A New Plan
A New Plan
Summary: Jo makes a pitch to the resistance group at the bunker. EVENT
Date: PHD 165
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[ Bunker - Mess Hall ]-------—[ Scorpia ]

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #165 OOC Time: Wed Sep 30 20:13:47 2009

The Mess Hall has a long series of steel tables aligned along the length of the room, each one bolted into the floor underneath. Formica floors run wall to wall and even back into the kitchen which is filled with Stainless Steel equipment. The same dull lighting hangs overhead.

With the help of Angel, Joanna organized a little gathering in the mess hall. Unfortunately turnout is a little less than she had hoped for. People filter in, but not all of the bunker residents. Jo leans against the wall by the door, waiting for folks to get settled.

Cahen is taking advantage of the tea stores one last time while he's here. He's drinking a last cuppa at one of the tables. A nod is offered to Joanna. He's settled, for his part, and is enjoying as much of being settled as he can until it's time for them to be off.

Jonah's been restless in the bunker, so when this meeting was organized, he was one of the first on time for it. Now he's chosen a chair near Cahen, more comfortable with the people from the farmhouse and those he's travelled with prior. Solidarity in bloodshed.

Joanna nods to Cahen and Jonah, offering a subdued smile. She doesn't keep folks waiting long. Soon as most everyone is settled, she steps away from the wall and says in her best quiet-the-room-teacher-voice, "Thanks everyone for coming down. I know you've all got things to do so I'll keep this brief. I've met most of you already, so you know who I am and where my friends and I came from. For those that haven't, see me after. What I want to talk about tonight is the future - where do we go from here."

"Whether from Harkins, Grifter Falls, or Tinos - we've all just been focused on survival. Hiding out, worrying about near-term issues like food, medicine, security. I believe it's time we started thinking longer-term. I doubt anyone wants to be hiding out in this bunker thirty years from now."

Cahen seems more comfortable sitting with Jonah as well. Joanna's 'teacher' manner draws the faintest of smirks from him. For now he just listens. And finishes his tea.

Alyssa arrives from the Bunker - Front Hall.

Jonah is quiet, shifting uncomfortably in his seat for a moment as he looks to the faces around them. It's one of those 'will you stay or will you go' conversations, isn't it? Perhaps he's already placing bets on who will be doing what.

Alyssa looks around. Angel really should be here for this, but maybe she and Joanna had already talked. Swallowing hard, she looks around, not so much at the room or even the other people in, but through it, to all the others. "This place is safe, but any… long-term… activities might make it not safe for long." She looks back at Joanna. "What did you have in mind?"

Joanna catches that smirk from Cahen when she glances over, and smirks a bit herself. She can't help it! A nod to Alyssa. "In a situation like this, we have three options: Run, Hide, or Fight. Honestly, none are really all that great." She ticks off options on her fingers as she talks. "Run? From what the Kharon's told us, we already have it pretty good compared to the rest of the Colonies. Where would we run to?" Item two. "We can keep hiding, as we have been - but what are we waiting for? Kharon obviously isn't our white knight. Who else is going to save us? Unless the hope is that the Cylons just get bored and leave, hiding out is not a viable long-term option. It's not enough just to survive."

Cahen is sitting in the mess hall with Jonah and a cup of tea he's managed to snag. Probably the last he'll get out of the bunker, so he's enjoying it while he can. He offers Alyssa a nod of recognition when she spots the doctor, gaze going between her and Joanna as he listens. He puts up his hand, in a wry sort of way, before adding, "Has this carrier made a search of the rest of the planet for other groups of survivors? Or even signs of them. We can't be the only ones left down here."

Alyssa shakes her head. "They haven't had the luxury. Flyovers are difficult and attract attention they can't afford pretty quickly." She looks at Joanna. "So we fight them. There are facilities down here, that could be helpful for the war effort. Factories, refineries… hells, the infrastructure that built half the Colonial fleet is on this planet." She takes a deep breath. "So long as Cylons don't resort to just nuking the whole planet, we may even have a chance."

Joanna nods to Cahen. "I agree with you there. Unfortunately, Kharon hasn't been all that forthcoming with information about what they have or haven't found. Even if there were other groups of survivors, there's a limit to how many people we can get together and still stay under the Cylons' dradis. I do want to find out who else is out there." But more on that in a moment. A pause, then, looking around. "I certainly wouldn't fault anyone for choosing to hide. Maybe the Cylons will get what they need and leave. Maybe some other survivor of the fleet will swing by and whisk us all off to Olympus. But I think such a decision needs to be a conscious one, not just sticking our heads in the sand and hoping things get better."

Jo glances to Alyssa then, when she speaks. "Fighting presents its own set of challenges. Thirty people aren't likely going to be able to run a Tyllium refinery or Viper production plant under the Cylons' noses. Not for very long anyway. Guerrilla warfare is an option, but very risky in itself. The bigger problem is we're flying blind. We know next to nothing about our enemy here - strengths, locations. To fight effectively, we need intelligence. That's what I'm suggesting we make our first priority."

Jonah leans forward, propping his elbows on the table. His attention turns to Alyssa as she speaks of the Kharon and the possibilities Scorpia has to offer, churning this all over in his brain. His eyes stick on the doctor for a moment, before dragging back to Joanna when she poses a plan.

"Haven't had the luxury? I see." Cahen repeats that a very even tone. The rest of what Alyssa says gets his attention in a less sarcastic sort of way. "Paros and Tinos don't appear to have been destroyed entirely, so there's that at least." A nod to Joanna. "We spoke about this before, so you know I quite agree. So far as getting some idea of what we're dealing with is concerned. Otherwise we can't do much more than hide out in bunkers or farmsteads or wherever else we can manage to crawl to."

"This bunker has a large amount of communications equipment." Alyssa gestures around. "I understand less than half of it, but in combination with the communication Towers the Cylons have been building, we may be able to use it. For instance, instead of destroying the towers as we have in the past, we might be able to bug them… use them to gain intel." She shrugs. "I have no idea how possible that is, but…"

Joanna nods to Cahen. "Going on the offensive now, with what we know, would be idiotic." A slight smile there, remembering an earlier conversation. "But we can begin more active recon of the area. Our range is pretty limited, but it's a start. The communications equipment -" A nod to Alyssa there. "Is also a bonus. We haven't utilized it to its full extent trying to contact other survivors. Eavesdropping may be another option worth investigating." A brief pause to let that settle before she gets to the big one.

"The trouble with more active operations is that it has the potential to draw attention. As Dr. Odeysseon pointed out earlier, the more we do, the more likely this bunker will be discovered. So what I'm proposing is that all active operations be shifted to Grifter Falls. The bunker can remain our reserve base, where the non-combatants can remain in relative safety. We'll keep guards, of course, and supply drops, but by minimizing traffic and activities around here, we'll maximize their safety."

"I agree with Joanna." That's the extent of Jonah's imput on the subject. Why? Most of the time he has to flip a coin to make a decision, and he's certainly not goood at strategy. One thing is for certain, however. This place creeps him out.

Cahen nods a little to Alyssa when she brings up the communications equipment. "I've little head for that sort of technical stuff, but I would think it'd be possible. Wasn't that Cyrus fellow who came to our farm involved in communications work or some sort?" He has no input as far as offensive operations are concerned. He is also very much not a strategist.

Alyssa looks at Jonah for a long time, before looking down at her hands. She is very quiet, but her head rises, looking through the walls right to her meday. "They'd be safer…" she says quietly. "At least from Cylons. But they… they still need a doctor…"

"I'll stay," chimes in one of the other men in the 'audience', whom Alyssa knows to be a highly skilled nurse. "Anything comes up, I should be able to handle it long enough for you to get here. If you want to go." A shrug indicates he does not presume one way or the other.

Angel has been, for the most part, quietly observing from a corner. She's good at that skulking thing. After Joanna speaks, though, she finally breaks her silence. "It's going to be a bit of an adjustment," the young woman says, stepping out into the light, finally. "For all of us. We've been used to doing things one way here. I agree that it is advantageous to join forces, but it seems as though we're moving everything to -your- base of operations, on your territory."

Jonah glances over to Angelica, "I don't think this is about an 'us' and a 'you', ma'am. This is about 'us' and 'them'. I'm more then willing to share the attic." There's a quick of a smile, then he goes back to watching how Joanna will proceed.

Joanna nods readily to Angel. "That is true, but would you rather have it the other way around? All the non-combatants hiding out on an exposed farm, closer to the Cylons?" She gives an appreciative nod to Jonah's words, then spreads her hands in a half-shrug, half-placating gesture. "Everyone here is free to remain and do as they please, of course. But I'm going back to Grifter Falls tomorrow, and I'm going to be leading operations with the long-term goal of fighting the Cylons. Anyone who wants to come and support that goal has a place with us. And if you don't? No hard feelings." Joanna offers a slight smile to that.

Cahen looks back at the audience member medic who chimed in, nodding slightly. "Is there any sort of list you've assembled of those with medical training, Doctor?" he asks Alyssa. Rather ignoring the conversation about moving and doing things whatever way, as he has no real input on that. "There are a few others at the farm with uuseful skills, and I'm sure there are a fair few here as well with some training in at least first aid basics. Perhaps we can pool whatever knowledge we have, get some sort of rotation going."

Alyssa looks up at the nurse, and nods. She'd known he would be there. It was just that these had been HER patients, for months. Cahen's comments make it easier, however. A rotation would be a good idea. She looks to Angel, though she is talking to Joanna. "I am a military doctor, trained specifically to deal with war wounds. If there is going to be a group stepping into harm's way, I should be there to do what I can." She takes a deep breath. "I'm sure we will all have plenty to learn from each other."

Angel studies Joanna. Her attention doesn't waver from the woman. "You told me the other evening that the ranch hadn't seen cylon activity, or anything in the vicinity. It would make more sense to have the non-combatants THERE than here," she points out quietly. "But I suspect that you're right. I don't think we've got the numbers here to fight. And it makes the most sense to join up. Once I have the non-combatants set up here, and safe, I'll be joining you."

Joanna nods to Angel. "Oh, I'm sorry - I must have not been clear. I meant Cylon activity around the farm itself. We were attacked near Tinos, which is less than a day's walk from the farm. Also it's detectable from the air, and has a road leading right to its front door. It is not a secure location by any stretch of the imagination, and I want everyone contemplating coming there to understand that." She looks around at the group for emphasis. A nod to Alyssa and Angelica in turn. "I'm sorry if I implied that the non-combatants would be left to fend for themselves. On the contrary, I see it as the forward group's mission to protect and provide for them in terms of supplies, guards, etc. I just think that the interaction needs to be minimized for their own safety."

"I'm sure we will," Cahen replies to simply to Alyssa, inclining his head to her. "We can work out the details of that rotation when the rest of these matters are firmer." A glance between Joanna and Angel. Angel placing herself as a combatant makes him look a little sad. But again, he stays quiet on the matter.

Angel studies Joanna for a long moment, again, then offers the woman a smile. "You care too much to leave them defenseless," she teases the other woman, gently. It would appear that Angel feels comfortable enough to do so - probably a good sign. "For now, we might want to work out a plan for communications and communicating with the Kharon. That's a more long-term project."

Alyssa gives Angel a little glare at her flippant tone but then laughs softly. "I have the same problem." She looks at Joanna. "The Kharon have not been overly helpful so far, but their supplies are not unlimited and they will need a port of harbor. Military minds are pragmatic to a fault. A small band of refugees simply cannot be a high priority. A Resistance, however, with access to supplies and ground based recon…" she shrugs. "If we make ourselves useful, we can get some support, maybe even some ships and pilots to help us out."

Jonah chews on his bottom lip, eyes looking to the table. News of the Kharon doesn't sit well with him it seems, and he's once more silent. He's already stated that he's staying with Joanna, and working on the new 'front' as it were. He's said his peace for now.

Joanna nods to the various folks speaking. She quirks a little smile at Angel, but grows more serious when Alyssa talks about the Kharon. "I won't discount the possibility, but it won't be a priority. From what Kharon has demonstrated thus far, we can't consider them a reliable source of support."

"I'm curious as to what their other oh-so-pragmatic priorities might be," Cahen says archly. That came out a bit more acidic than he likely meant it to, so he clears his throat and continues in a more moderate tone. "Well, they clearly have access to information that we don't, so I'm sure being able to communicate with a space-faring ship reliably would be all for the good."

Angel leans against a chair, listening, studying everyone. At the glare Alyssa gives her, the young woman simply arches a brow ever so slightly - though nothing's said.

Joanna's mouth presses into a thin line at Cahen's remark, clearly not that happy with the state of affairs herself. "If they come back, we can certainly try to arrange more regular contact. Anything to get us more information would be a boon. But the ball's in their court. We can't reach them until they return."

Alyssa is starting to get a tad icy now. "We'll never get anywhere with that attitude. They are doing the same thing we are, trying to survive while trying to get our own back from the toasters. I am not suggesting we throw open our doors and wait for them to rescue us. We set up our own operations, make ourselves as self-sufficient as we can. For all we know, they are already dead in the black. But if they aren't…" she looks around. "We're all on the same team, and that includes them. When we have something that they need to offer to them, I think we will find help coming much more quickly."

Joanna attempts to steer away from the Kharon bashing. "As the Doctor said, the first thing to do is set up our own operations. So the first thing to determine is: Who's coming with us?" A number of hands go up in the crowd.

Cahen snorts softly to render his opinion on the Kharon, but he doesn't argue or bash any further. He assumes he'll be returning to the farm and so stays quiet for this bit as well.

"Alyssa," Angel says, voice low and quiet. It's a simple word - for now. She glances around to those going with, then adds her own hand to the mix. "Everything is, for the most part, ready here. I'll join up as soon as possible."

Alyssa looks around. "No point beating around the bush." She raises her hand.

Joanna surveys the raised hands with a crisp nod. One can imagine her making a 'class list' in her head. About ten people from the bunker volunteer to go. "All right. Well, those coming along can decide whether you want to head back with us tomorrow or stay for a little longer and head over with Angel. We leave at 0600." Cahen may get an extra cup of tea out of this after all. "Thanks for your time." With that, she leaves her center-of-attention position at the front to head over to Angel.

Cahen will undoubtedly be taking advantage of some more tea before he leaves. The class roster Joanna seems to be preparing prompts more smirking, but there's a fondness to it. He drains the rest of what he has in his cup. It's long gone cold, but he likes the taste anyhow.

Angel tilts her head to look up at Joanna, curious - but the smile is, believe it or not, warm. Whatever else she might feel, Angel's setting up a united front with the older woman.

The sight of Cahen taking his tea makes Alyssa want some, and she goes to prepare a cup. Filling it carefully, she holds it with both hands while simply letting the aroma reach her nose. Half of being a doctor in the hospitals on Aquaria had been all about dying for a cup of tea. It seemed that life was coming again… most of the luxuries would likely be staying here. With a nod to herself, she walks to Cahen. "I'll make up a list of the materials we'll need more out at the ranch, but we need to make a push to set up a proper operating table. Cylon bullets are tricky enough to remove as is."

Joanna returns the smile as she approaches Angel. "I'm glad you decided to come with us." She looks genuinely pleased at that. "I'll need your advice on whether the folks who are remaining are sufficiently skilled defenders or whether we need to devote extra guards to rotate back here periodically. Also any gear you think should be moved up to the farm. I can stay on a couple more days if it would help, but some of the other guys are itching to get back."

Cahen nods to Alyssa on that score. "Whatever we put together will be decidedly make-shift. Neither the ranch nor this place are properly equipped for it. There are spaces on the farm that are large enough, I think, but we'll need to improvise. And sanitation will be a concern. Well, nothing for it but to do the best we can. I'll show you around when we get there, and we can sit down and sort out precisely what we have. As well as get a better idea of who we have in terms of qualified medics."

Angel dips her head to Joanna and offers her a smile. "We have a bit of heavy artillery tucked away. We might want to parcel some of that out between the two sites - but I'll leave that call up to you. We've got a good crew, and I think…" At this there's a bit of hesitation. "I think we're making the right decision."

Alyssa nods. "Proper cleaning can cover any world of sins. It's equipment that we were primarily lacking here. Going after a bullet with nothing more than a scalpel and intuition is a game I didn't much like playing."

"The scalpel I have, at least, but my full surgical kit is back in my office in Paros, alas," Cahen says. "I've got a full sewing kit, though." He shrugs. "It passes the time. Gave me something to do with my hands after I quit smoking. In any case, once we pool our resources I think we'll be better off. Our prognosis can only improve, and all that."

Joanna nods to Angel. "We can take a look after we're done here, if you like. Though honestly, if the Cylons find this place, a few more guns aren't likely to help." She looks around at it with a grim frown, but then shakes her head. "The best thing we can do for these people is to make sure that doesn't happen. You're doing the right thing." There's no hesitation in her voice.

Angel offers Joanna a tired smile and nods, once. "I know," she says simply, quietly. "We have a few things that…might slow them down. Care to walk and talk?" She glances briefly at Cahen and Alyssa, as if making sure they'll play nice, before she turns toward the door.

"We'll make do. We have to. So we will." Alyssa sighs. "If we are leaving early, I suppose I had better pack…"

Cahen seems to enjoy the chance to jaw with a colleague. Talking medical matters gives him a level of comfort. "Indeed. We'll make do," he agrees, standing. He picks up his cup. "I think I will take advantage of your tea stores once more before I pack."

Joanna nods to Angel, curiosity piqued, and follows along.

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