A Day Late, Part One - Raptor
A Day Late, Part One - Raptor
Summary: A view from the Raptor as Kharon personnel scout out the Space Station Idi.
Date: PHD120
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Skulk. Skulk. Skulk. It looks like there may be a Marine training exercise going on utilizing the Hangar Deck, given that Epi's in her blacks and attempting to move around the perimeter of the area, trying to keep herself out of sight. Of course, when there's not a whole lot TO you, keeping low's usually easy.

Well, sometimes loud, sometimes not, Wil can fit this bill. Cocky is usually best left to, uh, everyone else in his squadron. "I think I'm starting to spend too much time around Ivory to talk this way, but I don't know if I'd deal with intangibles." He rumbles a bit in the back of his throat and goes on padding down the deck with a sidelong glance towards his favorite beast. "Your popcorn may not exist. Or it may be some sort of disembodied ideal. I'm more concerned about the drink supply, though. Uh — let's just say we need to make alternate arrangements."

Matto is like the anti-skulk, heading on from the direction of the ready room as he checks the fastenings over on his flight suit one more time on his way out toward the prepped Foxbat with his usual lanky gait. "Darling," he chucks off a casual greeting to Darling Willem with a smile more like that which usually graces his features than that depressed, blank look that's been haunting him of recent, though it's not quite at full wattage.

Samantha might be a damned fine Viper pilot, but she's not always the… well… brightest bulb in the bunch, so to speak. She blinks at Willem as he goes on about 'intangibles', her brain trying to work through the thing. "Disembodied…ideal? Popcorn exists. Trust me. I've seen it. It's not like the gods, it's -reeeal-." Hrmph. And that's the final word. The thought of alcohol makes her frown a bit more, heading in the direction of Wolfbat 12… her new baby, having thoroughly killed the old one. "That… might not be… too hard to distill…right?" Science is not her forte either. She blinks around at the Marines. "It's bootcamp all over." And then she blinks over to Matto, half smiling…"…Darling…Pookie?" She shoots at Will, grinning from her pre-flight checks.

The hatch to the tool room opens, and Komnenos trudges onto the hangar deck, a wispy haze of cigarette smoke lingering in the room behind him. He watches the pilots moving for their various ships, and he does the same, walking helmet in hand to the designated Raptor.

Ah-ha! Other people. Deckhands don't count. These are pilots. Epi starts circling, slowly, keeping to the edges of the room. She's sliped from 'skulk' to 'track.' Willem is studiously ignored. Case seems to be her target. Well, her target until she catches sight of Matto. If she weren't in Marine Ambush Mode, she'd be grinning. She's still in stealth mode.

Matto shifts his eyes to the woman Darling Willem is speaking with, "BC," he greets her, as well. Then, conveniently unaware of the two-foot-tall predator in their midst, he does catch sight of Toes, and waits for a moment at the base of the ramp until he gets closer, giving him a nod, "Hey, dude. How's Ivory holding up?" he wonders, once he gets into earshot. Then he climbs on in.

"Madman." Wil catches Matto's greeting with a slight twist of his lips. He's still trying to wrap his mouth around that callsign. He gives Sam one of those narrowed-eyed stares as he wheels about, although he doesn't elaborate what it's about. "I had one bad callsign, but -come on-." The laugh that proceeds pretty overrules whatever feigned grumpiness he has towards the woman. A slight shift of his head towards the grouping of Raptors, Marines, and what-have-you. He doesn't comment, as he meanders on towards his own chosen Viper and sidles up to the ladder after retrieving his helmet.

A gaggle of orange jumpsuited deck hands scampers through the 'bay, fuel hoses and clipboards in hand, as the most recent CAP is confirmed skids down on the flight deck. A message crackles over the intercom, summoning a 'Petty Officer Stark'; it's barely heard over the fwhooomp of a blowtorch being put to a hunk of viper assembly.

Samantha grins and shrugs at Willem. "Sorry. I gotta decide if I like pookie or darling better now. We night have to restitch your underroos." Sam admits, finishing off the pre-flight check list as usual, able to talk through it entirely too easily. This is just rote habit by now. Once she's content her bird is ready to go, she swings up and inside the craft, giving a quick thumbs up to the returning CAP.

Damnit! Matto got away. The tiny Marine's eyes narrow slightly as she watches where he disappeared. Mental notes are made. Madman's ankles may never be safe again. Though she may be more of a knee-capper. No comments about Jupiter and rugs, please. Alright. That target's gone, so she switches back to her previous target. Poor Case. She'll never see Epi coming.

"Fine," is Thorn's terse reply to Matto right before Kissy ducks into the Raptor. Anton pauses at the bottom of the ramp as a petty officer brings him a clipboard. The ECO leans against the wing of the ship as he begins filling the thing out, checking a million boxes and affixing his signature here, here, and here.

"Remind me to scrounge up three extra locks and a makeshift security system." Wil tosses back towards Sam roughly. Not -too- roughly, though. He seems good-natured enough about this. Flashing a crooked grin in the woman's direction, he adds, and. Oh no. Goes there. "Maybe I should just burn it all to frak and then go without. That would please no-one, I'm sure." Ew. He did go there. Catching a glimpse of Thorn he winks vaguely at the man, but says nothing. Back to fiddling with his helmet and checking a few last details before climbing the ladder, which he does, a moment later.

Once the duo of vipers are trapped, towed and secured, the CAG's the first to climb out. His canopy's popped and his helmet slid off before he goes through the series of snap closures keeping his seat harness on. He's already being handed his checklist as he swings down the ladder, and lifts a hand in Samantha's direction when he spots her climbing into her fighter.

"Good," Kisseus replies quietly from within as he crawls on into place to get on systems check from up front. Not that he doesn't trust the deck crew, not by a long shot. But it's good form. And helps him get a feel for how the Foxbat's feeling today… if there's any such anthropomorphization of Raptors allowed. He doesn't buckle in, yet, since neither ECO nor marines nor medicoes have boarded, yet, giving him subtly more freedom to hover over the dash, hands moving from board to board as he brings systems out of standby one at a time, getting ready to go.

Samantha smiles to Kai, "All clear outside?" She calls over warmly as she prepares to secure her helmet in place, but doesn't quite put it on yet. "How's your bird looking, Darling?" She calls back over to her CAP mate, apparently trying out the new nickname now. Just seeing how it feels…

Glove securely fitted, there's probably a protocol breach here as Wil, now settled into his cockpit, responds in the distance back to Samantha with a salute. And wait. He's got something on his foreheand. And he's scratching it with his middle finger. At the sound of the Con-1 Klaxons though, his eyes widen. "Oh frak. That doesn't sound pleasant."

Epi continues to circle around the hangar deck, heading toward Sam and the perfect ambush position. But then she hears a familiar voice and goes very still, listening. Well -damn-. There goes her fun. Of course, it comes just in time for Kai to arrive. There are little rewards, after all.

Kai doesn't quite have time to respond to Samantha. He opens his mouth to do so, and then one of the deck hands is rushing through to explain he's got a call from CIC. Clipboard handed off to the petty officer to finish with, he threads toward the nearest terminal and picks up the handset.

Komnenos pauses, looking up wide-eyed towards the hangar walls as the klaxons start going off. He looks nonplussed, though, as he goes back to his clipboard, calmly going over his list. Finally, the last i is dotted and the last t is crossed, and Thorn steps away from the Raptor, handing the clipboard to the first deckhand to pass by.

Samantha is about to shout back at Will… but then the alert goes off and her smile drops almost immediately. She frowns, eyes settling forward and then to the side, studying Kai as he dashes for a phone…"Suppose we're not quite yet takin' a stroll, Rebound." She calls over softer than before, a hush to her voice now as she waits for the news.

Matto pauses, himself, mid-check, as action stations are called. Well, less pauses than freezes in momentary terror. Oh, crap. He finally leans forward to peer out the fore for a second, waiting until he's sure his heart's going to keep on beating, then, swallowing, he sets all systems back into standby that would potentially frak with, or get frakked with by the jump, making sure that the rest are ready, though, so that they'll be ready for whatever they need to do on the other side.

Condition One. Groovy. Prepare for jump. All this has served to do right now is light a fire under Wil's ass as he speeds through his pre-flight checklist — navigation, life support, weapons, engines. His helmet is affixed as he studiously goes through one switch after another. "Perfect timing." he mutters.

Kai speaks over the handset, blue eyes tracking around the busy hangar bay while he converses with CIC on the other end. As soon as it's hung up, he starts striding toward Matto's bird, bustling between the shoulders of scurrying deck hands as he goes. "Lieutenant, change of plans. Looks like you're on SAR tonight. Grab your ECO and get pre-flighted for launch as soon as we jump." Presumably the call for rifles went out separately. Any minute now, the clatter of little groundpounder feet will no doubt be heard. "Case!" he bellows, a bit hoarsely. He's no drill sergeant. "You're on escort duty with Rebound."

Samantha lofts a brow as she hears that…"Night watchin' Kissy's ass? I can think of worst things to do…. what's the SAR?" She calls over, waiting for that familiar, slightly sinking feeling of the jump before she finishes putting on her helmet and getting ready to launch into a new position…well…Where ever they end up. She nods briefly to Willem, all work in her eyes now.

All manner of eye widening behind the helmet in Rebound's Viper. He merely tosses the CAG a salute and a nod towards Sam. Brows knit in sheer puzzlement. Still, his only immediate job is to get the bird in the air. For now, he proceeds with this process.

Kai moves briskly along the line of waiting alert vipers, and gives a loud clap of his hands for the benefit of a couple of loitering Ensigns who are taking their time pre-flighting. "We've got a distress signal. Colonial space station. If we're lucky, there'll be survivors. If not, it'll be one hell of a welcome party." How's that for a twenty second briefing.

Thorn looks up as Kai speaks. Hearing the CAG's orders, he strides back to the Raptor and heads up the ramp. As he takes his station in the back of the ship, Komnenos dons his helmet, clicking the pressure seal into place. With that, his hands are working the console as he prepares for launch.

As soon as the call came out the fire-teams were scrambled. Quick runs to the armory to have the guns and armor passed out before they are beating a quick scramble to the Hangar bay. In the lead of the first team to come out could be spotted even as his helmet crested the stairs and before boots hit the deck. The red symbol for a medic emblazoned on the helmet, the medkit hanging from his hips, Sergeant John "Dutch" Elder seems to have the marine 'con' today. gun is locked and loaded, and safety switched on as he files into place with the rest. There's a glance to the CAG before he is nodding-a look back to the Marines

"As soon as we're starting to land, I want safeties off-prepare for a hot LZ"

Samantha watches the Marines spill out, studying their numbers, Samantha herself finally falls quiet and begins to click her helmet in place. Orders given, she's just doing her best to ensure she can take off the moment they are ready. She looks back down to her board, confirming all systems are go…

"Yes, sir!" Kisseus calls back when he hears the orders from the CAG, something vaguely more energetic in the reply than has been there in the past, though the 'surrr' still lolls about in that Leontinian lilt. He's most of the way pre-flighted already, but he buckles in the rest of the way once the boat's systems are good to go, switching on any comms from the CIC in roder to catch wind of what's going on and prep to receive details. "How're we looking back there, Thorn? Good night to go give some folk a lift?"

Epi's ready to go, but honestly seems briefly surprised by that fact. She falls in with Dutch, nodding once. "Aye Sarge," she says quietly, then lowers her voice even more. "And Sir? Please try not to get shot again today. Doc Camille said she's revoking your frequent flier card."

Private Parts and Private Dover are also along for the ride, rifles checked and combat gear being snapped into place even as they hustle it down the stairs after their intrepid leader.

Well, that was self-explanatory. A quick and dirty briefing pretty much answered the lingering questions Wil had. This done, he proceeds through the end of his preflight, Thumbs-up to the deckhand as his bird gets wheeled into the tube.

Samantha's following Wil's thumbs up just a heartbeat later, bird ready… and pilot ready to brace for the brief discomfort of a Faster than light jump. She takes a breath over the comms and shuts her eyes, letting the time pass as she sinks back in her viper's seat.

There's only a brief moment in which Dutch's scowl seems to be holding, and that is till the little bender of the jump is completed. A look over towards Epi for a second, once the jump is completed before he is grumbling "We'll see. It seems we win everytime I get shot.." a mutter there before he is rolling a sore as shit shoulder. "Alright when they show our ride, roll out Marines."

"Always ready t' pull some arses out of the fire," responds Thorn from the backseat. He runs through the last of his own preflight. "Everything's green back here. We can fly any time." Thorn, too, steels himself for the jump as he waits for the marines to board.

Kai, apparently, is staying home for this one. Though he makes himself useful in getting the milling pilots off their asses; one, he has to physically direct toward her bird as she seems intent upon finishing off her coffee. Another's having trouble with what appears to be a sketchy comm system. He clambers up the ladder and leans in to have a look, before barking for one of the deck hands to take over.

Oh, yeah. Epi's not a fan of the jump. She holds firm, though, until it's done. "Yeah, well. Maybe a once in awhile loss isn't a bad thing if it keeps your ass out of Sickbay," she grumbles back to Dutch, good naturedly. Then tacks on, "Sir." Of course, as the call's given, she gets her tail on the Raptor.

Wil doesn't look happy. In fact, compared to your average spaceborne or Battlestar-bred pilot he's seen far fewer jumps due to his previous groundside position. Still, you get used to these things after being forced to deal with them, and if an unpleasant jump is the worst thing he'll have to deal with today? — He'll get off lucky.

"I happen to like Sickbay.." Dutch mutters as he is watching the time file on towards the Raptor, already moving to get in last. for he'll be the first one off in due fashion. "I actually get quiet, gods-damned rest in there."

"Greeat," Kisseus says, drawing out the word as he finishes up, "And we're green up here." He peers back as the marines begin to load on, "And here come the heroes of the day," he smiles, "Click it or ticket, people," he reminds them, waiting with his hand on the lever to get the hatch closed after the last of them are buckled in.

[STC] "Rebound" Willem says, "Actual, Rebound. Copy that. Escort wing preparing to launch. Bird is in the tube, The board is green. Launching in Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Launching."

Parts and Dover scramble in just ahead of Dutch, and drop into their respective seats before buckling in. "Okay," Parts begins, grinning as he gets his harness secured. "So as an airplane is about to crash, a female passenger jumps up frantically and announces, "If I'm going to die, I want to die feeling like a woman. She takes all her clothes off and asks, 'Is there someone on this plane who is man enough to make me feel like a woman?'"

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Colonial contacts, this is the Colonial Escort Carrier Kharon responding to your distress signal. Please respond."

Matto waits for the go from the back that everyone's buckled in before he opens up the directional on the comms.

Waiting until Epi is seated and strapped in, Dutch finally gets into his seat, as the hatch is closed behind them. Even as he sets his gun down-and straps in eyes are focused on Warren for a second. "Telling the story about how your mother met your father-Private?" Elder barks out with a look down. Nervous? Yes-not for the fight,but the being caught in the damned raptor for so long.

Yep, someone got the booster seat for the kid - metaphorically. Epi just -looks- at Parts, cocks her head to the side, and asks, dryly, "How DID they make you feel like a woman, Parts?"

[STC] "Madman" Matto says, "Actual, Madman, we copy— green front and back, launching SAR in five, four, three."

Parts cackles as Dutch ribs him. He, by appearances, is completely unbothered by space flight. The sweat breaking out on his forehead probably tells a different story. "A man stands up," he continues, "removes his shirt and says, 'Here, iron this!'" He continues cackling gleefully. Dover just sticks his fingers in his ears and keeps his eyes on the floor.

[STC] "Rebound" Willem says, "Kharon Actual, Rebound. Copy that. Be advised, switching to Tactical frequency for further updates. Over."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "All ships, Thorn. Scopes are clear at the moment… everything looks dead out here."

[Wolf-5: Willem] Fresh from the tubes, Wil's Viper comes cruising at a level velocity on Case's 7, forming a protective escprt wedge for the Raptor. Not exactly a speed demon, he keeps his course straight and level, checking DRADIS and visual with equal amounts of caution.

Dutch snickers slightly before he is closing his eyes and leaning his head back into his seat. Deep breath before he is letting the 'kids' have their little bit of fun. "Alright got another joke Parts?" asked without opening a lid. No-this is all he is going to be focused on right now. Making it through the ride.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Kharon to fighter wing. Actual wants the Colonial station and ships to be scanned for life forms. Madman, give me a sitrep. What do you see, over."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem rumbles over the comms, "SAR group, Rebound. Are you seeing what I'm seeing here? The station looks — mostly intact. Definitely not blown to bits like the rest. Looks like a couple of hull breaches, though."

Parts looks like he might be ready to heave, as the raptor skates off the flight deck and out into space. He clutches his rifle like it's a safety blanket. "Uhhh. Gimme a minute, Sarge, I.. okay. How about this one. How are women and tornadoes alike?" Dover gives his fellow private a kick with the toe of his combat boot. He does not look impressed.

[Foxbat-7: Matto] Kissy falls the foxbat back to the proper distance behind the vipers, not so far away as to be out in the open, but definitely letting the escort go ahead for the first peek at these areas, trusting in Thorn's electronic eyes more than his own, though he keeps his own keenly peeled, on ships' systems and out front each in their proper season.

<FS3> Komnenos rolls ECM: Good Success.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Actual, Madman, reporting sitrep: escort is ahead for visual sweep; DRADIS is clear. Yeah, the station looks in pretty decent shape. Can't say the same about the shipyards, though. Hold for thermal scan results."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Rebound, I've got it… lookin' half normal from this city but over yonder… Shit… never seen so much debris in my life. Looks like half a fleet…"

Dutch nods slightly-as if he was doing a Wheezy Stonder impression-you remember that guy, the blind piano player from Libras? "I dunno Private." a grin starting to form on Elder's face, "How are women and cyclones alike?" Oh this should be rich.

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Kharon, Thorn. I'm not detecting any life signs aboard the station."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Thorn, Kharon. Acknowledged, please stand by for further instructions."

Parts finally loses his battle with his innards, and heaves— thankfully, Dover's quick with the barf bag and shoves it toward him just in time. The end of the joke is given somewhat mumbled, "They both moan like hell when they come, and take the house when they leave."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem murmurs, "All ships, Rebound. Gods, you're right, Case. -Gods-." It's just another pile of evidence of destruction. "Keeping eyes on DRADIS just to be safe. Just to be safe."

Matto is content enough to let the man with the magic eyes and ears make report back to Actual; for his own part he keeps in formation until such time as new orders come over, or— circumstances change. If there are no life signs, who sent the distress call? Well, that -is- the million cubit question, of course.

[Foxbat-7: Kai] The skies seem pretty clear, aside from the looming hulk of that empty space station, and its bombed to shit cousin nearby. It's like a minefield of disembodied ship bits over there, in comparison to the two civilian transports drifting near the station's docking ring like they're engaged in a slow-moving dance with one another.

[Wolf-5: Willem] Wil's Viper maintains a steady cruising speed on his sec-lead's wing, only altering course as they close in on the station, tilting his bird in a graceful roll.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "All ships, Rebound. Hey Thorn, did you get a scan on the space station or the docked ships as well? Over."

[Wolf-12: Samantha] Case is just quiet over the comms now, possibly not saying her prayers aloud, if she's saying them at all, but jokes or reassurances fail her at the moment. She slows down as they are getting closer, beginning a very lazy scan over the whole thing.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "SAR Raptor, this is Kharon. Your orders are to proceed with your mission. Please acknowledge."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Rebound, Thorn. The ships are as empty as that station. Not close enough yet t' get a reading on what's left of that shipyard, though."

Dutch chuckles again from where he is seated. And then there is but, one eye opening as Dutch looks to Parts full on for that brief second. "Ok, You a religious man Parts?" of course, what else to follow up jokes about women, than with a lovely discourse on th' faith as it were.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, acknowledged, will proceed scrambling SAR."

Matto says, "Thorn, any joy finding an open parking spot?"

"No, Sarge," Parts answers once he's taken a breath or two and looking a bit less green about the gills. "Why d'you ask?"

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem responds, "Copy that Thorn. Rebound out." Unfortunately, before he can take his thumb off the transmit button, there's a bit of a muffled mutter. It could either be a curse, or even a prayer. Half a second later, he terminates the the transmission before one can tell what it really is.

"Cause it seems Parts, the gods to favor your rifle." A nod given back over to Warren for a moment as the eye closes once more. "You ever wonder what happens to your immortal soul once you're off this mortal coil?"

Epi just stares at Dutch and Parts for a time then heaves a very put upon sigh. "Sir," she says to Dutch, perhaps goading the man a bit. "It's not nice to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

Epi just stares at Dutch and Parts for a time then heaves a very put upon sigh. "Sir," she says to Dutch, perhaps goading the man a bit. "It's not nice to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent."

After making his report, Komnenos leans up towards the front of the ship. "Here," he reports, "found a docking port." He highlights the port on Kissy's console for the pilot's benefit. As he continues to scan, though, there's a shake of Thorn's head. "Awfully bloody quiet 'round here. Don't see anything that could've sent that distress call."

"Frak you too, Jarot," Parts grumbles, holding up a middle finger at the Corporal. Dover's grinning from his perch opposite his fellow Private.

"Ah! Lovely," Kisseus thanks Thorn in his own inimitable fashion for finding a functional port. They all look the same to him, after all, and going around knocking on doors until one opens isn't his idea of a good time. "Neither do I," he then replies, "But we'll see what we find, I guess."

[Wolf-5: Willem] As the mission proceeds, Wil's Viper is locked in systematic escort sweep, very much a criss-crossing patrol pattern that stays in a tight area, watchdogging the Raptor first and foremost, following on his sec-lead of course. Engines fire a graceful orange-red halo out in the void.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon and all SAR units, this is Madman. Thorn's found a functional docking port, proceeding to dock for Marine SAR. Taking us down in three."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Acknowledged, Madman. Be vigilant and heed caution."

[Wolf-12: Samantha] Passi's settling into the careful holding pattern of blocking/guarding the Raptor and it's precious contents, now, getting ready to let it dock with that news and also keeping eyes open for any outside threats. She's still strangely quiet on the comms other than the next few, soft words…

[Foxbat-7: Matto] Foxbat-7 breaks formation on cue, pivoting through a mild descent before descending at a slant toward the port.

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Good luck, Marines… come back to us, okay?"

[Foxbat-7: Kai] It isn't too difficult to maneuver a relatively small vessel like the raptor in to dock with the station. There's room for about five or six freigter-sized ships, and only two of the ports are currently in use. Thorn's chosen a spot around the station's back side, near where a good amount of oxygen is venting. As the raptor and its escort of fighters pull in closer, it becomes increasingly apparent that some kind of hostile action took place here. Though whatever it was, was remarkably small. Scorch marks and a few hunks of loose metal drift from the bay doors, but they're mostly intact. Klaxxons start going off, automatic proximity sensors that fire once the raptor's within range to dock.

Epi simply smiles at Parts, head tilting to the side, going for that wide-eyed sweet look. "Sorry. I only frak men who -don't- feel like women." But then they're starting to land, so the little woman goes through her weapons check one more time. Helmet, metaphorical testicles, armor, rifle. Yep, all there.

Matto isn't particularly worried about the alarms going; who are they going to alert? Still, "Hey, Thorn, can you pop a couple images of that damage on film and send them back to CIC?" he asks his backseater pro tem as they approach the damaged bay doors, getting ready to dock, Kisseus taking it slow so as to give Thorn time for the photo op, then docking with a light enough touch.

Thorn nods from the backseat. "On it." He switches to the camera controls, and captures several images of the station's hull breaches as the Raptor slides in closer. "Alright," he reports. "Pictures taken. You can dock when ready." With that, the images are mailed off to the Kharon.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, we're on course to dock in three… two… one… docked. Preparing to scramble Marine SAR. I'm also opening databand three and uploading some images we took of the damage to the station hull near the docking port."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Case…Rebound, This is Kharon. Establish standard patrol around the station; keep the perimeter close to the base."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Copy that, Kharon…. Patrol established…"

As it seems they are getting ready for the docking process, Dutch is quickly unstrapping from where he was seated and is moving up to position himself before the Hatch. A breath taken as one hand reaches up for a sling to hold. Waiting for the green and the doors to open from the Pilot-the Sergeant is looking back to the others "Ok, File in.."

<FS3> Matto rolls Piloting: Success.

Epi settles in behind Dutch as he calls for the file in. She settles her hand briefly on his back, on one shoulder blade, before she reaches for the strap. "I've got dibs on the alcohol," the Marine announces, letting the dark humor bubble a little.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem rattles off, "Kharon, Rebound. Copy that. Standard patrol pattern Gamma."

Parts is out of his harness before the hatch even swings open. Rifle locked and loaded, he gives an ear-splitting whoop for the benefit of those lucky enough to sit next to him, and hustles it to the door like a thoroughbred chomping at the bit. Dover's a bit more serene about the whole affair, and waits for Dutch to give the word before unbuckling himself.

Matto peeks behind, then out, unlocking the safety handle on the hatch lever, "We green out there, Thorn?" You know, just in case there's plasma or flightsuit-eating acid or something out there he can't see from the front. Can't hurt to check! Safety first and all.

"As green as we'll ever be, Kiss," Thorn replies, consulting his scanner console for confirmation. "Sergeant, your people better keep their suits on and sealed; environmental readings are rather problematic, and there's at least two hull breaches that I could see. Watch yourselves," he says to the Marine leader. Thorn pauses for effect before continuing in a deadpan, "I don't want any more of your blood on my Raptor's deck, Dutch."

Matto nods to the confirmation and pushes up the lever, the hatch beginning to open. "That goes for the rest of you, too. You stain the upholstery, you clean it," he tells the Marines on their way out, keeping it light.

Epi flashes Matto a brief grin. "You still owe me, Sir," she tells him before flipping the safety off her rifle. Yep, girl's locked, loaded and ready to go. Who knew? "Marines sweat blood. We don't bleed," she adds, primly.

There's a nod as he motions for parts to open the door as he is readying his weapon. Safety is flicked from quiet-to loud. And the rifle is brought up to bare, ready to head in and do what he needs too-which is hopefully just keep watch. There's a faint look towards Thorn "Tough Shit, Lieutenant." And that is as much as Thorn is getting.

Once the door is open He'll be the first one to come out. Boots hitting hard on the deck. Yeah he'll have point till his people get off and join him on the station.

The scene in the loading bay is pretty normal, really. The proximity alarm is still pinging, which is expected, sending jags of red light spiraling around the bulkheaded enclosure. Well, normal aside from the obvious signs of a gunfight here in the not too distant past. One of those guns was definitely of the fully automatic variety: bullet holes have shredded one of the bulkhead walls, exposing electrical wiring and puncturing an overhead water main. What must have been a gush at some point, is now just a steady *plink* *plink* *plink*. Oh, and the bay doors are going to need some coaxing to get open, if the group wants to get into the station itself; looks like they've been coded to slam shut and lock.

Owe her? Oh, crap, yeah. But Kissy's mind can't lurk in terror, there's work to be done. Work of the… sittin' here variety. Which happens to be Kissy's speciality. He locks the hatch lever into position again so there will be no accidental stranding of anyone. He gets systems set for an active idle, conserving power while keeping some key HQ-type functions fully online, getting the comms together for the Marines to communicate back to the ship.

Epi's all suited up and rocking it. She doesn't push to get out, but waits for Dutch to go and give his orders. Oh, yes, those doors are studied for a moment. "Want me to blow 'em, Sarge?"

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "SAR team, this is Kharon. It's a bit too quiet out there. Regular sitreps requested, please acknowledge."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Kharon, Thorn acknowledges. We are docked with the station; Marine fireteam preparing t' disembark."

"Mother frakker.." Dutch is muttering as they come to the bay doors, the signs are something he's come used to. However the door being locked shut always seems to be a killer. A look over his shoulder and he's motioning the rest of the team back. "She's all yours Shortstack. Make us a hole." Them's the order for now. Just watch-soon as they open the damned thing billions of cylons will be waiting to pour in. "Once the hole is open Parts you have point."

Matto looks back with a grin as Thorn steps up to the plate, "Hey, thanks," he offers the Toes.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Understood, Thorn. All SAR team communications will now switch and take place on the marine tactical channel from this point forward."

"Aye, Sarge," Parts chimes in, hoisting his rifle and clambering onto the raptor's wing before hopping down. Ahh, space station sweet.. space station. Sorta. Dover brings up the rear, pivoting to making sure they aren't about to be ambushed from around behind as he climbs out.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Kharon, Rebound. Viper wing reporting. We've got a whole lot of the same. Nothing. Nothing out here but…ghosts. Over.""

[TAC1] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, we're with you."

[TAC1] Dutch says, " Kharon, This is Fireteam Echo. We're here-got a door jam-should be in soon enough. Over."

Thorn, too, makes several adjustments to his console to prepare for the waiting game as the Marines get ready to disembark. He powersdown the EW suite and his other nonessential systems; only DRADIS remains at full power. There's a nod of acknowledgement to Matto as Komnenos ties his radio into the Marine band.

And so Jarot heads to the doors and studies them for a moment. When she starts her work, she works fast - and quietly. Once the charge is set - little fingers make it easy to get that explosive in tight spaces - Epi takes several steps back before announces in a rather loud voice, "Fire in the hole!" A poof later, a bit of dust, and there's a pair of loose doors with a hole for the Marine team. "All yours, Sarge," she says, looking very briefly smug.

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Fireteam Echo, this is Kharon - Understood. Actual wishes for regular radio checks from this point on."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Kharon, Rebound. Just noticed something. Doing a flyby on the station, it looks like some of the docking doors were blown from the -inside-. Repeat. -From the inside-. Over."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Kharon… getting a bit of a closer look over here… some of these doors are quite warped… OUtwards. Like the ships were forcibly pulling out, blowing them open to escape… You seeing this, Rebound?"

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Kharon, Echo. Affirmative. When we get something you will know. Doors open, we're going in."

That's certainly one way of getting in. With the doors blasted open, there's nothing to stop the intrepid team of marines from waltzing on into the station. The hallway's dark and dank, and smells like sewage. Though oddly, not rotting corpses.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem coughs, with a wry addendum. "Case, Rebound. Copy that. Looks like over there, there's some debris at four-one-two by nine-seven carom five-five-three. Looks like what's left of a transport. Kharon, recommend relaying this to SAR teams, ASAP."

"Holy crap, did she just explode the doors?" Kisseus wonders. Apart from that, however, he just sits tight, ready to make a strategically expedient retreat should the occasion call for it.

"Parts head in First-You've got point. Jarrot you're behind me. Dover behind Jarrot-keep our Wirelo open godsdamnit." Dutch barks to the team. He'll of course wait for Warren to pop his head in before giving the all clear, following then behind him and thus allowing for the fire team to snake further in and investigate. And yes, Dutch is turning on the flashlight attachment to his barrel so that they can have some light other than well what a dying space station can afford.

A few steps in and Dutch is taking time to report back to Kharon, one hand coming up to press for the comms to go across.

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "I got it, Rebound…. Frak, those pieces are tiny. What the hell did that, a nuke?"

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Kharon, Echo. So far-no sign of hostiles, or friendlies. But, given the scent I am catching seeping in. Whole place smells like shit. Not rot-but frakking human shit, and waste."

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Echo, Kharon. Message received and understood."

Epi dips her head to Dutch, then tilts a little. "Echo," she murmurs, mostly to herself. "Huh. The sound he makes when he snores. I wonder how they knew?" Then her nose twitches a little. "Smells like the pilot berthings," she comments, eyes scanning the area ahead of them constantly.

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Rebound, Thorn, four-one-two by nine-seven carom five-five-eight confirmed." There's a pause. "This is frakkin' bizarre."

"Aye aye, Sarge!" Parts chirps, and sprints off with his rifle to scan ahead of them in the close quarters of the access tunnel. Without lights to guide them, he switches on the flashlight attached to his rifle and sweeps it left and right. Nothing but the drip of the burst sewage pipe and the steady hum of a generator still running somewhere.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Case, Kharon. I apologize for the delay, I read you. Continue your search for anything else amiss."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Copy, Kharon."

Matto turns to look towards his backseat. "What's the word?" he wonders, not not insistantly. He assumes that whatever Thorn's found will be reported soon enough.

"Quieter than a whore in the temple.." Dutch murmurs as he moves behind Parts keeping his rifle attuned , and sweeping as it is needed. "Odder than shit we got nothing left than a broken shit pipe.." But eyes are remaining peeled, and the gun ready. After all, Dutch is no optimist-not in this day and frakking age. No, he's a realist. And as such he's ready for the reality of shit we're frakked to sink in-and then get shot. In that order.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "This is Rebound. Case, good question. Our good people in CIC would be able to detect radiological signatures to a degree but the alarms would be going off. Thorn. What's bizarre? Other than the obvious. Over."

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "SAR Team, Kharon. Be advised, CAP has located some doors warped outwards, as if docked ships were forcing their exit from the station."

The Marines are off the Raptor and into the space station, but Thorn is undistracted by Epi's bombwork and the departure of the fireteam. His eyes flick to DRADIS; scanners are still clear. Thorn uses the camera and the imaging scanners he used to take the pictures of the breaches and focuses onto some the other unused docking ports; just as Samantha had said, several of them are breached outwards, as though something had pulled them away from the station. His head shakes in confusion as his electronic eyes continue to sweep over the station's hull.

<FS3> Komnenos rolls Ecm: Success.

"Odder than shit about a shit pipe," Epi comments quietly. "Interesting. And I'd ask how you know about whores in the temple and how quiet they are, but I really don't think I want to know. Seriously. Some things are best left sacred." She's tense, anticipatory. "Think the bird can check for thermal signatures, or did I miss that report?"

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Rebound, Thorn. Not t' belabor the obvious, but… what th' frak…" Thorn trails off. "Kharon, Thorn. Possible DRADIS contact. I don't know, it was just there a moment… but I swear I saw something."

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Echo, Kharon. Any sign of life present? Cadavers?"

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Thorn, Kharon. DRADIS contact confirmed, we saw it here too."

"They'd a beeped us by now if something was up. We were given the green-which means nothing we can tell.." A shrug as the Sergeant is motioning Parts on up a head, before he'll wait to trot up and counter so the guy can move on. "How're we looking on your end Private?" barked over to Dutch's over-anxious rifleman.

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Kharon, Thorn… I'm not picking it up yet. Approximate location?"

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Kharon, Echo. Negative. Nothing but a busted shit pipe right now. No bodies-over."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Good t'know I'm not going crazy. Case, Thorn… unable t' isolate. It wasn't there but a second."

Thump, thump, thump go Parts' boots. He scans left, he scans right. Nothing. Spooky. The access tunnel eventually opens out onto the space station proper. It's tiny as far as space stations go, so there's only the one level, and no hydraulic lifts to ferry people to and fro. A sign points to cargo and shipping straight ahead, passenger loading slightly to the left of that, for one of the colonies' major cruise lines that must ship through here. There's a restaurant taking up a good portion of the domed space, a kitschy gift shop, a simple medical facility off to the right and a tiny chapel off to the left. It looks like people were in the middle of.. dinner, maybe? Several of the tables still have food on them. Chairs are upturned, glasses smashed, bags and belongings strewn about the place.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, tensely. "This is Rebound. No joy on DRADIS contacts here either. Maybe the Viper consoles were built by the lowest…" He doesn't finish that statement. Bad joke.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem finishes. "Got any positional data on where that ghost was? We can take a peek. Over."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Thorn just said he couldn't isolate. We'll keep our eyes open…"

[TAC1] "Madman" Matto says, "Echo, Madman, we've got a ghost DRADIS contact. No new orders at this time, just be aware."

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Madman, Echo. Copy that."

[TAC3] (from "Knight" Praxis) Praxis relays last-known coordinates of the blip over to the Vipers. "CAP, Kharon. Way ahead of you. You should be getting nav information, go to it.

Epi dips her head to Dutch, eyes moving over the gift shop for a long moment, consideringly. "How long do you think these things were left behind, Sarge," she asks quietly, once they've hit the mess.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Oh, and CAP…exercise extreme caution."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, haltingly, "Kharon, Rebound. Coordinates received. Proceeding with visual scan when in range. Oh. And we always do, Sir. Rebound out."

Dutch frowns for a moment as they come into the mess. Personally he'd say take what they can get out of this place, blow it and leave, but that's Dutch for you. There's a look to Jarrot, and a shrug before he is moving closer to one of the table for further investigation. A hand held out-motion made to fan out-at least while in the mess. "Looks like. A day or two, we just missed em. Look at the food-ain't totally gone bad yet-thank gods for processed crap.." A look up. "Keep alert.."

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Kharon, Echo. We've just entered the mess-We've got belongings and bags thrown all over the godsdamned place-and judging by the condition of the food-seems we got here a day or two late."

Thorn stares at his DRADIS console with a frown. Suddenly, it beeps again, and the ghost contact appears once again on his screen, just as briefly. "Got you, you bugger," Thorn growls; this time he was ready for it. He begins running some calculations, based on the data from the two appearances.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Cap, Kharon…Unknown DRADIS contact is closing in on the station. Transmitting updates."

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Echo, Kharon. Understood. Any indication on where all the personnel went?"

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "All ships, Thorn. Confirmed, Kharon. I've isolated its location as somewhere on the opposite side of the station. Based on th' two appearances, I'm working t' calculate most likely course and speed."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Waiting for orders once position is established, Kharon…"

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Kharon, Echo. Negative- looks like the whole flock got th' frak out while it was good..Still no sign of bodies."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem covers his ass with a little bit of an overlooked detail. "Kharon, CAP. Copy that. Weapons are hot. Requesting weapons free upon comfirmation of hostile target. Over."

Aside from the abandoned food and belongings, the place is a ghost town. Not. A single. Soul. Not hide nor hair of another human being. It's as if whoever was here, just got up and.. ran. There's more signs of a firefight near the chapel, though it wasn't sustained. Blood spatters, a child's shoe abandoned in the hall, but no bodies. Not a one. Parts pops a stick of gum into his mouth and chews, silently, while he takes all this in. A glance is shot to his boss, and an arched brow.

Komnenos spends 1 luck points on Thermal scanning.
<FS3> Komnenos rolls Ecm: Good Success.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "CAP, Kharon. Intercept if hostile."

"Well that's just morbid and down right frakking creepy.." Dutch says as he looks to the shoe, a step up-before his foot is moving to tap it out of the way before he's taking time to peer into the Chapel and then further down the way. Just the signs of the firefight-but no bodies. And yeah the look on his face-is a this ain't normal shit.

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Kharon, Echo. Signs of a firefight by the station's chapel. But again no bodies..We did find a shoe though."

Matto's anxiety wanes as the man in the backseat sics the viper jocks on whowever's up there, having faith they'll get the situation in hand. He goes back to attending the situation with the marines. A shoe?

Apparently she's thinking along the same lines. "Depending on what we find, we can sweep it up on the way back." Hey, at least Epi's a little hopeful. She crouches to study the blood patterns then nods. "Sarge? Down this way, toward the docking access tunnel. Looks like I'll have to blow the doors there, too. Might want to give a call to see if the residents might have barricaded themselves." No, she doesn't sound hopeful.

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Echo, Kharon. Understood…no metallic Cylon remains in the vicinity either?"

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Kharon, Echo. Again Negative. Repeat there's nothing frakking here. We're headed towards the docking tunnel..Door seems locked and blocked. We're going to blast through unless someone can give a shout over, just in case someone's hiding in there. Don't wnna kill innocents-over."

[TAC1] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Echo, Thorn. Hold your fire! Thermal scanning shows a life form in there."

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Echo, Kharon understands the received message. Also be mindful of potential hull brea- * cut off by Thorn *"

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Two enemy contacts… Damn close. Came out of no where. Requestion weapons hot permission now?"

The message relayed back over the Wireless, Dutch is then looking over towards Jarrot and nodding. "Lets do it.." Might as well bust open another tube and take a gander as to what they will find. However given the shouts coming over the chatter a hand is coming up "HOLD" yelled to Epi, but he doubts she's blown the place yet-and eyes are looking back to the little marine "SAR says we have life back there.."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "CAP, Kharon. You've got weapons hot, take them out."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "All ships, Thorn, hostile DRADIS contacts detected! Coming out of the shipyard, headed straight for Foxbat-7. Please assist."

Epi's at the doors, but no, she hasn't set charges yet. "You've got the bigger mouth, Sarge. You want to attempt contact using vocal or morse?" She raises a hand, as if to knock on the door - but does nothing without Dutch's say so.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem suddenly calls out, "This is Rebound. I see 'em. Two contacts. Bandits, hostile. Definitely unfriendly, under a click away and closing in from the shipyards. Contacts positioned, Bearing 187, Carom 221. Weapons free. Thorn called it. I'm right with you, Case."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Weapons free. Lets tear'em up."

Matto maintains his calm. The marines know what they're doing, the jocks know what they're doing. And his backseater is hell of on top of things. So he just keeps on relaying information to Echo squad.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Hostile contacts, Scramble fighters! Repeat, scramble alert fighters!"

"Try Morse first-if they don't under stand I'll shout at em if they can hear..Sides if something is alive back there-we'll find out soon enough." But the nod is given all the same for the Corporal to go a tapping, He however is raising his gun and readying it for when they have to open the doors and face whatever is on the other side.

Komnenos snaps into action as the two hostile red blips appear on his DRADIS screen and stay there. Switches are flicked as Thorn brings his ECM suite, the Raptor's first line of defense, back to full power. Waves of electronic jamming begin to emit from the docked Raptor.

[TAC1] "Madman" Matto says, "Echo, Madman, we've got hostile contacts, our escort's scrambling a greeting. Any luck with that door?"

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem shouts, "Case, Rebound. One's going for the Raptor. Your call on this one, I've got you either way."

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Echo, Kharon. I do not believe I need to tell you to proceed with caution."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Get them off the Foxbat first, Rebound, then we'll take care of ourselves. We dodge a hell of a lot better."

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Madman, Echo. We'll know in a second. Making contact"

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Take these bastards quick, Case, I don't like t' be th' one playing damsel in distress."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Kharon to all Vipers. Lieutenant JG Free Kills has disabled enemies. Repeat, enemies are disabled. Adjust tactics accordingly."

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Kharon, Echo. Affirmative-thanks for the heads up."

[TAC3] (from "Rebound" Willem) ..There is a sound of a very muffled chuckle over the comms. "Kharon, Rebound. Copy that. OH. Messy."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Rebound. Let's get bogey one out of the water then go for his buddy. Keep up the hits, we got a sitting duck on a platter for us. Wonder if anyone's got orange sauce down there to dress her with."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Kharon, Thorn. Tell Free Kills she's takin' the excitement out of life."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Thorn, Kharon. Understood, will tell Tanner to reenable Raider weapons, over. *snicker*"

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Case, Rebound. Right with you. Oh, and Thorn?…Never mind."

Matto sends a chuckle back over his shoulder, "Dude, don't encourage her, this is just about enouch excitement for me for one day, yo. Hey, any more heat signatures they should go check out?" he asks, evidently putting a great stock of confidence in the jocks' capability to keep the cylons off of their collective tails.

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Come on, Rebound…finish the frakker and I'll think about ceasing to call you Pookie. Pookie."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem grumbles. It almost sounds like an affectation. "Oh, he did -not- just do that. Looks like the starboard wing's going to need repainting. Case, Rebound. Splash one. One left."

There is no response from the other side of the door. Either the heat signature behind belongs to something non organic, said form is unable to communicate, or whatever or whomever is back there doesn't understand or wish to reply. There's a slight flicker that starts in the lights as the power fluctuates a little, but the mechanism of the door remains intact, either jammed or locked from the other side. A small indicator light on a panel to the right remains lit, perhaps the mag locks are on an auxilary power supply designed to keep main power failures from opening all the dock doors.

"Oh, grow a spine." Thorn's words are meant only to tease, and there's a big smirk plastered on his face as he says them. One of the blips disappears from his screen. "See, one's down already. Nothing t' worry about, as if a two-on-two was a risky proposition for our pilots anyway." Thorn's back to business as Matto asks his question. "All I saw was th' one in th' docking port."

"Other than our own people, of course," Thorn clarifies his report.

Matto looks down at the up-front relay, grinning as he does, "I have a spine. I keep it in my back. In one piece, even," he coughs, "For now. Hey, Thorn, please tell me that objects in the DRADIS aren't closer than they appear."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Vipers, Thorn. That Raider is getting a little pushy with my personal space. Care t' splash him for me?"

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "Workin' on it, Thorn… Just stay back and let my by ass get in the way."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Somehow, Case, I don't see you as the type that needs t' be told t' work harder. I'll leave you t' it, then."

Matto tsks briefly, "Don't nag the viper jocks, dude. It -chafes- them," he chuckles, "Holy crap," he notes.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Case, Madman, your ass alright?"

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Echo, Kharon. Status update? Still working on the door?"

"Who's nagging?" retorts Thorn. "Nagging is such an ugly word. I prefer t' call it 'motivation'." He watches through the cockpit as a Viper swoops past them, moving to intercept the incoming Raider. "And if they start t' chafe too badly, they can take some time off." He waggles his eyebrows suggestively as he cracks another cheesy innuendo.

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Kharon, Echo. We're still dealing with the Damned door. When I have something, I'll ping-Door's open we're going in."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Mi'lady Thorn, you are safe in your tower, it would seem. Kharon, Rebound. What the -frak-? This Toaster's trying to limp -home-. Wherever home is. We just added a couple extra vents and now he doesn't want to play anymore. This is new."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "My ass is fine as ever, Madman. You can check it out when we get back"

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Uh, scratch that. Splash that. Even. I think we broke our toy."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Thanks, Rebound. And I was so looking forward t' Case climbing up my hair, too."

[TAC3] (from "Rebound" Willem) There's the sound of choking over the comms. More choking. "Umm. Yeah. Kharon, CAP. Reporting both targets neutralized. Send our regards to 'Free Kills', by the way. My bird took a couple surface dings on the left wing but nothing to worry about. Awaiting further instructions, over."

There's a thump, and then a sound like something winding down heard from within the raptor's open hatch. The tunnel ahead into which the marines went, suddenly flickers and goes black as power seems to shut down. Including the revolving red light, and the controls for the bay doors themselves.

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "But yeah… much thanks to free kills. And I'll always take care of ya, Thorn."

Matto looks back toward his backseater with a bright grin. "They don't need motivation. They live on coffee and shooting shit down. If there's any way to rescue us, they'll find it. Uh." He turns around at the sudden shutdown. "Crap."

[TAC1] "Madman" Matto says, "Echo, Madman, sitrep?"

Whatever Thorn was about to say in return dies on his lips as the light from the tunnel suddenly dies. "Frak," he swears harshly. As Matto tries the radio, Komnenos turns back to his DRADIS console.

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "All ships, Rebound. Addendum? This may be wild conjecture but I would say there are too many fishy things going on here to say that wasn't a trap. Be alert."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Kharon, Thorn. Th' station appears t've lost power. We are attempting t' raise the fireteam."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "And yeah, Rebound, no arguments there. This shit just gets weirder and weirder."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Thorn, Kharon. Understood. Will attempt to hail Echo."

[TAC1] "Madman" Matto says, "Echo, Madman, can you hear? Please acknowledge."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Kharon, Thorn. No response from Echo on our end."

[TAC3] "Case" Samantha says, "The last bogey looked like he was trying to limp home… turned tail for some reason, possibly to report in… so they might come checking sooner or later, but not as soon if he had gotten home."

[TAC1] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, there's been some sort of a power failure on board the station. No acknowledgement from Echo."

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Madman, Kharon. We are aware of the situation, please stand by for further orders."

[TAC3] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Hm, Case… maybe Raiders aren't as dumb as they look."

[TAC1] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, standing by."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "All Vipers, this is Kharon. CAP, keep a close perimeter on the station. Alert fighters, converge on the shipyards and do a close visual inspection."

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "This is Rebound. I hate it when we're right, Thorn. Case? It seems like those things jumped in 'round the shipyard. I wonder at the precision of those damned FTL's. At any rate. That's for another time. Holding CAP."

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Madman, Echo. Hold your godsdamned horses. We've made contact."

[TAC1] "Thorn" Komnenos says, "Try not t' keep us on the edge of our frakkin seats any, Echo."

[TAC1] "Madman" Matto says, "Echo, Madman; okay, okay, the lights went off and I was just hoping for some sort of 'we're still alive.'"

[TAC3] "Rebound" Willem says, "Kharon, Rebound. Copy that. Holding pattern. Lots of flickering, pretty lights."

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Madman, Echo. We found a kid. Next time-don't worry. If we're dying I'll be sure to scream somethin' poetic like, we're being killed by giant ass robots from space."

[TAC1] "Madman" Matto says, "Echo, Madman, fair enough. Any idea why the lights went out?"

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Madman, Echo. I'm a doctor dammit not an electrician. I suspect something happened when we blew open the door."

[TAC1] "Madman" Matto says, "That… might do it. I'll leave you alone, now."

[TAC1] Epi says, "With all due respect, Lieutenant Matto? Shut the frak up and let us work. Write down your questions for when we get back. We're a little busy trying to do a sweep without responding to inane chatter. Don't call us unless our asses are in the fire. We'll call you."

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Kharon, Echo. We've found a kid."

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Echo, Kharon. How's he/she look?"

An automated voice crackles over the station's comms: "Life support failure imminent. Aux power at 65 percent. Begin evacuation procedures." Emergency lighting comes up, flickering a wan blue at regularly spaced intervals along the access tunnel.

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Kharon Echo. I'll check him out in the ride home. Aux has been on three minutes and the power's about to fail. All of it. We're hoofing it back to the SAR"

Matto leans back, looking up through a clear port slightly behind him. When Echo reports they're coming back, he straightens up again and brings systems all to full.

[TAC1] Dutch says, "Madman, Echo. Support is failing-we're running home-repeat we're running home. Start up the frakking engines."

Thorn also relaxes as the marines finally respond. However, that sense of security is dashed at the sound of the station computer's announcement. He leans forward in his chair, glancing over at Matto and preparing to get under way.

[TAC1] "Madman" Matto says, "Echo, Madman, we hear you. We're ready to go save butts in seats."

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Echo, Kharon. We'll be waiting for you to return home. Make sure you actually get there."

The kid stiffens a little as his hand is taken, but then the contact wins out. He grabs onto Epi's sleeve, and moves when she moves. He kinda reeks like he's been crawling through vents with very little climate control for the last few days and hasn't bathed or changed his clothes since it started. Beat feet, go!

"We can come back for it.." Or something-right now Dutch is making the executive decision to run and leave things behind. After all they can send people in sealed suits to space walk and steal what hasn't left- or something soon. Either way Dutch is making for the order to run like hell. "Run it boys." At least they know exactly where to run back from, right?

The automated voice comes up again: "Aux power at 60 percent. Recommend complete evacuation before 35 percent for optimum results." Somewhere, some programmer thought it would save face if the company said 'optimum results' instead of 'to prevent freezing to death'.

Run it? Yep, Epi picked up on that. She pastes a grin on her face and reaches down to scoop the kid up. She can run faster carrying him, right? "C'mon. We've got to beat him out of here," she tells the kid quietly. "He smells worse than you do and we need to get a better seat on the Raptor." After that? Well, conservation of oxygen with the added weight of a ten year old. He was already holding onto a sleeve, so it's barely a few skipped steps to scoop him up to her side.

Given that all they're waiting on is the arrival of the marines, there isn't much more Thorn can be doing at the moment. He swivels in his chair, looking from hatch to console to hatch and so on. The ECO mutters quietly to himself as he keeps waiting for someone to come through.

Matto taps with one finger on the lock latch of the hatch lever, not unlocking it, yet, but tapping on it as if that would hasten the Marine folk along, the other fingers curling around the lever itself.

[TAC3] "Spider" Kai says, "Kharon, Spider. Sweep of the shipyards is complete, we are no joy on enemy contacts, and there isn't much salvageable out here. Requesting permission to RTB."

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Spider, Kharon. You've got it. Bring yourself and your comrades back to the hive, over."

Aux power is dropping like paternity tests after a Pyramid team blows through town. As the marines reach the raptor crew waiting to evac them, Ms. automation speaks: "Aux power at 55 percent."

The little brown haired boy clings to Epi, his hair spiked and unwashed for days. This clothing is simple, and he carries a tattered backpack on his back, arms through both straps. He looks to be about ten, and is resolutely silent. Crumbles of strawberry freeze dried icecream are dusted to the floor of the bird as they board, crunching under Dutch's boot heel as the marine brings up the rear. Pink powder is left behind. Kids.

Matto unlocks the hatch controls as the marines begin to board, "Everyone have your buddy?" he asks back into the cabin, not going to close the hatch until he gets the final OK from the fireteam leader that everyone's onboard.

Dutch being the last one in, does what he does best, pulls the hatch shut, and then looks flatly to the pilots. See? No blood. All the same he's moving to make sure they get the kid strapped in, and he is going to look over the little booger while the fly home. He's been loose seated before in these frakking things. He'll be so now. There's a look back to Matto though as he's crouching in the well space. "Take us out."

Parts and Dover scramble in just ahead of Dutch, the former still chewing his bubblegum. He pops a bubble with a loud *snap* as he settles into his jump seat and starts buckling up.

Well, Epi's got her buddy, sure as hell. She double-checks Dutch's work on the straps, just to be on the safe side, from her seat right next to him. Shit. She's stuck with a ten year old. It's like riding with Viper pilots. Except the kid smells better. "I think you'll like where we're going," she tells him quietly, trying to keep her voice quiet and upbeat. Yeah, Epi's still got the grenade in her pocket. "I'm Epi, by the way. That's Sarge." She grins over at Dutch for a moment, then leans in to murmur, "But you can call him Sir, too."

"Right so," Kisseus agrees only too gladly, pulling down the hatch lever and locking it back up, the hatch beginning to close. Once it does, he disengages from docking. Hopefully the docking unit does that it's supposed to do. Hope hope hope.

Thorn shoots a disbelieving double-take at the sticky, smelly kid as the marines clamber on board, but says nothing, just shaking his head slightly. As Matto works on the docking collar, Thorn moves up to the cockpit, throwing himself into the copilot's seat and bringing the engines back on line.

After checking over the kid there's a slight smile. "I prefer Dutch, kid. You listen to her and you'll end up pulling laundry.." A look to Epi before he's pulling out a small shot and a wipe. Wipe placed to the kid's arm. "Hang in there tiger-small punch.." And with that a dorse of morpha is given to the kid to knock him out-completely. He's capping the syringe and dropping it back in-he can toss it when back on board. "He's all good.." Dutch mutters "Just needs-there he goes." And like that, the kid is off to sleep without so much of a complaint. "I'll take him to Medical when we land. Let them watch over him before we figure out what to do.."

Epi? Not so thrilled with the knocking out of the kid. Dutch gets a look - but the woman doesn't push it. She shifts slightly so that the kid can lean against her for the flight home. "I'll go with you," she tells the Sergeant softly. Everyone else is ignored for the moment.

Matto turns to his side to give Toes a bright smile as he appears in the second seat just as the dock releases, then , looking down again, he taps in a few command lines and lifts the raptor into an easeful ascent. "Crowded back there?" he wonders of Thorn, softly.

"Just getting out of th' way," Thorn replies, equally quietly. He brings up the front seat DRADIS display, watching the scanners quietly as Matto takes the Raptor away from the station.

"Go to the Armory and stow your shit-then you can watch over the scrote in sickbay." Dutch adds and there's a look. "Just hope no one wants your ass before the mast." given the shouting that came over the channels. Still that ain't Dutch's call if its going to be pursued. He'd rather ignore it as at the time it was valid advice. And so he leans back a little to enjoy le ride home. "For a little shit with a lot of ice cream-I am curious as to figure out where get got the grenade.."

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, acknowledged, scrambling RTB."

Matto chuckles softly in Thorn's direction, but otherwise is content to drive on home in peace and quiet. Enough excitement for one day.

Epi shares that look with Dutch then nods, once. "I'll take yours down when I go, if you'd like." Stiff upper lip. Yep, she screwed up. Yep, McTiernan's likely going to have her ass. But that's not going to be worried about, clearly, until McT is screaming her down. "I am too," she murmurs, patting her pocket. It's then she thinks to pull the grenade out and check it for identifying marks.

It is when the count down clock would be at about 35 percent that the space station quiet unexpectedly explodes. Though the exothermic reaction is brilliant, the shock wave is the real problem. Debris are propelled outward in all directions, and it won't be long before some of it is pinging against the various ships in an orbit. Guess there really was something wrong with the power.

[TAC3] "Knight" Praxis says, "Foxbat-7, Kharon, confirm you are aboard."

"Thanks.." muttered. So she will be getting his rifle-he can bring by the pistol later. And Dutch leans his head back for a moment, one hand coming up to rub his eyes "Almost shot a kid.." and then a laugh. Perhaps one of those things a marine never expects. "Shit."

Matto catches a bit of the light from the clear sidepanel, "-ng crap," he mutters to himself, flipping open a panel and entering a new set of codes, expediting with a forward push on the central lever as he gets the ship in position not to be cast head-over-heels by the shockwave, but to ride it with only a vague feeling of stomach-swimming acceleration to those inside. finally slowing again and descending into base.

[TAC3] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, we're here, setting down in three. … … We're down, Actual."

As the station explodes, Epi was mid-comment. Of course, it gets cut off as the shockwave its. Her arm goes around the kid, protectively. "The 'frak," she mutters. "I TOLD you we should have grabbed a crate or two." Parts is speared with the evilcat glare as well. Yes, now she's going to -sulk-.

The green icon representing the station flashes on Thorn's DRADIS, and he catches a sudden flash of light in his peripheral vision. "Frak me," he whispers to himself as the station icon disappears and a shockwave hurtles in their direction. Matto is up to the challenge, though, as he flies the ship through the shockwave as smoothly as could be expected. Finally, the ship settles back towards the protective embrace of Kharon's hangar bay.

..and there goes Parts with the barfing again. And Dover with the barf bag offering. Teamwork, gotta love it.

Matto shouldn't comment. Shouldn't comment. But does, anyhow, taking a deep breath once they're on deck again, glancing behind into the cabin and tossing Epi a grin, "'Course, if you'd stopped for crates, we'd likely have still been back there when it went up," he points out. Then turns back around to unlock the hatch controls and open them up. 'Cause that little marine is terrifying.

At the sounds of retching, Thorn turns around with a frown, looking back in the rear of the ship. "Parts, if you got any of that shit on my deck, you're cleaning it up," he growls. With that, he does his quick post-flight shutdown routine and unbuckles himself from his seat.

Matto doesn't unbuckle, yet, but starts to see the Raptor through the cool-down and shut-down of systems, himself, opening up comms to the deck crew and beginning to chat with them while the folk disembark.

[Wolf-5: Willem] Zoom zoom zoom. The Kharon's wayward children are returning, more or less no worse for the wear. Wolf-5 made it inside after flying overhead, with not a huge amount of skidding across the Flight Deck. The Chief will still have a cow. A thin stream of sparks flies from the scrape of the landing gear. emitting from metal upon metal. This wasn't the cleanest attempt, but it comes to a stop safe and sound without barrelling into anyone or anything else. This plane is mostly clean except for an ugly burst of shrapnel marring its left wing. Nothing a couple days worth of repair and new paint can't fix at least. She'll fly again. The canopy pops open as a crewman scrambles to rush a ladder up to the Viper before moving it into a more satisfactory position and a helmeted Wil pops out, attempting to shimmy out of his helmet. Stupid pilots, they never seem to get it right immediately. Good thing Crewman "Chalky" White is there to help save the day, who does so with a sort of detached, surly aplomb.

Off the Foxbat comes Epi, in the lead, carrying a small beat-up pack and more weapons than just her own. One pocket bulges ominously. She's got an odd look on her face, the little Marine does, though she looks over her shoulder to Dutch. "You want I should update the CAG on the way through," she asks him.

Coming from the Foxbat, once its landed and the procession that seems to follow-at the lead minus his rifle, is the Sergeant John Elder, as slung over his shoulder seems to be a child. There's no hellos or really many looks spared to anyone else. Just a look over towards the Corporal "Ayup." And with that it seems with child in tow over his shoulders to the Sickbay.

Well -this- came out of nowhere. It looked like Wil was about to do something all business-like as he was turning back to stare at his dinged Viper, even reaching for a clipboard. The Jr. Lieutenant didn't really get that far. It's a good bet he didn't see this coming. "Whoaahahhh!" It takes him a fight righting steps to avoid losing his balance or barrelling into something but pulls it off. It's less of a testament to the weight of the tackle and more a testament of him being off his game that almost tips him. "Huh? Oh." Rebound looks taken aback but in a mixture of shock and genuine glee he hugs she who will be known as 'Free kills' and sets her down to avoid taking a dump on his ass in his flight suit. He'd never live -that- down. "You're starting to make us look bad." There's a warm enough smile, but it's clearly bothered. Then again, that was a thrill ride nobody would ask for, outside the ship.

Matto stands by the top of the ramp and yawns, once. Once everyone else has disembarked from the Raptor, Kisseus steps down, too, taking off his helmet for a few words with some of the deck crew. But since the Foxbat is approximately pristine, still, there's not much to jaw over.

"Hey, Stavros! Check that touchy gimbal on Four, would you? Think that shockwave might have knocked it loose again." Komnenos isn't even fully off the ramp before he's shouting at the first deckhand he sees. As the Marines move away from the Raptor, Thorn's eyes briefly follow Epi, but he's soon distracted by another deckhand with a clipboard in his hand.

"Don't drop him, damnit," Epi grumbles to Dutch briefly. Clearly she's not a fan of the way he's carrying the child, but what can she do? Kick his shins? She turns and catches sight of Thorn and, for a moment, she looks sheepish and mouths the word 'sorry.' That is, if he sees her. Taking a deep breath she starts looking around for the CAG.

"Don't ever be where something blows up again!" Persy flails — obviously knowing it's an impossible demand. Wanting it desperately anyhow. Putting a little comedy English on it because… what else can she do?

The S2 hits the top of the staircase about the time everyone disembarks from the raptor. In the absence of McTiernan, she moves in to greet the returning mission. She casts a look over Dutch with the child, but does not ask. She nods to the Sergeant. "Of all the men to show up suddenly with a kid, you aren't the one I expected, Sarge." Salazar continues onto the Deck, but pauses out of the main bustle of activity. She casts a look over the team. "Parts. Front and center." That voice, it does boom when necessary.

Wil just shrugs calmly here as he stares over at the child with the returning Marines for a half a second, a little loll of his head. His mouth hangs open. "What the frak?" He interrupts his conversation with a slight point of his finger in the direction of the Littlest Refugee. "Plus One." He mouths. "There was one kid living on that base. One? That's it?" Back down to Persy now, his head shakes a little bit. "Relax." Trying to defuse the tension of the situation with a tenative smile, he offers. "Look. I'm fine. I told you, I try to limit my stupidity in the cockpit. The only things that were blowing up out there were Raiders. Til…that happened." His shoulders ripple in a sloppy shrug as he seems to very intently try to dismiss whatever it is that has him bothered. Which was obviously the whole damn op.

"Yeah, well I'm not the father." Dutch intones back towards Salazar. The S2 is given a nod before he is moving on and off towards the hatch. He has a kidlet to deliver to people, and like hell he is going to be late with that.

Matto ends up settled down on the side of the ramp, the corrigated surface keeping him helpfully from sliding down it as he fills out his own paperwork on the ride while in congenial enough discussion with some members of the deck crew. He doesn't quite have Toes' hollering down. But Salazar does, and he looks up, attention dutifully drawn by the loudness, even if he isn't a marine and it's none of his business.

"That would require you not be sho…it." Epi just noticed the S2. The S2 is not who she was looking for, but she snaps to attention and salutes so fast her guns jingle. Shit. Caught. Again.

"No, I don't know. Just take a look at the bloody thing, would you?" Thorn and the deckhand, Stavros, go back and forth for a moment before the ECO finally ends it with something that resembles an order. Now that that's taken care of, he walks in front of the Raptor's wing, watching the reaction of the marines with amusement as the S2 shows up.

A slight nose wrinkling from Salazar is the only indication she caught a whiff of Pvt. Parts' post flight yawn breath. "Parts, brush your frakkin' teeth." Part of the marine motto is Adapt. In order to Overcome the barf breath, the S2 just calls up the next marine in line, waving the private off to more minty pastures, "Dover." Her eyes continue. "Jarot. As you were." She flicks back a salute. "I want a debrief in twenty." She gives Epi a look. It's either the 'mouthing off on comms' look, or the 'why did that station explode' look. The looks are so similar, it's hard to tell the difference.

Persy follows Wil's gaze. "That's the kid, huh?" she murmurs. "Poor baby. He's got to be totally frakked up." She rubs her eyes, looking up at Wil again. "Sorry I spazzed. Look, I'm gonna go to bed, okay? Come share my bunk when you're done?" It's not at all a sexy invitation. It's the puppy-eyed request of an officer who seriously needs to be cuddled.

Praxis shows up on the Hangar Deck, having come up after duty to see what's what. He simply stands a ways away from most folks, standing there with fingers interlaced behind his back. Observation is one of his best skills and he employs it here. Jades shift between the various individuals, one by one. Although, an air of curiosity can be seen about him; probably likely to do with the youth that was brought on board..

As the marines go on to talk about not much of interest, Kisseus goes back to filling out paperwork, staying with the Raptor while the deck team checks it over and finishing up the appropriate paperwork before they're prodding himt o get up so they can close up the hatch. Which he does without complaint and with a mild and grateful smile for the crew.

Wil's mouth opens a little bit. Closes. He looks back to what is hopefully not Dutch's Paternity Suit waiting to happen for one final moment with a furrowed brow. As usual, he telegraphs way too much. Snapping out of it, he just starts unzipping his flight suit and smirks, dryly. It's a crooked one. "I can make time. After the post-flight, damage report because I ate wing shrapnel again, and debrief, I'll be over. Maybe I can scrounge something for that vid player." Frankly, another time, Wil would be a little embarassed but he's a little too shaken and preoccupied to do so. "You did good up there."

Samantha's landing just a minute or two after the Marine's actually, her bird looking a bit scratched from the debris, but not injured otherwise. She sits tight as she's wheeled back into position and then the canopy is popped, the blonde viper pilot swinging out and pulling off her helmet at the same time. She steps down, heaving over to the small group…"You feelin' okay, Rebound? Was nice flyin'…Everyone."

Kai actually put down some time ago— well before the SAR team returned. He's still in his flight suit, though the top's been unzipped to his sternum, and his helmet's been put away. The still-cooling raptor with its recently disgorged occupants is where he's headed, of course; Willem and Samantha are acknowledged on his way by. The latter's addressed briefly with a "Case" He locks eyes with her. "Report on my desk first thing in the morning." And then he's off to see to his raptor crew. "Kisseus, I'd like those data drives downloaded and a copy sent to the Commander. Good work out there, all of you." Which encompasses the pilots as a whole, it would seem.

Persy stands on tiptoes and whispers to Wil, then kisses his cheek and heads off to get some sleep.

Poor Epi gives the S2 a reply look to hers - apparently the answer to both questions is 'not my fault.' Clearly, patently, not Epi's fault. She dips her head to Salazar then turns toward Kai and slips forward to come up behind him. All her bounce is gone, replaced by a look that can best be described as Precious Moments Figurine On Acid. She's carrying a knapsack and there's a suspicious bulge in her pocket. No, Epi doesn't say a word. She simply waits patiently, a little starstruck.

"I don't make promises I don't intend to keep." Wil says aloud, a little bit of a cheshire-cat smile. He clasps the Junior Tac Officer on her shoulder a moment and nods once. "See you later." In the midst of all this, he gives Case a sort of awkward smirk but it's tinged with something. Finally, he just stands stock-still, saluting THE CAG.

"Sure thing, Captain," Kisseus replies gamely enough to the CAG, then looks over toward Case, "Hey, BC. Thanks for getting your ass in the way of that Raider. That was pretty damn quality of you," he tells her. Kisseus usually tries not to worry all that much. But that Raider was getting within sweating range pretty quick. He gives her a grin and goes to retrieve that data the CAG wanted.

Samantha gives Kisseus a brief pat. "I got a tougher hide than you, baby… couldn't damage that pretty pale complexion of yours." She winks with a smile. "But, seriously, no problem. we all got out without our nailpolish barely chipped. Strange as all hell, but didn't go badly, either way." She seems to be doing her very, very best to look comfortable with everything that went down no matter how utterly wrong it all felt.

"Somebody had to be the bait." Wil finally turns back to Sam with a BROPAT on the back. His attempt at being a swaggering Viper jock utterly fails. At his own hands, nonetheless. "Um. That was just odd." He finally blurts out, looking between the Madster and SpaceCase. (See, now I'm doing it).

Rebound's salute is returned, and Matto's acknowledgement receives a curt nod in reply. "Case," barks the CAG. He isn't one to shout, but his voice certainly carries, even across the busy hangar bay. At some point amidst all the hustle and bustle, he manages to spot Epi waiting there patiently. Blue eyes flicker down to her briefly, then the knapsack she's carrying. Then back to Samantha. The Corporal, he'll deal with in a moment.

Komnenos is leaning against the wing of the raptor, his arms crossed; he straightens at Kai's approach, though, coming to a semblance of attention. He slackens, though, as the CAG goes right by him. A brief but measured look at Samantha is followed by a snort in Willem's direction as the ginger pilot speaks up.

Salazar watches Jarot turn to go about her business, and shakes her head slightly. Her eyes follow the small marine, then she sends Dover off with a, "Report on my desk in an hour, marine. I'll forward it." Jarot is apparently the only one getting a face to face verbal debrief this evening.

Wil flips his head towards Thorn and lets out a small sigh. "Thorn, Thorn, Thorn. I wasn't for a moment implying that a Raptor was to be used as bait. That was Case's job. She performed -admirably-." A pause, although that pause is accompanied by several pointed blinks at Kai's request to Passi. The glance he gives her clearly indicates - 'better her than me'.

Samantha turns over towards Kai, her eyes going wide, as suddenly her brain clicks into the fact he had said something to her. She must be more unnerved than she originally thought. "Sir! Yes… report'll be there before I hit the rack." She states flatly, earnestly, full respect in her voice as she snaps to attention for the CAG/

Matto levels a jocular smile at BC on account of her teasing, which he obviously takes very well. But he doesn't stay to josh around, especially with the CAG getting his grumpy face on, disappearing inside the Raptor again with someone from the deck to gather a couple of copies of that data.

Epi stands very quietly, very still. Jarot. Still. Statue still. He…he LOOKED at her. But Epi simply waits for the CAG, focusing her attention somewhere safe. Like his hip. Hips are safe, right?

Despite the snap in his voice, Kai doesn't appear upset. Once he has Samantha's attention, and received verbal confirmation about the report, he ticks a crisp salute to his forehead, and then claps her shoulder on the way by. "Rack first. Report after. Good flying out there." Said shoulder gets a squeeze, and then he starts heading for the stairs. "Walk with me, Jarot," is offered briskly to the marine waiting for him. Pilot business concluded, he's off.

The S2 watches the chaos on the Deck that is the pilots bantering, just for a moment. She flicks a glance back over to the little marine and the CAG, and a grin grows wide. She turns to go, headed back to the Sec Station, and almost makes it to the stairwell before the chuckling begins. One can almost hear her thinking up ways to have the demo expert cross paths with the CAG more often.

Willem takes this opportunity to edge up to Samantha for a second. He leans over towards the woman and mutters something quietly to her. Given the slightly stressed, drawn look on his face, it's unlikely this muttering contains 'Sweet Nothings', as it were.

"They didn't get close enough, anyway," Thorn responds to Willem with a shrug. "Couldn't even shoot at us." Another look is directed at Epi, this one almost sympathetic. He tilts his head and walks away, following the others towards the stairs — at a discreet distance, of course.

EEEEEEEE! He asked her to walk with him! Those dark eyes go even wider and she nods to Kai, falling into step beside him. "Yessir," she says quietly. Yes, the two words come out as one. On a squeak. He said walk, she walks. And forgets to talk.

Samantha gives Kai a half smile and brief salute, but then he's gone and she looks back to Willem. Her smile falters a bit and she nods, wrapping her arm around his shoulders, if he permits, and heading for the lockers…"Time for that drink, maybe…" Is all she says loud enough to be heard, her voice dropping into whispers otherwise.

Matto ends up just sending off the data through encryptions from the Raptor itself, so that his hands are unencumbered when he steps back out, clamboring in his lanky-limbed fashion down the walkway. "Is there drinking happening?" he wonders at the jocks.

Brows knitting, Wil eyes the departing CAG and his pint-sized sidekick. SIDEKICK. He'd never say that out loud, though. Finally, he just takes the next few moments to address Sam and Thorn. "Nah. They couldn't. Much That was some strange behavior on the part of that one Raider." Unfortunately anything that presents itself as a ridiculous anomaly is the type of thing Wil would bat at like a cat pawing at a shiny, dangly, something. He half-smiles at the ECO though and again at Matto as he steps out of his Raptor, data retireved. "If there's drinking happening, I'm starting to wonder where to get it. Not a lot left." Is he holding out? He might be holding out. Finally, a little level nod is shot at the other Viper pilot in response to something unsaid. Or said quietly.

Thorn reaches the stairs, briskly following them down belowdecks. He unzips his flightsuit a few inches as he disappears from view.

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