Summary: After the shootout in Poseidon's Revenge, Legacy's butt gets stitched and Roubani and Eddie discuss consequences.
Date: MD048
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Charybdis - Medical Station

The doors swing open and a gurney is brought in. Over the side of the gurney is a somewhat familiar sundress, one that Kai saw just a few hours earlier. Only now, it's well, rather bloody. There's also a familiar voice to be heard, grumbling quietly as the medics try not to snicker. The one in her view manages to hide his grin, but the one taking the tail of the gurney, well, he doesn't. He's smirking.

Eddie has arrived.

Kai is currently standing near the receptionist's desk at the threshold of the medical wing, hands in the pockets of his duty blues. And, as usual, sticking out like a sore thumb in the smattering of civilians with business here. He's shirked the 'offer' of a chair and a cup of coffee, and is currently waiting for the inevitable— which comes rolling on through the door right about now. Both brows raise when he recognises Legacy on that gurney, but he doesn't get in their way. His prime directive is to ensure they can do their jobs, despite his obvious concern.

Nine arrives from the Central Ring.
Nine has arrived.

Roubani has a thick wad of gauze against his jaw and upper throat area, blood peeking through the layers in little blooms. He looks exceedingly anxious about this medical bay visit, his free arm folded tightly around his waist and his lips pressed together. A medic checks his ID and directs him to a chair to wait, and the tall Ensign folds into it. His posture remains subtly defensive, eyes turning to track Legacy's gurney as it goes by.

Legacy, and gurney, disappear into the back of the medical area. Her injuries are such that she's taken straight away. A few minutes later, the medics come back out, both of them smirking. "Shame to ruin such a fine ass," one of them mutters to the other as they pass Kai.

Eddie isn't really injured, unless you count the split lip as a mortal wound. She's on looming detail over Roubani as he sinks into a chair. She stands next to where he sits with her arms folded over her chest. She murmurs something quietly beneath her breath to the man she's dubbed Rubix.

Kai twitches a small smile as the pair pass him by, and slips a hand out of his pocket to touch the shoulder of one of them. A few words are exchanged, a nod of acknowledgement given, and the pilot's brows beetle together as he spots Roubani and Eddie make their way in. It's 'Rubix' he's watching more than the latter, truth be told. "Heard you all had a bit of an adventure tonight. Coffee?" he nods toward the machine. Nope, no panicking from Marek.

Nine drifts through the medbay, appearing, just briefly, between medical staff, looking worriedly after Thea, then glancing to Roubani. But Eddie is looming, and Thea's taken off, and so she simply disappears again.

Roubani shakes his head at Eddie's question, murmuring back to her. Then Kai's upon them and he sits up. "No, sir, thank you." No smiling from him. The Ensign looks quite sober and not in the least bit happy. "Is Captain Legacy going to be alright?"

Charles arrives from the Central Ring.
Charles has arrived.

Eddie pulls her bottom lip into her mouth, sucking on it lightly and nodding to something Roubani says. As Kai approaches them, there's a quirk of her lips. "Can you pour some whiskey in it?" She jokes lightly, then gives him a quick run down of the events, looking a bit tired but she's not leaving Rubix' side.

"Yes." Kai seems certain of that, but doesn't sit himself down for the time being. He's lurking a few feet off, hands still tucked into his pockets, and with a look about him like he was pulled off his duty shift to be here. Which he very well may have been. "Don't let her appearances fool you, she's a tough old boot." If they don't want coffee, there's no reason he shouldn't; shoulders slightly hunched, he ambles on over to pour himself a cup of decaf while Eddie explains things.

Karma really has it in for Roubani from the neck up. Black eye, broken nose, and now shot all within a week. That'll leave marks. He doesn't say anything while Eddie explains, just keeping the heel of his hand against the gauze pad.

Eddie finishes with a shrug that says, 'and so here we are'. A glance is given down to Roubani, hand extended for a moment like she's ready to ruffle his hair because he's a poor sad little heap of hurt, but her fingers just curl and her hand drops back to her side. "I think we should all sign Captain Legacy's inflatable donut." Because no doubt Black Cat'll have trouble sitting without one.

The look on Roubani's face is likely more pent-up irritation at the evening than 'sad'. "I suppose it would do to get her a…card or something."

It seems the civilian population will be as mollified as Charles can hope for in a single night. This sort of handling usually required days to be effective, lest the sheep pick up on the fact that they were being manipulated, even if for the best of intention. Thus, Charles goes to see about a wounded comrade. In the waiting room, the Comm Officer reaches for a packet of cigarettes, perching one between his lips as a stork upon a shallow pond, and a single eyebrow raises above the bridge of his sunglasses. "Now that shoreleave has become a fantastic bag of ball bearings filled with frack, I will need a sworn statement from each of you about what happened, how sincerely sorry you are, and how your actions do not in any way reflect on your character as members of the armed forces. I realize this isn't your fault, but I've danced this fandango more than once and I know just how much horse manure you are going to have to swallow to avoid a whole lot of trouble."

Kai is half-finished his decaf by the time Eddie's done explaining. He's probably also wishing it were caffeine instead. Thumb and forefinger pressed to his temples, he nods at the very end to signal he's got it all, and briefly meets Eddie's eyes. "Go on back to the Kharon, and get some rack. I'll keep an eye on these two." And fill out the requisite paperwork. It's, well. An order really. He's just being a bit less frosty about it than usual. Charles? Just gets a stare from the pilot.

It's as Charles is finishing his little speech that Thea is released from the exam room. Rather than being IN a wheelchair, as is customary, she's walking behind it, holding to both handles, and looking about as pleased as a bathed cat. She's toussled, she's cut, her dress is covered in blood and alcohol - but at least the glass has been shaken out. Her legs have a few bandages on them in different places. She's the poster child for 'You should see the other guy.' Ladylike seems to be a thing of the past. The nurse walks behind Thea, with a straight face. "Now don't forget," the nurse tells the pilot. "You can't sit on that for three days. You need to sleep on your stomach and put a pillow behind your back." A piece of paper gets handed over to the poor pilot and Thea looks like she's caught between humiliation and grumpiness. "I have the bullet," she tells the nurse quietly. "I know how to use it." The top of a bottle is barely visible in Thea's hand.

"Goodnight, Morales. I'll see you at PT." Roubani's soft voice sees her off. He gives Kai a cautious look, trying to gauge how close the Captain might be to a meltdown over this, then suddenly the train of Charles' words runs right over him. The man's casual swearing sparks a look in the Ensign's dark eyes that might be slightly offended, but he has that in-front-of-lecturing-superior-officer neutrality down pat.

Eddie opens her mouth at the order from the Captain, but it merely clamps back shut. For whatever reason, she feels responsible for Roubani, and she's just been told to leave him behind. A glance to Charles, but he has to go through her CO to get to her, so nanner. "Goodnight Nadiv." She mumbles, then a nod to Kai. "Sir." She's off before she can even properly snicker at Legacy and her situation. Probably a good thing too, as Eddie just realized she left her smokes back at the bar. And she could use one right about now.

Charles looks a bit, and revises his stance a bit. Amatuer mistake in mediation, right amatuer. First, a lack of awareness of the power structure of the room, and charging full bore into an already tense situation. Unthinkable, rookie movement. However, because it is the Kharon, his boat, his brothers and sisters, he does the unthinkable and steps back, bowing his head. "…I apologize, Captain, Ensigns. Take the time you need to recuperate, and we shall discuss this when we are all in a much less emotional frame of mind."

No, Kai's not in meltdown mode. Not yet, anyway. He even takes the time to finish off his cup of decaf, and bends to fill it up again, before addressing Charles. "You're going to be dancing a fandango all right, Lieutenant, if you plan on keeping up the bad b-movie private eye act. If you've got business here, deal with it and get out. Otherwise, get out." Blue eyes shift toward the returning Legacy, and if he gets a little twitch of a smile upon seeing she's still in one piece and fiesty as ever, then surely he can be forgiven his transgression.

And then Thea sees everyone in the waiting room and she pauses for a moment. "Not one frakking word," she tells each of them, eyes slightly glazed as she makes eye contact. Yes, the Captain is higher than a kite on pain killers. "Who's flying us home?" Her eyes fall on Roubani and she cocks her head to the side. "You ok," she asks, the chair starting to slip forward.

Roubani watches Charles a few more seconds. There might be the barest flicker of sympathy in his eyes, but it just flashes and is gone again. He glances down and then carefully turns his head to look at Legacy. "I'm fine, sir. I'm very glad you're alright."

Eddie heads through the exit labeled <CR> Central Ring.
Eddie has left.

Anger is not a luxury the Communications Officer has. Any opinion he has is quashed as he removes his sunglasses and nods again. "Yes, sir. I will be excusing myself then." He says with a lazy sort of grace, even if there is a fractionally visible clench of teeth. He removes his sunglasses and salutes the wounded captain Thea, then tucks them into his tanktop and strides out with the grace of someone wearing an altogether fancier brand of shoe than the boots his feet are currently ensconced in. Forget communications diagnostics, he had to put out fires of an entirely more human nature.

Kai seems thoroughly unrepentant for having caused the poor CIC officer to beat such a hasty retreat. All in a day's work for he of the icy tongue, after all. "My lips are sealed, Captain," he tells Althea with another little twitch of said lips that doesn't quite resolve itself into a smile. "Morales told me about what happened, perhaps I should have been more specific when I said to enjoy yourself." Roubani's shot another brief glance, but he's not going up to hassle the nursing staff to tend to him. Yet.

Thea's clearly worried about Roubani, and clearly not in a place she can be too worried. With a sudden smile, she opens her hand, taking it off the chair, and shows Kai the bullet. "One word and I swear to the gods I will airlock the lot of you. First person to suggest a new callsign will learn what it's like to have a raptor driven up their ass." Then, with all the grace her drugged self can muster, she puts her shoulders back and starts for the exit. The definition of tattered dignity. "Captain, Lieutenant, Ensign," she says, nodding to each one in turn.

Roubani for once doesn't turn bright red at a comment like that. A brow lofts with something that might dare to be amusement, and then that fades. Looking back at Kai he speaks under his breath, "You should go with her, sir. The stairs may prove rather unkind."

If anything's going to be unkind, it's probably going to be unkind to Kai. If he so much as breathes a word about bullet butt over there. Fortunately, the forms finally arrive that he's been called over here to sign in the CAG's absence, and Roubani merely receives a twitch of his lips in a small smirk. Scribble scribble. "Will you be all right getting back to the ship, Captain?" is asked mildly. The perceptive might spot concern in his voice, in his terse expressions, but it's subtle.

Legacy gets to the door and then just stops, staring at it for a long moment. Oh, it's open. But she can't take the chair with her. There's a soft, exasperated sigh. "Help," she asks, quietly. Yes, she's blushing as she looks back at the group, lips pursed.

It's an automatic motion that Roubani starts to get up, setting his hand on the chair arm and sitting forward. He flicks a glance to Kai though, expecting him to tend to the situation. Because two people rushing over would be bad for dignity, and one can't have that.

Charles heads through the exit labeled <CR> Central Ring.
Charles has left.

"I'll finish this off, and return it to your chief of staff in the morning?" It's a question, not a statement of unshakeable intent. At least Kai knows better than to force civilians to follow his marching order. The nurse gives him a smile and a nod though, and the viper jock is already folding and tucking the forms away as he approaches Legacy. Roubani's given a lingering look, and then a nod as he passes. "They should have you back on the ship soon, Ensign." Maybe he'd like to say something a little kinder than that, but it's not coming at the moment. His voice is lowered as he moves toward Althea, "Here, do you want to lean on me?" At least he doesn't offer to fireman's carry her off the space station. That would be embarassing.

Thea's arm slides around Kai's waist as she does exactly that - leans against him. "You're driving, right," she murmurs, letting him lead the way. "I don't think I can."

Kai actually patted the back of Nadiv's chair, though is careful not to actually touch the young man as he passed.

Roubani settles back in his seat, fingers picking each others' nails in his lap. He watches the pair at the door for a few seconds and then turns his attention down the clinic's sterile hall. He doesn't look worried so much as introspective, just wrapped up in his own thoughts.

"I'm driving," Kai can be heard to confirm softly as he guides her out the door, "Left turn ahead.." And their voices are likely lost after that.

Red Squadron Berthings, some time later

Released from the Charybdis after hours of waiting around for thirty minutes' worth of medical attention, Roubani is now up in his bunk, one of his socked feet visible over the bottom edge.

CAP. Combat Air Patrol. It should be renamed to Coma Air Patrol. Eddie drags herself in looking tired but likely not from exertion but from boredom. She shambles towards her bunk, and without thinking about it, she bats at the foot as she passes it.

Said foot twitches and the toes curl as Roubani pulls it back up under his covers. There's a subsequent creak of the bunk and yawning sound, one of his arms briefly stretching upwards and then folding back down.

Stands infront of her locker for a moment, going through the process of changing out of her flight suit and into something more befitting their last night docked with the Charybdis: sweat pants. Ah yes, looks like Eddie's opting for an evening in again. Too much fun last night. Soon her head appears in the crack of his curtains. "Hey. You sleeping? Scoot over." Scoot over?!

Scoot over?! Roubani is lying on his side with his arm draped over his face. One eye is just visible below his forearm and it slits open in catlike fashion, then drifts closed again. His version of 'scooting over' is rolling onto his back and drawing one foot up so his knee makes a triangle.

Eddie has one foot on the rung of the little utility ladder and one on the mattress below him. Good thing no one is home. "I'm climbing in." Warning, that's what it is. So if he doesn't want any wayward body parts touching, and rolling on the back is the best he'll do, then so be it. With a grunt, she's clambering up in there with him.

Roubani left her enough room to sit. The leg movement might just be preparation to kick her in the face if she does indeed cross the DMZ. He rubs his eye with his thumb as his mattress shifts under the other weight. "Are you alright?"

Eddie doesn't sit, rather she stretches out next to him, even going so far as to make sure the blanket is bunched up between them to provide a physical barrier. If she's here to jump his bones, that seems like an unnecessary step. When she settles, a silver flask is curled to her chest. "Fine. Checking on you."

"I'm fine." Roubani rests both hands on his chest. There's a gauze bandage taped over the right side of his jaw and neck. "You had CAP?"

Eddie stays rolled on her side facing him, her head propped up on a palm. "Yeah, wee. So that your first gunshot wound? I hear chicks dig scars, especially when you earn them being all heroic and shit." She smirks slightly.

"It wasn't heroic. It was stupid." Roubani rubs under his eye again. "Nobody would have gotten shot if they hadn't been goaded into shooting."

Well that smirk quickly fades. "Or they could have picked us all off like fish in a barrel, or taken hostages to secure their escape off the station and once they got back to whatever ship they were headed for, done any numerous unspeakable things to those people then chucked them out an airlock. They were drunk and unreasonable and no sense in playing the great 'what if' game." Eddie says, her voice holding a tinge of defensiveness to it likely stemming from guilt.

"I expect JAG will be around, for charges," Roubani says, fatalistically. His eyes watch the ceiling above them. "They're not particular on what could have been, only what was."

Eddie shakes her head slightly, "None of us will get pressed with charges." She seems rather certain of that point. "Not a damn one of those civilians will pin what happened on anyone from the Kharon. Those people were looking for a fight, we just made sure it ended."

Roubani exhales quietly through his nose. "It's not the civilians I'd think would be angry."

Eddie pushes her eyebrows up to the top of her forehead, like they might just invade her hairline. "Who?"

Roubani's own brows draw as he turns his head towards her. "Well…the military, of course. There were a hundred better ways to have handled that. A man's dead now. You don't think someone's going to be furious?"

Eddie gives a slight shake of her head, "Not at us. And if so, you point the finger at me, alright? I taunted the bitch with the metal fetish." That said, Eddie unscrews the cap of her flask and tilts it to her lips for a quick nip.

"It wasn't your fault." Roubani says. He draws his elbows under him and sits up, taking his water bottle off the shelf.

Eddie rolls slightly onto her back, if only to keep her attention on him. "If it wasn't mine, then it was no ones. I think the Captains will both fight any charges tooth and nail. We did what we could with what we had. I hear you threw an ashtray at someone?" She can't help the slight amusement that creeps into her voice.

"I wasn't thinking." Roubani pulls both his knees up and rests his arms on them, holding onto the half-empty bottle. "I saw a gun, and…" He frowns at the bottom of his bed. "Harmon would have handled it. I should never have done that. That's when it all went bad."

Eddie pillows her head on the crook of one arm, the open flask resting against the flat of her stomach as she remains half curled on her side. "You do remember the part where Harmon shot Captain Legacy, right? How do you know he could have even hit the broad side of a barn?"

"He wouldn't have." Roubani frowns. "He would have negotiated something and there wouldn't have been any reason to fire guns. If I hadn't thrown that ashtray."

Eddie shrugs slightly, "Or they could of shot him where he stood because he has an annoying voice. You're playing the what if game again, Nadiv." Her voice gets deceptively softer when she says his name, like she shouldn't.

"No, you're playing it." Roubani opens the water bottle. "You don't know any of that. What we know is he got hit and that set it all off. I made the first aggressive move. I shouldn't have done that and now someone's dead."

Eddie's tongue passes over the split in her lip again, the sting still present as a reminder. "It all happened so fast, who's to say. I flicked my cigarette in that chick's face and tried to disarm her. You're not okay, are you?" The question comes as a bare whisper.

"I said I was fine." Roubani tips the bottle up, taking a couple swallows as it sloshes.

Eddie pushes up to a semi seated position. "Doesn't mean you are." She returns just as simply as he said his statement. "You always do that? Shut yourself off?" She's not accusatory, she's curious.

"You ought to talk," Roubani counters, evenly. "What about this Guido of yours?"

Lips curl devilishly, looking lopsided by the swelling of her bottom lip. "Tit for tat." Eddie says simply.

Roubani screws the cap back on the bottle, loosely. "I haven't got anything to say. You do."

Eddie is quiet for a long moment, when she considers anything but the person she's sharing a rather tight confines with. She fiddles with her flask for a moment, then takes another belt. When she's still wincing at whatever it is burning down her throat, she says quietly, "There is no Guido."

Roubani is studying his bottle, tipping it to the side. The water ripples. "What was it, then?"

Eddie flicks her dark eyes up to his, trying to pick out his gaze in the dim lighting of his bunk. "It wasn't anything. On the first night, I thought I had his shuttle information down wrong. On the second night, I thought maybe something happened. On the third, I got post. His name wasn't Guido, his name is Jonathan Sanders. Just some bloke I was seeing at the Caprica City base before I got shipped off. And apparently I've been replaced."

"I'm sorry," Roubani says, keeping his voice down. His lack of eye contact is less awkward than thoughtful. "It must be very painful."

Eddie shoulders roll with what should be a shrug, but her muscles don't want to fully commit to the gesture. "It is what it is. Nothing new and different. I wasn't particularly blameless." At least Roubani missed the red-headed guy from CIC incident. "The understanding was to keep things casual. Shit like that never lasts anyways, right?"

"Still," Roubani replies, "I suppose it doesn't matter the circumstance. If it hurts, it hurts." He glances at her face. "What do you mean it doesn't last?"

The smirk returns to her lips, though its decidedly lacking much mirth. "Who the frak would put up with me on a permanent basis?" The question is punctuated by another sip from Eddie's flask.

Roubani is a silent a few seconds. "Do you even want someone to?"

Eddie clucks her tongue off the roof of her mouth, sinking down a bit more as if she could melt into the mattress and just…disappear. "Now that's the million cubit question, isn't it?" She's quiet for a moment. "You got a girl back home, Rubix?"

Roubani opens his mouth, then seems to have to think about it for a while. In earnest. "It's a little complicated."

There's a sharp back of laughter from Eddie. "Seems pretty black and white. You either do. Or you don't. Unless it's a guy back home waitin' for you. In which case, not so much as complicated as just an interesting change in the variables."

Roubani frowns, looking back down at his bottle and unscrewing it again. "It's not like that." There's a touch of offense in his voice, but it fades. "I've had a fiancee. My father's choosing…that's how our tradition is. But…it may be invalid now."

Eddie sits up straight with that, almost mirroring his pose on the other end of his bunk. "Arranged marriage made invalid?" Now /that/ has her attention. Not that he didn't have it before. Small bunk, few distractions.

Roubani shrugs. "As I said. It's complicated." He puts his water bottle back onto the shelf, turning it so the label faces straight out.

Eddie waggles her finger at him, reminding, "Tit for tat."

Roubani looks back at her, resting his arms on his knees. "I said I didn't have anything to say. I don't want to talk about it."

Eddie presses the tip of her tongue to her back teeth, which gives her a slightly slack jawed annoyed appearance. "Right." Her fingers twirl the cap of her flask back on by its silver threads. "You ever, you know. Feel like being human. You let me know, yeah?"

"Why is it so important?" Roubani's not the snapping type, so his tone is a few levels under that. "Maybe I don't want to pick at something until it bleeds; why does that so offend you?"

Eddie leans forward towards him, eyes narrowing slightly. She can lose her cool easily at the drop of a hat, so why should now be any different? Her temper is hanging by a thin thread at the moment. "Because you never give an inch. Not one inch. It's like being friends with you comes with all these rules, to the point where I don't even know if it matters that I try!" She takes a deep breath, trying not to expel it in a scream. "And for you, I actually am frakking trying."

Roubani says quietly, "But I talk to you because I want to feel better. Not worse."

Eddie laughs despite herself, some of the tension breaking. "Sure you're talking to the right person, then?"

Roubani shrugs. "You don't make me feel like there's something wrong with me."

Eddie tilts her head a bit, as if trying to see him in some other light. "There isn't. I mean, sure, you're one odd duck but that's why I like you, too. We're kinda like those feel good movies they make about the outcast kids that band together and win the big ball game, ya know? I mean. It'd be great if I could give you a high five right before the credits roll, but…" She shrugs, eyes averting.

It's too bad she looks down, as she misses Roubani's brief, crooked smile. It fades and he reaches for his water again. "Well. I guess we should wait for the end of the game first. Then…maybe see what happens."

Eddie glances up, but it's without raising her head again, so she's looking at him from the tops of her eyes. "I hear, if they're really good, the coach buys 'em ice cream, too."

"I suppose that's how one knows it's a film," Roubani says, wryly. "If it were as difficult as true life, they'd be lactose intolerant." He tips the bottle up, taking a drink.

Eddie grins slightly, "Are you? Lactose intolerant, I mean?" Her glance flicks to the curtain, and she shifts on his mattress, waiting for the answer.

"No, thank goodness." Roubani sips his water, careful not to spill a drop. "We weren't allowed to have ice cream, but my older sister used to make it anyway when she could. I loved it dearly."

Eddie's brow waggles in true tempting fashion. "Wanna make a late night run to the Charybdis and raid the grocer for a carton? We can eat it hiding behind some bushes in the park, for old time's sake."

Roubani hesitates, turning the bottle around in his hands. "That would be nice."

Eddie doesn't really care about her appearance. Helmet head and sweats seem just fine for a late night ice cream run. "Well come on then. Grab some shoes." A full blown smile blooms on her lips, honest and genuine and rare before she launches out of his bunch to do the same.

"Okay." Roubani pulls the covers off his feet and climbs down with the ease of the tall, pulling his boots out of shelf midway between his and his chronically absent bunkmate's.

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