A Helping Hand
A Helping Hand
Summary: Panda helps Callie out after discovering her with an armful of tools which prove to be too heavy for her.
Date: PHD 181(10-16-09)
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Salon II - Keros Outpost & Mining Facility

"Oh….damn…" A petite blonde teen begins to mutter as she works her way through the unfamiliar surroundings, her arms positively filled with tools which look as if she's about to drop them; not exactly Rapunzel-like as far as the damsel in distress goes, thankfully, but Callie's pretty frakking close. With the stack being as tall as it is she can't exactly see if anyone's around her, causing her to have to call out for help instead. "Hello! He-ll-ooooo? Can someone please help me?"

There's a crackle like that of twigs that comes from around the edge of one of the little buildings and a mumbled voice loud enough to be heard but too low to make out the words. The lowered bore of a carbine peeks out first, followed soon by its owner in Marine black and kit. "Who goes there?" comes the familiar voice of Pandorian, followed by his earnest grunt. "Hey Calliegallie, you alright?" he asks, letting go of the weapon. It drops on its three point sling to hang across his chest quite handily at the ready. Leave it to Marines to be 'armed to the teeth' in a deserted area.

Callie squeaks as she catches sight of the rifle's muzzle as it's pointed in her direction, her eyes going wide for as long as it takes for her to realize who it is. "Oh Panda! You scared m….eep." She begins to buckle under the weight of the tools and she struggles over towards him, her arms thrust out towards him as much as they can while under the burden of the container and the metal items within it. "Please take this!"

"Shit!" Pandorian lunges at her, seeing Callie's footing get more unsteady with each step. He grabs the bin by the ends, vicing it between his arms. "What're you thinking, Callie?" he huffs, grunting as he shifts his hands under it. "This thing weighs as much as you do." A wink soon follows.

"I didn't realize they were so heavy so tried to carry them myself. Should have loaded up one of the…uhm…" Clearing her throat, she lower her gaze only to then look at Panda through her lashes, the young woman very very flirty. "Thank you for coming to save me." If it wasn't for the fact that they're here and on duty she'd kiss him out of affection and gratitude but she refrains. "How are you?"

Panda grins overtop of the big toolbox, a wrench poking him in the cheek. "That's what I do," he moos, intellect taking a vacation funded by the adorable look she gives him. "So uh, where you, where you goin' with this?" After a moment he clears his throat and declares loudly, "Not that it's heavy or nothin'!"

The innocently-coy look is now joined by Callie twisting her toe into the dirt, perhaps furthering the brain-numbing effect? "To the mining facility. Was going to drop the tools off, look around to make sure everything's alright and then go from there. How much longer are you on patrol for?" Blushing, now, she forces her foot to still and her chin to raise, Callie looking her Marine fully in the eye once more. "Are you okay?"

Panda's knees soften and his chin lifts, a wave of euphoria overtaking him at Callie's cuteness. "I'm good," he insists, then jerks his head toward his right shoulder. "If you'd squeeze that little squawk box I can tell 'em I'll be escorting you." No doubt he's talking about the radio receiver clipped to his shoulder straps, its coiled cord trailing down his back to the handheld transceiver on his belt.

"Sure!" Always glad to help, Callie steps around to Pandorian's right and reaches up, her fingers curling the little device, the button depressed as they do. She grows quiet, now, not wanting to get Panda into trouble, the mech letting him do his thing.

He smiles lightly, or thinks he does; in reality it's a wide, toothy grin. "P-Actual, P-Seven. I got a technician needing some help with a box of tools. The most dangerous thing out here is a tripping hazard," Pandorian grunts derisively. "I'm going to make contact with P-Niner over at the Emm-Fac, P-Seven out." He nods to Callie with a warm look of gratitude.
The button is released and her hand is moved although she doesn't draw it away from the Marine but rather reaches out -towards- him, taking a second to shower him with a quick show of her adoration for him in the form of a caress to his cheek. "I appreciate the help, Lance Corporal. This way." Now her hand slips away and she turns, preparing to show him where the heavy box needs to go.

Panda closes his eyes. It's first a blink, those nails coming close enough that his eyes decide to close of their own accord. The touch of Callie's fingers across his face has the young Marine instantly nuzzling her fingers, though, enjoying it no matter how brief they both make the moment. "My patrol goes there," he says, then leans towards the girl as they walk. "(But it's kinda my first one here.)"

Callie grins. "I've been here before," she says quickly to add to her part of the chat. "I helped get everything all set up and helped to make sure that we can get refueled or whatever it is we're doing here." Falling into step along side the man, she slips her arms through the one that s closer to her, both of hers linked through that limb which makes it easier to nuzzle her cheek against Dorian's bicep. "I've missed you."

That smile fades when she speaks to be replaced with a grimace of frustration. "I was stuck on the godsdamned ship this whole time," Pandorain mutters. "Everybody else gets to go down on the initial shore party but noo, not Ajtai." He exaggerates, of course; it's a minority who got to be first. Callie's warm presence on his elbow soothes some of his complaint, and after a quick glance over his shoulder he very darts a very brief peck atop her head. "Isn't it nice, though? I mean, I could spend all day

There's a wince and the hug around Pandorian's upper arm tightens, Callie's way of trying to apologize to him. "It really wasn't fun," she says with a shrug. "I just worked, really." Might not do much to assuage him but that's okay as she's too content with what they're sharing right now to let worry ruin their stolen moment. The kiss has her eyes closing and she giggles, sounding very much like a love-struck girl, which she is. "It is nice. We will have to come back here and bring a small picnic with us." Cylon-razzed outposts normally would not make an idea picnic site but Callie doesn't care, those lemons ones she's going to make into lemonade and then some.

Panda makes a noncommittal musing sort of sound, unable to remain as grumpy as he was. "I'm just glad to have a sky again," comes a sighed admission. "It's not even a pretty sky, but…" His chest swells as he takes in a great lungful of air, holding it for a few steps before letting it all rush out. "Nothing beats real air. Even if it does smell like everyone had bad eggs for breakfast." The sulfuric atmosphere, you see…

Callie is so used to being in the engineering section of the Kharon that she didn't notice the air here, her mind having filtered it out like most other stenches she finds herself exposed to. "Ugh. It smells like this sealant I sometimes have to use. Vile crap." She blows out her nose once, hard, trying to rid herself of the lingering 'perfume', exhaling hard just as they enter the facility proper. "You can set it down there, Lance Corporal."

"Right," Pandorian grunts, his expression having grown positively cheery again from the girl's voice and presence. "Shit," he sighs after setting the heavy toolbox down and looking around. "This reminds me of a cobalt mining town they took us to as kids." The Marine unhooks a clasp to release his weapon, holding it by the fore-grip and rubbing his chest where it had been pinned by the heavy load.

There are a few Colonial engineers here and there, all working to make sure that everything runs smoothly, all of them people who give Callie and Panda a cursory-and-curious look, making sure they're supposed to be there before going back to their work within the refinery. "That's where I worked," she says while pointing towards where a guy disappears. "It's dirty work but it makes me happy."

Panda smiles sheepishly at the looks he gets, offering a halfhearted wave to someone who looks too long for his comfort. "I wouldn't get too comfortable in here," he says, drifting back half a step. "This place really looks… dangerous. There were still parts we couldn't go into," Pandorian says warily, his thoughts dragged back to that mine he'd spoken of. "They were just mining cobalt, nothing dangerous. They'd found this vein of it, but had to dig through a really dense debris. Miners started dying in droves, but they kept digging. There's always desperate people," he adds, glancing aside.

Panda's suddenly sober mood has Callie sobering as well, her smile fading as she shakes her head. "I'll be fine, I promise. And f I get hurt you can come and see me and make me feel all better and kiss my booboos, right?" There it is, that unconscious flirting, complete with a slight fluttering of the girl's lashes. "But don't worry. I'll save the getting hurt for after our picnic." Her smile returns and she steps closer, leaning up to offer Panda a kiss.

The Marine turns wide eyes on Callie, his cheeks warming even as a smile tickles his lips. As she leans close he reviews just what the girl said and breaks out into a light chuckle. Yes, he leans down to give her a little kiss. "Boo-BOOS," he murmurs to her.

Callie shrugs and blushes thanks to the kiss and Panda's chuckle. "I was trying to lighten the mood," she explains with a wrinkled nose. "I just didn't want us to dwell on the bad stuff. But don't worry about me, please? I'll fine. We're taking care to make sure no one gets hurt." She doesn't add '…gods willing' or '…if no one fraks up' despite her wanting to do so.

"You did," Panda chuckles, slipping his free arm around her to give a squeeze. The fingers start to loosen on her shoulder, and then tighten as he hugs her once more. A kiss is placed on her forehead before he sighs, "Well I've got to get back to my rounds, Calliegallie."

Callie nods as she looks around and then kisses Pandorian back, giving him his on his cheek. "Okay! Let me know when you're free and we'll do that picnic thing. Love you." She gives him one more hug and then heads further into the facility.
"Yeah, uh, I'm uh, yeah, trying to stay… much as I can…" His verbal stumbling comes too little, too late: It isn't until after she's disappeared that Pandorian has recovered from the shock of what Callie had last said. It wasn't in the heat of passion, just something said as plain as day, as right as rain. A small part of him is uneasy as he walks away; the greater part shoves that part into a trash can and puts a strut in his step on the way back to the guard post.

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