A Few Words
A Few Words
Summary: A few words are had on the subject of proper behaviour.
Date: PHD 175
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Castor Leda sits quietly in the lounge, for once it is empty and so Leda is alone as he reads a book in utter blissful silence. A page is flipped and a moment later another page is flipped. Castor seems to enjoy this book though it is a manual on command operations for Lieutenants and so this is an educational experience. "Paragraph four, subsection A." He says to himself.

After a shift of patrolling the corridors, Pandorian has regained a level of control. It's a simmer as opposed to a roiling boil. "I'm really good at sabotaging myself," he grunts to Cinder as they come into the lounge. "I come to this 'lounge,'" he says with air-quotes, "a-k-a Flier Heaven, but I bring you along so I don't throw down." He gives her a wry smile. "What's the point, then, huh?"

"Heh…more practice for me, I guess." She follows him into the flier lounge, dressed in her marine black patrol uniform. "Just…keep it civil if you run into him, ya?" The thump of her boots on the metal deck are far less noticeable than his, as she moves with light, nimble steps. What an asset that may be on future patrols, huh? She follows him through the metal door which opens with a squeal and clang, peeking inside to see if Martin's inside, to guess whether she'll have to be ready to take Panda down again or not.

Selene wanders into the lounge and makes her way over to the couch on the enlisted side, laying back and opening the book she's carrying. Hers is nothing like Castor's, apparently an anthology of poems and stories, rather than a manual.

Castor looks up as Pandorian enters and he stands, there is something in his stance which suggests business. "AJTAI!" He calls out in tones which suggests this is not a matter of pleasure or fun. In fact the look on Castor's face is less than happy, smiling, people, instead it is loud, grouchy, and angry. "You and me in the hallway, right now." His eyes fall on Panda as if to say this is serious.

"Yeah, civil, like that means something," Panda grumps, pausing behind Cinder. His attention is focused downwards as they step in, leading to a distinct shock at his name being yelled. "WHOT!!" he barks, knees bending in readiness. It takes a beat for him to get his bearings on what's going on; when he does the Marine straightens, performs an about-face, and marches growling into the hall.

Castor looks at all present and he says, "Excuse me for a moment." He then walks into the hallway to talk to Panda.

Selene frowns a little, looking up, and offers the marine a sympathetic look as he departs. She may not exactly get along with him, but being yelled at by zeros is never a fun gig.

Tiera sidesteps as Panda and Castor push by her at the hatch, glancing at the two of them curiously then moves on into the Lounge, heading for the Bar.

Cinder's inside the lounge for all of like 10 seconds, before Castor first then Panda after push past her into the hall. She gives the two women in the lounge, touching a hand to her black helmet and giving a bemused little smile and headshake in their direction. Like the two others, she turns and steps out into the hall, shutting the door for the sake of the relaxing women inside so these brutes don't disturb them.

In the hall, Panda stands at parade-rest, arms crossed behind his back and feet shoulder width apart. "Is this formal," he asks in an icy hiss, "or is this just one man to another?" Even through his camo top his muscles can be seen tensing, the neck looking much like a bundle of ropes pulled taut.

Castor from the hallway doesn't flinch, "Marine, let me ask you a question why did you join the marines?" His questions are honest but his tone doesn't frak around as Leda is not in a mood for joke right about now and he doesn't answer Panda's question.

She stands silent outside the door, watching, listening, but not interrupting. At attention outside the hatch, she's still in her patrol gear, in the middle of a double-shift for training. Her hands are free of her sidearm, but they float near enough to her baton and pepper spray that if something goes down she'll be able to pull them free quickly. This isn't her argument, but as an MP, she's here to ensure that Panda (already a volatile man) doesn't explode on Castor (or the other way around!).

Tiera grabs her drink and turns to face the room, frowning at the door, her dark eyes flickering to Selene with a questioning look.

Selene shakes her head to Tiera in a "don't even ask" sort of way, then goes back to her book. It's not even worth trying to figure out, really.

Panda leans forward, his heels coming just off the ground. "I joined," he says slowly, his face starting to warm red. "For reasons you couldn't even begin to relate to." From her vantage point at the side, Cinder could notice the left hand reaching with fingers splayed, while the right clenches the left's wrist tight to his back.

Castor looks at Panda and he says, "I'm sorry marine I couldn't hear your weak ass excuse. Why did you join the marines?" He doesn't move from where he is but he says, "And spare me the relating to BS." He then looks at Cinder as if to say there is no evil intended here. For his part Leda is attempting to make a point.

Cinder just stares back, making her face as expressionless as she can, as per training. She can't be biased one way or the other, and gods know she had a roundabout, untraditional way to get to this point. Of course, she can't but help feel a little partial to her Marine brother, even if she has only been here a few days. Why does it seem like the Viper jocks think they run the frakkin' universe? Why the hell is Castor jumping in Panda's shit?

And down the hall comes Thea, wearing her off duties and carrying a mug. It looks like someone is looking forward to enjoying a nice, quiet afternoon.

Panda's instincs seem to be on the fight-or-die order, starting to tremble from restraint as his body's systems push closer and closer to their redline. "I joined the Marines…" He swallows back the saliva, only resulting in a more ragged tone as it coats his throat and words. Not once has he moved his eyes from Castor's. "… to kill and drink blood."

Tiera is leaning against the bar sipping her drink, just watching the hatch and perhaps catching a word or two from the 'discussion' on the other side.

Selene can't hear that comment about drinking blood, but it wouldn't actually surprise her, coming from a jarhead. They always seem to be a bloodthirsty lot. She instead continues flipping pages and reading from her book.

Castor pauses for a moment and he takes a step closer, "Well, if you came to drink blood you save it for the cylons. If I EVER hear of you wanting to fight a pilot again I will notify your SO and my SO and then you will become a civilian so fast your ass will spin. If you wish to fight a pilot then you go to the gym and hit a bag. Pilots keep you alive on this ship just like you keep people alive planetside during missions. Do I make myself clear?" His tone and his voice don't flinch either as his eyes remain their lock on Panda, "So, let me be clear on this so YOU will understand, hitting a pilot in any form is out of question. Now, if a pilot hits you first by all means defend yourself but if you hit a pilot, may whatever gods you believe in save you. Do we have an understanding on this issue?"

Thea pauses upon hearing Panda and Castor's conversation and cocks her head slightly to the side, looking between the pair. She's quiet for a long moment before asking in a very low tone, "Is there a problem here, gentlemen?" The last word is very gently stressed. In the same way a Marine drill sergeant stresses discipline.

Cinder begins to glare at Castor a little. Once again, the pilots stomping all over the frakkin' Marines. "We're all just godsdamned grunts to you frakkin' Viper jocks, aren't we?" she mumbles out under her voice, going against all that fresh training and letting a bit of the Caprican stripper show through. She doesn't make a move against him though. "Man was just trying to protect his sister…"

Selene continues to flip through her book, reading quietly and pointedly ignoring the noises coming from outside the hatch. Petty arguments are always above her paygrade.

Panda leans close to be practically nose to nose with Castor when he speaks. His eyes flicker, identifying the person who asks if there is a problem. With a wide grin Panda booms in that parade-field voice, "ROOM tench-HUTT!!" mere inches from the Lieutenant. He bolts to attention, the steel toes of his boots clacking from the unnecessarily fast movement. "No problems SIR!" the groundpounder barks.

Castor looks at Cinder for a moment and he says, "Brand, the next time you address an officer it better end in sir." He then formally addresses Cinder even further, "And if you presume I think of all Marines as grunts then you have no idea of who I am, Private." He then looks at Panda, "I am glad to see we have no problems then." He then looks at Legacy, "No, sir, we have all come to an understanding. Everyone knows who and where they are….for the most part."

Tiera glances at Selene as she hears the booming voice, commenting dryly "Hmmm must be getting interesting out there" With a shake of her head she moves a seat, settling into it.

Selene looks up briefly, then goes back to reading her book. "Above my paygrade," she comments. "Pilots and marines have this mutual hatred that they can just keep all to themselves, if it makes them happy. If you ask me, it's an argument over who's more important, and it's a pointless fight," the woman adds in a snide tone.

The Captain gives Panda a small, bemused smile and dips her head, once. "Thank you, Lance Corporal," she tells him before looking to the others. Cinder receives a nod, though no look of recognition. Her attention stops, finally, on Castor. "I see," she says after a very long moment. So much can be packed into those words, that tone. Mothers specialize in using that phrase. Thea simply watches Castor for a time, waiting to see if he catches on. Though whether he does or doesn't is made irrelevant by her next words. "I was actually hoping to run into you, Lieutenant," she tells the pilot, subtly emphasizing his rank. "If you have a few moments?" A pause. "Assuming you're finished here." Of course, there's really only one right answer to that last for Castor. It's not a request, nor is it a question.

Cinder, despite the admonishment from Castor, brings herself to attention as Panda cries out in the hall. It's a reflex now, practically, as she goes to standing to every inch of her 5'7" form, chin up, helmet strap nice and tight around it. It should be commonplace for Cinder, since just about everyone here outranks her, but she does still have a lot of the untrained civvie in her. She continues standing aside, letting the pilots do their own thing, glad that Panda didn't go all Hulk-smash again today.

Tiera nods to Selene "I would agree and so un necessary, we have other more critical issues" She pauses "Like Cylons" Another shake of her head as she lifts her cup to take another drink.

With a dip of his head to the Captain Pandorian waits at attention, though his head turns slightly to get a better look at the rookie MP. There's a brief ripple of relief relaxing his features as he sees the Private standing straight and tall. Other than that he is quiet, waiting for the confirmation that they are through.

Castor looks at Pandorian for a moment and then to Thea and he says, "Sir, yes, sir, I am able to meet with you as you wish." Hie steps away from Panda and towards Thea, "Sir."

Thea looks to Panda and Cinder, smile warming a touch. "Have a good afternoon," she tells the pair of them, polite. And no, she doesn't seem to be into the 'dismissed' thing, at least not at the moment. "With me, Lieutenant." Instead of turning into the lounge, she continues on down the hallway, clearly expecting Castor to follow her.

The Marine forces a tense smile to the Captain, dipping his chin again. "Private," Pandorian then says, snapping his face over to Cinder. "On me." With that he strides down the hall, passing the officers in the opposite direction.

Castor follows along with Thea as she has called him to follow her. It would seem like the point has been made and the moment has passed.

Cinder nods once, curtly, and follows off after Panda. Not once does she turn back to look down the hall, nor does she peek back in the lounge. She just thumps off down the hall, loaded down with her patrol gear, her second shift not yet having started.

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