After Hours
After Hours
Summary: A summons to the XO's quarters gives Praxis and Hadjara a chance to chat and get to know each other better.
Date: PHD 217 (11-22-09)
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[ XO's Quarters - Deck 1 ]------[ CEC Kharon ]
A decently-sized room that offers some comfort to an officer who has been able to rise this far in their career. A queen-sized bed has been set into the wall at the rear of the room with the desk set not far in front of it, towards the door. A small, deep red-furnished loveseat and a few chairs of the same color are set to the side with a coffee table for hosting other personnel. To the side of the room, built into a nook, are a trio of gray lockers that provide the XO with some storage for personal items. Attached to the wall near the desk are a pair of monitors which show customizable status reports from almost any department on the ship. There is a cramped shower closet also built into a section of the wall to afford the Kharon's Executive Officer with some small luxury.

Praxis is sitting quietly at his desk working on something. A mobile computer sits in front of him, the warm glow of the screen illuminating his features while he types away. The pace that he works at is steady and relaxed; there is no franticness here. However, Jara would have gotten a call to report to the XO's quarters during off-duty time at her earliest convenience despite his current activity. He's just doing something to pass the time until she arrives.

A knock at the hatch comes eventually and an unmistakable voice sounds, a female's that bears a thick, Aquarian accent. "Captain Demitros? It's Ensign Sharifa. You wanted to see me?" She stays there, waiting for the Captain to invite her in despite being summoned, the ensign unerringly polite.

"Enter." Captain Demitros says, his voice echoing through the room and reaching the hatchway, where she is likely to hear it. Once Sharifa has breached the room and closed the door behind her, Demitros gestures towards a seat. "Go ahead, sit down. Make yourself at home. Would you like something to drink?" The XO closes the lid on his laptop and subsequently stands from his position, moving to a cupboard and opening its doors, withdrawing a bottle of amber liquid as well as two glasses. One of his gifts from making the position that he had made somewhat recently. "Your visit doesn't have much of a purpose, I'm afraid to say, other than my aim to know my Countermeasures officer better. I find it important to know the strengths and weaknesses of those under my Command."

Slipping in once given permission, Hadjara closes the hatch behind her, taking some great care to make sure it doesn't do so too noisily. "Thank you for inviting me, sir." The offer of a drink is mulled over; she normally does not drink, that being to how ingrained her training as a boxer is in her brain, but she eventually smiles and nods. "A drink would be wonderful, thanks." She lowers herself into a chair, her eyes holding to Praxis' face, her expression now curious. "Sometimes a reason doesn't need to be had to sit down and talk, sir. Please, feel free to ask me whatever you'd like. I'm very open about my experiences along with what it is I feel or think about something. All you need to do is…well, yes. Ask."

Praxis pours a glass for the both of them, the bottle then placed in the upright position and capped before Hadjara's glass is ferried over to her and Demitros takes his, the man moving over to the comfortable loveseat and settling into it. This is his little piece of home on the ship, a little bit more luxurious than…well, everything but the CO's quarters. There's a minute smile on his face but it's hard to see. "You're welcome, Ensign." he replies softly. "I disagree, however. There is a reason for everything that happens. People communicate only because they want something from that person. Whether it is to strengthen a relationship or some material object, or even a reassurance that everything will be okay." He tilts his head slightly when she mentions that all he needs to do is ask. "So you are attracted to the idea of fighting within a ring?"

Hadjara takes the glass but doesn't sip from it yet, too intent on listening as the Captain speaks to partake just yet, Praxis having her full attention. "That is a very good point, Captain. I stand corrected." It's now that she takes the first drink, it gaining a slight cough from the young woman. "I'm sorry. Not usually one who indulges so it's a bit strong. But it's very good." Her face red, Jara's grateful for the question the XO poses, it giving her some distraction from her embarrassment. "I used to box, actually. I fought at an amateur level." There's a tone of humility when she mentions her past boxing career, it being almost as if she lacks the ego many participants in sports have, Jara rather matter-of-fact and humble.

"Certainly you are capable of giving me much more information than that, Ensign. CIC officers are supposed to be thorough. Tell me all about your career." Praxis says with an interested sort of tone, the edge of the glass lingering at his lips while he tips it back and sips the liquid, not seeming to mind at all when she makes the apology. Being a detail-oriented sort of person, he does notice the blushing but he tries not to draw too much attention to that.

Jara stretches out her legs, crossing them at the ankles, getting comfortable as if preparing to tell a long story. "I started fairly young. Was twelve when I first got into the ring to compete. Took part in quite a few tournaments, did fairly well..even got a silver medal when I fought in the Youth Sports Festival on Caprica" The amber liquor's looked at and she sighs, one more sip drawn in before she continues. "Was predicted that I'd fight professionally but I fell and broke my hand which encouraged me to find another career."

An index finger comes up to rub at Praxis' nose briefly as he lends an ear. He narrows his eyes slightly. "Ah, of course. Suppose I can relate to the life-changing injury story. Though I am curious as to how you went from boxing to electronic countermeasures. With myself the job change was almost an easy transition." Another sip is taken of the drink. "Did you even ever think about ECM prior to your brief career as a fighter?"

"I didn't give it any thought at all, sir. I enlisted, finished basic and then was told they thought ECM would be a good job for me. I was rather surprised since I really wasn't a good student but here I am, an officer and everything." Jara finds herself becoming more and more at ease the more she talks, Praxis' interest and how he listens kindly aiding greatly in that. "What about you, sir? What did you do before your change in careers?" Hadjara pauses and then adds after a moment, "I have to confess. If I hadn't hurt myself, I wouldn't have joined the military at all."

Praxis seems slightly concerned that it's the case that Hadjara just kind of fell into the job, the thing being placed on a platter for her to consume. It's just not right for him. "Raptor ECO out of Caprica after I went to university. That was my first job ever though it was relatively difficult living with the pilot comrades I had. I was the nerd of the bunch so endless pranks were played on me. I had received my callsign initially because I never ever pleaded for mercy or gave them the satisfaction of breaking down into tears. That is how I gained respect." A matter-of-fact nod. "Zippy crashed the Raptor into the flight deck and suddenly I had to rethink what I was doing. Put my mind to use elsewhere."

Being who she is, Jara keeps her eyes locked onto his, looking away only for as long as it takes to give the room a quick glance periodically or when she takes a drink, a quick deviation. "So being an ECM was the logical next step for you. Makes quite a bit of sense." Smiling a bit, she -finally- looks away, her expression thoughtful as she stares to her left, picking a spot on a bulkhead to focus herself upon. "Makes me wonder what you think of people like me." The glass' contents is drained in one last draft, the empty vessel allowed to be settled upon her left thigh once she does.
Praxis narrows his eyes slightly, settling into his seat. "I'm not sure what you mean by 'people like me', and even if I did, I assure you I judge people on an individual basis, Ensign. Everyone has their nuances that make them the individuals that they are." come the very diplomatic words. ""People like you'. You sound as if you had something to be ashamed of."

Praxis narrows his eyes slightly, settling into his seat. "I'm not sure what you mean by 'people like me', and even if I did, I assure you I judge people on an individual basis, Ensign. Everyone has their nuances that make them the individuals that they are." come the very diplomatic words. "'People like you'. You sound as if you had something to be ashamed of."

Hadjara shakes her head. "No, sir. I'm not ashamed at all." Straightening, she pulls her legs in now, her limbs bent at the knees, and she leans forward so she can rest her arms about them, a very casual posture. "I just sometimes feel like I'm looked upon poorly by some of the officers, is all. Look at me." She puts a hand out, palm up as she begins to explain. "Most officers go into the military with the intention of being officers but people like me just kind of happen upon it. Not saying there's anything wrong with that but…" Her lips purse and now she slows, talking at the same time she thinks of how to put it into words. "I think some people feel like I don't belong here. Not as an officer."

"I'm not certain it matters how you got here or not, since you obviously passed all of the qualification that require you to be inducted into officer-hood. Hell, pilots are officers and plenty of them I find myself baffled pondering how they had managed. However," Praxis pauses for a moment before continuing. "I find those that have a passion for what they do versus those who are just there because they went with the flow … there is something that sets them apart. Ensign Kavi is a radio journalist and thus very enthusiastic about her career in communications. Persephone Tanner was always into mathematics and computers and she's a very successful ECM officer. Is this really where you want to be, Ensign? Hopefully it is, and you have a thirst to prove yourself above the rest."

"It is where I want to be, yes sir. I would't have accepted the job if I didn't." Her smile softens and she looks over to where Praxis sits, trying to watch for his reaction, wanting to learn about him as much as he does her. "I can't say I had imagined myself being an officer. Hell, I never even thought about joining the military when I was a girl. But I think the gods wanted me here and guided me here. And I truly love every single moment of it." Her head shakes and she lifts her glass, grinning a bit impishly. "May I have a bit more, please, sir?"

"Very well." Praxis replies, standing up and moving to retrieve the bottle, then stepping over towards the Ensign, spilling more of the amber liquid into the glass she holds, hopefully steady enough to avoid getting stuff all over her uniform. "I hope you are correct about that," Praxis voices about the gods guiding her to this very point in time. "And I also hope you do. I find it difficult to stomach personnel like Petty Officer Daiasu who seem to have cast professionalism aside for an abundance of uncontrollable emotion."

If any of the alcohol does manage to spill on her uniform Jara doesn't call attention to it, not wanting to embarrass the Captain, perhaps. "Thank you, sir" She shakes her head and sighs. "Sir, I know that I'm young but I'm not so young to not know how to behave when on the job. Emotions have a place and there is a time to show them but while on duty…?" Jara leaves it to hang at that, letting her tone say it for her. She definitely does -not- believe the bridge is the place for an excessive show of them at all. "I do not know Daiasu. What is her story?" Jara's trying her hardest to learn about those she works with and now is as good of an opportunity as any to do just that.

Praxis replaces the bottle in its previous position and also returns himself to the previous position, inspecting Hadjara from afar. "I, and everyone else on the bridge can always see when Selene is having a good day, or a bad day - she even disobeyed orders on one occasion because she let her feelings get in the way." A slight lift of his shoulders. "I am of course slightly lenient because things tend to happen in our lives, but if you work on the bridge you MUST be in control, do you not agree?" The XO then shakes his head. "I would rather not discuss the girl like this all evening - she is talented, despite her shortcomings."

Hadjara looks positively aghast, the mere idea of someone disobeying orders flooring to her. "Control is very important. It's the very core of what we need to be able to function, both as individuals and as a crew as a whole." She has an advantage over quite a few perhaps, her training as a boxer having taught her how to control her emotions, it being a great benefit when it comes to her job. When the XO mentions Selene being talented she nods, taking that as a hint as to leave it at that, only saying, "We all have our strengths and weaknesses," to conclude her own feelings on that.

"Agreed." Praxis replies to Hadjara's view on control, but that's what Demitros is all about. The will to do things others cannot. The strength to press on when everything has gone to hell. No one saw Praxis shed a tear when Sheridan blew up, or Jules was killed, or anything else happened…he just kept on going fearlessly and hopefully that image alone would inspire others. "Too true on that count as well," Demitros agrees.

Hadjara is silent for a long while, doing nothing but drink while falling into a bit of thought, her eyes narrowed and held just to the Captain's left, fixed on a spot just beside his ear. When she does speak it's without the slight gravel one normally hears, that tonal quality that often times lends a slightly masculine sound to her words, instead sounding almost vulnerable as well as worried. "How are our newest group of civilians adapting to life aboard the Kharon?"

Praxis is at home here in the quarters, but it should be of note that he's just as rigid as he always is. Perhaps it is the company. He places his glass on a side table once he's finished with it, and eyes once again lock on the dark-skinned Ensign when she makes her next inquiry. "Many of them have enlisted within the CMC, which is an excellent thing. We are always able to use more personnel if they are willing and able. The others will settle on Solon II." There's a brief pause while Demitros ponders the kind folk that are in the hold. "Other than that, I have not personally engaged them."

The way he conducts himself is taken as it always is - in stride - something that Jara chalks up as professionalism. "With all the injuries the Marines have been hit by as of late, it's a good thing we're getting volunteers otherwise we'd be pretty well frakked." The glass is drank from and now set aside, the Ensign done drinking entirely. "I'm not sure what their morale's like, but if they're anything like those we saved from the Elips, I'm sure they must be feeling pretty out of their element and feeling pretty lousy. Maybe a visit would do them some good."

Praxis smiles at the suggestion, quite amused by it. "I'm not so sure. I can't exactly say I'm the most motivational or uplifting speaker just yet. I have been down there a time or two to speak with some of them individually but I don't wish to address them as a whole other than assuring them that we're working to resolve the sorry state the world is in." A long intake of breath and a subsequent sigh can be heard.

Hadjara winces upon hearing that sigh and she sits up, almost as if coming to attention. "I didn't mean an official visit like that, sir. That'd probably do more harm than good, considering everything. I was kind of thinking of something less..structured. More social. Just to let them know we're thinking of them. That we're here for them." Sniffing, she uses the back of her left hand, rubbing it long her right cheek while she adds, "It's a shame we don't have somewhere nicer for them to live. Solon II didn't really strike me as what one might call homey, you know?" Of course they have little in the way of options and she's truly too practical to not be aware of that, but she still finds herself wishing the civvies could be taken somewhere warmer. More like their homes before the attacks.

Praxis closes his eyes when Hadjara elucidates on what she suggested for him to do, that particular course of action seeming worse than the first one. "I'm not stopping anyone from going down to visit with them, but I can't say I'm much of a social person. Plus I can't devote time to spend with people who are mostly going to be offloaded anyway. I know you understand how busy I get." Gently rubbing at his eye, he smirks slightly at the mention that Solon II isn't really a nice place. "It would turn out a better place exists. We've still yet to investigate fully, but it's on the to-do list."

"Of course, sir. I do realize you're a very busy man. Occupational hazard." As the conversation progresses and the news of the planet given, Jara finds herself being quite caught off guard, her brows arching up greatly as it starts to sink in. She realizes that she's not one of the personnel who are made privy to such information, normally, but part of her wishes she had known about it sooner. "Well, godsdamn. It's about time. Do you think we'll be able to start colonizing it?"

Praxis shakes his head. Now the questions are coming. "Don't get your hopes up, Sharifa. That's precisely the reason I haven't made a public announcement about it yet. I haven't reviewed the intel gathered." Waving his hand to dismiss and quell further questions, instead he stands up and moves towards the ECM officer. He extends his hand towards her for a handshake. "Agreeable to meet you on a personal level." As personal as it's gonna get, anyway. "I'm afraid I must retire."

Hadjara stands as soon as Praxis does, her hand finding its way into his easily, her grip kept respectfully held in-check. "Of course, sir. I'll keep myself hopefully optimistic yet realistic." She smiles and bows her head politely once her hand slides away, respectful of the Captain. "I do thank you for the chance to talk with you, sir. Nice to do so about something besides work." The XO is given a salute despite their being off-duty and then she's turning away, stepping easily out of the room, the hatch closed quietly behind her.

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