A Little Bit Of Rum
A Little Bit Of Rum…
Summary: John, Eileithyia, Eddie, and Castor all have a conversation and rum is involved.
Date: PHD015
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Castor is sitting on a broken and tapped up couch. On the table in front of him is a rum bottle that is almost empty as well as a glass of rum that is full. In his mouth is a cigar that has been half smoked. As for Castor himself, he seems like he is stuck somewhere between Aquaria and Kharon.

Making his way into the lounge, John heads in the direction of where the coffee can be obtained. Looking a bit lost in thought, he glances over at Castor for a few moments, shaking his head a little, but so far, the coffee seems to be his main mission.

Castor suddenly comes to attention as someone else walks into the room. Castor turns his head to look at John as he ashes his cigar. He then nods to the man to say hello. "Careful on that coffee, it is three shades of death you know." He then smiles, "Then again, my rum is not. Care for a hit?"

John pauses for a few moments as he hears that, but pours himself a cup of the coffee anyway. "I'm a doctor, you know. I know what to tsake for such a condition," he remarks, a bit lightly, before he adds, "But some of that rum doesn't sound bad either."

"Drinking a littly heavy." She chirps catching Castor in the act of drinking down some Rum. "Aren't we? I mean… drinking in general." The young private seem's a bit bolder today.

Castor looks at John, "Doctor, it is my pleasure to help you since you normally more for the crew than we could ever see fit to thank you for." He offers the bottle which has just enough to get the job done to John, "Take it all if you need Doc, frak knows you've earned it." He then leans back as he smokes his cigar, "By the way LT, I'm Leda, though you can call me Castor." As Castor hears this he smiles at Eileithyia, "Well, I follow the Aquarian standard though it may be a bit much…however not tonight. I've been practicing in the SIMs working on my gunnery skills."

Castor does however look at the glass of rum in front of him sheepishly.

Eileithyia smiles. "So then you get drinking?" She asks in a sweetened voice. She moves to sit down. "Perhaps…" she says reaching for the bottle carefully before stopping herself. "Umm.. er… never mind."

"Thank you," John replies, with a bit of a smile, before he brings a glass with him as well, to take a seat near Castor, and take the offered bottle of rum. "I don't drink that much, really. So there should be some left should you need it." Looking over in Eileithyia's direction, offering her a bit of a smile and a nod, "Or maybe she'd want it?" Pouring himself some of it, before he continues with the introduction, "I'm John Cassidy. It's a pleasure to meet you." A brief pause, and he offers another smile, "At least while not on duty."

Castor looks first at Eileithyia, "If you want what I have you can take it." His tone is sincere and soft. "Eileithyia, I will not lie I do drink more than my share because it is how I release my stress." He says, "Though if you want what is left in the bottle I am sure the eltee will share." He gives a mishchevious wink to Eileithyia before he turns to John, "Doc Cassidy, it is a pleasure to meet you. As for being off duty drink as much as they allow you too…just make sure you can cut in a straight line." Castor teases.

Eileithyia smiles. She does indeed take the bottle and takes a rather quick sip from it before putting it back down. "You offered." she tolld Castor. "I'm Private Eleithyia Xylander,Combat medic-though I hope to be a full P.H.d'd doctor /psychiastrist/psychologist."

John nods a bit as he listens, taking a sip from the glass, while looking between the two others. "How are you two dealing with all that's happened lately, then?" he asks, after a few moments.

Eileithyia thinks. "As well as I can be expect'd sir." she says putting the bottle down, moving away from it and inhaling. "Lots of meditiation, lots of prayer."

Castor gives Eileithyia a look of sudden suprise and approval, "By all means, I've got one last bottle that I'll share with you, Eileithyia" He then turns to John and says sheepishly, "And you as well Doc." He then puts out his cigar realizing he is between to medical practioners. Castor looks at John, "I'm Aquarian sir, this ship is my home, this crew is my family. I've got no problems with all of this. We are as fate wanted us to be." He pauses for only a split second before he says, "Though that doesn't mean the Lords put us here."

John nods a little bit, sipping the rum for a few moments, before he smiles a little, "We are what we are, whatever or whoever put us in this place. Important thing would be what we do with it." He shrugs, taking another sip from the glass.

Castor holds his glass up to John, "No matter where you go there you are." He then takes a small sip, "Though I am glad you are here, both of you, I mean we need people to help heal us all. That may be the hardest job of all." He then smiles warmly, "And if I can ever repay the kindness of both of you I will do so in spades. The loyalty of an Aquarian holds steadfast and true, especially to those who care for us." He then looks at Eileithyia, "I never believe in the Lords until I got here and now….I believe in something bigger than all of us. Though I am not sure it is the lords."

"Well, you folks out there do the best to protect us, so we can protect you," John pauses for a few moments, before he shakes his head a little bit, "It's like a circle, isn't it?" he offers.

Eileithyia tilts her head to the side. listening. She's like a child-a very smart child-placed amoung adults. "You think so?"

Castor grins from ear to ear, "All of this has happened before and will happen again." He then takes a small sip. "So say the scriptures."

Castor looks at Eileithyia, "I've always thought about it this way, life will go on, no matter what. Life is a circle. We rush through our lives, we have children, we do our best to raise them, they grow up, then they become parents, and the cycle continues forever."

John shrugs a little bit as he listens to what's being said for now. Looking a bit lost in thought for a little while, as he takes the last sip from his rum.

Eileithyia nods. "That's true… that's very true. By they go one to discover new things, and learn new things. They are not us… so in essence the cycle does continue but the people are different, and the world is different."

Castor considers all that is said and then smiles to Eileithyia, "Perhaps it is the ever widining circle?" He then looks at John, "Doc, I was wondering where would you place the crew's stress level because I'm thinking we need to do something for morale. I was thinking about a talent show."

John looks about to make a comment, pausing for a few moments, blinking a little bit as he hears that idea. "That's actually a quite good idea," he offers, before he glances between the two. "As long as you don't want me to enter my poetry, or my cooking."

Eileithyia smiles. "I'd like that, Perhaps a cooking contest?" she questions. "Though I am also thinking something small and religious might help those of use who are so inclinded."

Castor grins widely, "Well, why not all of these things. I know Songbird er, Max can sing. I know I can dazzle folks with some sleight of hand, both of you can do amazing things. Why not? I mean we all have special skills that no one knows about and so why shouldn't we share them. If it makes even one person a little less tense about everything that has happened even if it is just for one night than it is a success. As opposed to the dances which just end in someone getting hurt and more work for you."

"Well, the only thing that I could do would be…" John tries to think for a few moments, "Well, work related things aren't that good for such an event, really."

Eileithyia grins. "I could sing, I did bring my gituar from home-good thing too…" she says softly. "I've got a few songs that I wanted to perform for people. It was cool- I was nearly going to go into show biz… but choose not to… " she grinnned a little bit. "Like what?" she asks Castor.

Castor looks at John and says, "You could have a contest, pick a random person from the audience, have them sow up an orange and have you sow up and orange then let the auidence decide who is best." He then looks at Eileithyia,

John pauses for a few moments as he considers that, "I don't know…" he begins, before stsarting on that cup of coffee.

Castor smiles, "Doc, eltee, come on, I'm asking you…if we can get this going please do something. You could be a huge morale booster. You could blow up one of those surgical gloves like a balloon and shape it into animals like a turkey or a white peacock."

"I wish I could…" comes the quiet reply from John as he hears that, shaking his head a little, "And fishing would be hard aboard here, you know."

Castor looks at John and says with a certain sense of confidence, "Doc…eltee…you are a leader here. People listen to you and you need to act like it. If you want all of the crew to trust you then you have to trust yourself even if it means being silly. Really, Sir, if I can arrange this I would hope you can have fun or take a chance to show off so that the crew has faith in you, sir."

John frowns a little, as he glances around the room. "I'll think about it, okay?" he asks, after a few moments of pause, taking a few deep breaths.

Castor notices John's breaths, "Doc, relax, here drink the last of this rum. The last of this bottle of Aquarian rum which is one of two that I know of." He smiles warmly, "Please I insist." He then lifts his glass, "To our the doctors who patch us and to the combat techs who hold us together."

Relaxing a bit more, John shrugs a little, "I've never been that good with people, you know," he offers, after a few moments of pause. "Used to be all about the work… Well, almost all, while I was studying." Reaching out for that bottle to pour himself that last glass, offering a half-smile.

Castor says softly, "Sir, maybe I can help you. I know people and I can help you. I was a poor student in university you know. The only time I paid attention was in flight school and that lead to me moving to the top of my class. What I mean to say is don't let your past hamper you. Think of it this way, you are one of the last and best Doctors left alive. We need you and so you are our friend."

John shrugs a little as he considers that, while taking another sip of his rum, offering a half-smile. Lowering the glass, he pauses for a little while. "We're all what we do for a living, aren't we?" he offers, a bit lightly.

Castor looks at John with a certain glint in his eye, "No. We are what we were meant to be. Our profession does not equal who and what we are. Please, eltee, Doc, never forget this. You are more than just a healer. You are a memeber of this crew, you are a brother to every member of this crew. You are my brother on this crew. This, this is the Aquarian way."

John considers for a few moments, not replying yet. Looking a bit lost in thought.

Castor stays quiet for a moment knowing when to let a thinking man have his moment. He does however take the opportunity to tke another sip of his glass of rum.

"What made you decide to go for a pilot career?" John asks, after a few more moments of thought.

Castor looks at John and says matter of factly, "Well, my parents died at a young age, my brother and I looked after each other until we went to school. I could have cared less until my brother died. After that I realized I needed to be what my brother wanted to be and what he wanted me to be. So, I paid attention in flight school and graduated at the top of my class. I'm a Viper pilot but that is my job it is not who I am."

John nods a little bit as he hears that, "Must have been rough," he offers, after a few moments.

Castor takes a slow breath, "It was, in ways I can't ever say, sir. Though I never gave in. I never thought of myself as the poor orphan. Instead I felt like I should move to the next thing and not let it define me. My point to you sir, if you don't mind my saying, is that you are more than just medical school."

John smiles, "I am," he replies, before he drains his glass. "I'm not the most social person anymore, though. My favorite thing to do in my spare time has always been going somewhere silent to do some fishing." Starting to get to his feet, "I should go get some rest, really…"

Castor smiles, "Than sitck with me and I will make sure you get a chance to meet as many people as possible, sir." He then pauses, "Doc, if we ever find a place to do so I personally will take you fishing."

John chuckles a bit, "I'll remember that," he replies, before he offers a bit of a grin, "See you later." And starting to move out of the room.

Castor is sitting quietly with only a little bit of rum left in his bottle. He watches as John leaves and he looks over at Eileithyia who is simply listening. "Well, I suppose I've got a cigar or two left." He says to himself." He then takes a moment to start searching his pockets for the cigars, cutter, and a lighter.

Eddie drifts into the lounge, ears plugged with little white buds attached to a cord that leads to a personal media player clipped to the waist band of her sweat pants. A cigarette dangles from her lips, unlit but something she rectifies quickly once she's in the lounge. A silver lighter is produced from the waistband of her pants, the flint wheel sparked to life with her thumb to produce a flame that's quickly set to form an angry cherry on the end of her smoke. Once that's done, she keeps on walking towards the Officer portion of the room, bobbing her head to the beat echoing in her ears.

Castor considers for a moment and says softly, "If this was any other officer I'd scream at her, though this one, she needs a moment." Instead he finds a cigar, his cutter, and a lighter. He lights his cigar and attempts to make eye contact with Eddie as if to say, 'please join us'.

Eddie doesn't really hear conversation that's going on around her, deaf because of the music that's blaring through her headphones. It's turned up so loud, that others as she passes may be able to catch hints of the music, which just sounds angry and abusive. She bops right on past Castor and his offer towards the soda machines, feeding it the money and depressing a button to dispense a cola. As she turns and cracks it open, her back presses against the machine and she just leans there. It's then she catches sight of the other viper jock in the room, and she raises her can in silent salute to him before taking a drink.

Castor looks at Eddie and says out loud, "Mooner, would you like to join us?" He looks at Eileithyia, "She is a viper jock and she is one of the best as I hear." He then adds, "So command is soon going to place a lot on her." He frowns, "I hope she can stand up to it all." He then watches Eddie hoping she comes to join them.

Eddie pulls her headphones out of one ear, "Huh?" Apparently she missed, well, everything. She shifts her grip on the can so she's palming the top of it while her cigarette makes a lazy trip back to her lips.
Eileithyia smiles. She nods to Eddie. "A pleasure." she said. "I feel like getting a nickname is kind ofi mportant.. I meant in a combat situation-even in daily life-Eleithyia is a mouthful." she says leaning back.

Castor looks over at Eddie, "Mooner, come join us, I'd likfe for you to meet Eileithyia, aka Lifeline to you because if you frak up she will take care of you." He smiles warmly, "Also, I've got something you want Mooner, a hand rolled organically grown Aquarian cigar….so stop playing like your tough and join us."

Eddie pushes off her lean against the vending machine, no doubt a luxury that's going to become extinct soon as there are no places left to produce the cola she's now consuming. Twin streams of smoke are pushed out through her nose, making her nostrils flare. "Who says I'm playing." A bit of a smile cracks her stoic demeanor, and she nods at the private. "Medic?" She asks, not really being given over to pleasantries such as 'nice to meet you' or 'the pleasure is all mine. Flopping into a seat, Eddie's legs go all akimbo as she slings them over the arm of the chair she occupies.
Eileithyia nods. "Yuppie." she says sweetly. She's happy sounding, perhaps a person who's not yet let the horrors of war sink in or perhaps not allowed it to turn her dower. She glances at Castor. "Lifeline…." she makes a face.

Castor looks at Eddie and says softly, "First rule of being a soilder, never frak with those who may be doing triage on you so have some fraking respect." He then pauses, "Though perhaps I have gotten ahead of myself, please join us." He then looks at Eileithyia, "Of course you are our Lifeline should one of us get in trouble, you know like on a boat. The lifeline draws someone in danger to safery."

Eddie's brow furrows as Castor goes off about 'frakking respect', just studying the man through the haze of smoke that drifts up through her slightly parted lips. "Touchy." She murmurs, then lets her eyes swivel back to Eileithyia. "Trying on nicknames?" The viper jock asks conversationally, before taking a loud slurp from the top of her can.

Eileithyia thinks on. She begins thinking on it. "Thanks. I guess so. I guess most medic deserve that title. "Yes… mostly, though as a private I guess they tend to be degreding, at least in boot camp they were."

Castor looks at Eddie and does indeed seem a bit touchy, "We are all in this together, Mooner." He then takes a moment to drink from his glass of rum, "Mooner, there is something I need you to know….the rumor is you are one of the best pilots there is." He stops, "And I hope you are because we need such a pilot but if this is the case I hope you take your time." Castor then turns to Eileithyia, "I think that Lifeline fits since you are one of the first responders who selects if we live or die based on how bad we are hurt."

Eddie pffts with her lips, at least she's not spitting cola everywhere. "Look, Tinman. I don't know who your source is, but I'm just rook. I know my place, Sir." She gives a little shake of her head, before glancing down at the player hooked to her waist. Pushing a button on the touch screen, the music pounding into her ear is paused.

Castor looks at Eddie, "My sources are the same as the people who do my hair, All I am saying is rook or not you've got a future. We all started as rooks, some of us were callled Mooner others were called Lifeline. Though the truth of the matter is that we live to serve the humanr race. We are here to make sure nothing happens to the remnant of humanity." He then grins, "So the question is….are you up to it?" He adds, "I had been asked the same question once after my parents died. No money, no food, no nothing and so he and I learned how to rely on those closest to you and so ow you are my family and I know you willl back off in time.

Eileithyia listens. "Look if someone thinks your good, then you might be really good you just don't know it." she offers to Eddie. "More than once, I was told I was good, at home I nearly got record deal, but turned it down since I was told growing up that I should be 'alive' and not 'dead'." she leans back, leaning a little against Castor. "Your reputation might proceed you but because your a rookie, its perception. Rookies can't be 'better' than those establish but I beg to differ, but its more ofter than not, we rookies aren't."

Eddie sinks down in her chair, as if this entire conversation has her uncomfortable. She's focused more on her cola can then she is Castor or Eileithyia, turning it around and around as if studying the lable. "I either am, or I'm dead." She answer Castor's question about being 'up for it'. "You think other folks have mooned their CO in the messhall? Damn, I thought I was original."

Castor leans slightly into Eileithyia, "Being a rook is a title and you are no longer a rook. Frak, from all accounts you are good." He stops and then considers, "You do have some skills to grow on but so do I." He adds, "You are alive period, bottom line, end of discussion." He then laughs, "You are original…well except for the one guy who got naked and did the same but you are the first woman I know to have done so and so I salute you."

Eileithyia chuckles. "I don't think anyone woman would be dumb enough to walk around nude, mooining your CO is enough. I mean being naked around so many people would take… such courage."

Castor looks at Mooner, "Perhaps you need to exaplain your actions to Lifeline?" He smiles warmly in admiration of Eddie. "Mooner, I need you to understand this. Your rank means nothing in the long run it is your skill that means everything."

Eddie shakes her head, "I just mooned the man, I didn't do a strip tease." Her cigarette plugs her lips for a moment, the paper burning down with the heavy drag she takes from it. "Yeah, yeah, I got it, sir. I'd let you beat it into me s'more, but I'm not into whips and chains."

Eileithyia sighs. "What he means is that he wants to learn from your skillm its not the rank." she tries translating, beginning to understand Castor more. "It's the the skills…. he wants to learn. Rank means nothing."

Castor looks at Eileithyia, "What this wonderful young combat medic said if we are stick to terms….sadly I don't." He looks at the two women, "Now, if you'll excuse me I've had enough rum for the night that I need to sleep where I am."

Eddie lifts her can again, giving Castor a send off with that instead of snapping to her feet and popping off a proper salute, but they are in an off duty area and they're dressed that way as well. "Try to make it back to berthings before you face-deck."

Eileithyia shoos him off. "Go sleep of the alchol. I'd really not want to see any of my friends in sickbay due to hangovers." she mutters. She sits back and smiles at Eddie. "So…"

Castor turns and smiles at Eddie, "Ensign, to finding a port in the storm." He says as he leans back against his seat. "Mooner, don't disappoint my expectations." He looks over at Eileithyia, "Aye, aye, sir." He then moves off for his quarters.

Eddie makes a googley-eyed tongue stuck out face at Castor's back as he makes off for bed. "Don't disappoint my expectations." She mocks under her breath, quietly of course. Then her eyes roll towards the ceiling. "He and my father should have gotten along famously." Her head lulls to look at Eil. "So."

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