A Cubit Short - Elpis
A Cubit Short - Elpis
Summary: The Marines from the Bellerophon find themselves in a rock, and a hard place.
Date: PHD 134 (August 30, 2009)
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It all happened so damned fast. From the time they left the ship to the rapid incursions that have seemed non stop. The squad, a full fireteam and then some was holding out well. That was till the breach to the starboard side. The few that found themselves trapped there, Garrison, Manx and Tavish were gunned down as if they were nothing. Hell Manx's face turning into putty when the heavy fire from the centurions caught him running back to alert the portside team. Tavish? Bit it trying to throw a grenade. Round caught it while it was still in his hand, taking him out in a mist of blood and bone- severely injuring Garrison. They let him scream for a bit, before one of them simply ripped out the marine's spine.

Since then the Boarding parties have been stalled. This due to the gun of the Major, as well as the other Sniper, a PFC Torres. But they have been losing lives. Right now-Macy remains wounded, burns an bullets wounds on the left side, while trying to keep the wirelo running. A Lt. Farrar was just literally sawed in half down the portside corridor, and is trying to drag his upper half to his lower half. Even as the Centurion marches down to finish his quarry, he doesn't get but three steps in before a sniper round catches its visor, one-twice and then Its down with a wild spray back to its packed in comrades.

Farrar is dead in the third shot, before the Major is passing back his sniper rifle "Someone god damn reload it.." as he's taking time to pull up one of the wounded’s assault rifles- spraying a few shots down the hall. "Where the shit is that Engineer?!"

Eleni is kneeling behind the Major, holding her own guns tight to her chest, but the moment he's asking for a reload she drops to the ammo on her pack and grabs for his gun, throwing the ammo back into placed with trained, instinctively fast hands, covered with blood and soot from various men at her sides. And tears. She doesn't know when they started. They haven't really stopped her from doing anything, muscle memory taking over, but the fresh faced private's face is covered with as much smeared blood as it is saline and sweat. She hands the Major his weapon back immediately, "Yes, sir, reloaded, sir!" Her crackling voice snaps out.

In the midst of the battle, the chaos, the blood and the sounds of the destruction of the last bit of luxury this pocket of humanity has, it would appear the Major has no immediate answer to his inquiry. Or rather, not an immediate verbal answer. The report of another assault rifle fills the stale, acrid air of the battered ship in addition to all the other noises and lumbering around the corner is the stocky form of its current wielder. "Oh, for Mithras' FRAKKING." He doesn't finish this immediate oath. One Nigel Milius is having a really bad day. Or a really good day. It's hard to tell with him. "RIGHT here, Major sir!" He drawls in a mild Gemense backwater accent. Doing a quick survey of the gory situation, he eyes the two present with a scowl, assault rifle held at the ready.

"Mackenzie-" and the assault rifle is shoved her way as the sniper rifle is taken back up. "I want you to hoof it back towards th' 'fort' and get on your Gun. Snipe an I will be piggybacking Macy to our last frakking stand. You see anything silver behind us, open fire. We can crawl in." There's a look over towards Nigel as he shows up. Good frakking man. "Alright Snipe, you're going to drag Macy back on my mark and I'll cover you. Then I'll drag and you cover till we get to the hole. Understood?" Seems as if Cass is not waiting as he inches around to watch the tinheads begin to slowly push. "Mackenzie, you might want to start running."

"Y-yes… Sir!" Eleni clips out loudly, her voice still somewhat cracking on the words, but the orders do help. It keeps her going. The girl of a Marine grabs up the assault rifle with familiar hands, holding the thing with far more expertise than her voice might give away, turning her body to begin to run down the hallway as indicated. She keeps her form low, incase fire comes around a bend or corner, all her training well and active.

Nigel's square jaw clenches as his eyes narrow but he immediately nods towards Major Cass with a drawled, "Understood, Sir. My square ass is gonna punch a hole in anything shiny for the pretty lady to bust on through here." He smiles humorlessly and hefts his gun, heavy brows drooping. It's GO TIME. "On your orders, sir."
Needless to say, he's almost twice the 'pretty lady's' age. CREEPY.

"Let her rip, Snipe." The Major intones before he's laying around to take time and aim. Once Nigel's own burst is done. "ALright Snipe.." the voice like damned gravel to the ears, though it might not be picked up in all of this shit. Finger lays on the trigger. "When I say run, nab Macy's pack and drag.." and there comes the first shot. "Now." and quick action of the bolt as he reloads, and fires into a new target as one Raider drops. Holy hell.

Eleni "Gunbunny" Mackenzie is going… Going and going. Running as fast as her long legs will take her, trying to keep her body low, especially with Ezra behind her doing some damn fancy work with his gun and the Engineer just on her ass also. She's not speaking any longer, just focusing on every next step and foot down the hallway. Every second doing her job is another second alive, and no need to see forward more than the second after that. Is there an enemy? No. If there is, she jerks a shot off of her rifle and moves on. Breathing, running, shooting. That's all there is in life.

And 'Now' had it. The erstwhile Snipe is a barrel of a man who isn't the fastest runner but he's hauling ass with every bit of intensity he can muster, gun up. One might note his left leg is a bit stiffer than the right one but it's not like he's hobbling. His eyes barrow as he quickly scans the immediate vicinity for targets. He's got MacKenzie in tow, doing precisely what the bossman ordered. Go-time indeed.
As they continue to move to the last stand in the Aft part of the ship, the small holding where everything funnels to that last cargo hold. Ezra takes time to lob off a few shots before continuing the run. pasuing and exchanging with Nigel as far as dragging Macy goes. No carrying they are dragging Macy so the marine can fire while they pull the corporal along. There's a curse as he rounds one corner bullets nearly catching him in the side, and ass. A deep breath-and a frakking laugh "Demeter's frakkin ovaries, where the shit is the cavalry?" No time to rumminate on it though, as the Marine is now running and hoofing it towards the designated 'alamo'

The nugget Marine drops low when the next rain of bullets comes, she levelling her rifle and snapping off another shot in their attacker's direction, blinking through the moisture in her eyes which might be sweat mingled with blood but stings as bad as tears. Once the bullets have stopped cutting through their position she's back up on her feet and dashing in the indicated direction, tryign to keep clear for the bigger men and their unconscious comrade behind..

Rat-a-ta-tat. Rat-a-tat-tat. This Snipe may be a snipe but he's held a gun before tonight, that's for sure. Firing off a few bursts of rifle fire down a passageway, he lopes along with the other two, scowling here and there. "Lucky one, Major. Looks like someone's lookin' out for ya!" He shouts as he eyes Cass' near miss and manages to help keep Macy moving as ordered. "Maybe they had a small problem with the unfriendly skies, sir." He's definitely, well, loud.

"Lucky my ass." Comes Ezra's response with another laugh before he's moving to tag up with Nigel, and take the next position for firing. The rifle is turned along the corridor as a few more shots are lobbed back with the Centurions who keep their steady march along the corridors. "I'm god damned immortal." Cass replied before he fires down one more time, and now to reload. A shake of his head before he's nodding to Nigel "Well lets hope they become friendly real frakkin' soon."

Eleni's crackling voice calls back loudly, "How's Macy?" Since she's been the one doing her best to keep the first aid pack and dressing who she can. She's dressed more deadmen now than she ever dreamt possible, and the rock in her stomach tells her Macy's going to be another one, but she's ready to fall back and help if things are getting serious, or unpassable. For now, that's all she yells back to the men as she turns another corner, plastering herself against the wall at the simple sight of a hell of a lot of silver and firing off her last two rounds… "Gotta reload!" She calls back..

The Petty Officer's immediate response to Ezra's crack is a loud grunt/laugh. He continues to haul Macy along with the occasional wild shot from his rifle as a deterrent towards anything metal. Not like they take the bait. Reaching the other side of the doorway, he register's Eleni's statement, "Reload. I'll cover ya!" Maybe not -well-, but he does an adequate job of firing bullets in their general direction.

[TAC2] McT speaks over the comms, "Cass, McTiernan. I hope you saved some dance partners for us. What is your position?
"Hurry it Private, we're almost there." Simply barked out as the Major looks back over his shoulder and there's another fire back around. While Those two sort out their freaking ammo solution-the major will be laying down fire and picking his way back to the last hold. However as words crackle over the coms there's a short sound. Perhaps a yell of frakking finally, before he's coming through over the waves.

[TAC2] Ezra says, "McTiernan, Cass. We're dead Aft, and off the fourth corridor to the Starboard side. Port is being pushed back. You'll know when you hit the hold because there''ll be a nice clearing being lit up by toasters. That's where we will be. Hoof it."

Epi settles into the six position, waiting to go out to cover Jules and the rest of the Marines. Yes, a woman who's just a little taller than the asses she's covering. Her weapon is out and hot, ready to shoot. Of course, if one or two asses are covered a bit more than others, well, who's to blame her? There are some that deserve covering.

There are some serious fluctuations in the power happening on the Elpis. The hull has clearly been compromised in places, and the fore section of the ship is sealed off, leaving only one route to take — aft. The lights overhead flicker, emergency lights having kicked in below, casting bluish haze across the darkened halls. The deck plating is scuffed in places, and there are bodies here and there in the corridors, many of them propped against various cargo containers and storage crates, some ripped apart by bullets, and a very few by coarser means.

There are blood pools on the deck around the bodies, ricochet on the walls, spatters on the hatch starboard. No enemy presence is visible, but gunfire sounds from aft.
Eleni drops quickly, reloading her rifle with three fast motions. Empty it, slam the ammo in, lock into place. The taller, young woman jerks up to her feet again, back into running, barely even breathless…Call it youth or adrenaline, probably a mix of both. "Hurrying, sir!" She snaps out, already on her feet when she's speaking.

To be continued

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