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Warday. In a matter of hours, the majority of the human race is vaporized or killed in the subsequent invasion by the Cylon race. The Colonial Fleet scrambles to meet the attack while the government is obliterated. The Fleet meets a similar fate within a day during one-sided battles all across Colonial space. The genocide of the human race is almost complete. Almost.

This is the story of the survivors that were either left behind or chose to stay behind and fight. It begins with the Colonial Escort Carrier 'Kharon' and its small crew of dedicated and proud sailors that intend to fight to the end. But it doesn't end there. What of those left on the planets? The small bands of survivors? Can they simply be abandoned to the Cylons and radiation?

Players here won't find a fleet of ships being escorted around the stars by the savior military. They won't find a government being set-up to debate social issues - at least not in the beginning. There are more important things… like staying alive. The players tell the story and unfold it in their own way with the backdrop being the desperation and darkness of fighting a battle that will likely surpass their own lives.

Warday occurred on April 18, 2009 (OOCly). We are still accepting applications for Resistance and Civilian characters, though.

Post Holocaust Day 2 - Commander Sheridan addresses the CEC Kharon:

The Kharon's XO, Colonel Mark Cortez stands off to the side of a wooden podium that has been set up for the address. The flags of the twelve colonies have been brought down from Ward Room, propped up in their brass basses at solemn attention. A microphone for the intercoms has been set up on the podium, so that even though the Commander's address is taking place in the cargo bay, his voice will carry throughout the ship to every hand at every station. When Sheridan enters through the hatch, Cortez steps forward, calling crisply, “Commander on deck!”

“At ease, ladies and gentleman.” The long face of the Commander is pulled even more severely down in a frown. Sheridan's solemn voice held for a moment as his weary eyes travel over the faces of those assembled. “As you all may know, on Mission Day Fifty-Seven, at approximately fourteen hundred hours, the CEC Kharon answered a Krypter distress call for a freighter class ship known to us as the Constantine. Our air-wing encountered an unknown class of fighter ships, and our marine detachment was deployed to assess the condition of the freighter ship which was considered a loss. It was determined that there were no survivors aboard the Constantine and it was destroyed to contain the hostile threat still aboard.” At this point, he gives a glance to Cygnus. “Lieutenant Cygnus will be offering a small service following my address for the fallen.”

Sheridan props his hands on the podium, his face downcast for a moment in the lull before he finds his voice again. His chin raises, and his jaw sets with determination before he continues. “The purpose of this address is not to tell you what you already know. Ladies and gentlemen, following the suspicious attack of the Constantine, we deployed a Raptor crew to return to the colonies to report the AAR back to Colonial HQ on Picon. This is what they discovered. Lower the lights.” The lights in the cargo bay dim, and off to the side where a projection screen has been set up images start to flash on the screen, changed by a little remote the Commander palms. It's slide after slide of still pictures captured from by the ECO on the mission. Slide after slide of the decimation of the colonies. The atmospheres are clouded by ash, the red glow of widespread fire apparent. It's nuclear destruction at it's worst, and it's nuclear destruction on a massive scale.

Sheridan's voice rises above the ebb and flow of murmured voices, “Picon, Aerilon, Tauron, Saggitaron, Libran, Leonis, Gemenon, Canceron, Aquarion, and Caprica. What you're looking at is a direct violation of the Armistice Line. The Cylons have orchestrated a system wide nuclear attack on the colonies. What you are looking at isn't War, ladies and gentlemen. It's the annihilation of what you have known. Of what you have loved. Look around, this is your family now. From what we know at this point, this may be all that is left of civilization.”

The Commander lets that sit in for a moment, then, “Virgon and Scorpia are the only two colonies we could not confirm in the initial sweep. But no Colonial Military signals were detected. We have been unable to make contact with anyone at this point. At the moment, our plan of action is simple. The CEC Kharon will be jumping out of immediate range of the colonies to a distance considered safe for our crew. At that point, we will be sending in small missions to do reconnaissance of the remaining two colonies. I urge you now to lift your heads above the grieving, lift your hearts above this treacherous news. The CEC Kharon has a new mission: protect the rest of human kind. At all costs. So say we all.”

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