Advance Scorpia Scouting - Red Squadron
Advance Scorpia Scouting - Red Squadron
Summary: The briefing and mission from the viewpoint of the viper team.
Date: PHD155 (9/20/09 )
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Ready Room

"You will." The S2 steps back form the desk, but leaves the coffee where it is. "CC me on any interesting photo recon results?" She stands over by the Captain's desk, wearing broken down combat blacks sans armor and weaponry, aside from a pistol at her thigh. She glances up at the clock. "Show time." Salazar throws a little salute. "Good hunting, Captain."

Show time, indeed. Kai sends the clock a brief glance, then his watch, as if hoping the former might be wrong and he'll actually have a few minutes to stave off the inevitable. No luck. "Will do, Ensign." He pushes off his desk, where he's been leaning, and returns her salute crisply. "Take care." His lips twitch a brief smile, and he collects a file folder from his desk before heading up to the front of the room.

[Intercom] Kai says, "Pass the word. All air wing personnel report to the ready room for a mission briefing."

Salazar turns from the CAG's position with a nod, her hands sliding behind her back where she clasps them loosely. She makes her way across the front of the Ready Room and heads for the hatch.

Into the Ready Room strides Thea in her flight suit, helmet under one arm. There's a quiet confidence to her stride, something relaxed, yet anticipatory. She dips her head to the departing Salazar, then flashes Kai a warm, reassuring smile as she heads toward a seat. "Evening Ensign," she greets, quietly. "Spider."

Roubani's is a face that hasn't been present for an air wing briefing in a long time. Here he is though, in blues, silent as salutes go where needed and then he finds a spot in the back of the room to settle in and listen, legs crossed and hands folded.

"Captain Legacy," Salazar greets with a nod. "Good hunting to you as well." She smiles as she passes, and continues on her way out before the area floods with pilots. Marines do not flee, they exit with extreme prejudice.

And speaking of show time, here come the performers. A flightsuited Thorn steps over the lip of the hatch into the ready room. As he heads for a seat, he pauses just long enough to offer Salazar a nod and the two captains a perfunctory salute before he ducks down one of the rows of seats.

Kitty wasn't too far from the ready room when the announcement was made so it takes her no time at all, the ECO already in her flightgear, helmet tucked under her arm. A seat is taken towards the back, as always, Ajtai trying to avoid too much attention.

Entering through the door, Martin is still on the injured reserve list. In his off-duties, he makes his way to the coffee pot and pours himself a cup. Saluting Roubani with the cup, he quietly glances over the room before taking a seat near the middle of the room.

Eddie strolls in, her hands thrust deep into the pocket of her fatigues. Her flightsuit is in a cubby in the back, and she'll don it if and when necessary. Dark eyes flick over the seats, as if deciding where to sit. When they land on Roubani, her mind seems made up. She drifts in that direction, flopping down into a seat next to him. "Lieutenant. Nice wings."

Samantha steps into the room, flight suited herself, helmet under her arm and her hair still wet and tightly braided from a shower that couldn't have been taken all that long ago. It looks like she was getting ready for CAp when the call sounded anyway, or at least for the recon mission she knew was coming up. She's serious, calm, and eager looking, eyes alive with lowly pounding adrenaline already running warm through her veins. She's ready to go. She sits down in the front row of the ready room chairs, all too keener, it seems.

Roubani twitches a slight smile at Martin, then his chin tilts up a little as Eddie appears. There's a big bruise along his jaw. "Lieutenant. Nice to see you." His voice is kept to near-whisper.

At some point, Willem is amongst the giant throng that saunters through the Ready Room hatch, a duffel bag with all his appropriate gear slung over his shoulder as he looks around, hesitantly, eyes narrowed a little bit.

Castor steps into the room and he throws a salute to Kai and a nod to Salazar and he moves to take a seat beside Kitty though his eyes flicker over to Samantha and he smiles warmly to his best friend he then nudges Kitty as he is wearing a flightsuit and he says, "We are wearing the same outfit, isn't this one of those fashion no no's?"

Matto is hanging with the Babydoll for the time being, coming in at her side and only a little bit behind in order not to go all Gates of Fire on the hatchway. Similarly flightsuited and with helmet at the ready, he takes a seat by her side and spends a moment glancing across the room, holding his helmet in both hands, now, back straight.

Kitty smiles at Castor. "Yeah, seems that we're committing all sorts of faux pas, huh?" The volume she speaks in is one level above whisper. Matto's given a smile and she reaches over, patting him on the nearest arm. "Walk in the park." Not that she really believes that it'll be easy but she's trying to keep her spirits up, hence the lightly-spoken comment.

Kai finishes making his brief call over the wireless, hangs it up, and heads for the podium. His eyes flicker up to those assembled briefly, then tug back down to his notes, which he arranges on the stand in front of him. "All right, get your asses in your seats. I'm going to make this quick, since our raptors need to be skids up in thirty. There's been a slight change in plans from command; we've decided it's too risky to hop the ship into orbit, so Captain Legacy's going to be bringing the raptors in alone. They'll be conducting long-range scans of the planet, focused on the northern hemisphere where our previous LZ is located. If all goes well, Kharon will be jumping in and deploying vipers" He looks up briefly to those whose names were on the list. "for an attempted landing and ground reconaissance."

As usual, Thorn is basically keeping to himself as he waits for the briefing to start, pulling a small notebook from his pocket, along with a chewed-up pen. There's a brief look around at the other faces in the room, a neutral expression on his face before the sound of a voice draws his attention to the front. His only reaction to Kai's rapid fire briefing is the scribble of pen on paper.

Meanwhile, Lt. Price has settled into his seat, looking upwards silently at the podium. There was a slight querying glance at Roubani's new beauty mark but beyond that, he's all business, watching the Captain. Curiously, he shoots Thorn a sidelong glance and his lips twitch to one side. Before any definite commitment to expression can be identified, he's back on the CAG.

Samantha is all eager, almost smiling, straight backed and wide eyed, until the landing and ground reconaissance is mentioned. She doesn't exactly wilt, but there is a slight tightening to her features that wasn't there before, a dryness to her mouth, a quickness to her breath. She isn't quite so eager, but she is just as professional, not moving an inch in her seat.

Thea dips her head to Kai again as she settles into a seat. Yes, she listens well. Apparently none of what's being said is news to her. Half her attention is on Kai, the other half on the pilots in the room, as if gauging responses.

Roubani says nothing of course, watching the briefing from his seat in the back. His expression's nothing particularly readable.

Castor looks over at Kitty and winks, "Well, I think those it is encouraged that we break that faux pas around here." He then looks over at Thea and he smiles softly.

There's a single blink and then Kitty looks over to Matto, curious as to what his reaction will be. Castor's given a slight tap of her elbow against his arm, a 'shhhh' gesture, perhaps.

Hale remains in the back of the room, standing, with arms over his shoulders. However, it seems the Lieutenant is not saying anything. Instead he is simply, listening. Whether what has been said is new to him or not, will not seem to phase over his face. Rather he is focused in on what the CAG has to say. No sitting for him, standing is much more preferable, right now.

Sparro, though not assigned, listens in to the briefing anyway, absorbing the info. Having only been down to Scorpia once, it's really not his gig. But you never know when they might need to send another flight to save the asses of the first…

Matto gives a nod to Kitty, but it's distracted, his attention fixed up front as Kai begins the briefing. The change in plans is noted with a brief drawing-in of his lower lip, adjusting his mindset to the new set of plans. Long range scans. Report back. One step at a time. Tinners' movie-threatre mumblings draw a vague 'are you serious?' stare for a brief moment, but Kitty's closer, and his attention diverts back to the front of the room, waiting to see what other pertinent facts will be discussed.

Teeth grinds on plastic as Thorn's pen finds its way up to his lips. His eyes lock on Kai, the ECO's outward expression still flatly inscrutable as Marek describes the mission. Oh, landing and recon on the same overradiated, death-robot-infested planet that's tried to kill him twice already? Ho hum. Yeah, no big deal, right?

The CAG continues, voice a bland, slightly rough monotone that barely wavers. He does not meet anyone's eyes, on the rare occasions that he looks up. "Black Cat's prerogative, of course, is going to be to get in there as quietly as possible, get her pretty pictures, assess the viability of a landing, and get out. If you spot a bogey, you spin up your FTL and you get the frak out of dodge. I don't want to lose any pilots on this mission." He digs under his file folder, and pulls out a tape, which is popped into the projector. There's even a minimum of fiddling today, to get the thing to work. The image that pops up is fairly grainy, but the distinct threads of rivers and smudge of mountains can be seen in the black and white film. "We know of a potential raider launch site here" He indicates the star marked 'Glenhaven'. "and possible SAM batteries here, and here. The raptors will be carrying ATG missile racks for this operation, though on the initial recon, you are to hold weapons. Any questions so far?"

Wil starts to sit up in his seat, steepling his fingers together as he just watches, holding in a deep, long breath. His foot taps once or twice, silently.

Eddie subtly studies the bruise on Roubani's jaw, before her eyes go back to front and center. She doesn't seem too concerned about it's existance, perhaps remember how he got it. She has no questions, so she merely watches the CAG sweat out public speaking yet again.

"Sounds like a lovely time," Sparros says, mostly to himself, though he has an eye on Black Cat as he says it. "No chance of a brief stopover for some R and R, I take it…"

Castor quiets down since this is a serious moment but he does give Matto a wink to let Kissy know he isn't serious. His eyes then fall on the CAG as he speaks and things get serious and he blinks as word goes out that the Raptors are going to be armed - well, maybe this is more serious than he thought. He then looks back at Sparro and it is his turn to give a 'seriously' look.

Thea gives Sparro A Look, though doesn't say anything, just shakes her head slightly. Her eyes pull briefly over to Matto, then Thorn and Crybaby, considering each of them in turn.

Martin's jaw visibly squares at the idea of ATG racks on the Raptors and SAM batteries. Quickly hiding this scowl over his mug of coffee as he takes a sip, he watches the display in front of him. Swallowing the dark, bitter liquid, he brings the mug back to rest on his knee, eyes straight forward.

Samantha looks this all over with quite, somewhat muted eyes. Listening, not glowing with eagerness any more, but somehow this makes her more serious. She's rather not end up stranded alone again, so her mind and her expression is entirely down to business now.

Matto keeps eyes front, letting Marek mold the mission in his mind. Run away at the first sign of danger— one of Kissy's very best things. Not firing weapons— also something he's pretty good at. In fact, the very notion that his boat's going to be carrying the big guns seems to unsettle him vaguely, a tension invading his shoulders and arms, but with orders clear in mind that he's never, ever to fire any of them, he comes to accept it.

Roubani hasn't said a word and likely isn't going to. His eyes flicker over the projection and then back to Kai, hands unfolding and refolding once on his leg.

Wil's only reaction to 'Raptor Gotta brand new bag' is a pensive twitch of his lips. It actually looks like the flicker upwards, maybe just a little.

Thorn's only reaction to the mention of missles on the Raptors is a twitch of one eyebrow and a slight lean forward. Something is scribbled in the notebook before his eyes go back up to the screen up front, studying the map being projected onto it.

Kitty sighs and nods. This is pretty much what she expected to see but it does't make this any easier to find out. The blank expression she had darkens, making her look as if she is suddenly pissed.

Hale remains silent as eyes flick over to those assembled in the room, before he is taking in the map up on the projector. ONe hand comes up, and Rabbit begins to nibble on the edge of his thumbnail. One brow arches up and down, as he shifts his weight. Well it seems it will make for an interesting ride in and out, now won't it?

"Lieutenant," Kai interrupts himself, blandly. It's probably no question which Lieutenant he's referring to, since he's looking at Sparro. "If you've got something to share, share it. Otherwise, zip it." He continues then, hands jamming into his blues pockets. "After the raptors complete their recon, and if she deems it safe, Black Cat will inform command, and Kharon will jump into orbit and deploy vipers for the ground reconaissance. You will be authorised weapons free, and Lieutenant Hale will take command of the viper wing for this portion of the mission. It will be Captain Legacy's call to employ ATG missiles on ground targets, if necessary. Once the surface reconaissance is complete, all points will return to Kharon." Simple, right?

Kai leaves the projector up, and settles a little of his weight against the table. "Any questions, speak now or hold your peace. We're skids up in.." He glances at his watch. "Ten minutes."

Thea glances back to Kai at the last part, head tilting ever so slightly to the side. Anyone looking at her might note a hint of surprise in her eyes. However, she doesn't say a word, merely dips her head and starts to roll to her feet, shifting the helmet.

Wil's only response is a slight flicker of a glance towards the Rascally Rabbit. A brow rises slightly and falls. He seems at ease, so far, with the way things are unfolding. He doesn't open his mouth or raise his hand.

No questions from Thorn, but that's hardly unusual; the man tends to do his best imitation of a stone during briefings. He does briefly look around, though, peering to see if there are any questions from the crowd. The notebook finds its home in his pocket once again, and Thorn reaches for the helmet perched on the floor in front of him.

"Any chance I can get cleared to help out on this one, sir?" Martin suddenly calls out after being deathly silent throughout the briefing. Without moving his head, he raises his gaze from the still liquid in mug to the CAG's face.

Castor raises his hand as he says, "Sir, should someone get shot down is there a meeting point for extraction?" He asks since the last recon ended so well what with his best friend seeing dead people and Papabear getting shotdown.

Samantha looks over to Castor, giving a faint smile and a nod. Damned good question, even if one that sends shivers up her spine.

Kitty looks over her shoulder upon hearing Martin speak, her brow arching up in surprise. She doesn't have any questions herself which is probably a good thing as she'd forget it most likely thanks to Dash.

Matto leans forward in preparation for standing. Get Marines to the place, let Marines do their thing, bring Marines home. Day in the life of a Raptor Driver. He listens to the other questions, though. Eyes moving to his own Captain briefly. She knows well enough how Kissy feels about there being weapons on his boat.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "All hands, this is Lieutenant Demitros. The vessel will be going to Condition Two and is going to undergo FTL travel to Scorpia in a few moment's time to deploy Air-Wing forces. I say again, set Condition Two throughout the ship and prepare for faster-than-light travel."

<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the ship.

"Not a chance in hell, Dash." Well, that answers that. "You're staying home. Sorry." The CAG has the good grace to at least sound sincere about that apology. His eyes shift to Castor, hands staying in his pockets. "Good question, Leda. Black Cat'll give you the coordinates once you get up there. But.." He steps toward the podium, and withdraws a hand to rifle through his papers. A set of numbers is read out, to the tune of pencils scratching on paper.

Roubani flickers Dash a brief look that's mildly sympathetic, then looks back towards the front. He exhales a silent breath through his nose, watching the end of the briefing.

Numbers are taken down. Facts recorded. But otherwise Wil is mostly silent. Completely silent, for that matter.

Kitty nods a bit and then looks forward just in time for the ship's condition to be changed. She scrambles to write down the numbers herself, the sound of pencil upon paper unmistakable and most likel easy to be heard by the two sitting next to her.

Eddie glances back towards Martin as well. Sympathetic? Hell no, she's winking at Martin. Maybe it's a silent 'nanner nanner boo boo', purely playfully of course. Oh. Wait. Coordinates. She jots those down on the palm of her hand with a pen.

Hale offers a half smile back to Wil behind his thumb, but still he's remaining silent, perhaps he's used to Kai's briefings, by now. A look is given over to Dash, and then he's looking back towards the CAG. His call after all. Though it seems that has been answered. If he has any specific questions, he'll be waiting to ask them, and all that.

"If there are no more questions, you're dismissed." Marek's eyes settle briefly on Legacy, and then Hale. "Good luck, and good hunting out there."

Thea's busy writing the coordinates down in her notebook and tucking it away, so misses the look from the CAG. Once everything's done, she glances around, looking to her people first.

Samantha jots them down also, right onto the back of her hand so, well…she'll know them like the back of her hand. more prepared than last time. Hopefully they won't need to be. She stands, snapping off a salute. "yes, sir!" And then she relaxes, a bit, looking at Legacy and Hale… "See you in the field, sirs… don't be too long getting back to us, hm, Black Cat?" There might be a touch of envy for Hale in her eyes, but no surprise.

Martin doesn't return the wink at Eddie. In fact, he doesn't even crack a smirk. Instead, he nods at her and Roubani before he slowly rises from his chair. Dismissed, he drinks down the last of his coffee and glances around the group. "Give em hell for me, guys…"

At the sound of Kai's dismissal, Thorn's eyes slide expectantly over to Legacy as he waits for the captain's usual post briefing remarks and flight assignments. He briefly looks over at Samantha, but his attention only wavers from Thea for a moment.

Roubani watches the back of the seat in front of him for a time after Kai dismisses everyone. "Gods bring you home," he murmurs to Eddie, warmly. Then he stands, waiting for the crush of people that have somewhere to be to leave first before he attempts to get out.

"Hm. Places to go. Tylium-fueled instruments of utter destruction to deploy." Wil finally murmurs as he ambles to his feet. Particularly giving abashed glances to Martin and Roubani as he looks about the Ready Room's environs. He starts to squeeze into the top of his flightsuit gingerly(ha!) before departing.

Eddie wraps her knuckles twice on her chair frame for Roubani, then rises to her feet. On her way to suit up, she elbows Martin in the side, then goes back to her cubby to get her flight gear and slam into it.

Matto stands at the dismissal, but doesn't move out, yet, keeping still for the jump out of habit more than necessity. After the jump, he meets Thea's glance with a ready but sedate sort of smile and a brief nod, stepping out in preparation to follow her out, eyes skirting across the room one more time.

"Well, frak all. Missiles and Clyons? Looks like it's our day, huh?" Standing up, Katherine gives Kai a salute from the back of the room but, once it's lowered, she simply stays put, not really sure where to go from here as she's already geared up due to her havin jumped the ball, so to speak. Thankfully she has Matto's lead to follow and she leaves after him, right on his heels. Proverbial puppy, much?

Thea catches Thorn's look and offers him a grin. "You heard the CAG," she says quietly, dipping her head. She catches the man's eye for a moment, though, before heading toward the hatch.

Samantha reaches up, clapping Thorn's shoulder briefly and giving a small, warm squeeze. "See you in a few hours, handsome." She murmurs, quieter to him, stealing just a moment before she lets him go.

Hale nods back towards Samantha, and there's a faint raise of his hand to his mouth to cover a cough, before he's looking back towards Black Cat "We'll be ready for th' Word, Captain. I'll see you all back here and safe." He means it, if it is within his power he will see everyone coming back and with the birds hopefully unscathed. There's a look to the Viper pilots " When we're out, it'll be two to a Raptor, an I'll come between both, help out who is being hit hardest, bounce back and forth. "We'll talk about wing assignments on our way to waiting. Work?" please, no one, say no.

Roubani lingers a while, dark eyes skimming faces in the room. They follow this person and that person, hands folding behind his back. Off you go, have fun storming the castle!

[Intercom] Selene counts down, "3, 2, 1, jump."

Thorn's only response to Samantha is a wordless murmur and a small but warm smile. There's another glance over at Thea; he returns the captain's look with a nod as he heads for the hatch, pausing only as the word 'jump' emanates from the speakers.

Castor looks over at Kitty, "Hey, come back in one piece, okay?" He then looks at everyone else as he studies Hale and waits for further instruction since Hale is now P-bear Junior aka in command of this mission. He then looks over at Thea and he says, "Good hunting, sir, and please come back in one piece."

"Got it, underboss." Willem says, glibly towards Hale. Well. As glib as he can manage, really. He just shrugs his shoulders at the premise of FTL travel. His flight suit is zipped up, in the meantime.

Briefing concluded, Kai leaves wing assignments and raptor pairings to Legacy to figure out. He, meanwhile, is gathering up his notes and switching off the projector while the pilots bustle out.

Kitty looks at Leda and nods. "Yeah, you too." Dash is looked at next, Kitty looking sympathetic as she wishes he could be out there with them. Not knowing what to say, she simply lifts a hand to him, trying to smile as much as she can at the same time.

Matto gives those of Red Squadron still loitering about a broader sort of smile before his attention returns to his Captain, falling in behind her on her way out, holding his halmet visor-down in front of hi to begin prepping it to attach to the rest of his flightsuit. "ATG?" he asks, "Do you really thing we're going to have to use those?" he asks of her on the way.

Samantha heads over towards the red squadron, giving Martin a half smile, "Don't worry about not coming. Scorpia is pretty damn ugly when it comes down to it. Certainly not a vacation spot. And we'll be back in no time this time, no doubt." She reassures him gently, before looking back to the others. "…Ready for a trip to uglytown?"

"Spider," Thea calls over her shoulder. "You know your folks better than I do. Do you want to wing them up? Thorn's backseating for me. Crybaby's backseating for Madman." She offers the CAG one of her trademark grins then looks to Matto. "Yes," she says simply. "They'll be fired on my mark when we can go weapons hot."

Eddie makes quick work of suiting up in the back of the room, still tugging up her zipper as she draws up behind Hale. She has no wise little quips, no questions, nothing but following Rabbit, ready to go when he says go.

Giving Eddie a nudge and Kitty a wave, Martin goes to set his mug down on the tray and glances around the room. Heading for the door to get away from their pre-prep, he looks to Sam. "I'll talk at you later about it. I'll be holding down the fort." He says, glancing over them. "This gives me a chance to steal all y'alls underwear anyway." He says, giving a rather fake smirk and issuing an upwards nod towards the group. With that, he turns for the hatch.

Roubani heads out also, once the coast is clear. His hands stay folded behind him, his gait unhurried.

Hangar Bay #1 - Hangar Deck

Samantha steps out with the others, apparently sticking around to see the Raptors off, if nothing else. After all, she's not going anywhere far, staying on alert until she's called up.

"Huh. Hope P.O. Jenner made good on his promise to tune the RCS on Wolf-5. Guess I'll find out." Wil says, under his breath as he meanders on out towards the Hangar Deck.

Samantha settles down on a crate, not really wanting to leave the flight deck and she might nervous pace a hole into the floor at this rate. "Wish we could smoke up here." She admits quietly, almost grumbling… trying not to look nervous.

Eddie hasn't bothered with her helmet yet, rather she totes it under her arm as they pack out to the flight deck. Her pre-flight check has already been done, and her bird is green to go, so there's nothing left to do but wait. "I don't know how Raptors can jump all the time." Eddie says, appropo of nothing. "Makes me nauseous."

Castor looks over at Eddie and he smirks, "Well, that is why you are a Viper Jock since the only thing that jumps is the Kharon." His smirk remains as he is doing his best to keep in good spirits before the mission, The Tinman, it would seem is still gone and only a smiling Castor is left…a smiling Castor that is trying not to show how uncertain he is about this.

In the meantime, Wil remains a proverbial busy beaver as he goes over various checklists upon his clipboard, having geared up in his flight suit. He putters around the hangar deck in a bit of restless manner. He finally chimes in towards Eddie. "You know how many times I puked as a nugget? No. Wait. I don't think I should be telling people this."

Samantha tilts her head towards the trio, smirking…"Hrm… I'll put five cubits that he puked over a dozen times as a nugget. Anyone else?" He brought up, she's diving in for it now!

Once suited up and having taken the time to go through the normal check list, Hale has found himself sitting, or rather straddling, half in and out of his viper, while he awaits for the call to be made. That way only the quick green list needs to be given as well as his helmet slid on. All the same, everything tentatively looks good. Now? Now, Rabbit is playing the waiting game.

Eddie switches her helmet to her other hand and back again, sort of batting it back and forth as she waits. "I put my money on that he /still/ pukes. Rebound? You keep a barf bag next to your stick?" She asks, picking on the target that presented itself.

Castor looks over at Sam, "I'd say more than a dozen, make it, every other time he flew." He then winks at Wil since this is probably not true and being larger than life in a bet is always fun. He then looks over at Eddie as she gives her assesment and he then notes that her go at this bet was better than his.

"Only when I'm looking at your…" This is delivered on Wil's part to everyone, and really no-one. He just lets it lie, shaking his head calmly and pleasantly enough. "Forget it. Such negativity is beneath me today. Right?"

Samantha leans over and, unless Willem ducks fast, she ruffles his ginger hair in a sisterly way. "Awe… Being an engaged man has taken the bile out of your words. She's whipping you already. Isn't that cute." She grins, before settling back and looking over to Eddie…"Hm…I actually suspect Mooner there has won this one. Once a puker, always a puker. 'slosing bet, Leda."

Eddie thrusts her fist in the air that silently says 'Score!' There's even a little shuffle of her feet in a victory dance. She settles down with a bit of a laugh. "…Just today, Rebound?"

Castor looks over at Samantha, "Does that mean you will settle down when you and yours get hitched?" He then looks over at the Eddie fist in the air and he grins, "Remind me never to get on your bad side, Eddie."

Wil's eyes roll a bit in a faux-dramatic sigh. "I'm sure." He finally says, in a pained voice. "I can assure you there is no 'whipping' going on, Sam. How's the fleece-lined jock smock coming?" He juts a thumb towards Samantha. "I heard the insulation chafes a little." Back towards Eddie, he shrugs. "Just be sure to cover my ass when I'm puking my guts out up there today."

Samantha laughs a bit deeper, shaking her head. "Oh no, listen to that. He's entirely whipped. It's almost cute. And Thorn and I are happy as clams, thank you very much… but… hitched is… well… " She shakes her head, not even wanting to think about that, considering the mess that's gone down all about her love life. "Anyway. Back to talking about Willem puking. You'll be okay. I'm certain the wifey to be will sponge bath ya when you get home."

Eddie tucks her helmet back up underneath her arm, her gloveless fingers resting against the faceplat as she hugs it to her body. "Just consider it practice for your sympathy morning sickness bouts, when your lady love gets knocked up." Teasing, the great Viper pasttime. Nothing she says is malicious, no. This is certainly not Eddie's bad side. Just ask Sam.

Castor looks over at Eddie, "Way I hear it that might apply to Samantha soon the way things keep going." He then winks at Sam, "and to be fair the sound of baby combatboots might be good around here." He then takes a moment to look at Wil, "You hear that, make with the babies since Viper pilots don't just make themselves."

"No kids. Not in this world." Wil says simply and a little curtly. This is shot in Castor's direction, mainly, of course this may have something to do with the fact that he had the last words on the subject. He crosses his flight-suited arms in front of his chest. "Besides. Y'know what we do when we're alone? We read to each other. Generally." He coughs, pausing a little bit. "And whatever you say. Lambkin."

Samantha just -stares- at Castor as he mentions it applying to her, looking honestly betrayed. "What? What the hell! No… no way. No kids for me. I'm a front lines fighter. I still get the pills from sickbay. No way in hell." She denies quite firmly, wondering what the hell people are saying…"…Will and his girl, thoguh… she ain't front lines. Good luck to ya both, Will. I think Eddie's got it right. This is good practice."

Hale remains silent where he has been sitting the entire time, but it seems finally, from the half straddle he has on his viper, that the pilot is listening. "People." comes that accented voice as he is turning and looking right back towards Samantha, Willem, Eddie and Castor. "Seriously." and he lets that sit for a moment. "Get your heads in the game. There will be plenty of time to worry about pregnancy, or not."

Eddie falls quiet when the teasing touches on seriousness. Eddie knows when to skirt subjects, when Sam just continues barrelling right through the center of it. Hale comes as the booming voice of reason. "We're jocks. We were /born/ in the game." And if she could moon Hale right now? No doubt she would. But there's all those hard seals and zippers to contend with. Too much effort.

Castor looks at Samantha and says, "I was just having fun, relax." He then looks over at Willem, "And yeah, kids would be a good thing…just think about it." He then looks over at Hale and then to Eddie, "What Mooner said." He then says, "Though this hurry up and wait is getting a bit old."

Ah. Hale to the rescue. Wil tosses an almost-grateful-looking smirk in the direction of the senior pilot. "Of course, Rabbit. We're ready."

Samantha nods curtly to Hale, falling dead quiet there. "Ready to go, sir. Just waiting for the word." She doesn't say anything else, though, subject dropped in a heartbeat. Even she can be professional.

"Its part of the job Lieutenant." comes Hale's words back towards Castor. "Seriously, babies? There have to be better things to talk about. And something that is not uncomfortable for people." a mutter, before he's looking back Willem, and Samantha equally. A chuckle, before a brow is raised towards Eddie. "Really, Mooner? You still need to catch up, I believe." friendly ribbing there. Obviously he has faith in the young, JiG.

Eddie purses her lips an makes kissy noises towards Hale, simultaneously curling the fingers of her free hand in a 'bring it, big boy' motion. Bravado? Eddies' got it. In SPADES. Besides, if it gets the pressure off Eddie, she's all for it. Once upon a time, she earned her callsign the same way, when conversation turned towards Roubani and he reacted uncomfortably. Good natured ribbing is not longer good natured if the person gets offended or takes it to heart.

Castor looks at everyone and he says, "Hey, babies shouldn't be an uncomfortable subject since we are going to be in need of new people." He then looks at Willem and Samantha, "Sorry for making things uncomfortable." He then looks back at Hale and over to Eddie and he raises an eyebrow.

"Yeah." Wil says, a bit distantly. "Whatever. It's all fine. So, Rabbit." He finally calls out towards the tallest pilot in the frakkin' room, "Got to ask you something. Something that's been bugging me ever since the last engagement. What do you think the Cylons were up to with that passenger liner?"

Samantha shakes her head quietly. "Not exactly …uncomfortable. Just not kosher. Especially not for us front lines men…or women, so to speak. Just ain't really possible, so not worth discussion. Even joking. Let the civvies have the babies. Then it ends up just more mouths to feed." She frowns and waves it off. "But, subject dropped. We got a job to do." She then falls quiet, listening to Rabbit and Rebound, studying them at the chat about the Cylons, her expression -far- more serious now.

"Mate, for some folks it is. Either they have lost some, or aren't ready for em. Despite whatever humanity as a race needs to do, our focus should be first on defense, procreation can follow when we have time for it." And with that Hale's looking back towards Eddie, and there's a laugh as the two finger'd V salute is thrown back towards Eddie. But she's seen that in sparring and training with her usual wing.

A look is passed back towards Willem, and there's a faint frown on Hale's features. "Dunno. Maybe there was something on board they wanted? I don't know why they didn't try an blow the thing, personally.."

Eddie shifts her weight from one foot to the other, either growing restless or just weary of standing in one place or the other. Or her legs are falling asleep. "Maybe they're just more sadistic then we're giving them credit for." Mooner says offhandedly.

Castor says, "Well, maybe they wanted to take the ship, get close to us by pretending to be a friendly and then launch a nuke or just crash it into us?"

Samantha is quiet now, ready to work, listening to the other pilots, but generally keeping her thoughts to herself for the moment. No need to add words just to hear her voice.

Hale nods back towards Eddie "Wouldn't put em past it. Make sure to kill everyone on board before destroying the ship. Could have needed parts or something. Really, no foggy clue." And with that he's looking back to his cockpit as he reaches down for his helmet with a faint sigh "Spose, we will never know."

"Maybe." Wil says, neutrally, having firmly shifted topics. He's visibly grappling with the idea that he'll never really know. And that manages to perturb him more than a thousand baby jokes. "Maybe."

[STC] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Kharon, Black Cat. Two Foxbats coming home, no strays. Prepare to scramble Vipers for the return trip."

[STC] "Knight" Praxis says, "Black Cat, Kharon. Good to see you back - expedite the landing sequence as we're already spooled up and prepared to get underway."

[STC] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Coming in to land then head back out again. Dropping off copies of recon while we're at it. Please have deck crews ready to receive."

[Intercom] Praxis says, "All hands, prepare for FTL travel - we are jumping further insystem. All personnel prepare for jump insystem. Deck crews be ready to receive landing raptor wing. Viper recon teams standby for scramble."

Eddie meanders towards her bird, if only to toss rest her helmet on the rung of the ladder. Those things get heavy afterall. "That's our cue." She says, as the voice comes over the intercom, and up she goes.

[STC] "Knight" Praxis says, "Consider it done, Black Cat. Kharon out."

Samantha pushes herself to her feet also, grabbing her helmet and settling it across her shoulders before sliding the tight lock seal in place. She was ready to go two hours ago, she sure as hell is now. She heads over to her Viper, swinging in as she finalizes the pre-flight checks.

"Hit it teams." Come the words as quickly he's moving to get into his bird, which is just a shift and drop down. Time to give the all green after a quick check list, and all that. Helmet on, canopy being lowered. Lets do it.

"Well. That's that, then." Wil says smoothly as he ambles towards Wolf-5, picking up his helmet and going through the whole process of getting his neck seal attached. Talking time is pretty much over. He sighs just a little, meandering towards the ladder pushed up against his bird. He climbs in and gets helmet'd up and goes through the pre-flight check.

[STC] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Kharon, Rabbit. I am showing green for tubes."

[Intercom] Praxis says, "FTL jump on my mark. Six, five, four, three, two, one. Jump commencing."

[STC] "Rebound" Willem says, "Kharon, Rebound. Pre-flight is green across the board and showing ready for launch."

[STC] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Kharon, Rabbit. Pre-flight is green and we're good for tubes. Over."

[STC] "Knight" Praxis says, "Rebound and Rabbit this is Kharon. Clear the tube and proceed."

[STC] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Kharon, Mooner. Green to go, let's rock and roll."

[STC] "Tinman" Castor says, "Kharon, Tinman. I'm seeing nothing but green permision to launch? Over."

[STC] "Case" Samantha says, "Case here,clear across the board and ready to go."

[STC] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Kharon, Rabbit. Copy that."

[STC] "Rebound" Willem says, emphatically, "Kharon, Rebound. Copy. That."

[Wolf-9: Hale] Once given the green to go, Wolf-9 Is quickly towed and moved over to the launching tube, to get ready to shoot out into darkness outside of the Kharon. After a matter of minutes, Rabbit is gone, and the tube cleared for whomever is next in the line up.

[STC] "Knight" Praxis says, "Mooner, Tinman, Case…you're all clear to launch and regroup upon egress."

[Wolf-5: Willem] Likewise. Wolf-5 is the next one in, and the next one out. As the countdown clears, Rebound's Viper goes hurtling through the tubes into the vast reaches of space just beyond the Kharon's bulkhead.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Black Cat, Madman, we've got our Marine passengers in place and the data's been handed off to the deck crew. Ready when you are."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Copy Madman. We've got ours. Hold for clearance from CIC."

[STC] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Kharon, Black Cat. We're ready for clearance."

[STC] "Knight" Praxis says, "Black Cat, Kharon. Your skies are currently busy, please stand by."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Alright Vigilantes, Rabbit. I want you to form up on your wings as assigned. And remember we're to cover the Raptors. Lets do our jobs."

[STC] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that, Kharon."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Black Cat, Madman, holding for clearance."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Rabbit, Black Cat. Prepare to receive coordinates of where we saw a few parties that needed breaking up. We have confirmed on the production facility. If your Vigilantes would be so kind as to take care of the stragglers, we'll knock on the front door."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Rabbit, Rebound. Got you. Escort duty — I'd expect absolutely -nothing- less."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Copy that Madman. So am I. Riders, remember what I said about radio silence once we're back down there. ONLY use the com if you need to sing out or in case of emergency."

[STC] "Knight" Praxis says, "Raptor wing, this is CIC. You are clear to launch and group with viper escort."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Black Cat, Rabbit. Copy that. You open the door and we'll kick around the party crashers. We're ready for you."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Viper wing, Kharon. You are authorized for weapons hot."

[STC] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Copy that, Kharon. Madman, I'm out first, then you get my tail."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Copy that, Kharon. Let's fry"

[Wolf-6: Eddie] Eddie's viper gets knocked into the tube, and then spilled out into glorious black. Even as her bird is screaming, Eddie looks at peace. 'It's been too long, my friend.' Gets muttered into her helmet, her gloves tightening on the stick. Sure, she's flown CAP since her incident. But engagement? Rock on.

[STC] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that, Kharon. Mooner, weapons hot."

[TAC3] "Tinman" Castor says, "Copy that, Kharon. Over."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Rabbit, Black Cat. Let's take care of the party people before we drop off our own guests. Coordinates should be transferred to you and the rest of the Vigilantes."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that Rabbit, Rebound I'm forming up on your five o'clock. Give me a wing waggle when I'm in your periphery."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Mooner, Rebound. One moment. One moment. There."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Kharon, Rabbit. Copy that, Weapons are hot."

[Wolf-5: Willem] As requested, as Rebound's Viper streaks through the void, RCS fires and he banks a little bit to starboard per Eddie's request. He arcs his head back over his shoulder just once more to be sure, and then ups the throttle a bit more aggressively.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Black Cat, Madman, I've got your tail, Kitten."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Tinman, you with me? Let's fall in and go, eat up some toasters so we can get a good night's sleep."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Black Cat, Rabbit. Copy that." a pause before Rabbit's words are coming back over.."Okay Vigliantes, Rabbit here. As you see we got some party people on the surface, and that won't do for our own people. Lets cut em to ribbons, an drop off our kids eh?"

[Foxbat-4: Nike] Scorpia's orbit is, as the raptors previously confirmed, much as it was found on Kharon's last trip. The ruins of an orbital defense platform can be glimpsed, in tatters, drifting around the back side of the colony. Mostly unidentifiable pieces of ships — civilian, military and cylon alike — drift past, the wreckage creating a coarse-grained halo around the planet. An artificial ring. That's going to be some fun to fly through. Otherwise, all seems quiet above the blue-green planet's atmosphere.

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Copy, sir."

[Wolf-8: Castor] Wolf-8 saddles up keeping formation with Case. It is poetry in motion, poetry with guns, but poetry none the less. Tinman lets his eyes drop to the DRADIS looking for enemies and then back over to Case's bird.

[TAC3] "Tinman" Castor says, "Roger Case, I've got your back."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "This is Rebound. Copy that, Rabbit. Copy, that….Y' with me, Moon?"

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Thorn, Crybaby, keep your eyes out for friends. I doubt we're going to be popular."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Case flies well before Tinman, comfortable flying with the man and clearly trusting him behind her. She holds nothing back, not speed, motions or style. She knows he can keep up, it seems.

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Copy that, Black Cat. Keeping an eye out."

[TAC3] "Crybaby" Kitty says, "Roger, Black Cat. My eyes will be peeled."

[Wolf-9: Hale] And With the descent going loverly as it is, Rabbit hugs the middle of his viper formation and makes to pick through the debris, on his way down to the planet. Here's hoping Rabbit remains quite lucky, and keeps to his namesake. As opposed to getting a new callsign like..Pancake..or Debris Fodder.

[Wolf-5: Willem] Pushing back the burn a bit, Willem's bird cuts a cautious arc through the graveyard surrounding Scorpia, jets firing as his plane dances back and forth amongst the debris. It's not stunt pilot perfection but it's extremely competent. Which is good enough.

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Case flies, somehow, even -better- when she's got the debris all around her. She might be a frak up off duty, but in a Raptor she's pure silk, along with her wingman today, she and Castor are making things look easy in the debris soup. A few ducks, a good few seconds of flying entirely sideways, and she's barely scratching the paint on her viper.

[Wolf-6: Eddie] Frak. Eddie hates debris. She has to fly slow and careful around that shit, and it's simply not her strong suit. A piece of metal hunka hunka burnin' love comes up and broadsides her bird, knocking her briefly off course and she has to correct sharply to avoid any more damage.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Oops."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Mooner, you okay back there?"

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Mooner, Rebound. Shit. You allright? Sitrep."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Purely cosmetic. I didn't like the paint job on this bird anyways."

[Foxbat-8: Matto] Kissy keeps in formation with his Captain as far as the debris field will let him. Following directly in her flightpath doesn't work due to the drift, but he mnages a faintly circuitous route and joining up in formation again at the other side.

[Wolf-8: Castor] Tinman seems to keep a perfect fit as a wingman for Case because when she moves he moves keeping perfect formation even through all of the junk around them.

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Case is flying smooth and easy with Tinman behind her, barely a scratch on the paint as she ducks and dodges debris easily. For all her frak ups on ship, the woman was born to be in a bird, that much is clear.

[Wolf-9: Hale] And it seems Rabbit is able to keep his callsign as he narrowly escapes a few close calls, but otherwise does a good job of navigating the debris, like a champ. And once pace it, he's moving back into that close formation with his fellow fighters as soon as they are free of it.

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "All ships, Thorn. New DRADIS contact. Just appeared in orbit… can't get a solid fix, though, unable t' identify."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Copy that, Moon'. Just checking on you. Over."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Thorn, Rabbit. Copy that, Can I get a confirmation on that? Mooner, how're you looking?"

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "All ships, Black Cat, continue on course to target. We encountered a lone toaster earlier."

[Wolf-5: Willem] Maneuvering jets fire to and fro as Rebound's Viper continues its little dance through the wreckage, a bird that still flies admist the ashes of its bretheren. He darts his head to DRADIS and checks his wing once more to keep an eye on Morales. Just to be sure.

[TAC3] "Crybaby" Kitty says, "I got it too…unknown reading."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Rabbit, Thorn confirms. Single contact, still in close orbit with th' planet. Still no ID, though."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "All ships, Rebound. Single Contact. Maybe they're getting silly on us. Weapons are hot, holding formation until confirmation of target. Think it's time to add one more metal corpse to this graveyard, eh? Over."

[Foxbat-4: Nike] There's nothing visible yet, on DRADIS or otherwise. And as soon as the blip was spotted on the ECM consoles.. it's gone again. The ships begin to shake with the turbulence of clearing the debris field and subsequent re-entry into the planet's atmosphere. It's like navigating through a dust storm; nothing's visible except hunks, chunks, and fine particles of blasted vessels for miles around.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Rebound, Rabbit. Negative. Stay the course mate. We'll have more to deal with soon enough."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "All ships, Thorn. I've lost contact with bogey. Probably ducked back down under atmo."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "I'm not seeing anything either. Keeping my eyes open too. Damn soup of a planet…"

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Sam's voice is tense over the coms, just unsettled. She really doesn't like Scorpia.

[Wolf-5: Willem] Ah, the joys of Atmo. As Wil's Viper starts to shake and flare with the gentle halo of re-entry, his Viper starts to adjust to the pressure of atmospheric entry and the conditions of planetary flight. A reflexive steadying of his grip on the controls keeps his bird on course. Garrison duty trained him. He's still calm, at least.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "All ships, we're headed in toward that SAM battery. We're getting close and remember that radio silence, unless necessary, is a damned good thing. Keep the chatter to a minimum. Rabbit, we're closing in."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Rabbit, Rebound. Copy that."

[TAC3] "Crybaby" Kitty says, "It was there but the reading has gone. Repeat, reading has disappeared from DRADIS."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Black Cat, Madman, acknowledged."

[Foxbat-4: Legacy] Thea's Foxbat continues through the sky, thudding along toward the target.

[Wolf-9: Hale] And there goes Rabbit's own stick, jerking slightly as the craft hits Atmo, but then it is another bit to deal with as he hits into reentry. Apparently this is easier for the seasoned pilot, than before. Still Hale's keeping his eyes peeled as the break through the sky and continue onward to their party. Best not be late.

[Wolf-8: Castor] Wolf-9 remains quiet as Tinman has nothing to add to the conversation at hand and because he is a bit busy at the moment keeping in formation with Case.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Rabbit, Mooner. I'm good to continue. Nothing pinging on my Dradis. Hitting atmo in three…two…one…"

[Foxbat-8: Matto] Kissy's follows suit, an easeful mirror image of Four… easeful less the turbulence, of course.

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "There it is… and gone again. Slippery little frak, this one."

[TAC3] "Crybaby" Kitty says, "Seems like we got a dancer on our hands. Keeps popping on and off."

[Wolf-6: Eddie] And in Eddie plunges, dipping her bird into the Scorpian atmosphere and holding steady for now. She stays on Willem's wing, following his lead as they dive in.

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Rabbit, Case. Here come Tinman and I… Going for atmosphere in three…2…one…"

[Foxbat-4: Nike] And suddenly, DRADIS goes haywire. A single contact is pinged by the sweep of each craft's scanner. A single contact that isn't a raider. It takes about three seconds for the identification to kick in: basestar.

[Wolf-5: Willem] It's like synchronized swimming. With cannons. Really. One eye on the instruments as Wil descends with Eddie on his wing, all is a walk in the pa—Oh SHIT SON.

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Case is just about to hit the planet's atmosphere when she sees THAT reading, her eyes going wide, then her DRADIS is whiting out. She swears heavily, no doubt heard by none but the gods.

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "All ships, Thorn, new DRADIS contact! Cylon baseship, bearing two-seven-niner carom three-six-three!"

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem suddenly barks, "Hermes' hands on a…FRAK. Baseship. All ships, This is Rebound, I'm reading a big ugly!"

[Foxbat-4: Nike] About four seconds after that, individual contacts begin to register on the screen. One, two, three, four— the basestar continues disgorging enemy craft like the morning after a drinking binge.

[Wolf-8: Castor] Tinman is following along when something bad happens, something bad meaning a basestar pops up on the DRADIS, "Frak." He says to himself as he looks at the size of the thing, it is massive after all.

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "The boys said it… Frak me… those things are ugly… Orders, Rabbit?"

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Frak me. Rabbit? Mooner. You seeing what I'm seeing? This isn't just setting another plate at the table. The whole frakking town just came over for supper…."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Baseship is launching Raiders. Repeat, Raiders incoming. Lots of them."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Mooner, Rabbit. I see em, I see em. We'll protect the Raptprs, follow me on that, Black Cat, Orders? I am thinking, pulling out might prove prudent, over."

[Foxbat-8: Matto] Foxbat-8 keeps on course with Foxbat-4, for now, though her pilot is decidedly intent on listening for orders to tell him to do otherwise.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Copy that, Rabbit. All ships return to base and prepare for Kharon to jump out."

[STC] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Kharon, Black Cat. Ordering RTB, objective not achieved. Repeat, objective not achieved."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Black Cat, Kharon. Message received and understood. Haste in your return would not go unmissed."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Vigilantes, Rabbit. You heard the Captain, Lets punch it out of here. be prepared to fight our way out, and remember cover the Raptors at all costs."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Return to base?…Hate tuckin' taile to go home, but that sounds just lovely."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Copy, Rabbit… there's no place like home…"

[TAC3] "Tinman" Castor says, "Copy that Rabbit. Wilco."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Rabbit, Rebound. Copy that. C'mon, Moon. Let's punch a hole. A big hole. Gods watch over…"

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Black Cat, Madman, acknowledging— expediting RTB."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] For as quickly as Sam broke into that soupy atmosphere, she's turning heel and getting right the frak back out. Her flying is more urgent now, not quite so by the book, but still smooth. She's just doing her best to get home as fast and safe as possible.

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that, Rebound. I've got your tail."

[Wolf-5: Willem] Flipping a hard 180, Rebound's Viper's maneuvering jets fire as his bird spin's right round baby. And he PUNCHES it. Like the images of semi-wrecked baseships have been haunting his dreams. Hell, maybe they have been.

[Foxbat-4: Nike] The distinctive 'star' of the cylon baseship is visible through viewscreens now, a ghosted silhouette through the haze of debris that was once a fleet of military cruisers. To say it's imposing, is an understatement; it dwarfs the Kharon by several times, and the sheer number of launch pods is.. staggering. Even as the wing is turning tail and running, a squadron of raiders is fanning out and deploying guns. The blackness of space is sudden ablaze with bullets spraying from the enemy crafts' rotating cannons.

[Wolf-9: Hale] Taking the lead on this one Rabbit gets ready for the about face, as they will have to repunch atmo and get back through the debris field, all while trying to stave off raiders. A walk in the frakking park right? Of course right. Rabbit, punches. He'll intercept as needed.

[Wolf-6: Eddie] Mooner pulls a flip with her bird, and suddenly she's showing her tailfeathers to Scorpia. She blazes after Willem, keeping up to cover his ass and in turn, get her own home safetly.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Mooner, Rebound. Attack Pattern Constellation. Going to sidle up on this bastard who's hitting our cargo like a drunk frat boy. Just keep an eye on my tail. Hooo boy. I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing paint."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Madman, get out of range of the raiders and let Rabbit's people do their work. Thorn, Crybaby, I want you both jamming for all your worth. Preparing for RTB with SAR if necessary."

[Wolf-5: Willem] A waggle of his wings is performed as Rebound gives Eddie a little signal indicating his chosen target, creeping up on Madman's 3. Wil's Viper pulls slightly to starboard while still holding formation, swooping upwards to harry Matto's unoccupied assailant.
[TAC3] "Crybaby" Kitty says, "Roger, Black Cat. Jamming all enemy targets."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Madman, Rabbit. I'm going to clear the way for you here, so you can pop out. Lets see what we can do here."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Black Cat, Madman, endeavoring to do so. Rabbit, Madman, thanks, I could use a path, they're all over out this way."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Copy that, Black Cat. Setting jiggers t' pulse, readying chaff pods and sparrows."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "All fighters, we are bringing Kharon within flak range. I would advise staying out of the way of the big guns and pack it in. Acknowledge immediately."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "We've got your back, Foxbats…just get home safe. We'll see ya back there."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that, Rebound. I like the tits on that one, let's take her beneath the bleachers."

[Foxbat-4: Nike] In the distance, Kharon is coming about slowly, portside lights winking as she brings her flank flush with the swarm of raiders deploying from the baseship. Her gun turrets slowly lift, pivot, and aim like the behemoth she is.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Black Cat copy, Kharon. Madman, jink aft. I'll go fore."

[Wolf-9: Hale] And as it seems A few of the baddies are focused in on Madman, Rabbit, quickly launches himself into the fray, Doing just as he said he would, cover and all that. Taking the front, He sends his Viper right towards the closest, one thus, the more threat. The KEW lights up as he shoots right into the bugger, sending him off course. However Hale's own ship takes a bit of a pounding from another blighter. A curse, but Rabbit is staying on course, He has to get Madman outta here.

[Foxbat-8: Matto] Kissy shifts from a standard RTB flightplan, taking him rather more out of the way, path arcing aft and trying to shake off the Raiders whose attention he's caught onto more interesting targets, shearing past a couple of near misses as he does.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Mooner, Rebound. Yeah, I don't think these girls like me very much. Winged 'er. Let's keep on this thing, see if we can box it in the killzone. Take a downward approach, break on three. I'll break left. Hold to the pattern, we're doing fine."

[Foxbat-4: Legacy] Thea's Foxbat makes good on her word and peels off fore, in the opposite direction of Madman. It's a gentle spin, but likely enough to make a few Marines start gagging.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Black Cat, Madman, keeping aft, continuing to scramble RTB: do you need me to come 'round for SAR?"

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "*crackle*…Ouch…. frakkers…"

[Foxbat-4: Komnenos] As the Raiders slash in towards the Colonial formation, Foxbat-4's electronic warfare systems go active in a flurry of electromagnetic activity, reaching for the Cylon fighters and giving them the EW equivalent of a fistful of dust to the face.

[Wolf-5: Willem] A whirring hail(not hale) of cannon fire erupts from Wil's bird as a series of jagged rounds tear into the structure of the Raider attempting to flank Matto. Not doing enough to do more than irritate the damn thing, but he definitely got its attention.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "This is Kharon, we are firing batteries. All craft, RTB."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy Rebound on that new approach. I'm not even getting to second base."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Negative, Madman. Negative. Pull back behind Kharon and continue to suppress. Black Cat will take care of SAR if Case needs it. I'm closer."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Case's viper takes a -beating-. An explosion of brief fire from her craft, her canopy cracked, but somehow she's still going. She tries to shake it off, keeping on a semi-steady course as she does her best to open fire, apparently still limping along despite the bad hit.

[Wolf-6: Eddie] C'mon Eddie. Keep it together. Even though she thinks she has the Raider lined up, her KEW goes wide, streaming out into space instead of hitting their target. Wily little suckers.

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "*static* -ill here… Keep *static*… base."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "All ships, Thorn, radiological alert! Baseship's got bloody nukes!"

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Vigilantes Rabbit. Lets move'em. GO, go, go."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Black Cat, Madman, acknowledged, continuing RTB."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Case's weapons are off, her shots not really landing anywhere near her target, but seeing how wide she goes she adjusts her aim for next time. Maybe she'll be better the next firing round, even if she's looking at broken controls and through spider webbed glass.

[Foxbat-4: Nike] Kharon's gutsy move seems to pay off. As it banks slowly and brings its portside flak cannons to bear, a volley of shots light up the black in a neat little row. Again, and again. Several raiders implode in mid-strafe before they even reach the vipers and raptors.

[Wolf-9: Hale] Rabbit manages to stave off the raider coming after Madman again, as he quickly throws himself in the way, ever doggedly confronting and pursuing his attacker, and harrassers. However another Raider it seems has turned and shot at him again. Just a paint job instead of rocking his body this time. Still, he remains hard on his target. Not going to let them go on this one.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Well, shit and damn, are those two trying to RTB with me, or what? Thanks, Mooner, Rebound."

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Rabbit, wing.I've got a bogey on my arse. Someone shake it off?"

[Wolf-5: Willem] Can we have Nukes? No. We don't want nukes. We have no nukes today. However, the little 'slash and dash' maneuver paid off as Rebound's section closes in on that same unfortunate Raider. It's anyone's guess whether Wil's gunfire or Eddie's delivers the coup-de-grace, but fortunately, Matto can breathe a little easier now. He breaks towards the next target, attempting to close in on the Foxbat's other unwelcome stalker in the bushes.

[Foxbat-4: Legacy] Foxbat-4 is in exactly the same place it'd be if the CAG were out here giving orders - away from the main part of the fight, yet close enough to suppress or dart in for SAR.

[Foxbat-8: Matto] Kissy keeps going further and further off-course of the RTB, instead electing to follow the course which will keep him at maximum distance from his pursuers while the Red Squadron picks them off.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Madman, Rebound. It's Dead. Dead. Dead. Splash one. Taking the other one. Um. Someone keep an eye out for my lily-white ass so we can get our cargo clear? This is -bad-. They've got nukes. Getting our people out ASAP."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Madman, you're too good looking to have holes in your ass. We gotcha. Rabbit, you good?"

[TAC3] "Crybaby" Kitty says, "This is Crybaby. I am estimating four minutes until nukes are launched. Repeat, four minutes."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Thorn confirms. Three minutes, forty seconds and counting."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Rabbit, Case. I'm tryin' to get the bogey off your ass, but my guidance systems are blown. I'm doin' this by eyeballs alone. Wish me luck."

[Wolf-11: Samantha] Case said she was doing this by her eyeballs, and apparently her eyes aren't as good as they used to be, because her shots still go wide as she limps around, trying to get back to base WHILE still protecting her fellow pilots.

[Wolf-5: Willem] Well, one down. Seeing the immediate assailant towards their Escort targets blown, Wil hits the stick hard as his bird spins and comes down at a particularly aggressive, daresay gutsy arc to take care of one Raider that just hasn't been leaving him alone. It's the mop-up.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "This is Rebound. Case, Rabbit, you two are looking shot to shit, hang back, see if we can take point on these two."

[Foxbat-8: Matto] Kissy, once the Raiders on his ass have either been exploded or gone after other prey, directs his Foxbat back on course to the position his Captain told him he ought to take up, back by Kharon, not landing, yet, but poised to jam from a distance, ready to get into the barn when the others come 'round.

[Wolf-9: Hale] As the Raider seems to be heading for Black Cat, again Rabbit is throwing himself right into the lion's den as he bounds right back into the Enemy's path. KEW RIPS as it takes down the Bogey that was about to go for some sweet Raptor Action. However in doing so he left his ass to be shot. Or rather his Cockpit, And as the rounds hit Rabbit's own bird skews off of any real path, and sort of hangs out without any real asking to.

[TAC3] "Rabbit" Hale says, "Splash-" The rest is cut out into static. "…"

[Wolf-6: Eddie] Miss, hit, miss. Eddie's ratio isn't too great at the moment and she doesn't even skim the next target. FRAK. Was that Hale? Dammitdammitdammit. She cranes her head around in the cockpit and tries to if she can spy him. Focus, Mooner. Focus.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Rabbit, Case, Black Cat. RTB immediately. Madman, RTB. Everyone else, you have less than two minutes to drop these two Raiders. Prepare to get your ships back in the barn immediately. That Basestar's hauling nukes."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "All pilots, Kharon. report status and ETA! We've successfully jammed basestar nukes, we've bought you more time."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "*static*… out…*hiss, static* -ems down, working on- *static*"

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Kharon, Mooner. Scratched but fine."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem barks through the wireless, "Kharon, Rebound. Raptors are intact. I'm still lookin' shiny. Hermes loves me. Engaging remaining bandits with your leave."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Black Cat, Madman, ready to take Fox— Oh, for frak's sake. Another one's followed me home."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "All fighters, Kharon. Priority on returning home. Let Beckett mop up the mess and let us jump before the basestar nukes come back online."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Oh, nevermind, it lost interest. Black Cat, looks like it might chat you up instead. I'm RTB."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "All ships, you heard CIC. Mooner, Rebound, cover Rabbit and Case's asses as they head back in. Once they're down, land your birds. Madman, remind me to kick the shiny off your ass. Toasters seem to love it."

[Foxbat-4: Nike] Kharon lets out another volley of cannonfire, in the midst of the mayhem with the swarming raiders. This one seems less effective than the first, with none of the flak hitting its mark. The gun turrets swivel again, making a further adjustment, then stand still.

[Wolf-9: Hale] It only seems to be for a few silent minutes as Rabbit's ship, just hangs there, before the engines are flickering back, to some semblance of life, before the Viper's coming back into control A small kickstart it seems, but still, coms seem dead as the Viper takes a few precious seconds. And with that Hale's doing a weak ass wing waggle as he comes back towards Legacy's wing. Yes, he will return to base. As it seems that is where he is heading.

[STC] "Madman" Matto says, "CIC, Madman, reporting RTB."

[Foxbat-4: Legacy] Thea's Foxbat remains where it's standing guard outside Kharon, twisting just a little to try to avoid the incoming raider, but keeping close to where she needs to be. Stubborn is her middle name.

[STC] "Knight" Praxis says, "Madman, this is Kahron. Copy that."

[Foxbat-4: Nike] After the returning birds are recovered, Kharon's cannons pivot and light up again with a crackle of gunfire. Several pursuing raiders are caught in the flak ring and pulverised, shrapnel skidding every which way. A few of their friends are luckier, and manage to swerve away in time, flipping about and coming to bear upon the remaining Vigilantes and lone Ghostrider.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "All fighters, Knight at Kharon. I do not mean to seem impatient; however time is of the essence as our temporary jam on their nuclear weapons is no more."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "All ships, RTB immediately. Kharon will cover our asses. Mooner, cover me as I go in."

[TAC3] "Mooner" Eddie says, "Copy that Black Cat. Rebound, that leaves your ass wide open. Be careful. Let's get our asses in before Daddy realizes we're late for curfew."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Cat, Rebound. Uh, not to be an ass or anything but should I be leaving my wingman back there alone? This -is- an Escort mission. I don't want to develop a bad rep or anything."

[Wolf-6: Eddie] Teeth grit behind the faceplate of her helmet, and she banks off, following Legacy's orders. It's getting thick out here, and luck feels like it's running out. Move, little Raptor. MOVE.

[Foxbat-4: Legacy] Thea's attempting to move her Raptor's ass as fast as possible, diving for Kharon's hangar bay. Those poor Marines in her belly are going to be hating life.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Two minutes to basestar ordinance launch."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Rebound? Get your ass back to base. I don't care if you do it before or after Mooner, but you're going to catch the trap in the next thirty seconds or be blown to shit. Got it? Both of you get your asses down NOW."

[Wolf-5: Willem] Wil's been kicking up the burn since the RTB order, following the retreating members of the Wing at a good clip and darts his head back as a new salvo of Raiders gets spewed out like a bunch of ugly maggots in a bad horror vid. And he just kicks it again.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Black Cat, Rebound. Copy that. Hauling ASS. C'mon Mooner. Cmon you too. You can't kick my ass if you're dead out here, Captain!"

[Foxbat-4: Nike] OOC: You guys can pose landing this turn. Those were just parting shots. :)

[Wolf-5: Willem] Wil spends a good deal of time playing chicken here, having initially hung back to draw a bit more Raider fire from the other two. He fired off a few harmless shots, but they were just that. Harmless. He NOW closes in rather decisively on the Kharon's hangar after a backwards glance, screaming his way in towards the trap, as ordered.

[Foxbat-4: Legacy] Thea's Raptor goes diving into the hangarbay. One can almost hear the Marines retching as she zooms into the hangar bay at top speed.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "FRAK. Mooner. Mooner. Hold on. SITREP. You still with me?"

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Kharon, Black Cat. Mooner's hit. Preparing SAR if she get in. I want Medical in the hangar bay on standby."

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "«OOC: drop it = get in Bad typist. Need cookies.»"

[Wolf-6: Eddie] Dead out here? Willem's words are a little ill timed. Two Raiders tag team Eddie like a cheap porno just as she's about to drop into the landing deck. This isn't just a hot landing. This landing is on FIRE.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "All fighters, Kharon. Report in. Are you all aboard?"

[Wolf-5: Willem] As his Viper comes barrelling in the Hangar Bay for what could only be considered a "combat landing"(really, you see this picture in a textbook), Rebound's comes plowing down into the deck as his Viper skids somewhat gracefully a couple meters as he hits the trap. Those pesky Raiders outside were denied Rebound steak doday.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Kharon, Black Cat. All birds in. I repeat, all birds in."

Samantha remains sitting in her cockpit, waiting for the jump. She's dizzy without the feeling of faster than light travel…she's not going to get up until it's all over. She holds one free hand against her bleeding forehead.

Announcement: Nike shouts, "Right on cue, as the last few vipers screech, skid, skitter and slide to a messy halt on the flight deck, the basestar's port and aft 'points' light up with ordnance being deployed. It doesn't make a sound, but there's no question that's several tonnes of instant death hurtling toward the Kharon. Half a click. A quarter of a click. Two hundred feet. *blink* The ship's jump drives engage, and it skews sideways out of existence."

Kitty finds something to lean against during the jump, her back resting against whatever it is she found to do so upon. She mutters to herself under her breath, nothing said understandable.

It's a long damn tow back to the Hangar Bay, and Eddie's Viper won't be flying again for a little while, at least until the gaping hole in the cockpit can be repaired. When it finally is parked, crew pounce on it like hungry barncats on a mouse, swarming over it to get a ladder attached an the canopy popped if not pried open. Inside, Eddie's actually concious, holding a hand to her stomach though red is seeping through her fingers as she's pulled out of the cockpit. "I think I gotta problem." Mooner jokes as they break the hard seal on her helmet and tug it off for her.

Thea slides down the ladder of her Foxbat, slipping out of her helmet. There's a lovely little red bump right over her left eye, but she's not bleeding - for once. "Where the godsdamned FRAK is the medical team," she calls, mid-jog to Eddie's downed Viper. She braces against a still bird when the jump comes and is in motion immediately afterward. "Medical personnel to Rabbit, Mooner and Case." Nope, she's not quiet. No, she's not gentle.

Roubani's eyebrows lower a little, at first just a wash of relief and then lines appear between them with concern. He's not going to go sprinting off into the throng of medical and people with actual jobs to do up here, but he's still watching everything very closely.

Case is bloody, and Hale looks as if he's seen a ghost of some form hiding out in his canopy. But he's standing there hands to his knees, as he's looking back towards Where the others are coming in from. Its not as if he can say much, because soon enough they are distorting. Oh lord, this will not feel-And once the ship settles, Hale is still there, however he's turning his head to simply spew mess away from anyone's feet. Its rare for hale to blow a chunder when the ship jumps. Now, is just one of those occasions.

Legacy's words are heard and he's moving to stand, albeit shakily. "I'm fine..Nothing hit.." just jump mess.

Wil's pretty much in the same neighborhood as Sam, here. Hiding in the cockpit. Hangin' out. Well, Just for the duration of the jump. Oh, also, he's not shot up. That's a pretty big difference, although judging by his panicked glances to and fro, he's freaked out by the general status of his wingmates. Once the jump is clear, the Deckhand loosens the canopy and Rebound crawls out with nothing more than the simple removal of helmet. He starts to amble up the ladder as soon as he is freed from the cockpit and bounds downwards from his Viper, post-flight checklist be damned. "Frak -me-." He bounds on over towards the three named recovered Vipers and tucks the clipboard for said checklist under his arm. He's a bit disoriented and freaked out, but that's the extent of it. "Hang on." He calls out, hanging back as to not immediately provide physical interference.

Thea storms out of the Raptor almost as soon as the bird comes to a stop; Thorn doesn't follow immediately, running through a quick post-flight before he exits the hatch. Finally, though, he steps down onto the Raptor's wing, fumbling at his helmet's seal; there's a long exhale as he pulls the helmet free. His features are ashen, a stricken expression on his face as he surveys the scene on the hangar deck. As the ship jumps, he slumps down onto the wing, shaking his head.

Matto finally crawls back out of the cockpit once the jump's passed and all the systems have been taken care of, and he stands by the hatchway, resting one hand on it and looking to his backseater, gesturing toward the egress with a jerk of his head. "You kept your head out there, Babydoll," he tells her, still a little pale with the ordeal. "Good work, yah?"

Samantha pulls herself out of her ship once that feeling passes from the ship jumping. She's not a puker, but she's definitely not moving -steady-. Oh, that'd be why. Not only is her forehead and face just -covered- in blood, more of it also still free flowing, her left foot is dangling useless and blood is seeping out over the edge of her flight suit. She swings her legs over, shakily hopping down from her Viper…"Frakking… shrapnel… frakkers…" She didn't even get one splash AND she's hurting… Definitely not in a good mood. She looks around the deck, making certain everyone's still alive, at least. Seeing everyone conscious, if bleeding… it helps.

Kai muscles his way between milling deck personnel and pilots alike, making a beeline for Thea's raptor. He's in his officer's blues, and has that look in his eyes. The look that says, if you don't get out of the way fast enough, I'll walk through you. "Sitrep, Black Cat." It's gruff, but not quite barked.

<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Three throughout the ship.

The medical folks are there and ready to help out. Several of them swarm to Eddie's bird, a few head for Sam, and the last two head for Rabbit. Sam's folks fuss over her a little, Eddie's do the same. But Hale's - well, they wait until he's finished.

Thea's feet take her toward Hale, as she'd be in the way with others. She pulls up as Kai speaks. "Ariel recon complete. Basestar showed up as we went to go take out the SAM, nuclear armed. All birds made it back. Case, Mooner and Rabbit were hit hard. Others took minor damage." Including her own bird.

Kitty smiles and nods as much as she's able to. "Hey yeah. It was a cake walk just like I said it'd be." It must've been a cake walk through the nineth level of Hades. There's not much in the word of celebration though as she's busy looking around although she tries hard not to look at those who are injured.

In the meantime, Wil pads on over to check off the most immediate boxes in his post-flight list, climbing back into his undamaged bird and perform the paperwork hurriedly. Scribble scribble, yo.

Eddie gets lowered to the deck plating by the knuckledraggers, certainly not able to do so on her own. She's got one arm slung around a crewman's shoulders, the other still clutching and holding pressure to her stomach. Color is quickly filtering out of her face, turning her a touch green as she handed off to medical personal. Soon she's hoisted onto a litter, and taken off her feet completely. "Anyone got a frakking cigarette?" Eddie croaks, ghosting a smile as her hand over the wound is pulled away and replaced by medical professionals while they make sure she's stable before she can be carted off.

Thorn regains his footing, and takes a step towards Samantha's fighter before he notices the medical team is already there. There's still a long look of concern directed towards the woman and her ship, followed a moment later by similar looks over at Eddie's and Hale's birds. No one seems to be dying, though, and Thorn is able to relax, a little. Nevertheless, he looks decidedly worn.

Kai's eyes flicker to Hale briefly, and Eddie more lingeringly as she's helped out of her bird. Samantha, finally, receives a down-up darting of his attention while Legacy speaks. "Acknowledged," he murmurs to the woman. "I'll expect an AAR on my desk in the morning." He glances back toward her again. "Good work up there." Softly. Yes, he was listening in on things from CIC, even if he didn't speak a word over the comms. "You brought everyone back. Go wind down and be with your kids." It's not an order. But it could become one!

Hale sends a gloved hand over his mouth. there's a dry heave, but no more chunks. And he's shaking his head back to the toher two med staff that come up closely. "Seriously, mates. I'm fine.. B-bullet is logged into the headrest of m' chair if someone wants to snag that for me.." he weakly jokes before he's looking over towards Willem barely catching a glance of Eddie as she is quickly drug out. one hand is pressed to his stomach and he is moving, shakily. "Bloody hell.." muttered, more than anything.

Roubani is still watching in silence, mostly removed from all this as he is by the rail. Notes taken as to the stretchers and who's on them. He's all out of magazines, sorry Sam.

Thea dips her head to Kai and actually salutes, offering him a wry little smile. Of course, she doesn't run away. No, she heads over toward Matto and Kitty after glancing at Thorn.

Samantha catches eyes with Thorn, even as the two medics who came over to check on her are helping her limp in the direction of the hatch. She's not putting -any- weight on her left foot. Hopefully it looks nastier than it is. She gives Thorn a faint smile, a brief nod, almost invitation if he wants to come keep her company as she spends another night in sickbay, but at least she's leaving under her own power. Mostly.

Wil finally, pensively rises from his cockpit. "Petty Officer Jenner. That'll work." He says, succintly as he ambles out of the plane and back down the ladder, not impolitely but rather swiftly stuffing the clipboard in the deckhand's arms and ambling back on over to get a better look at his shot-up squadronmates. "Shit." He mutters, succintly.

Matto gets Crybaby off of his boat first, waiting there by the hatch until she's finished descending. It's just his way. He doesn't like leaving anyone on the boat. First one on, last one off. Once last look around to make sure there are no loitering Marines, head jerking to the side as if he briefly thinks there might be someone there. Then, dimming the lights to conserve idling power until the deck crew comes in to fully spin her down, he steps down the ramp and to the deck. Eyes drawn byt he red of blood to Sam, first— but at least she's… sort of walking. Brows lower and knit together in the middle, but then his Captain's approaching, and he straightens. "Captain," he greets her. "How's Mooner?"

Hey, it's not every day you get carted off by four good looking men looking to wisk you off your feet. Too bad Eddie's not on a throne of flowers. She'll be alright, as long as no one asks her to do any sit-ups anytime soon. Eyes close against pain, but she's still concious, evident by the way she's joking to the men about the rough ride down to medbay.

Kitty looks up and then rubs her nose, trying not to fidget or squirm upon seeing Thea heading towards them once the crowd of deck and medcial personnel thin for a moment. "Sir." She lets Matto inquire about the well being of their fellow fliers, more out of trying not to run over Kisseus verbally than anything else.

Kai returns Thea's salute with a flicker of his lips that isn't quite a smile, then steps away briskly to check on Eddie. Since she's being hauled away, he simply closes his hand over her arm briefly, then lets her go. Samantha's next, whom he has to weave between a few more pilots to get to. "Still in one piece, Case?"

The dizzying experience up at CIC was intense, but by the look of things it seems the pilots are a little bit worse for wear. Praxis had ascended up the the hangar bay just to see how things were doing, Knight holding on tightly to his clipboard to record everyone's status from afar. A pencil scribbles on a piece of paper with flat corners, and he gently pushes his glasses further up his nose.

Thorn gives Samantha a wan smile of his own as she limps her way towards the exit. He continues to watch her for a few moments, sighing heavily and running a hand through tangled, sweat-damp hair. Finally, he follows Thea, moving over to where the other Raptors are congregating.

Eddie manages a little wane smile towards the CAG at the light touch, then down down down she goes, down into the rabbit hole. Red pill blue pill. Wee.

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