to her feet to get out of the man's way

"You a doctor?" Yuuri inquires of John as an arm slips under Samantha and helps her rise enough to scoot her off the mat. The marines let out a loud cheer as the circle can be used once again. "Easy Case." He chuckles at Sam dragging her to a corner and letting her rest back down on the mat.

"Unless they changed the names of the different positions, and I suddenly have found myself a lawyer or something, I am," John replies to Yuuri, before following the others as they move. "Must have been quite a hard hit, then," he comments, before he looks between the three. "Was she unconscious for any period of time?"

Samantha winces, just a bit, as she's scooped up off the mat. She's going to be -sore- tomorrow, but the nose and that final shot to her head were probably the worst of it. She limps over towards the corner and settles down there, her mostly focusing eyes now rather defiant for all this fuss. She certainly isn't liking it. "I'm fine, really… ain't any use wasting resources over this."

"Several seconds." Fen offers to the question, following along as she tries not to get shoved around by squeeful Marines unleashed back to venting.

John nods a little bit as he hears that. "Looks like there's a concussion involved. Which means the patient should be resting for a while, until we're sure there'll be nothing worse from it. And that nose looks broken, so we need to get that back in place."

Samantha looks over to Yuuri, frowning deeply as he mentions taking her off CAP…"No, no. If the doc here'll clear me to fly, I'm sure as hell going!" She calls over, insistant and warm, looking back to John with almost hopeful eyes. "Can we snap this nose back into place so I can get on duty? It ain't that bad, really…Hurts like a bitch, but that'll keep me away!"

Fenris chimes in with a, "Relax, Case." watching the examination distantly. She's already trying to figure out how to explain this and glances between the two pilots, though her musings keep her quiet outside of those two words.

The younger of the three jocks crosses his arms and looks down Samantha, "Hey, you want to get up flying, fine. -AFTER- the Doc clears you, if he doesn't I got my hands tied. Like I said before the CAG and Captain would love a reason to put me in hack again." Yuuri crouches down next to Sam, a hand coming to rest on her shoulder, "You said you wanted me to fly with you. I can't trust someone who would go up their with a physical issue that could cost her life or mine." His icey jades look directly into hers, "If the Doc clears you, I'll see you in the hanger bay, if not, I'm sure someone will pick it up."

"And what would you do if things turned hostile out there, and the concussion caused you to go unconscious, hmmm?" John asks, before he adds, "If it's as mild as it looks, we should be able to have you out there again by tomorrow." A brief pause, before he adds, "But I can not, in clear conscience, clear someone for duty when they should not be. I'm sorry."

Samantha curses softly and nods, rubbing one hand against the untouched -back- of her head as she grumbles just a touch…"Alright, Typhoon. You and I -tomorrow- for the first round. And maybe we better let the Marines do the showin' off next time." She admits with a little grunt of a laugh, sighing and biting her lower lip as she gingerly begins to stand up…"Alright, doc.. let's go get this nose in place so I can find someone to cover my shift… damn he's got an uppercut. You be careful round that one, Mudguts. He's tougher than he realizes."

Fenris steps over and offers Sam another hand as they party get set to go off to sickbay, "I'll guard my face." she replies simply as she takes her position. There is a brief look between the two men, then, "A night off won't kill you." Says the woman who still has most of two weeks before she can get back in the saddle.

An arm swiftly slides between Sam's arm and torso helping her to stand. "Next time I hope a marine tries his luck against me." A sincere smile flashes and disappears quickly, "Take care of her nose, fixing it won't clear up her attitude, but that's just us jocks for ya." Yuuri releases Samantha to John and walks over to the table with the box of dog tags. After a bit of shuffling about he pulls two sets out and tosses one towards Sam. His icey jades focus in on Fenris while slipping the chain around his neck. He hasn't forgotten what happened earlier this morning, but if he doesn't hurry, he'll be late for CAP. As he starts to leave the gym, he speaks over his shoulder at Fenris, "The CAG and Captain have me flying four CAPs a day."

John nods a bit as he hears that, "A good idea for the next time you encounter that uppercut would be to avoid it," he comments a bit lightly, moving to help getting the patient off to sickbay. "Fortunately it doesn't look to be quite as bad as it doubtlessly must be feeling at the moment. A quiet evening, and a good night's rest should do wonders for the head. And the nose looks like it isn't one of those worst fractures either."

Samantha begins out the door with John after she catches her tags from Yuuri. "Thanks, Typhoon. see ya tomorrow…" And with that, she slips her tags back on, giving Fenris a half smile at the woman's comment…"Fair enough…I think I can get through a night. And you can get through another week or so too." It's the best reassurance she can offer before she continues to limp gingerly after the doctor, working through the soreness of her no doubt bruised form, her free hand holding the towel to her still trickling bloody nose…

"This won't thrill them." Fen asides, reaching out to open the hatch as they near it. She takes in the doc's words, but doesn't comment as nothing really needs to be added to that. Sam's remark warrants a quick look and, "It's gives me time to work ony my handwriting." Then, she quickly advises, "Try not to lower your head, it helps."

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