Air Wing -- Meeting
Air Wing — Meeting
Summary: Air Wing discusses the evolution of Cylons and flying
Date: PHD08
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Roubani has been here for a while, taking advantage of the quiet room. A technical manual is open on the desk in front of him, that he's been reading through page by dry page. As time draws near for the meeting and the hatch starts admitting people, he closes the tome and stands up to quietly put it away.

Yuuri comes in dressed in his flightsuit, a notepad tucked under his left arm and a pen slid behind his ear. He spots Roubani and approaches, tapping the seat beside him, "Taken?"

Jason makes his way through the hatch. He's brought a notepad and clipboard of his own, and grabs a copy of a tech manual for himself before taking a seat.

With the cap-end of a pen in his mouth, gnawing on it idly(hey, how many times have -you- done that?) and hefting a notepad and clipboard with those typically Colonial angled edges, Willem makes his languid way into the Ready Room, stopping just past the doorway to crane his head about the place to see who's here. Or how late he is running. He wordlessly settles into a nearby seat on a far edge of the third row.

Wearing his duty uniform, Martin is the next through the hatch. Cleanly shaven and showered, he's even managed a miniscule amount of gel into his hair to match the light scent of cologne from him. Uniform buttoned up and well pressed, he steps in and moves to the station to grab a notepad and a glass of water. Turning around, he finds and empty space to sit by himself near the center, and lowers himself down in waiting.

"No, sir. Please." Roubani sits back down and politely nods Yuuri towards the other chair. His fingers flip through his notepad, past all the notes he was taking and onto a fresh page. Resting his elbows on the desk, he folds his hands and rests his mouth against them, dark eyes flickering across the faces as they trickle into the room.

Matto sits on his own, his vicinity strangely vacant as he settles down and takes to using his x-ray vision to inspect his toenails through the top of his boot, leg crossed over the other, calf-on-knee. He's here. In body, at least.

"Did you receive my memo Poet?" Yuuri asks the Ensign as he takes the seat, setting the notepad down into his lap. "Hope you'd have a better chance to understand it and perhaps add to it."

Samantha steps in, just on the edge of late, but not really. She's in her proper duty uniform, apparently having had time to change out of her flight suit post-CAP, but then that might be why she's on the edge of late. She has a cup of coffee in hand and a small note book, apparently aware that her memory is like swiss cheese and some things just need written down. She looks sober, tired, but otherwise steady and calm, no haunting in her eyes or emotional exhaustion on her face. She seems pretty stable and ready to work.

Willem stretches a little bit in his chair, extending one leg outward and bringing his fingers to his lips, removing the pen and twiddling his thumb and forefinger on his lap as the pen periodically impacts against the notebook, making a slight "tap tap tap tap."

Roubani nods to Yuuri, keeping his voice quiet. "Yes, sir, thank you. Everything's been submitted properly." He keeps an eye on those coming in, those he knows and those he doesn't. His mouth stays shielded by his folded hands.

Martin looks up with a raised eyebrow, listening to the conversation. Spotting Samantha, he nods to her and goes back to his pad of paper. Apparently in the upper left hand corner he's felt the need to doodle a man sized tiger kicking a duck in the face. Scribbling continues as he waits for the call of the attending officer on deck.

Jason makes a few preliminary notes on his pad. Date, brief notation on the purpose of the meeting, and some bullet points. Down in reasonably neat cursive. Looking the attentive student. Once that's prepared to his satisfaction he opens his tech manual and skims through it, pausing on certain pages.

Yuuri notices Samantha walkin, "Flat nose!" He laughs, knowing full well her look as he has had trouble sleeping himself. Waving with pen in hand, he flags to her a seat.

Kai enters the ready room somewhat after the main influx of pilots, though he's by no means last. He's dressed in his blues, and has an officious looking folder under one arm, as well as a handful of gun tapes. With his other hand tucked into a trouser pocket, he makes for the front of the room while the pilots converse.

Samantha rolls her eyes, even if his accusation is rather right, her nose still with that steadying bandage over it and her face sporting the lovely racoon look that comes with a broken nose. "Still more attractive than you'll ever be. I understand the jealousy, Typhoon." She tosses over in his direction with a husky little laugh as she comes around to settle into whatever seat might be free vaguely near Martin and Yuuri, having found her comfortable spot and content to take the position there with the men. She takes a gulp of her coffee, crossing her legs and leaning back. And then there is Kai and she jerks to her feet, saluting. "Captain on Deck!"

This is what Martin is waiting for. Already poised with his feet on the floor, the ability to rise for the meeting to start is merely a setting of his notepad aside and a slight roll forward. Pulling lightly on the chair in front of him to rise, his eyes go forward and his posture goes rigid. There's a slight clap of his heels as he salutes the forward of the room.

Roubani has begun writing idly on his notepad by now. Or doodling. Hard to tell. Detached from any further conversation going on around him, his eyes come up again when the captain's presence is announced. He stands up to formal posture, silently raising salute.

Matto takes a deep breath. Here we go. Ankle slips off of knee and foot lands on floor by its other, hands to the armrests and he shoves himself bodily upward, unfolding lethargically into attention.

Willem sees the Captain enter and immediately ceases slouching in his seat on the right edge of the row, sitting up straight and ceasing the rhythmic tapping of his pen immediately. His forehead creases a little bit as he studies the Boss.

Yuuri rises to attention, grinning towards Samantha and wishing he had time for a response.

Jason stands and salutes the incoming captain at Samantha's call. The gesture is properly crisp.

Kai sets his folder on the podium stand, gun tapes on top of it, and gives his uniform a little tug like it's already getting too warm in there. The anxiety might be spotted, or it might not, but he's obviously not someone comfortable doing this sort of thing. "All right, at ease, everyone. Take your seats, please. The, uh, CAG couldn't be here today, something about another vacation.. personally I think she's just trying to find excuses to get out of giving these briefings." He quirks an uneasy smile, eyes flickering briefly up to the pilots in front of him. "Seriously, though, she's asked me to give a short talk today, just to bring everyone to the same page."

Kassia from her place at the back, having slipped in unnoticed a few minutes before also stands to attention a perfect parade one her drill inspector would be proud of. When told she sits down again and flips her log book open ready to take notes.

Samantha settles back down into her chair, scooping up her coffee again and leaving her note pad in her lap, untouched or doodled upon. She slumps almost deeper into her seat, legs crossed and body sprawling, comfortable, trying to stay relaxed for whatever hellish news this briefing might bring.

Roubani half-smiles at Kai's introduction. Less because it's actually funny and more because he's glad that's not him. The expression fades and he keeps his eyes front, listening.

Jason retakes his seat. He seems puzzled about Kai's remark as to the CAG, though he cracks a grin, taking it as a joke. He picks up his pen again, ready to take notes, getting that classroom-attention look about him again.

Yuuri settles into the chair, leaning back against it. His icey jades hold their attention on the Captain. His pens begins to takes notes almost immidiately the moment Kai starts to speak.

Lowering back down into his seat, Martin looks to Samantha and lifts an eyebrow at the bandage on her nose. Notepad and pen back on his lap, he reclines in the same manner that he normally does. Known to listen better at a recline, he turns back to watch the front of the room where Kai is speaking.

Matto gets his hands back on the armrests of the chair and eases himself back down, moving like a man a decent number of years his senior. The joke fails to do much for him, and he stares at Kai silently and flatly from his seat.

A faint trace of a grin appears on Willem's features at the CAG crack but it only lingers for a moment or so as he soundlessly clears his throat and waits for the Cap'n to continue his briefing.

Kai shuffles through his papers briefly, then lifts his eyes again. "Before I begin, however, I'd like to speak a few words to you all. It's, ah, something from Scripture, so if you have sensitive ears, now would be the time to cover them." He clears his throat lightly before continuing. A great orator, the Captain is not, but his voice is clear and underscored with conviction: "Nothing feebler than a man does the earth raise up. Of all the things which breathe and move on the earth, for he believes that he will never suffer evil in the future, as long as the gods give him success and he flourishes in his strength; but when the blessed gods bring sorrows too to pass, even these he bears, against his will, with steadfast spirit, for the thoughts of earthly men are like the day which the father of gods and men brings upon them."

He's silent for a few moments to let the words settle, and then looks back to his notes. "I know there isn't a one of you, who isn't suffering in his or her own way. Who isn't confused, angry, hurting or just godsdamned numb. But I want you all to consider, that we of the Colonial fleet air wing, have a duty and a means that few others hold: we can fight, we will fight, and when the war is over, we will know.." He clears his throat again. "That we went to arms for our very humanity."

The speaking of scripture stiffens Samantha, a touch of anger flashing in her eyes. She doesn't plug her ears, but she does look away, look anywhere but her boss and his words. She doesn't really even breathe, probably physically biting her tongue to hold back other reactions. Once he's finished, some of the tension goes away, but her previous smile is gone. She takes a good gulp of her coffee and turns skeptical green eyes back to Kai. The end of his speech seems to make her relax a touch more, nodding a single time.

Yuuri's reaction to the scripture is similiar to Samantha's, but does not look away from his notepad. He doesn't write the passage into his notes, rather continues a previous sketch of the Cylon bandit they had engaged in during the Constantine aerial fight. As the Captain finishes with words Yuuri listens to, he goes back to his notes.

Martin is wearing a Triad face. He merely blinks and listens during the bit of scripture from Kai, but maintains a poise of attention and interest. A small sneer forms at his lip at the mention of the promise that they will fight, perhaps a bit hungry for blood, but not a sound comes from Martin's lips until the end. "So say we all." He blurts out quietly, part of the built in well rehearsed mechanisms that his culture taught him to utter at the end of good speeches and scripture readings.

Roubani watches Kai as he quotes that passage. His eyes flicker downwards in the middle and even briefly close as he listens, then reopen when the Captain moves on. Drawing a silent breath in through his nose, he rolls his shoulders back and straightens them.

Jason watches Kai silently during his recitation of the scripture. It's unclear what his feelings about it are, one way or another. That last bit gets to him, though. He looks down at his paper, hands folded, face solemn as he considers those words.

Kassia idly writes on her note book, as she lets the calming words of the captain surround her and fill her her eyes drift closed for a few moments and when he finishes she whispers the words "So say we all" Her eyes flicker open again and she looks towards the front of the room her attentions on the Captain once again. She absently nods to his statments a slow smile creep across her lips as if he's breathed no hope and life into her, or merely given her permission to place a smile on her face.

During the Captain's speech, Willem continues to sit straight and glances up at the podium. During the actual reading of Scripture, his gray-tinged eyes unfocus ever-so-slightly and wander to the screen above, and then back to Kai at the podium. When the scripture quote ends and the motivational speech begins, eyes remain on Kai until he finishes, he mouths his own quiet but firm "SO SAY WE ALL" in response.

Samantha adds a quiet, "So say we all." But her voice is not booming like some.

Eddie has been a quiet little shadow this entire time, undoubtedly seated somewhere near Roubani as she tends to be. As the scripture flows, Eddie leans forward over her notes, face obscured by its cant and a bit of hair that shifts to curtain her eyes. As the 'so say we alls' flow, she's doesn't add her voice to the chorus.

Matto continues to stare at the Captain throughout the speech, only the occasional blink indicating that he's still alive. If the words make any impression upon him at all, it's just to make him look tired. This is what it is, then? It all sounds very wearisome.

Kai probably didn't expect a response to his words, but pauses dutifully regardless, until the murmur of 'so say we alls' fades to the occasional shifting of a pilot in their chair. He makes no apologies, either, for the scripture. "That said," he continues, eyes lifting to the audience but seeking no-one, "I'll move on to the administrative portion of this shindig. I'd like to acknowledge, first of all, an individual who has made some extremely commendable contributions to the wing, and to Kharon. His landings still need a little work, but if pulling off an inverse split-s were based strictly on having a brilliant mind, he'd be a better pilot than all of us." There's a flicker of warmth in his smile. "And maybe he will be, one day. Ensign Nadiv Roubani, stand up for a moment, please."

Roubani's fingers wiggle a little as Eddie goes by. He picks up his pen and is about to make a couple notes when his name gets called. Crap. Pen gets set back down in the exact spot he picked it up from and he stands up, straightening his jacket. "Sir."

Samantha looks up at the Ensign's name, a small smile crossing her lips in response. She looks over to him, not saying anything, but the smile has actually reached her eyes now. Encouraging, quiet… just a wee bit of happiness for the man.

Yuuri slides the pen behind his ear and closes the notepad in his lap. A whispered 'congrats Poet' is followed by the sounds of applause by Typhys' hands.

Kai doesn't have a medal or a ribbon to pin on the Ensign's collar, it seems. Just a sincere 'thank you', as he meets the junior pilot's eyes for a moment or two, and offers a brief applause.

Kassia is still doodling on her notes, though she pauses long enough to look up and smile as Roubani is called up, could only mean two things. Which makes her smile, either one of them the Ensign certainly deserves.

Samantha applauds firmly, smiling warmer now in agreement…"Cheers, Ensign!" She calls out from the middle of the crowd happily.

Roubani's name brings a twitch of a smile to Eddie's lips, and she's easing back into her chair with a hint of pride on her features for her fellow wingmate and a man she's undoubtedly closer to than the others. Her hands clap together hard, knowing he's likely hating every minute of this, but that only makes her applause louder.

Matto looks behind him, a half-smile coming to his lips, almost by instinct, before he stops partway and turns back around.

A couple moments later, Willem falls in line and begins a slow applause as he turns his head to dutifully study Roubani, again smiling faintly and briefly himself.

Jason looks up at Roubani, offering the ensign a faint grin. It's genuine, though. He claps his hands together, inclining his head in a 'Well done' sort of way.

Roubani looks rather uncomfortable, but meets Kai's eyes long enough to nod. "Captain." He sits back down quickly as applause starts, not staying on his feet to soak it up. His ears are, predictably, red, but he does allow a faint smile. Then, clearing his throat, he retrieves his pen again. Next, please.

Martin claps his hands a few appreciative times for the Ensign, glad to see him rewarded for his hard work. Quieting quickly for the meeting to continue, he brings his glass of water to his lip and sips.

Willem studies the Ensign for a moment further and then, when it becomes visibly apparent that any more public praise would make the poor kid squirm, he slows his clapping and rests his hands on his lap eventually, sitting back up at attention. All business once more.

Kai speaks again, once the applause has died down. "Lieutenant Fenris Valasche isn't here this evening, but I'd also like to officially announce her new role as Lead Flight Instructor to the red squadron. Try to congratulate her when you see her around the ship. Are there any questions before we conclude with the last item on my agenda?" His hands have retreated to his trousers pockets, shoulders a little bunched; he's probably counting the minutes until he's finished with this thing.

Yuuri leads towards Roubani and offers a whisper of, "There's your instructor." He eases back into his seat, placing the end of the pen between his teeth and gnawing away the urge for a fumarella stick.

Martin nods, listening. He has nothing to contribute just yet, but he does decide to mark a few of these things down on his notepad, as if jotting them down will help seal them into his memory.

Eddie's clapping doesn't die away until everyone else's does, because that's her boy, dammit. His praise actually causes /Eddie/ to look smug, as she folds her arms over her chest and waits for the Captain's final bullet point.

A couple beats pass and Willem's dead-silence and complete lack of expression define his presence here. He picks up the chewed pen again with his left hand and begins twiddling it in mid-air, just above his lap.

Roubani turns his head as Yuuri whispers, and nods once. He settles his arms on his desk, looking much less shellshocked now that attention's off him. His dark eyes glance at the side of Eddie's head and then back at Kai. Can't get away with throwing anything in here.

Jason nods in Roubani's direction again before turning his attention back to his paper. No questions from him. A few more notes are jotted.

Kai fetches one of the gun tapes, once it's clear there are no questions thus far. Moving away from the podium, he pops it into the machine and fiddles for a moment with the projector. Within moments, the screen is splashed with grainy black and white film from the Constantine battle. Crescent-shaped fighters tear across the viper's sights, the whole image rotating a sharp one hundred eighty degrees as the bird barrel rolls. "I'm sure we're all familiar with what you're seeing here, by now," Kai explains, standing off to the side so he's not blocking the view. "These are cylon raiders, and they don't fight anything like we do. They don't fly with wingmen, they don't even fly section tactics; they swarm, and they try to put as many rounds in whatever's on the other side of their gun sights as possible.

The cold tension of the footage creeps through Martin's veins like ice water as he watches the footage. It's an uncomfortable topic that causes him to shift slightly in his seat, drumming his nails a few times against his pad of paper. Eyes on the footage, he clears his throat silently, feeling it immediately start to dry up a little.

Yuuri adds quietly as the Captain finishes, "Ain't that the truth." He chuckles having first hand experience with two Raiders tailing him nearly the entire engagement. He pulls the end of the pen from his lips and starts taking notes, though he has almost every note attainable from these films having seen them so many times.

It doesn't matter how many times Roubani's seen this footage, it still brings some tension to his shoulders. His solemn eyes flicker over the screen as he listens.

Jason tries to remain stoic as he watches the footage, but his expression cracks less than a quarter of the way through it. He takes a deep breath, releasing it in a shudder.

In response to the gun camera footage, Willem watches the screen and visibly squirms a little in his seat, before sitting up straighter. "Like bugs. Or crows." He visibly mouths to himself, nigh-soundlessly. His eyes widen at first, and then narrow. He uncaps the pen and proceeds to jot something down upon his notepad, tapping his right foot rapidly.

Eddie doesn't seem too worried about incoming projectiles from Roubani, and the lighthearted oasis in this dark briefing has apparently already dried up. As footage of the fight rolls, Eddie watches it intently again, even though she's already watched them dozens of times while working on trying to figure out their weaknesses. She's just slowly shaking her head from side to side. Offering, "Pirranhas." Along with Willem's observation.

Kai glances around the room briefly, his eyes settling on Yuuri for a moment before roving on again. "I'd like to open things up to any comments or questions you might have. I can stand here and tell you what I see in this film, from the perspective of tactical doctrine, but.. yes, Lieutenant?" His attention fixes upon Willem.

"There is no way to determine the correct angle of approach on these things. Sir." Yuuri begins, knowing the Captain's eyes are on him. "If you are Sect lead you do the best you can to get mark, if you're a wing.." His voice changes from mild sarcastic to serious, "You never leave your lead. My point is proven later during my cannon's film." He knows what he is talking about, the moment Fenris ordered him to break left both pilots single targets for hording Raiders. The ploy worked with some off-handed help from other members of the wing.

"That's one way of putting it." Martin mumbles quietly, shaking his head from side to side in agreement with Yuuri's words. The gun cam footage was nothing short of horrifying compared to the large amount of peace they've had for years. Peace in a relative term, of course, but this was like fighting a completely alien enemy.

Whoops. It's like being back in school again. Willem sits a little straighter after being called on, tilting his head forwards after darting his eyes back and forth around the podium and centering on the Captain. "Sir." The jig begins in in a calm tone of voice. First, he turns to Yuuri and listens to the pilot's first-hand narration and nods his head gently several times, and then peers back at the Captain. "Sir," he continues. "I won't pretend to be sure that we can figure out how these things think simply by watching cam footage. But these things aren't flying like human pilots, as you said. Ever seen a flock of crows mob a hawk?"

Roubani is silent as people begin talking. His eyes are sharp as they flick from speaker to speaker, one closed hand resting its knuckles against his lips.

Jason keeps silent as well, his attention on Willem now. He nods a little as the Viper pilot speaks, the 'crow' metaphor seeming to work well in his head.

Kassia also sits silently, letting the Viper pilots get more involved the her, she's the one that gets their asses after they get shot up. She glances around the room, learning faces and names as the Captain calls them out to ask questions, once known she never forgets a face.

Kai acknowledges Yuuri's comment with a nod, and glances away briefly to pause the tape. There's a raider taking up most of the screen, guns sparking as it fires on the viper whose footage they're watching. "I have, Lieutenant," he answers Willem, when the pilot mentions crows and hawks. "It's not a poor descriptor of their tactics, at all. They attack in groups, and retreat as a group. They are highly maneuverable and focused almost wholly on offensive firepower." Back to Yuuri, he answers evenly, "Perhaps not, Lieutenant, but by analyising and disseminating what we see, we might find patterns. Patterns can lead to weaknesses, and weaknesses can be exploited."

Roubani's eyes flicker down as he mulls over something. Uncapping his pen, he makes several lines of notes to himself.

Martin starts to scribble notes on his pad of paper, eyes on the screen. His notes will be messy, but he's watching for things that he can perhaps make note on, or watch out for. Needless to say, he intends on watching this footage many, many times. "Did anyone notice a favoritism on maneuvering from them? I imagine with those big fins they're hesitant to bank to port or starboard, more likely to roll.."

"They can pull high-G with ease compared to what a human pilot can take. The approach is the difficult decision like most aerial engagements. Their flight patterns are simple once they latch onto a six. They don't have flight leads, removing thoughts of comparing them to a pack of wolves." Typhys motions a hand towards Eddie, "Pirahna's would be the closest. They engaged Mud and I as we broke for the ten incoming from the Constantine, while the others took aim on the two Captain Legacy was leading." He pauses only to catch his breath, "They look for the first then the weakest, but what confused me was that only ten of the twenty came to engage the vipers."

Eddie taps her pen against the paper, unlike the others, she's not taking an over amount of notes. "Maybe they had different orders, like fly back to the colonies and tell their buddies they missed some."

Kai nods again, slightly, to Yuuri. He doesn't interject for the moment though, content to let the pilots discuss amongst themselves until something leaps out at him.

Willem arcs a brow lazily and slowly nods, with a worried crease and a quite somber blinking of his eyes as he listens to the back-and-forth between the other pilots and the Captain. As his point is acknowledged, he cups his chin in his hand and scratches at it idly while looking back at the screen, not even studying his own notepad that he is jotting his own information on. "Maybe programmed target priority? Some sort of hierarchy over comms? There's got to be a weakness -somewhere-." Oh, the wishful thinking. "What about their situational awareness of each other? Like you said," he gestures with a jut of his chin towards Yuuri, "They didn't all seem to attack in unison." To Eddie, he adds, "Could be. But why that many? Why not just a couple?"

Roubani seems to agree with Eddie. "Considering we don't have a grasp on their programming, it's difficult to give a 'why' of their patterns. Their objective with the Constantine interrupted, they may have had a pre-programmed secondary plan that only allowed for half their force to divert."

"You know guys, really I think they fight more like penguins." Martin says with no lack of smartass to him. He smiles. "Really? You think they're gonna design their craft of their tactics off of animals when they're going to try to make us all extinct? We need to take a look at the weaknesses of our own craft and perhaps see where they've designed from that angle."

Jason narrows his eyes thoughtfully at Martin. Penguins? At the last bit, he cracks a smile. Albeit a grim one. He looks back down at his paper, sketching crescent-shaped doodles. They're, most-likely, work related.

Roubani turns his eyes back to the front. "Captain. These were not the only ships present at the attack, correct? There was another class of enemy vessel as well?"

"Pilots are always compared to predators, Black." Yuuri comments on Martin's penguin statement. "I'm going out on a limb on this one, but did anyone else notice the design of their cockpit?" He points towards the screen at the Raider frozen. "Look at the dimensions."

"I think," the Captain ventures, "that Ensign Roubani and Lieutenant Black have brought up good points. I'd rather move away from speculating about motivations, and toward studying what's right in front of our faces." He leans a hip against the podium, gaze flickering briefly up to the projection screen, then back to Roubani when the junior pilot addresses him. "Correct, Ensign. Light transports.." He rewinds the tape, to a still of two heavy raiders lodged in the Constantine's cargo bay.

"Yeah and I'm sure the bigger one attacks like a palsied manatee." Martin smirks, taking a moment to sip from his glass of water. "Look, Yuuri I know that this is the case for the old designs. Man saw bird, went 'I want to do that' and then years later we're flying jets that shoot ammunition. JUST like birds do." Martin teases. "If you want to kill something, you study it's weaknesses, not the way carnivorous fish swim. Look at how they focus on getting to the rear, they're relentless. They have numbers and they know it." Martin motions to the screen. "Look at how they try to separate us. We have fear. They're machines. They don't have fear. THAT is the game here in my opinion. Sir." Martin says, looking to Kai.

"Yah. Hard to run probabilities when you don't have enough data." Willem acknowledges. "It's just a slit. Maybe the Cylons are stuffed directly into those birds. But the big ones - " he sweeps an open hand towards the footage. "That's a whole different class of ship. Their answer to Raptors, maybe?"
page kai=Kai froze the raider, just knowing from the shows, 1 person can lay flat in it. Not sit. The size of the cockpit either tells us it's unmanned, or computerized

Roubani looks over the image of the heavy raiders, then back at the curved wings of the smaller attack vessels. He taps the pen against his lips. "It may be worth making a detailed comparison of the design of the ships in the first war to what we can see of the design now. Upgrades and changes to any vessel are made for very specific reason…much as our Mark IIs to Mark VIIs. Looking at the differences between those can tell volumes about evolving system priorities and purpose."

Yuuri just takes Martin's words with a grain of salt and settles back into his seat as the Captain continues.

Jason studies the heavy raiders on the screen eyes, narrowed in thought again. He nods in agreement with Willem. "Makes sense. That they'd have an answer to Raptors, that is. Something to move their 'ground troops', as it were. Far more utilitarian not to haul them in the smaller fighters."

Kai's eyes flicker from Martin, to Yuuri, back to Martin. He shakes his head slightly. "You're speculating, Lieutenant. Be careful of that." Roubani is given a small nod then. "Lieutenant Valasche knows a little about cylon ships from the first war. I'd recommend you have a chat with her, Poet."

Roubani nods to Kai. He doesn't need to take a note to remember that one. "Understood, sir."

"With all due respect, sir, we're all speculating here." Martin replies, making a few notes on his pad of paper. "But I agree with Eddie back there. Sure these things can do alot of harm but with Battlestars in the mix, there's bound to be something that hits far harder than these things do."

Willem's eyes glint a little with a visible light of interest as Kai references Lt. Valasche as a possible repository of knowledge. He hurriedly scribbles something down afterwards.

Roubani glances at Martin and then back at Kai. He stays silent on the matter, just attentive.

"Basestars from the previous war. Cylon versons of battlestars." Yuuri answers, putting the end of the pen into his mouth and chewing again.

Matto finally fishes a pen from a calf pocket and takes down some sort of information on his 'palm pilot.'

"Thank you, Lieutenant Obvious." Eddie replies flatly, "But if they improved everything else, makes you wonder what new advances they made on those." She holds up her hands in capitulation before anyone asks for her surrender. "Purely speculation."

Chewing on the left side of his mouth, Willem pipes up again, finally, on the topic of Cylon Baseships with one uncomfortable thought that's probably crossed someone's mind here. "With all due respect, I realize this is a continuation of our speculation but if we're following the 'bigger and badder and nastier' motif, the only tactic we'd have is jumping the Hell out of here." He turns towards Eddie, sheepishly adding. "Yeah. What she said."

"Yes, Lieutenant, we are," Kai answers Dash, blue eyes turning on the younger pilot for a moment or two. "But there's a difference between postulating hypotheses, and making assumptions. You claimed they had no fear; it's an assumption that we have no basis for currently." He glances toward Eddie, lips twitching slightly but not quite smiling. "What sorts of improvements would you make, Ensign?" Way to put a girl on the spot.

"In the time it takes to spool our FTL drives, they could do irreperable damage if hitting hard enough," Roubani comments quietly to Willem. "I agree with you, but at the same time we need a way to be able to combat them long enough to keep them sufficiently at bay."

"So we are going to start assuming things now? I thought the Captain said keep it to what is infront of us?" Yuuri snaps back at the Ensign, "And the designs are completely different between the escorts and fighters from the previous war."

Jason continues making notations on his little crescent-fighter drawing, quiet, though he seems attentive enough to the words being said around him.

"Lieutenant, settle down," Kai warns, voice sharp. He's looking at Yuuri.

"What, like assuming they fight like birds or fish?" Martin comments under his breath. Taking a deep, calming breath, he nods slowly. "Captain? All I'm saying is that this is an extinction level event. Keeping calm during these fights could very well be our best asset. Large swarms of relentless fighter craft tend to make people piss themselves, and sure…maybe we don't know if they have fear or not, but one thing I gather from this footage? They know that we do."

Eddie lifts her chin up slightly when she's called on by Kai. She's not the brainiac in the bunch. Not by a long shot. She does, however, have what her mother always affectionately called 'Moxxy'. "They'd build 'em bigger, faster, and stronger. And if they can take out twelve different rocks simultaneously," Her eyes shift to Yuuri, then back to Kai. "They spent the last forty years building a frak load of them."

Roubani pauses. He turns his head and looks at Martin. "How does fear generally affect one's flying?" There's no sarcasm, it's a real question.

"I'll remember to keep some adult diapers on hand for you, Dash," the Captain remarks without inflection, looking from him, back to Eddie. "That's a good point, Morales. They've had fourty years to stockpile." His eyes settle curiously on Roubani then.

"They have no fear, though they are machines they don't feel they don't care about their comrades, they just kill quickly and without consideration for their own lives." Kassia says speaking softly. "How can we compare to that, we all want to come home, we all want to live." She smiles ironically. "Well I do anyway."

"Flight tactics have always been taught by comparison. The motions of a /predator/ stalking it's prey is the comparison, not whether the frakking thing has feathers or scales." Yuuri is looking right at the Captain this time, "You want to know what is infront of us on this film. Their tactics are what Boner said, get behind and kill. Like most pilots." He turns over to Martin "Fear has nothing to do with flying, if you graduated from the academy with half a grade you'd know that jocks can't be timid and need to be killers in the cockpit." He continues, taking the pen from his lips, "These new enemies are sleeker and more manueverable. If you look at where the cockpit would be, there is no glass for vision. They don't fly like we do."

"In terms of -us-. Fear makes most people choke. Make fight-or-flight choices. Or second-guess themselves." Willem says, taking it upon himself to answer this. "I'm not exactly a combat vet but I can tell you from simple experience," he lifts an upturned hand, gesturing as he clears his throat, "These things are all bad for your health. But this isn't exactly a big secret, is it?" Yuuri's statement finally earns his aside, "Yah. I remember studying the old Raiders back when I was a student. They'd have a Cylon crew and thus would have to haul around all that extra baggage. Maybe the new ones are wired into the ship directly, maybe it's something else. Until we get a chance to cut one open…" He trails off, looking nonplussed.

"Bullshit." Martin says with a shake of his head. "Any one person in here who says that all their fear got weeded out during flight school is a frakking liar." Martin adds, feeling the typical scratch at the back of his throat as he feels the need for a cigarette coming along. "To see the swarm come in, something we've never fought before go right for our tails with a penchant for separating us from our wingmen and picking us apart like flies? Some of the dead you see on that gun cam footage are dead because apparently Typhoon thinks they didn't graduate flight school. They choked. The lost their ice. I don't wanna be the person to say it, but we're not immune to fear and since they're robots they very well could be. We're not doing ourselves any favors if we don't keep that in check. That's all I'm saying."

"I frankly don't give a shit whether we're comparing tactical doctrines to fish, birds, puppies or groundhogs," Kai notes to Yuuri. "It's semantics, Lieutenant." He leaves the still of the raider up, and slides his hands back into his pockets again. "Furthermore, you're wrong about fear. It has everything to do with flying, and nothing to do with being timid. Good observation though, regarding the cockpit. You too, Rebound."

Roubani doesn't quite look like he got what he was looking for. He just makes another note though, perhaps for later, and there's a frown on his face that's definitely thoughtful.

Eddie props her elbows on her pad of paper, rubbing at her eyes with the heels of her hands. "So what we're all going back and forth about is that the Cylons have evolved. Big frakking deal. Wasn't that long ago that we had tails. Shit, Typhoon might still have one." She lifts her head back up. "We just gotta figure out how to get back on the top of the food chain again."

"Maybe that is why I wasn't touch and have two confirmed kills in this engagement." Yuuri replies to Martin, his voice is calm now, knowing full well he didn't take a hit with all those Cylons on his ass.

Jason's brows arch at Yuuri. He still keeps quiet, though, and directs his eyes make to his paper. Sketch, sketch, sketch. Some notes are written in the margins.

"I really hope you're as good as you say you are Yuuri. We'll have to get a separate box for your ego." Martin says, looking up towards Kai. "Captain. What do you need us to do. We're all hungry."

Kassia doesn't really say anything much, she simply lets the others talk.

"Typhoon, if you want to make this a pissing contest, the head's down the hall and to the left." Kai pushes away from the podium, and turns off the gun camera footage, drowning the room in darkness again for a moment until he hits the lights. "What I want you all to do, is think about this. Talk to each other, hunt down some books on the first cylon war, in the library. We're going to be developing a new simulator program soon, which will be constantly evolving as we learn more. Also, wing assignments have been posted at the back, and in berthings. They're subject to change, so don't get too comfortable. Dismissed."

"Typhoon, if you want to make this a pissing contest, the head's down the hall and to the left." Kai pushes away from the podium, and turns off the gun camera footage, drowning the room in darkness again for a moment until he hits the lights. "What I want you all to do, is think about this. Talk to each other, hunt down some books on the first cylon war, in the library. We're going to be developing a new simulator program soon, which will be constantly evolving as we learn more. Also, wing assignments have been posted at the back, and in berthings. They're subject to change, so don't get too comfortable. Dismissed."

Keeping himself mostly out of this stage of the discussion, Willem simply nods his head at Kai at being acknowledged but keeps quiet regarding the heated tempers, scribbling something on his notepad and then sitting back, crossing his arms in front of his chest and leaning back a little bit.

Yuuri puts a hand in the space infront of Roubani and whispers something to him before calling out to the Captain, "Sir if you have a moment?"

Jason stands when they're dismissed, acknowledges Kai with a salute, then gathers up his papers. He puts the technical manual back before exiting, notepad tucked under his arm.

Roubani is still writing a couple notes to himself. He glances at Yuuri and nods, then gets the rest of his thoughts down into scribbles. Something is troubling his expression into a faint frown.

Kassia moves to stand up and edge her way over to Kai. "Captain, do you have a moment?" She asks holding up her hand to get his attention.

Nodding along, Willem finally slaps the book shut and slinks out of his chair, and bearing his weight upon his feet. He just plain sighs for a second and pipes up, eyeing the Captain with a crisp salute. "Sir." He straightens and then looks back at a few of the others. The Viper jocks, the Raptor pilot, and then makes an open suggestion. "I had a little grounding in some of the old Cylon War stuff if anyone here feels like taking a stroll down Memory Lane later." He smiles faintly and weakly.

Kai's shoulders slump almost imperceptibly as the meeting's finally adjourned. Eyes down, he gathers up his papers and fetches the gun tape from the machine. "Yes Lieutenant, Ensign?" His voice is threaded with a slight weariness, though he pauses to hear their questions in turn.

Kassia hangs back to let the more senior officer have his say first, she merely just hangs around watching the people file out or brake off into groups.

Martin downs the last of his glass of water and rolls his head a few times, feeling the neck muscles pop. Sighing, he presses the cool glass to his forehead and rips off his page of paper and stuffs it into his jacket's pocket. Standing, he moves to the side, setting his glass down and notepad in silence.

Roubani lets Yuuri do his thing, keeping half an ear on it. He turns slightly in his seat to see Willem, and speaks quietly, "Sir? If you're educated on the matter, perhaps you might consider some kind of information session?"

Yuuri motions for Kassia to continue as he would wait, still seated next to Roubani. He writes down a few more notes under a sketching within the notepad.

Eddie shifts out of her seat, tugging at the bottom hem of her Blues shirt to pull the wrinkles out of it from sitting so long. Likely the only reason she cares is that means it'd have to be pressed before the next time she wears it. A salute is ticked off for Kai, but she's not going far. Maybe she's lingering for the after dinner scotch and cigar talk in the foyer. Or she's lingering with no better place to be, currently.

Kassia smiles warmly at Yuuri and steps forwards. "You look tried sir, so I won't keep you long but I just want to let you know, that if you need to I'm also trained on Vipers." She says softly. "I know I'm mainly a Raptor Driver, but." She smiles. "In these times having everyone you can out there will be a benifit…I've kinda wondered about transfering but." She spreads her hands. "I wanna see how things go."

"It's all out of textbooks, museum pieces, and a little self-study. I was kind of a gearhead when it comes to the War." Willem says, quirking his mouth to one side as he pivots back on his left foot to study Roubani. "But yah. I'd be happy to talk about everything I remember. Plus we can tear apart the databanks for more clues, if there's anything useful in the library."

Roubani scribbles something on a piece of paper, holding it out to Eddie as she goes by. A little motion, nothing overt. He looks back at Willem, interest abruptly sparked by the man's mention of being, well…a geek. "I would actually like that very much, sir, as I'm sure others would. As soon as you had the time."

Kai sweeps his eyes assessingly over the raptor driver, then back to the notes he's arranging into his folder. "Talk to Captain Legacy about it. I don't have the time to get you up to speed on vipers at the moment, and I know we can use all the raptors we can get. Don't undervalue yourself, Ensign." There's no indication in his voice, at all, that he feels viper jocks are superior.

Martin heads over to Eddie and nods upwards to her, keeping his voice low while he listens to the fringe conversations. "Hey." He says simply, folding his arms and looking in the direction of Roubani and Yuuri. "…how you doin?" He asks sidelong to her, chewing the side of his lip.

Kassia nods her head slowly and smiles. "Never thought I was sir." She says with a shrugs of her shoulders. "Just offering you know." She tells him. "So you got all your options open." She then licks her lips and looks around the room. "I'll let the lieutenant have a word now sir." She salutes and back off, her eyes already scanning the room for Roubani.

Kai returns the salute to Kassia, and glances over at Yuuri. "Yes, Lieutenant?"

Ooh, passing notes. This are the types of subjects Eddie excelled at in school, forget that math and physics crap. She takes the little piece of paper from Roubani, nonchalantly tucking it into her trouser pockets as Martin comes up for small talk. "Well I haven't smoked the end of my sidearm, so I guess all things considered, I'm just doing hunky frakking dorey. How about you, Dasheroonie?" She takes a few steps away from the revolving door of Kai so as to not interrupt.

As an asside to Kassia, Willem attempts a grin. "Raptors can carry a Hell of a punch. I remem…" He trails off, looking abashed. Maybe suddenly realizing he's the guy full of war stories that aren't his. He finally addresses Ensign Roubani again, "I'm a little fuzzy on the tech data but I read up on the deployments and tactics. Just catch me when you're free."
<OOC> Willem says, "Aside."

Roubani withdraws his hand once Eddie's got her note, picking up his pen again. He nods formally to Willem. "Thank you, sir. I'll look for you promptly."

"Making friends." Martin replies with a smirk as he folds his arms across his chest. He tilts his head slightly to the side, glancing at Eddie. "…I'm using the tiger method to making friends." He comments sarcastically and runs a hand through his hair. Sighing, he pats his pocket, looking for his cigarette. "I think after this is out I'm gonna go hit the game room, blow off some steam. You're more than welcome to join."

Kassia wonders over towards the seats and goes to sit on the one behind Roubani. "Hey." She says. "Got some compliments out there, maybe we can hit the simulators one day and you can show me how to fly and I'll show you how to land." She jokes good naturedly. She then grins at Willem. "Oh trust me sir, I've heard alot of stories from my father, whom swore he landed his on one engine and half of each wing, while carrying 7 wounded Jocks." Her eyes dance with mirth, of course the story wasn't true, just sounded good.

Eddie waits for a moment or two for people to mill and then that piece of paper is being slipped out of her pocket. "Do tigers have friends?" She wonders absently while she takes a peek at what's written, or rather drawn, on the little slip of paper. Suddenly a bark of laughter errupts from her throat, unchecked.

Yuuri stands up with his notepad and walks beside the Captain, he shows the diagram to Kai.

Yuuri whispers, "Sir, these models don't fit size of the cockpit. They said over seven feet tall." to Kai.

Kai looks over to Yuuri's notepad, studying what's presumably written there for a few moments. He nods to the pilot, and resumes tucking things away into his folder. "What do you propose then, Lieutenant?"

Roubani blinks at the voice behind him. He turns his head, not quite looking over his shoulder. "Er…but I'm afraid I'm honestly not very good, Ensign. I wouldn't mind extra sim time, though, with that in mind." He glances up hearing Eddie laughing at the door, and a very uncharacteristic self-satsified smirk slips onto his face. Briefly.

"Yeah. I can picture that." Willem says to the one Ensign with mock-credulousness and then gives an affirmative nod to the other(Roubani). Shortly afterwards, he looks about the place and takes advantage of the dismissal and proceeds to exit. Stage..Well, whichever way is out.

"In the first war the color signified their ranks, never size difference. They were always the same model, correct?" Yuuri begins, "How could something described that large fit into a cockpit."

Kassia nods her head. "Playing in the sims is only second next to Pyramid." She says with a grin then stands up, she pats the man on the shoulder. "Don't be so modest your a Viper Jock, your all meant to be cocky and full of pride." She makes her way around the room looking for unfamilar faces as she does.

"I didn't know you were a cylon war buff, Typhoon," Kai notes quietly, and with little inflection. Finished packing up his things, he tucks the folder and gun tapes under one arm. "But they may well have modified, or improved their technology. Almost certainly, in fact. I'm afraid I've got to get going, but we can chat more about it later if you like, Lieutenant." He nods to the pilot, then starts off the podium.

Roubani flinches when he's touched, visibly tensing up. You'd think she tasered him on high setting. He clears his throat quietly, relaxing with some effort, and exhales slowly. Standing up, he picks up his notebook but doesn't yet leave.

Kassia spies the laughing female pilot and wonders up towards her. "Hi." She says softly, winking at Martin whom is stood with her. "I don't think we've meet." She holds out a hand, with a friendly open smile on her round face. "I'm Kassia Nevice, Raptor Pilot."

Yuuri just nods towards the Captain as he leaves. "Yes, sir." He walks up to the side of Roubani, "I have a few things I wanted to show you." He taps the notepad. "Wanna head to the library?"

"As you like, sir." Roubani's still talking in Formal Voice. He tucks his notebook into the crook of his arm and pen behind his ear, half stuck into his wavy hair. He looks over towards the trio at the hatch. "Morales? Are you going back to the berthings?"

Matto finally drags his carcass out of the chair he'd been inhabiting, heads into the aisle and back toward the hatch. The one who goes about letting folk know she's a raptor pilot catches his attention for the simple fact that he's never seen her. He lifts two fingers to his temple then away in a noncomittal greeting as he passes.

Martin looks to Eddie and raises an eyebrow, deciding for a moment that it might just be time to reach out and snatch that paper away from her. Considering for a moment, he shrugs. "They might, who knows. I got a few of them around here somewhere." He says, and then makes a move to snatch the paper from Eddie.

Kassia's eloquent introduction are met with a, "Huh? Oh." From Eddie, who then slides a hand into the Raptor pilot's and pumps it once. "Mooner." She's about to tuck the paper away, being stingy and not sharing its contents, but then Martin's fingers are reaching it to snag it and hers reflexively clamp down. Tug of war ensues. "Watch out tiger, I got bigger claws." Her voice has dropped down to a deadly serious tone that implies he better let go.

Eddie unfortunately has to ignore Roubani's question for the moment, to protect the paper.

Yuuri passes by the scuffle and exits through the hatchway.

Roubani smiles slightly at the paper war. He drifts out for now, quiet as ever.

Kassia lets her hand be pumped and steps back a little after they lets go, to watch the tug of war, she seems amused as the struggle go on. Whom will win or will the paper just end up in shreds. "Aha, Lieutenant let her have her love letter." Kassia says. "Not often a girl gets such things."

Martin stares at Eddie, giving her a mock look of disapproval before he lets go of the paper. Squaring his jaw, he nods to Eddie slowly. "It's all good, Eddie. You've always watched my back." He says, giving a hinted reason as to why he isn't going to press. Turning his head to watch the others leave, he looks to Kassia. "Girls don't get love letters often?"

Eddie shoves the paper down into her pocket, a frown pulling at her features. She looks between Martin and Kassia, then snorts. "Warm up the game console and kick the enlisted off the couch. I'll be down as soon as I strip out of this Starch." Not touching the love letters comment with a ten foot pole attached to someone else's pecker. Seeing Roubani slip past, she's stepping off after him. "What did you need, Rubix?" Her voice a grumble not really aimed at him.

Roubani pauses at the hatch, looking back. "Nothing, question's been answered. I'll see you shortly, I suspect." Martin and Kassia get a nod that's mixed polite and friendly, and he continues out to see what it is Yuuri wanted.

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