Air Wing Virgon Briefing
Air Wing Virgon Briefing
Summary: The Air Wing gets briefed on its next mission, and given a warning.
Date: PHD042
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The Ready Room is, well, Ready for the Air-Wing briefing. Thea's standing up near the podium, file folders tucked under her arm. She's looking out over the gathered pilots, studying each and every one of them. No, Black Cat isn't smiling. She's in her blues and looks utterly professional. After a moment or two, she calls out, "Alright, everyone find a seat and we'll get started."

Eddie got here early to get a good seat. Namely one in the bottom corner on the lowest tier. Sure, she's at the front, but she's also in the most comfy worn seat in the house. The leather is perfectly suited to the shape of her butt. A pad of hexagonal paper is in her lap, already being doodled on with a pen.

Leaning against the wall is Willem, with an open palm. His own paper and pen setup are tucked under the sleeve of his blues as he watches the pair of podiums languidly before tilting his head upwards at Thea's cue. He straightens, and settles into an empty, isolated seat on the right side of the aisle.

Poppy makes her way in as well, craning her neck as though looking for someone but apparently not seeing them as she takes her seat and lays her notepad out neatly before her.

It's ten minutes after the air wing briefing is meant to start, and the Major is just walking into the ready room. No, wait, that's Kai. Less pins, less insouciance, more grr. He skirts around one wall to the front of the room, where he steps in close to murmurs something to Legacy while the other pilots settle themselves.

Kassia is seated somewhere in the middle of the rows of seats her ECO is sat next to her and Kassia is leaning over towards him saying something quietly before she's turning her head to the front. A pencil is idly slide up and down her fingers on the desk, quietly, so as not to annoy anyone.

Jason has found a seat near the middle of the room and hunkered down. He's brought his notepad and paper, as is customary with him at these things. He always half-looks like he's readying for an academic classroom. A little nod to Kassia is offered, sitting next to her as he is, before he makes some preliminary notes.

Hale has just come in from the CAP as is evidenced by the fact that he still has his flight suit on, but when there is a department briefing going on, you come in, and you don't bloody ask questions. The tall Lieutenant offers a slute to the Captain upon coming through the hatch before finding a seat at one of the back row desks. He's tall, no need to block anyone else.

'Walk short distances every few hours for exercise.' This was the advice from Roubani's physical therapist in Sickbay. Granted the ready room to watch a wing briefing is probably not even remotely what she meant. But until the Ensign's heard definite news of his fate, a pilot he is and with pilots he belongs. Blues were out of the question, so he's still having to make do in loose sweats and a T-shirt that fits over the full-arm cast and some kind of rigid brace around one shoulder. Bruised and still bearing stitches, he shuffles with veiled care, as though anything but very light footfall jarred some pain awake. And, seeking no particular attention at all, he settles with a slightly awkward movement into a chair at the very back, silent.

You whisper, "The Major's been pulled away to attend an emergency meeting with command. She asked me to take this over for her, so are you all right for me to cue you for your part?" to Legacy.

Max finds herself a comfortanble seat, and relaxes a bit in it. She glances around a bit, before leaning back again in her chair.

Legacy leans in as Kai approaches, head tilted toward him as she listens to what he has to say. A brow arches slightly, then she looks up at him and offers a small smile and a nod. Straightening, she studies the pilots for a moment. "It would appear that the part of Major Vendas tonight will be played by her understudy. Don't mind the five o'clock shadow." She grins and steps aside, letting Kai take his place at the podium.

To this, Wil's lips quirk to one side, inching upwards. Upwards a bit more, ever-so-slightly. He stops short of outright snickering, and then looks down at the pad on his lap, flipping it open and applying a pen. He doesn't actually write anything, but it is in complete and obvious anticipation.

Kai twitches his lips a little at Legacy's announcement, and shuffles his papers together as he steps up to the podium. "All right, we'll try to keep this short." There's a bit of tittering between two pilots at the back, and some shuffling of chairs. The Captain clears his throat lightly before continuing, eyes fixed resolutely on the papers in front of him. "There are, uh, a few matters on the agenda tonight. I wanted to say a few words about conduct. Specifically, as it pertains to the CMC."

Hale chuckles to one of the Ensigns back with him, before he is noticing Roubani coming in and he sits up a little taller for a moment. Eyes watching the boyo before attention is snapped to Captain Marek. He's reaching in for a pen before nudging someone for a piece of paper. Time to have the come to hermes it seems.

Jason's brows arch a notch at the absence of the CAG, but it doesn't seem much beyond idle curiousity. He notes Roubani's entrance, offering the Viper ensign a short nod and faint smile. Then, his attention goes to the front of the room. Mention of the CMC prompts a look of some confusion.

Roubani's mouth twitches at the corner at the looks from Hale and Jason, and he lifts his left index finger to his lips. Shh, don't tell the Captains. He has no paper, not going to push his fragile truce with his own body by forcing it to write on top of the heavy request to sit up straight for this period of time. Memory will do, as his dark eyes watch the front through the many rows of heads in front of him.

Eddie shifts slightly to trace Roubani's path on his way up to a chair, a faint smile touching her lips. Her attention going back to Marek, however, when she feels her chair start to warm up, figuratively speaking. Hot seat, anyone?

Poppy tilts her head to one side to watch Kai, beginning her notes with 'Important Matters' which she promptly underlines.

Wil watches Roubani hobble in with a slight tilt of his head, forehead wrinkling in something of a wince. He's snapped out of his attentive look at Kai's words, glancing up at Captain Marek as he speaks, with a neutral, pensive expression, pen-cap propped against his chin. After the conduct statement, Willem lets out a small, barely audible sigh. He doesn't change expressions, though.

If it sounds like Kai's reading off of cue cards for this briefing, it's probably because he is. It was a pretty last-minute thing, after all. "I'm not going to go into detail, or name names-" His gaze flitters off briefly into the room of attentive faces, then cuts back to his notes again. "-but I'm to inform you that Lieutenant McTiernan, commanding officer of the CMC on board Kharon, will be reporting any and all fights involving her corpsmen to JAG. In addition, any prior incidents will be subject to review by JAG, and potentially pursued under the umbrella of any future investigations." He shoves his hands in his trousers pockets, and looks up again. "I want to add, off the record, that this kind of shitty behaviour makes the air wing look bad. It makes you look bad-" That's a collective sort of 'you'. "-by proxy of that, it makes Captain Legacy and I look bad, and it makes the CAG look bad. You're officers. Start behaving like it." There's no threat, no 'or else'. But does he really NEED to make one?

Thea picks up where Kai leaves off, studying the room. Oh, yes, she's seen Roubani, but no fuss is made over him. "Any Raptors who are found to have been fighting run the risk of having their flight status revoked," she says quietly. "If a pilot can't maintain discipline on the ship, then I'm not taking the chance they can't maintain discipline in the air. Play-fighting and rough-housing is one thing. Taking a swing at another human being is quite another and will be dealt with accordingly." Well, the line in the sand has been drawn, clearly.

Is that Eddie looking uncomfortable? Yeah, maybe just a little bit. Maybe she just forgot to pee before sitting down to briefing though.

Jason shifts a look around to his fellow Raptor flyers. Perhaps curious to spot any guilty expressions of those who've been bare-knuckling with Marines. He tries not to be too obvious about his gawking, though, adding a serious nod at Legacy's words. He even makes a little note.

Jupiter sits in a seat in the back, slouched in her usual way. She arrived a little after her fellow pilots, and did one of those slinking entrances. She glances over at the white board with Kai's words, and sinks a little slower in her seat. The half a cup of cold coffee she brought with her rests against her thigh in her lap. Yeah, Jupes forgot to pee, too. And she's been swilling coffee for two hours.

Hale lets eyes flit around. For once perhaps glad he's not tried picking shit with the CMC. "Yes Sir." he echos with a few others, before looking down, doodling on his pad of paper. It seems the days of the taunting are over.

Poppy shifts uncomfortably in her seat at the mention of Air-folk behaving badly.

Roubani listens, even if the chance of him ending up in a fistfight with a Marine is about as remote as his suddenly being made the commander of the Kharon. His left hand slides under the blue sling housing his plaster-coated right arm, the closest approximation of folding his arms that he's going to be able to do for a while.

While it would be a far cry to say Willem looks satisfied or smug, he does look quite unconcerned. He nods his head firmly once and his eyes droop to the paper for a second. After all, he's a lover, not a fighter. Well, that's not true. He patently sucks in both departments, but his current callsign is better than 'Glassjaw' so he's bound to quit while he's ahead.

Kassia leans back in her seat her eyes at the front looking towards the two squadron leaders, she doesn't have to worry about fighting, she's be the last to throw herself around. She's more then likely get knocked out in two hits anyway.

Kai glances briefly to Rabbit at the back, then briefly over a few other uncomfortable-looking faces present, while Legacy speaks her piece. "Just remember that you're pilots, and officers of the Colonial navy. You are our best and brightest, and you are all we have left to hold the front lines of this war." He pauses, drops his gaze again and clears his throat softly. After a while to let that sink in, he moves on with a shuffle of papers to the next order of business. "We've also received orders about our next mission, which I'll let Captain Legacy speak to you about." He nods to the woman, and steps aside.

Thea makes sure to look at certain faces as she looks around. No, she's not shy about making people squirm. She nods to Kai and steps in to the podium, putting her file folder down on the top. "I'm going to keep this short and sweet," she tells the assembled. "As soon as we're green lit by Command, Lieutenant Matto, one of Lieutenant McTiernan's Marines and I will be traveling to Virgon to take care of some recon. Specifically, we're looking for Tyllium. Of other concern are survivors and supplies and the level of radiation on the planet. At this point, the plan is for airborne recon only. However, contingencies are in place for if we need to set down. As you're all aware, the best laid plans mean things will blow up." She's quiet as she studies the pilots present. "The plan is to leave any survivors found where they are, until we can return with medical personnel and fully assess the situation. No, I'm not taking requests for lipsticks or cigarette brands." There's a touch of levity to lighten an already tense subject.

Hale blinks. Eh don't mind him-he's never smacked a Marine or called them jar head yet. Looks like he won't get the chance too now either. Only takes a few t' ruin it for everyone. Still at the noise of the next Mission he's setting is focus to Captain Legacy, getting ready to write down the specifics.

To this, Wil tilts his head back up, sharply, rolling his gaze over to study the Raptor Captain. He starts to move his lips when she mentions 'supply runs.' It's always better when someone answers your wiseass question before you ask it. Saves you the effort. And the trouble. He peers back down at the paper, scribbling something.

Roubani watches Legacy's part in this with the same sort of detachment. Little effect one can have on the situation, so mental notes are made and neatly filed.

Jason tries to smile at the line about cigarettes and lipsticks, but he can't manage it quite. The prospect of the recon is serious enough to keep him from grinning. He stops taking notes but his attention seems to sharpen.

Eddie puts her attention to her pad of paper, taking notes or adding more dimensions to her doodle. 'Virgon' is written in a sloppy scrawl though, along with some other illegible words that even Eddie will have trouble reading later. Her lips are set into a grim line, her thoughts a million miles away.

Kai is silent while Legacy speaks. He doesn't notetake, but then, he's probably heard all this before in some form. His hands stay in his pockets and he studies one of the far walls with alacrity.

Kassia laughs quietly at the mention of lipstick. "I'd settle for some chococlate." She mutters to Jason next to her, then straighten up she was half falling asleep in her chair.

Poppy frowns when the mission is explained to everyone, crossing her arms over her chest and looking pointedly off into the distance.

The Raptor Captain studies the group, then offers a bit of a smile. "I'll be certain to bring Lieutenant Matto and the Marine back safe, I promise. This will, hopefully, provide us some much needed recon about what's going on and where." That seems to be all. She dips her head to Kai, again, and steps away from the podium.

Jupiter sips cold coffee, still now in her seat in the back. She stares at the raptor squad leader for a moment, and then her eyes shift to her squad leader. She takes no notes, and eyes the white board again.

Kai nods to the raptor Captain as she steps down, and retakes his place again after absently lifting a hand to scratch at his nose. He's not normally given to little nervous gestures like this, but public speaking? Is not one of his strong points. "I think that's about all we had for you, in terms of official business," he continues. "CAP schedules for the next month have been posted by the CAG, and I've put wing assignments up for those of you in red squadron. They will be rotating assignments, so check back each week. I'll also be stepping up training exercises to supplement Lieutenant Valasche's work, and making sure all of you are certified to handle the newly modified mark sevens. Any questions?"

Jason has no questions, for his part, though he listens attentively to any that are voiced. Ever the good student, the ECO.

Willem simply nods his head in a slow, steady motion as this final bit of business has been put forth. He's already glanced at the board on the way in, but peers at it again, particularly as Lt. Valasche's name has been mentioned.

Questions? No. Eddie's better off not drawing any undue attention to herself at the moment. Her eyes are currently on the whiteboard, however, and the name of her current section lead. Great. Eddie touches a hand to a faint buise cresting on her cheekbone. This outta be fun.

Roubani also glances at the board, though not in a way that expected anything different from what he sees. He pushes one foot against the floor, shifting carefully in the chair to settle his weight differently for his aching back. The mention of the mark sevens sparks something on his face, and some other mental note gets made.

Legacy clearly doesn't have any questions. She remains standing by the podium, studying the room and its occupants.

Poppy lifts a hand with a question.

Kai directs his attention to Poppy, and gives her a nod of permission to speak up. "Shoot."

Hale shakes his head, after all he's seen that he has Tinner for this weeks rotation, and so if it means he gets to help the other lieutenant, then he is all for it. a few more things are jot down before he is looking. Raptors to Virgon, don't punch marines. Seems we're all caught up. A glance does go to Poppy as her hand pops up.

Poppy clears her throat and speaks up, "Who will I be working with while Lieutenant Matto is on the mission?"

Kai looks to Legacy, naturally, to answer that question. Not his jurisdiction.

"You'll be with Flash, Poppy," Thea replies quietly. "And Lifer, you'll be with Waite. I dare say we're not going to be gone horribly long. I don't plan on finding a house and moving in on Virgon. So the Raptor CAPs will run just the same as they have been since all this started."

Poppy nods her head, glancing across the room towards Flash.

Kassia glances over towards Poppy. "Might be good for us Poppy, aint worked much with each other. I'm not Kissybear but I'm sure we'll do good." she offers the woman an encouraging smile, then looks to her usual Partner. "Upgrading you for a cuter model, Lifer." She jokes.

Wil continues to scribble without bringing his head up, athough this is not really regarding his assignment. He pauses, pen lingering in just a brief hover over the page.

Roubani's eyes watch the desk in front of him. Not checked out, just taking the opportunity to rearrange whatever rolodex setup he has in his head.

Poppy nods her head, offering a smile to Kassia. She says nothing however, wringing her hands in front of her.

Jason's brows arch a notch, but he simply nods to Legacy. He has no qualms about switching, though he does offer a smirk at Kassia.

"Any other questions?" Kai adds, once Poppy's has been answered. He's already shuffling up his papers, and getting ready to bring things to a close it seems.

Eddie flips her notebook closed, sliding her pen into the spiral. Her eyes go back to the front expectantly, waiting to be dismissed. No questions from this jock.

Nope. No questions from Willem. He slaps his pad closed and sits up at attention. Before glancing at the hatch.

Kai cuts his eyes to Legacy for a moment, as if to see whether she's got anything to add.

Jupiter thinks about it for a moment, nails drumming lightly on her thigh, but she doesn't ask. She just sips her coffee like a good pilot would. Just drink the coffee. Just. Drink. The. Coffee.

Thea studies the room for a moment, then comments, dryly, "And please remember that hitting is bad. No. Hitting."

Roubani gently rubs the bridge of his nose.

Kai nods slightly to Thea, and finishes tucking papers into his file folder. A few pilots at the back are already fidgeting, like racehorses behind the gate, chomping at the bit. "All right, dismissed then. And good hunting, all of you."
Kai adds, "Except for you, Fingers. I'd like a few words." Duhn duhn.

"Aye, aye sir." said as Hale is rising up with his paper and pen. A slight look passed to Legacy before he is making his way to head over to the hatch. He's got a shower to snag once he gets out of the flightsuit.

Kassia nods once at Poppy, she makes no move to leave as the others, instead she merely sits there, looking down at her notes. Hmmm hitting is bad, she makes a point of write that down making it all fancy like. Though when Kai mentions wanting words, she stands up and makes her way out with the others. She can chill in the lounge or something, though a nice hot shower sounds nice.

That was all Wil needed. He's up, and off, ignoring Jupiter's impending 'OH SNAP' moment. He then heads for the hatch.

AAAAAAAaannd, they're off. Lucky Lady is in the lead, but Mooner is coming up quick. Mooner is closing ground. Mooner is taking the turn and she's Just. Not. Stopping. It looks like it's Mooner's going to take it all! Mooner is through the gate. It's a photo finish!

Shit. The slouching in the back didn't help. "Yes, Daddy." Jupiter … regrets that almost as soon as it comes out of her mouth. But you wouldn't know it to look at her. Except for the slouching. Maybe no one heard that.

Kai doesn't respond. At all. To the 'daddy' comment. No, it's so much better to beat it out of her later, with no-one around to rat him out to the CAG. He continues fidgeting with his papers while the pilots file out.

Legacy dips her head to Kai as she gathers her own self up, then turns toward the door herself. Mommy's not interfering with Daddy's discipline. It's the Brady Bunch. In space. And Carol's going to check on Alice.

Jupiter mistakenly assumes Kai didn't hear that, and thusly goes back to chillin' in the back row sippin' on cold coffee.

Roubani shifts carefully in his chair. It takes him a while of shrewd negotiating with the hotshot team of gravity and time before he can get all the way to his feet. It's like trying to raise a metal beach umbrella that's been left outside all winter. Pop. Creak. Once up, he shuffles on towards the hatch.

Jason does a soft "Yes, sir" as to the no-hitting stuff. And then he stands and is off.

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