Summary: Yuuri and Jupiter form a bond their own way in the Game Room
Date: PHD10
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The game room is filled with Kharon crew members from all branches. Many playing triad or other card games, some seated around, and a small group over by the pool tables. Yuuri is one of those by the pool, his stash of cubits is piling up next to his fumarella sticks and he appears to be on a winning streak. Typhys leans down on the table top and lines up a shot..*crack* the cue ball smacks into a trio of balls and a stripe is sunk in the corner pocket. A few of the marines seem to bitch about the shot and the knuckledragger with the other pool cue seems unhappy.

The hatch opens and Jupiter steps into the room, with her empty handmade coffee mug purchased on some colony or another. It's a heavy tall mug made of high fired ceramic stoneware with a rough edge, and a warm earthy color. She makes her way, of course, for the coffee maker, to snag some joe. She doesn't glance around until she's in the kill zone, ie within reach of the pot.

"Fingers!" Yuuri shouts over the crowd, many of the crew watching the pool match turn to see his bunk mate. "Why don't you come join in the game. Play some doubles against these meat heads." He takes a long drag from the fumarella stick, exhaling through both nose and lips as he speaks, "Got a treat for ya, plus I'm getting a bit rich." He points the end of the pool cue at Jupiter, "C'mon."

Jupiter waves off the invitation to come and play games. "I'm can't be trusted with weapons today," is all she says about that. She pulls out a chair at a small empty table, drops into it, and kicks her feet up on the edge of another chair nearby. "Besides, if those boys have any real talent, they would have taken your cash and left you curled up in the fetal position. No sense kicking them while they're sucking."

"Take it you didn't hear what happened to Case then?" Yuuri grins ear to ear, turning back to the table and lining up for another shot. He bends his elbow and follows through, giving the cueball enough english to tap one in and give him a good shot on the eight-ball. He takes another drag from the cigarette and sets it on the side of the pool table. "Can't be trusted with weapons?" He chuckles and sets up for the final shot of the game, "You should be in a straight jacket with those fisticuffs of yours."

Jupiter grimaces as Yuuri mentions Case. She doesn't confirm or deny, but merely says, "I don't wanna hear about Case, especially if it ever has anything to do with her banging my little brother. She's completely out of line." There's a pause, and she reconsiders for a moment before asking, "Who broke her nose?"

Yuuri holds the pool cue behind his back and flicks his wrist, the cue ball cracking into the eight ball and sending it into a side pocket. The knuckledragger growls and tosses a few silver cubits onto the table. "Thanks for trying." Typhys offers the loser before turning to Jupiter. "I did" It was simply stated as he picks up the cubits and walks over towards his pile of earnings and cigs. He gathers his pot and sets it on the table where Jupiter is seated. "Here's a pack. I know if I offer one, you'll take the whole pack anyways."

"If I could stand other pilots, I'd give you a pity frak just for that." Jup reaches over to take the pack as it's set down. "Smart man." She opens it, and taps one out. The pack is left resting by her coffee mug.

"I'm known as the egotistical jock with a tail. Not many pilots enjoy my company." Yuuri offers while leaning on the pool cue. "And I don't think we'd ever frak." He pulls a final hit from the cig, blowing the smoke from his nostrals, "One your brother and I don't get along. Two I'm not your type. Three that frakking Ensign I got as wingman would probably start running her mouth about it."

"My brother doesn't enter into it, I'd have to be really drunk, and what does an Ensign have to do with it?" Jupiter arches a brow, reaches into her pocket, and pulls out a lighter to light her smoke while she looks over at Yuuri. "Which one you get saddled with?"

"Morales." Yuuri states rather flatly, pulling the chair out and settling in. He reaches down and starts to tie his boot, disappearing under the table for a brief moment. Before long Typhys rises back up, starting to pack another pack of fumarella stick, "Your boots untied Fingers."

Jupiter bends after a moment, taking her coffee mug with her. "Yeah, well," she reaches down, sets the mug on the floor, undoes the flask, dumps it into the coffee, and tosses it under Yuuri's chair once recapped. She straightens with the mug. "Not gonna do it, but it's a start." She raises her mug slightly, then sips the coffee.

"Well I'm not looking for it." Yuuri stretches down to the floor and stashes the flask in his sock again. As he comes back up, Typhys starts unwrapping the pack and pulling one out with his lips. He sparks the silver lighter, igniting the fumarella at the end of the cig. "Anyways, what brought you down here?" He leans back against the chair, "Crowded berthings tonight? Not enough personal space to make those noises tonight?"

"I don't give a frak who hears it. I just don't want to play social hour after yesterday's bullshit with my nosy little brother," Jupiter replies, in no uncertain terms. She's not what you'd call really reserved with her opinions, eh? "It's a convention in there. I walked by and kept going."

"If I asked, I'm sure you wouldn't tell me, but if you care to bitch and vent. I'm all ears." Yuuri starts to slide cubits into two piles; one infront of Jupiter and the other infront of himself. "Besides, the last time we spoke. I ended up in hack." He offers a smug grin before exhaling the smoke around the cig between his lips.

"You pissed in the Captain's coffee. Don't look at me." Jup reaches up to run her fingers through her dark curls, flicking them back from her eyes. She reaches up to tap with a nail one stack of cash. "What's this?" Her eyes linger on the other pilot as she waits for his response.

"Your cut to keep those fingers out of my stash." Yuuri chuckles, removing the cigarette from his lips and ashing it on the floor. He finishes the split at seventy cubits a piece. "Hear you are flying with that daddy's boy Kale the third or some shit." Both icey jades rim just below his eyebrows as he looks at Jupiter.

Jupiter regards the pile for a moment, then quietly picks up it, folds it over, and shoves it into her pocket. She resettles in her seat, and reaches for her ceramic coffee mug. "I don't really pay attention so long as they don't swap paint or blow up in my trajectory." That's some real tender feelings she has there for her wingmate.

Yuuri's attention is drawn to a marine clapping for a pool cue. He tosses the stick towards the marine who catches it and turns away. "So what happened with your brother anyways." Yup he's going for it, enough with the small talk.

Jup sips her coffee, pause to shove the cig into her mouth, and says, "He decided to talk about family shit in front of his snoopy creepy ass girlfriend." Ie, Case. "She actually stood out in the corridor and eavesdropped. Badly. He just wanted to go all tender moments by the coffee machine. Kids."

Yuuri would try to comfort Jupiter, but he's not stupid. She doesn't want to be comforted in his eyes. "You really don't like her huh?" He starts to chuckle, "That why you offered her as an easy frak the first day we met?" His arms cross along his chest, but a hand continues the motion up to his lips for more nicotine.

"Was hoping you'd do her, and Marty'd see her for what she is." Jupiter slouches a little more in her chair, all the warm fuzzies just pouring out about Case. "I know he's gonna frak around and I'm gonna hear about it, but I wish he had some standards." She's a little more cranky than usual since the bombings. Just a bit.

"Case says you just jealous that all the guys want her instead of you." Yuuri starts to laugh a bit, is arms rising and falling with his chest. "I honestly am starting not to give a damn about anyone. Seems everytime I start to trust someone, I get blown off or assigned a new wingman. Case included."

"If she were really talking about me, I'd have to break her nose again," Jupiter replies, taking a longer sip of her cooling and spiked coffee. "Who'd you piss of this time?" Jups glances over and lowers the mug. "You cheese the CAG this time?" Reasonable guess, considering he started with Kai.

"Did that, spent all those days with Mudguts in the recovery ward - my wingman, only to be nearly pawned off after she gets out. Case and I spar infront of a bunch of Marines, I whoop her ass, next day she's all snuggley with me, then it's like ignore Typhoon." Yuuri continues to chuckle and takes drags off his smoke, "Went in with Poet to bring up some findings about maybe tracking the Cylons to Capt. Legacy…Let's just say I was dismissed and Poet was kept in. They acted like I wasn't even saing anything." He ashes the stick before butting the smoldering end of it.

"It happens. Pilots are whores," Jupiter reaches over with the cig, and ashes into someone else's cup they left unattended for a little bit too long. She returns the cig to her lips. "Used and abused, are you Typh? You could just stop mouthing off in front of the brass, see how that goes."

"Been thinking about that. Just fading away from the squadron as a group." Yuuri's hand motions as he continues to speak, "You know, just flying when I gotta and hanging out with people not so into science..I mean what the frak, I -thought- we were pilots who did physical shit."

Jupiter leaves the cig dangling from her lips. She exhales a long, slow breath of smoke and reaches up to run her fingers through her hair. She curls her fingers at the back of her neck, fingers laced through her hair still. A few curls slide free into her face, falling across her cheek. "Just get the stick out of your frakkin' ass and don't get your panties in a twist every time someone takes a shot at you riding your family's coattails."

Yuuri boggles at the very concept of Jupiter, "My parents didn't do shit for me for one and I don't act like Kale - bragging about my family name in every conversation." His icey jades flare a bit, "I swear your balls are as large as mine." his tone isn't chastising anymore and he starts to chuckle, "You have a chip on your shoulder almost as big as mine and here you are trying to tell me how to act?" Pulling out another cig and sparking it to life he turns to face Jupiter, "Atleast you got family left, we could all talk shit about the Blacks." His fingers curl and extend in a taunting motion towards her, "C'mon Fingers, prove me right."

"Difference between you an me is I didn't get to camp in the brig for starting shit with my Captain for no apparent reason," Jupiter replies, tipping forward a little in her chair. "You don't wanna talk about my family. That's one temptation you shouldn't give in to."

Oh here we go! Yuuri's hand slams down onto the table, not loud but forceful. His icey jades caught up in Jupiter's gaze, "Eye for an eye eh Fingers?" Typhys matches the woman's movement and leans forward, "What was your reason for hack..or should I ask how you got outta hack." Yes he's talking a lot of shit, taunting his bunk mate, but maybe he's just trying to find common ground with one person in the entire squadron.

Jupiter's hands finally come off of her neck. She reaches forward to grab Yuuri's collar with one hand, and drag him closer so she can make her point in a most personally invasive way. "My family ain't military. Doesn't weigh in. That means you talk about 'em, I put you back in Sickbay and maybe you'll get lucky and pull down another wing switch up."

Yuuri is jerked forward, his hand coming to grip Jupiter's wrist. "You have that wrong. Your remaining family is military." He's actually grinning for being this close to his bunk mate. "I got no one left - poor me huh?" The sarcasm clearly vocal as he continues, "Poor me right? Hung out to dry when we are all that is left. The mouthy egotistical jock who enjoys a good fight."

Jupiter's other hand comes off of her neck, and she reaches over to take a handful on the other side of his collar, rising and dragging Yuuri with her. The cigarette dangles from her lips still, and smoke puffs out lightly with her words, "What did I just say?" She plants a foot and turns, with every intention of hauling Yuuri up and over the table, into some nearby chairs, barroom style.
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Jupiter's attempt is halted by his size and readiness for her actions. Sure his collar is stretched a bit, but he doesn't budge - he did play pyramid and was a solid athlete. "Hey whoa." Typhys laughs at the attempt, his hands landing on the table to support himself. "Atleast you are proving my point about that chip." The sarcasm still livid in his voice, "Mine's just a bit larger than yours. You want to see how it's done?" He tosses the 3/4 burnt cig into a mug and grabs Jupiter's wrist, trying to sprawl her out on the table top.

Frak. "Fatass. How many frakkin' smoothies you have before you boarded for this tour," Jupiter grunts as she can't budge Yuuri. It's easier when they try to punch you first, what with the momentum and all. Cold jock tossing ain't easy. She turns her hand under his grip, grabs hold of his forearm, and uses his tiny moment off being off balance to throw him into the table instead of over it, her body carrying after his. Body slam! It's just a shame her coffee mug is going to hit the floor. It does, bouncing instead of shattering. Good craftsmanship that. Oh, wait. Nope, the handle cracks off on the second bounce. "School is in."

Yuuri grunts as the mugs, glasses and even his cubits go flying off the table. He's a bit winded, icey jades going wide as Jupiter's body is over his. He starts laughing/coughing all at once, his voice still sarcastic, "Was about to ask you the same thing!" He tries frantically to grab some part of her for leverage.

Jupiter sits on Yuuri's chest, scrambling up to do so. The entire room is watching by now, and the table is a little off balance. If she leans too far they might both fall off the other edge. "You touch my tits, I'll relocate your balls!" Jupiter warns, before she reaches up to grab Yuuri's ear. His flailing keeps her from twisting.

Yuuri's hands grope for a grip to pull this fiesty minx off of his chest. Most guys would be enjoying this in a way opposite to Typhys, he's laughing and wincing at the same time as his ear is stuck in the grip of Jupiter. "I can't even notice those! I figured you were the plains of Picon!" He shouts, still trying to gain leverage, but only succeeding in getting a grip on her forearms with both hands.

Small tits jokes. That's not the smartest thing when a woman's sitting on your chest with your ear in a good grip. Jupiter twists. Hard. "You little shit. Stop trying to fight like a girl in the locker room." She grabs hold of his shirt, purposefully chucks over the side, and pulls him with her hard enough that it's pretty likely he's going to take the force of the fall, and her body landing on his. Better hope it's not onto a jagged piece of ceramic handle.

With a tomato colored ear, Yuuri falls off the table onto the jagged piece of handle. He's about to arch his back when the not-so-lithe Jupiter lands on top of him. The room full of marines who watched Typhys and Samantha fight are cheering loudly at the brawl. His eyes close momentarily eating the pain before grabbing the back of Jupiter's shirt and rolling her onto her back into the puddle of spiked coffee. His laugh has muffled from the pain shooting through his back and blood can be seen staining through his black tank top. He ignores it, now straddling the other jock.

The amount of bitching coming from Jupiter is pretty constant now that her sweats are soaking up coffee. "What the frak is your problem, you asshole. Gods, I just did my laundry," She moves to get up, shoving herself off of the floor, then sends a kick at Yuuri's ribs. She doesn't so much look before she does it though. Mostly because there's coffee soaking through her underwear.

Yuuri is shoved back into a crouching position as Jupiter rises, her foot coming at him awkwardly. Both hands grab her foot, holding her up by one leg. He's laughing pretty heavily again, "Aww poor bay-bee" He snickers her way before trying to lift the leg up to the point where she would literally just fall.

Jupiter gives her foot a yank, but it doesn't really do much, so she tips forward and reaches over to grab Yuuri's collar in one hand, again, cig bobbing lightly as she says, "You know you have a really huge forehead." She's not doing much other than showing off a little flexibility. Not really a tactical advantage, but she's in an awkward position. She hasn't spotted the blood yet. Mostly because it's on his back and she can't see it.

"If I didn't know better Fingers, I'd take that as a compliment." Typhys smirks at Jupiter, his neck pulled a bit closer to her leg. "Pretty flexible." He remains standing their, trying to actually let the jock keep her balance as he strokes his chin. "I was so right about you." The sarcasm returns along with a devilish grin as he pulls her leg up higher.

Jupiter scowls a little as the smugness comes back into Yuuri's tone. "Yeah?" She plants a hand on the floor, and throws her body into a spin, her other leg comes up in a kick, landing against Yuuri's side or arm, depending on what he moves. Good thing, too. Woulda hurt if she missed and he didn't let go of her other leg. Maybe he'll let go now. Either way, it's going to leave a bruise on him. If he doesn't let go, she'll have to dangle until she can get her foot back.

Jupiter won't be dangling…Yuuri releases her foot and crumples to the ground in silence. His jaw and eyes are clenched shut as the other foot had connected with the gash left by the coffee mug. He struggles now, trying to gather himself to all fours. His breathing is weighed down, not many words aside from cursing can be heard. The crowd around them is still going crazy. Shouts of "Get a bunk", "Can I have next", and "You frakking pansy" ring through out the crewmen in the room. Yuuri's icey jade eyes look across to the opponent, signalling he isn't finished.

Jupiter takes a moment to get back to her feet, centering her body, and otherwise picking herself up from the puddle of coffee. Her back, half her ass, and one leg are soaked through with coffee, the sweats stained a lovely shade of dark brown, and stick to her skin most uncomfortably. "Great, now I look like I shit myself." She shoves herself to her feet, flips the international signal for 'go frak yourselves, jarheads,' and turns to face Yuuri. She tosses her head to flick some dark curlsf rom her eyes, but they fall right back. "You done yet?"

Yuuri grabs onto a chair and rises, the crowd cheering behind him like in boxing movies. As he rises, his back is turned to Jupiter, the blood stain is rather large after the blow by her foot. "I'm still standing." His smile is weak though, the previous back problems mixed with the gash from mug handle and sever bruising around it are really affecting him. He finally turns to face the other jock, "Let's have it out shall we?" The smile turns into a crooked grin that borders one of a natural killer.

"You look like shit," Jupiter comments, waving a hand toward the bloodstain that's spreading. "You're done. Go get stitched, you pussy." She drops her hands to her hips, shakes her head, and ignores the marines. That's when she notices her mug. "Aw, asshole. That was my favorite."

Yuuri rushes at Jupiter when her attention is on the broken mug. His arms begin to wrap around her but she slips from his grip, causing him to reel to the side and smashes into the wall back first. He just lays there not moving.

Jupiter straightens as Yuuri's hand slides off of her hip. She turns to see what the hell—and he's on the floor. "What the hell." She glances at the marines, and then she glances at the dropped pilot. She bends to right one of the chairs that went over, and picks up her mug to drop it in a nearby bin. "He's got some cash, whoever humps him to sickbay and forgets to mention anyone else involved in his tripping over the chair onto a broken mug wins it. Plus half a pack of smokes." She points to a shift looking marine. "You. Go."

Yuuri raises his head and tries to climb to his feet using the chair beside him. " little bitch" He says grinning ear to ear, "Get me back to the berthings, you lazy ass." His hands grabs for the table, pulling himself into the chair and hoisting a fumarella stick from the crushed pack in his pocket. He tries to ignore the blood on his hand as he lights the end of the cig, taking the nicotine/tar deep into his lungs with the first inhale - exhaling slowly.

"Not a chance. Go to medical shitheat." Jupes nods to the marine. "Help him, if he bitches, call Sickbay and have them come get his ass. Seriously, you're too frakked up, they won't let you fly."

Yuuri stares at Jupiter for a few moments, "C'mere then." He reaches down into a sock and pull out the flask, keeping it palmed and against his chest. He's hurt more by his bunkmate just leaving him to the marines and sickbay than his back.

Jupiter steps up to Yuuri, and leans over as if to check his wound. She easily takes the flask from him, and slides it out of view without so much as a hesitation. No one seems to notice. "Anybody asks, I dropped my coffee and you tripped into the mug." She grins, and gives his cheek a pat. "Unless you get ordered to give all the details."

Yuuri grabs Jupiter by the arm and whispers, "The pool table has a sharp edge and I was clumsy." He takes a quick puff and blows it away from her face, "You were clumsy and dropped your coffee mug, spilling it in your chair." His icey jades finally seek those of Jupiter's, "I told you. You got a chip on your shoulder as big as mine."

"That's great." Jupiter nods. "Now we've bonded, I'm gonna have a shower." She glances over to the coffee slowly drying Most of it was soaked up in her clothes from all the rolling around on the floor. "Watch out for the nurse with the beady eyes. She has wandering hands." She takes the smokes from where they fell, and says, "Whatever story you can remember. Keep it simple." She nods to Yuuri, then turns to flee the scene of the crime so she can change her godsdamn clothes.

Yuuri rises to his feet and grabs a few napkins from around the coffee area, holding them to his back. The crowd that was here during the fight seems to know what sort of amusement they will have next time these two jocks have it out in the gym and keep their mouths shut for that exact reason. To everyone here, it was simply just a couple accidents. Yuuri slips through the hatch on his way to sickbay - alone and wishing he had drank tonight.

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