Agatha Christine Nyx Beckett, DDS
Agatha Christine Beckett, DDS
Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci as Agatha Beckett
Name: Agatha Beckett
Alias: Aggie
Age: 32
Hair & Eyes: Green eyes, Black Hair
Faction: Navy: Medical
Position: Doctor, Dentist
Colony: Colony
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: Eastern US

Biographical Info



Agatha Christine Nyx was born on Saggitaron to a poor fisherman's family on the southern coast of a temperate region. She grew up on a household of rough talking chain smokers and superstitious, Gods-fearing relatives (far too many packed into a tiny house).

Due to natural aptitude (read: eidetic memory), the dark haired, youngest child of the family excelled in school, though her attention span for such activities was fairly short. Her only saving grace was that memory. Aggie, like all other members of her family excelled at using her hands. She had brief dreams of being an artist, but living in a shack painting was not her idea of a life.

Some of her younger years were misspent in the pursuits of things young people enjoy, such as going where they shouldn't, doing things they ought not to do. She had a few freedom fighting friends, and learned just enough demo to get her intro trouble. She still bears a scar along her side from a close encounter with a caustic explosive agent.


In order to escape her poor roots, she turned her sights to a lucrative career in a hard science, which veered of somewhat due to her inability to handle the long hours required of a surgical path, and she landed in the fabulous and rewarding career of dentistry.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

With dreams of marrying a rich Caprican neurological specialist, she decided to stay on and do an optional 2 year residency at a hospital on Caprica. (By now in her late 20s, the dream was looking dimmer every day.) Only months into the residency, she was tasked for a mandatory rotation in a different program, and caught trauma. The amount of blood she saw was enough to bounce that idea. She left Caprica to go into practice for herself, sadly shipped back to Sag, where she festered for a year.

Her impatience eventually led her to join the military, and her hopes turned to the sons of rich Caprican neurological specialists. She entered the service with the rank of Lieutenant.

Small acts of rebellion were typical for the girl who grew up hearing you can't and you must. Every once in a while she does something a little reckless, ill planned, and inevitably wrong. It was in this way, when on leave, that she met, drank with, and married Josef Tecumseh Beckett. Waking up the morning after was quite a shock, hello. One does not lightly get over dreams of marrying rich to marrying… a gunner. Leave was up shortly after, and the arguments about annulment were still heated (Josef being religious), and the two parted ways, still married, back to separate duty stations.

They served apart, met up on leaves to 'discuss' options for the future (which usually ended up with property damage and copious consumption of alcohol), and after almost three years of marriage have rarely spent much time together, aside from the odd few days, or week, grabbed here and there.

It wasn't until the Kharon commission, and a particular alignment of fate, that the two were stationed aboard, their first joint assignment since that ill fated night of too much whiskey (or not enough). They have thus far remained more or less under the radar. She a dentist, and he a weapons officer. She a neat freak, he a mess. What could go wrong?

Distinguishing Features

  • Large eyes, slightly crooked.
  • Burn scar: along right torso from lower ribs to hip.
  • A blue swallow tattoo, right breast (unlikely you've seen it unless your name is Josef).
  • Almost never seen without a cigarette in hand.


  • Is from Sag, but seems to hold many of those religious beliefs in contempt.
  • … and yet she knows enough Kashmiri to get pissed off when Josef insults her using it.


  • Gardening: Despite her general dark sort of nature and abrasive approach to many things, Aggie loves plants, and all things green and growing. Sunflowers are her favorite, though red roses run a close second.
  • Edificeering: Climbing things, particularly buildings and urban structures. Who needs a door when you can climb to a window or the roof? This is a skill quite oft used in urban exploration. Illegal? Nooo.
  • Painting: She's quite good, but it doesn't pay so she didn't pursue it for anything other than personal pleasure.
  • Dentistry: In ur mouth fixin' ur teeth. Oh, shut up and bite this.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Josef Tecumseh Beckett. Overbearing religious bastard. Tattoos like a longshoreman. Mouth like a back alley Saggie bootlegger. Husband. For now.

Timeline of Events

Age 5: First half cigarette, stolen from uncle. Love at first toke.
Age 8: Young Agatha learns to hate fishing, fisheries, fishermen, and boats after her favorite cousin and uncle are killed during a storm on the sea.
Age 12: Went from stealing the occasional cigarette to buying her own off of friends and older kids.
Age 15: Receives burns in a small explosion that injures her and two friends, torso scars result from the bombing of the Marek family truck. Retribution gone wrong.
Age 15-17: High school on Sag, advanced study. Full on smoking habit develops. Aggie falls in with a rough crowd in the back alleys and mean streets of her small town.
Age 18: Pre Med, full scholarship, to a school on Caprica. (Huzzah yon memory.)
Age 21: Swaps to a dental specialty.
Age 22-26: Dental school + clinical training on Caprica.
Age 27: Half way through a dental residency in a hospital, her interest changes and she quits to go into practice (in truth, it was the rotation through trauma that decided her). She's shipped back to Sag. Curses.
Age 28: After a full year in practice, Aggie becomes bored with her life on Sag, and makes inquiries into joining the Colonial Navy.
Age 29: Signs papers. Celebration occurs. She meets, gets drunk with, and marries Josef Tecumseh Beckett.
The Next Morning: Has a hissy fit of epic proportions, attempts to divorce.
But: That just doesn't work. Frakkin' religious men. She ships off to the Battlestar Orion, but receives papers, about a year and a half later, due to 'personality conflict' with the existing medical staff.
Age 30: The Battlestar Atlantia is lucky enough to become the new home for Aggie.
MD01: Transfers to the CEC Kharon, last minute, in her 32nd year to replace the doctor of dental surgery aboard. Something about debilitating IBS. Unfortunately, her husband was transferred in first. Er, joyous reunion.
MD02: Finishes introduction to the ship, gets lost only once, then picks up a map and memorizes it on the spot.
MD05: After three people make a reference to her married name, an awful thought sinks in, and the Lieutenant pauses mid root canal to have a look up the ship's roster. Her patient, too terrified to remain in the room upon witnessing the string of profanity and throwing of things, escapes with a mouth full of gauze.
MD07: Chalky is finally talked back into the dentist's chair by a concerned nurse in the Kharon's Sickbay, and Lt. Beckett, DDS finishes up the root canal in stony silence.
MD17: Lieutenant Beckett, DDS and Lieutenant Beckett pass each other in the Mess Hall. One is a little shocked, the other cooly walks on and refuses to acknowledge the other.
MD23: A game of cat and mouse begins.
MD33: First inter-departmental mail arrives on the gunner's desk with a post it note inside requesting a divorce.
MD34: Neither Lt. Beckett is seen for 5 hours.
MD35: Things quiet down, return to normal. If that word can be used. The Becketts ignore each other, go about their duties, and no one notices.
MD41: Shore leave. No one hears from Aggie for 3 days.
MD56-PH020: Aggie barely speaks, but carries out duties flawlessly, treating several of the civilians from the Station for small cavities and, in one case, a serious case of gum disease.
PH021-46: The morbid humored doctor spends a lot of time locked in her office, researching or some such.
PH059: Aggie attends one of the shipwide fight nights in hopes of seeing her husband knocked on his ass. No such luck. His tags do not get pulled.
PH060-PH084: Uneventful, there's a lull in visits to the dentist, probably because a good portion of the trouble — er, most at risk crew, are down on Scorpia.
PH103: A Marek is discovered aboard Kharon. Arrgh. Log: Kashmiri Cool.


"Smile, things could be worse." Pause. "I spoke too soon. I'll need you to come in for an appointment. We'll do something about those teeth."


  • Cigarettes.
  • Coffee.
  • Good oral hygiene.
  • Dental floss.
  • High speed drills.
  • Terrifying people.
  • Morbid humor.
  • Her husband.


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