Hell Bitch and the Va Jay Jay!
Summary: Hilarity in Black Squadron Berthings
Date: PHD 33
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Ajax bows his head towars the Captain as his Book is pulled to his chest. "Thank you, Cat. May th' gods watch over you." and there comes the same wink before he is turning and heading out into the hall, following behind Ensign Roubani

Matto looks down at the Captain, then. "Man, I'm going to have to start going to chapel if you're going to be reciting scripture up in there," he offers her his usual sort of grin.

Legacy looks over at Matto and gives a wry little smile. "He roped me into that one," she mutters quietly. "I didn't even see it coming." Moving, she drops back into her chair, heavily.

"Priests is tricksy folk like that," Kissy murmurs down toward the Captain, "They'll trip you up if you don't watch your step around them."

"I think I just ended up flat on my ass," she mutters, but there's no real heat to it. "We'll see how things go."

Matto tucks a bookmark inside the book and sets it aside. "Eh. Could have gone worse. Still, I'll have to bring Poppy around to watch you pull acolyte duty. But, hey, you know, if it works for you, best wishes."

Thea offers a bit of a smile, back to Captain Barbie, apparently. "Thanks, Kiss. It's not something I've ever pursued, but given that I have very religious friends, I…need to learn."

"Just be careful, Cat," Kissy looks down, brows knitting in a picture of real concern for a moment. "The goddess is trouble, okay?"

She blinks at him for a moment. Dot A, check. Dot B, check. Point 1? She's trying to connect the dots. "Aphrodite," she asks, uncertain.

"Hm," Kissy nods in more-taciturn-than-usual agreement.

Thea cants her head to the side then pushes a chair out for him. "What do you know that I don't," she asks, looking a touch worried.

Matto looks back toward the door, then down to the Captain, returning her summons to the chair with a summons toward his bunk. Not that it's -much- more private, but there's the illusion of it, anyhow.

To bunk or not to bunk, that is the question. Whether tis nobler to…oh, hell. Thea rolls to her feet and heads over, tea coming with her.

Matto half-draws the curtain after the Captain crawls up into his bunk with him. Anyone who knows him well will realize that the proximity likely means nothing at all. "Aphrodite single-handedly screwed me over. Or, well, her priests did. One or the other."

Thea leans back against the footboard. She took the far end, of course, being the guest in his bed. "She huhwha," the Captain asks, eloquently. "With your marriage?"

"… No," Kissy replies, drawing one knee close up to him, "It was after that. I told you that I left home on account of that, right?"

"You didn't tell me a whole lot," Thea says, leaning in to get comfortable. "Start at the beginning?"

Matto looks down to his neatly groomed toes. "I was twelve. She was ten. It's not… that weird. A financial and politcal understanding. But I wasn't sold. I wanted True Love," he laughs faintly, tucking an arm up behind his head.

The Captain settles in to listen, getting comfortable. Her regard is attentive, yet not intense.

"So, once I discovered True Love, we…" Kissy takes a deep breath, smiling, "We took off. Made a break for it. We went to Leonis, to Thalattra/Columella," he grins. The Twin Cities of Leonis. Home to drifters, grifters, hippies and dreamers of all sorts. Home to great bohemian entertainments, great theatre, great music, and, in the middle of Columella, the great Temple of Aphrodite, which used to draw pilgrims by the thousands, a shining temple on a hill, dripping with gold and silks and every sort of luxury. "We got by, somehow. We had a street act, juggling and singing and telling jokes for tourist's cubits. We didn't have a roof over our heads, but— who did, in Thalattra?"

Thea smiles a little as she listens, but it seems to have more to do with the look on his face and the story than anything else.

"We were in love. That's all we really needed," Kissy adds, his smile growing warmer as he recalls. "Anyway… we decided, when we were sixteen, we'd go on a pilgrimage by foot to Columella and pay our respects to the goddess there. We walked all the way from Thalattra. Took us all day. It was the best walk. The weather was perfect, we had a picnic lunch packed. It was unbearably romantic."

Oh, no. Thea can almost hear the 'but' coming in the story. Yet she watches his face, relaxed, comfortable.

Yeah, there's no way this story could possibly end well. "We spent the night in the temple… we sacrificed wine and white doves at the altar, and we went with the priests to receive Aphrodite's rites," Kissy takes a quiet breath, closing his eyes and shoving his tongue against the back of a tooth.

Thea's curled up in Kissy's bunk, at the foot of it, in her tank and sweats, listening to Kissy talk. Her bruises are a bit more visible tonight - at least the physical ones. She's cradling tea, listening.

Matto is curled up at the head of his bunk, one knee hugged up toward him, curtain partway closed. "In the morning when we were about to go, the priests kindly decided to announce to the both of us that Aphrodite had informed them that I was straight." He looks up to the Captain. "Octavian was very religiously minded, and— trusting in the goddess— left me." He bites down firmly on the inside of his lip for a moment.

Thea's nose wrinkles slightly and she nods. "The intolerance is one of the reasons I've never pursued faith," she tells him quietly. "I'm so sorry to hear they did that to you, Kiss. That was uncalled for. Aphrodite needs to remove her head from her ass."

"That's… more or less that I told her," Kissy replies, slouching back against the front of his bunk. "I cursed her at her own altar. I don't think she took kindly to it. I haven't felt romantic attraction— toward either a man or a woman— since."

The Captain winces slightly at that and nods, slowly. "My…belief system is a little different," she says quietly

Matto tips his head curiously to one side, inviting.

"Honestly," she says, quirking a brow. "I don't believe in curses, or in the gods doing a whole hell of a lot of anything. Well, I didn't. Let's put it that way. This is all part of…why I'm doing what I'm doing."

"Why ARE you doing what you're going?" Kissy wonders.

There's a hesitation as she watches him, considers him. "Because there has to be something more," she says quietly. "I feel it inside. It's like I'd forgotten it for so long that I didn't remember what it felt like. It's new. And because I want to understand some people in my life, I want to understand their committment. I want…" Her lips purse slightly. "I want to understand why religion would stand in the way of true love."

Matto chuckles, "Have you ever read the Scriptures? The Lords are spiteful creatures who know no taste of human morality, but look out for their own interests," he shakes his head.

"Oh, you mean like the quorum," Thea asks, tone absolutely, utterly dry. "Like most of the men I've dated?"

She gives him a wry grin and nods. "Pretty much." A shoulder lifts, delicately. "I wish I knew more of waht to say, though."

"Not much -to- say," Kissy shrugs. "Just be careful. All it takes is one candle to flare up at the wrong time and be considered a 'sign' of some sort… and you'll wish you'd never set foot in that temple."

Thea's quiet for awhile then nods, once. "I don't know, Kissy. After everything I've seen, it feels…right to pursue faith. But I'm also doing it to understand Ri. Is that wrong?"

"I guess people have done crazier shit for a guy," Kissy smiles softly.

"But I don't know that I'm doing it FOR him, Kiss," she says quietly. Her lower lip disappears between her teeth. "I've honestly given up on him. I pushed him too hard and it created a problem." One hand brushes lightly over her bruises, absently.

"Well… whatever you're doing it for, I hope you have better luck with the hell bitch than I did," Kissy replies with a faint smile. Harsh language from the usually mild-tongued pilot.

The strap slides a bit. Yep, matching bruises. Both sides. "I don't plan to go through her rites. I just want to learn to pray. The rites of whomever I choose will come MUCH later."

"So, you want to talk about what happened?" Kissy wonders, leaning back against his shelving unit and grabbing a squishy stress-ball type thing.

She watches the stress ball for a moment. "Ever tried to stop a moving train with your face," she asks simply, looking back at Matto. "I'm surprised the Marines didn't report the screaming. The storage room must be sound-proof. We…had our last fight. I'm done. It hurts too much. I've got a job to do to keep you and Poppy safe and my other pilots. I'm just going to focus on that."

Poppy peeks very timidily around the edge of the hatch, attempting to stay out of sight and simultaneously contemplating running back to the gym for an hour or two.

Matto tosses the stress ball to the Captain, who obviously needs it more than he does. "I try to keep my face out of the way of locomotives. Poppyflower likes keeping me pretty," he smiles faintly. "Where is that girl, anyhow? I swear sometimes I think she'd live in the gym given half a chance. So, what, Spiderman beat you up? For what, for flirting with him?"

"He didn't beat me up," Thea says in a low, quiet voice. A little defensive? Yeah. "Push came to shove, and he went and turned himself into the CAG for something stupid." Yep, the plastic is cracking a little. No, she's not emo about it. Her life isn't over. She's just a little sad. "I kept pushing his buttons, trying to get him to open up a little. He pushed me, I pushed him, it got messy. All because I asked him to help me find an appropriate man to…donate when the time's right. MEDICALLY donate." It seems important that she emphasizes that. And boy. For a smart woman, she sure is dumb. Yes, Thea. Everyone knows it's smart to ask the man you're having relationship trouble with to help you find ANOTHER man to knock you up. "Is Poppy ok? She's not working out too much, is she? Is everything alright?" Suddenly Thea's problems seem to go away. Fast. Problems with Poppy? She even stops squeezing the hell out of the ball.

"I'm okay," Poppy calls from the doorway, biting her lower lip, "Don't worry."

Matto peeks out of his bunk, grinning at Poppy, "She's fine. I just whine because it's the one place she goes without me and I miss her when she's gone," he smiles. "What'd he turn himself in for? Shoving?" he wonders, patting the bunk between himself and the Captain in an invitation for Poppy to come up and join them.

Thea peers over at Poppy and a smile actually breaks through the plastic. Relief. "C'mon up, Pop. I've kept your spot warm," she tells the other woman. "I was just talking with Kissy about finding religion. Well, looking for religion. Gonna send SAR out after it." She looks back to Matto and nods, once. "For fighting, when it wasn't a fight. It was no more than you and Poppy when you russle and tussle."

"Room for both of us," Poppy argues, climbing up to Kissy's bunk and right over the top of Thea - half lying on her as she completely relaxes, "Ahh."

"So you grappled with him for a few seconds and he fell over and gave up?" Kisseus grins, cariacturing his own wrestlematches with Poppy. As Poppy climbs up and makes herself comfortable sprawled half-on the Captain he makes a grab for her feet, drawing them onto his lap and peeling off her footwear for a footrub, something at which he generally excels. "So you're looking for a donor, huh? I'm lined up to get some extracted for Poppyflower when she wants to go about having kittens. I could always see about giving enough for two. Man, our squadron will have the BEST looking babies EVAR."

Thea blinks at Poppy, then just shakes her head and shifts so the woman can get comfortable and use her as a pillow. "I dunno. Pop, you want our kids to be related? They'd be half-siblings. And they WOULD be pretty cute. Mine would certainly be a redhead. Your laid back attitude would be the perfect balance to my temper. Of course, YOURS," she says, tugging at Pop's hair. "Would be incredibly adorable, given the relationship between you two."

Poppy grins, "They so would be. I'd love 'em." She glances towards Kissy, extending a foot to prod him as she reclines on the Captain, "You sure we have to go about it the robot way?" She grins jokingly, yawning a little.

Matto grabs that foot in both hands and presses his thuimbs down against the sole, rubbing them firmly downward— firmly enough not to tickle, but not hard enough to hurt. "Well, I dunno, I don't think either of us want a repeat performance of the disaster in the supply closet," he points out, "Which— again— totally not your fault. But I think the robot way will be less likely to kill me with the effort."

The Captain sighs quietly. "I keep reminding myself that Marines are a renewable resource, booze isn't. I should be using the Marines. But you don't have to talk to booze the next morning." Then she pauses and looks between the two of them, suddenly seeming pained. "That was a mental picture I didn't need," she says quietly. "Suddenly all I could think of was asking Arielle if she was doing gender reassignment surgery. But then there'd be no kittens." Her mind is trying to wrap around the concept. Like one of those slap bands from the 80s.

Poppy blushes a little at the mention of the supply closet fiasco, "But the robot is no fun."

"Wait, what?" Kissy laughs as the Captain's train of thought leaves him at the station, "I'm not getting a vagina implant," he professes as he moves one hand up Poppy's foot to grab around the ball, his other thumb pressing down into the top of her heel, rubbing there.

"I need a drink," is Thea's weak reply. "I shouldn't have gone there. Someone made me come home with the t-shirt. It wasn't you I was talking about, Kiss. You don't like vagina, so why in the hell would you get one of your own?"

Poppy nods her head, "Yeah, no need to get one, Kissy." She glances towards Thea suddenly, lifting her eyebrow, "Want to introduce me to some marines?"

"There's nothing -wrong- with vaginas, per se," Kissy notes. "My best friend has one, and it's adorable," he pats Poppyflower on the top of her foot assuringly. "I just have enough issues with my bits without trying to get used to a whole new pair."

The Captain makes a strangled little sound in the back of her throat. Trauma? Trauma. "I…erk. Marines. Yes. Still trying to hook you up with Charles," Thea manages to choke out. "As a note? I'm not bringing any potential bunkmates home. They'd never make it out of here alive." Yes, she's serious.

Poppy laughs, wriggling her toes at Kissy, "Why thank you." To Thea she just shrugs a little, "Don't worry about it. I've still got my Treasure."

"You're very welcome," Kissy replies, then, arcing a brow comedically at Cat, he peeks down to Poppy conspiritorially, "She's found us out, Poppyflower. We'll have to find another place to run our serial killer side business."

Thea groans and starts to slide out of the bunk. "No. I'm just afraid the pair of you would be standing outside my rack with scorecards the next morning," she comments. Great. Way to give them ideas.

Poppy reaches to try and grapple Thea and keep her from fleeing, "We wouldn't do that. Staaaay."

"Yeah, I stopped grading Poppy on her masturbation noises, like, years ago," Kissy points out. "We are -far- too mature for such tomfoolery. Stay! You are adorable and must chill out with us more."

Poppy leans to whisper, "I got all 10s."

Thea squirms out of the way. "Early CAP plus I need to figure out a schedule to avoid the CAG and Captain Marek," she explains, sliding a little ways out of the bunk. Then Poppy whispers and Thea very simply falls off the side and lands with a thump on the deck. "Oh, gods. This is what he meant by praying," she's heard muttering.

Poppy begrudgingly lets Thea go and turns back to Matto, "I might have to give you all sevens, though. Hnf. Hnf. Hnf is so unoriginal."

Matto looks down, "Hey, you alright?" he asks, looking actually a little worried. "I never hnfed, he adds, to Poppy, "You must have been listening to someone else," he pokes her in the ribs, then drags her close for a hug.

Poppy is all for the hug, leaning into it, "Oh, gosh, probably."

Thea picks herself up with what dignity she has left and gives both of them a little smile. "Night, Lieutenants," she says weakly, then flees to her bunk.

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